Treating The Most Extreme Case Of Scaly Skin! | Dr. Pimple Popper: This Is Zit

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tlc uk

Hace 8 meses

This man visits Dr Lee with an extreme case of dry scaly skin all over his body. After sending off some samples to try and find a diagnosis for the cause, Dr Lee prescribes wet wraps to try and put some moisture back into his skin.
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Saadia Hernández
Saadia Hernández Hace 2 horas
Benjamin Mistal
Benjamin Mistal Hace 4 horas
Dang boy he thick
Courtney Privette
Courtney Privette Hace 4 horas
when he said "I can walk without my cane" mah heart hurt hes too kind he aleays says "yes ma'am" he has big respect Dr Lee
Andro Mando
Andro Mando Hace 4 horas
Omfg Lewis is such an adorable old man! May be live for many more years to grace us with his adorableness like please!!!
Ratih gitara
Ratih gitara Hace 6 horas
Star Thiccinum
Star Thiccinum Hace 9 horas
Armoured titan?
Lisa Cook
Lisa Cook Hace 9 horas
What a wonderful man , and his son is just so lovely xx ❤
Queen Cam!!!
Queen Cam!!! Hace 9 horas
Aww he seems so sweet!
jj jj
jj jj Hace 16 horas
I love dr.Leee
Cyro Hace un día
Every skin pickers dream
Crut Crut
Crut Crut Hace un día
This culprit is usually caused by bad diet.
Maijun Rivera
Maijun Rivera Hace un día
Big feet?!
Sophie YT
Sophie YT Hace un día
It’s adorable how he says yes mam
#RandomThoughts Hace 2 días
More chance to get better to this man😇 📿
manu tamu
manu tamu Hace 2 días
06:06 I have no pain this word make me cry thank u doctor for make him comfortable 🙏🙂😥😥😥
Carmen Ferguson
Carmen Ferguson Hace 2 días
He so cute 🥺
Fee The Possum
Fee The Possum Hace 2 días
I felt a emotional song when he start crying
island boy
island boy Hace 2 días
God bless him and his son!!
Bennett Rutten
Bennett Rutten Hace 2 días
He's so nice!
rylan mills
rylan mills Hace 2 días
He’s just the sweetest man 🥺😭
Maria Alexandre Alexandre
Maria Alexandre Alexandre Hace 2 días
Ficou bárbaro emocionante 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Ibrahim Ansari
Ibrahim Ansari Hace 2 días
Get young brightness tight Skin | NIGHT CREAM | Best Night Cream In India
Anthony Walmsley
Anthony Walmsley Hace 3 días
Bless him, lovely guy
Aubrey Casey
Aubrey Casey Hace 3 días
i wanna give him a hug 🥺💕
Chelle Agagas
Chelle Agagas Hace 3 días
OMG! I cried. I'm thinking how is Louis now? ❤️❤️❤️
Abby Rose
Abby Rose Hace 3 días
i’m crying😭😭
Marvel James
Marvel James Hace 3 días
It's his armour
g arrio
g arrio Hace 3 días
So we not going to talk about how beautiful she is 🤔 ights bet
1killeragogo Hace 3 días
Awe bless him!
Naram Sin
Naram Sin Hace 3 días
5:43 "your feet look spectacular" customer sugarcoating over 9k
Linda Griffiths
Linda Griffiths Hace 4 días
C);m c.
rogers mutamba
rogers mutamba Hace 4 días
Dr Lee is an angel sent from heaven She treats the body and soul.. There is no price for this only God can pay her.
Matt Farrell
Matt Farrell Hace 4 días
His leg looks like a tree
DEVİLOF DARK Hace 4 días
Game of thrones da ki hastalık değil mi bu.
Abigail Emfinger
Abigail Emfinger Hace 4 días
He is so nice😍😍😍😍😘
Carlos Molinari
Carlos Molinari Hace 4 días
You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to do this. God bless these doctors
CrossingtheRubicon Hace 4 días
Ok. That damn onion got my eyes watering like crazy 😭. Tears won’t stop. Wish I could give him and his son a big hug.
