TRASH or PASS! Juice WRLD ft Halsey ( Life's A Mess ) [REACTION!!!]

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Hace 29 días

#FireSquad Was that a Trash or Pass?
Song - Juice WRLD ft Halsey ( Life's A Mess )
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LayedBakDFR Hace 29 días
Here’s the link to the Patreon for request and Merch discount 🔥🔥🤘🏽-> ‪
rylan oneill
rylan oneill Hace 27 días
Jaydyn Woodall he needs to just do one video listening to the album with trash or pass. imagine 🤯.
Jaydyn Woodall
Jaydyn Woodall Hace 27 días
Friday is the final album he worked on rip
rylan oneill
rylan oneill Hace 27 días
AyyItsCaden Hace 27 días
Go react to come and go by juice WRLD he posted it 20 min ago 🔥😢🙏🏽
Kondrax T
Kondrax T Hace 28 días
Issss thissss worthyyyy
MattNificent Hace 18 horas
My fav track of Juice! No cap
Tucker Anderson
Tucker Anderson Hace un día
I swear when Juice’s new album came out it made me forget how he passed, so as soon as I remembered he wasn’t gonna come back with another banger album, I broke like it was the first time I found out he passed. I’ve experienced people first hand passing, my grandpa with Alzheimer’s that I became a full time caretaker for when I turned 14 died in my arms last year a little after I turned 17, I’m 18 now. One of my brothers died a week before I turned 15 bc his drug dealer had been waiting for him to try to get clean to kill him, and I my first serious girlfriend died right in front of me a month before I turned 16, it’s so heartbreaking, remembering each day you wake up that the person will no longer be there awake and ready for you to check on them, or in my case for most of them, care for them. It’s been years, and officially over a year since my grandpa passed, the last person I had to care for, but I still wake up everyday thinking I have a whole other human that’s completely disabled and needs me.
Ninja Hace un día
I hate Halsey, but she goes hard in this song
Tom clarke
Tom clarke Hace 2 días
This song is genuinely a masterpiece
Yaseen Abderoof
Yaseen Abderoof Hace 2 días
that face actually never gets old:):):)
Yo Kolbee
Yo Kolbee Hace 3 días
Halsey’s voice
Bradley Cook
Bradley Cook Hace 4 días
Pass!!!!!!!!!! Because he’s the best
Blunt Trauma
Blunt Trauma Hace 4 días
Juice world might be the greatest song maker ever
Rohith Kannan
Rohith Kannan Hace 4 días
You gotta keep grooving to the song to control the tears man... Good piece of music right here
Will McKenzie
Will McKenzie Hace 5 días
If CoronaVirus came 4 months earlier: - Pop Smoke wouldnt have gone to LA - Juice WRLD’s flight would of been cancelled.
Thomas Rollins2
Thomas Rollins2 Hace 6 días
I don't know why people who react to Juice Wrld's songs, they have to pause it, I don't understand that.
Hybridninja Gaming
Hybridninja