Candace Thompson
Candace Thompson Hace 4 días
Dr. Lee you do so much work and you need to do have a day off you need to relax you need to have have like lunch by yourself and stuff and go in the pool for the summer
Candace Thompson
Candace Thompson Hace 4 días
Dr. Lee we love your videos you are doing so much work you need a day off
Amber Hace 4 días
Is this ichthyosis? My son has X link ichthyosis
Benjamin Hager
Benjamin Hager Hace 4 días
B-but how? How does that happen?
slamdeathgrindmachine Hace 5 días
I feel bad for son because if that's hereditary he is bound to get it himself in his early years
Aniya Abdulsamad
Aniya Abdulsamad Hace 5 días
My grandpa had the same condition. He died a few years ago, but this man really reminded me of my own grandpa. I wish he could have received this kind of treatment while he was alive.
natalie williams
natalie williams Hace 5 días
This is beautiful ❤❤❤
muneeb shoaib
muneeb shoaib Hace 5 días
I love doctor.
Shane Pulliam
Shane Pulliam Hace 5 días
I just want to take a cheese grater
spooky bitch
spooky bitch Hace 5 días
Angus Gordon-Farleigh
Angus Gordon-Farleigh Hace 5 días
Lanolin is the best for for that - cow udder softening cream!
Jeremy Moralos
Jeremy Moralos Hace 5 días
You I started crying he started crying
vanessa issaka
vanessa issaka Hace 6 días
This man made me cry ! There is a huge difference between his first visit and his second visit, just the look in his eyes told it all ! God bless him , his son and Dr. Sandra Lee
Kertas kak Jusma
Kertas kak Jusma Hace 6 días
Kamu adalah dokter yang hebat great doctor . I'm from Indonesian🇮🇩
Parks Tolton
Parks Tolton Hace 6 días
My man just need some lotion
Jan4apesthe2nd Hace 6 días
Im so grateful my eczema is not that severe its just in my feet and hands
Fairly Vague
Fairly Vague Hace 6 días
Calling his skin ‘rhinoceros like’ to the patient isn’t the most tactful thing I’ve ever heard 😣
Lokiza Me
Lokiza Me Hace 6 días
Him dancing 🥺
Mark Piper
Mark Piper Hace 6 días
I’m so happy for him
Slash 1
Slash 1 Hace 6 días
It looks like that he never touch water in YEARS
Spj Flex
Spj Flex Hace 7 días
He got Alligator feet
maria mercedes
maria mercedes Hace 7 días
I feel him. its also really hard to find a job.
Amanda Quintana
Amanda Quintana Hace 7 días
He's such a sweetheart. Bless his heart ❤
тома тома
тома тома Hace 7 días
Just put him in one of those aquariams with those little fish that eat dead skin lol
tae kookie
tae kookie Hace 7 días
I'm crying at 3am bc of this
Areesha Hasan
Areesha Hasan Hace 7 días
He raised a really good kid 😭
ISME &WHAT Hace 8 días
I love this man and his son just amazing like the doctor❤🙏
Rigel 197
Rigel 197 Hace 8 días
Dr. Lee has beautiful eyes.
Vineel Vishwanth
Vineel Vishwanth Hace 8 días
So he kept doing this for a couple of weeks everyday or what the doctor did... he left like only and came after 2 weeks? I am little confused.
spenc k
spenc k Hace 8 días
So this whole time he just needed put sum lotion on the skins
Estefa Robles
Estefa Robles Hace 8 días
La dermosupril y la tridem son cremas que sirven para regenerar la piel ,yo tengo alergia a los colorantes y me a salido algo así ,pueden probarla no son caras ☺️
posted edited 70 years ago
posted edited 70 years ago Hace 8 días
Difference between a father and a dad .....
whereare _theavocados
whereare _theavocados Hace 8 días
That last part. I'm crying.
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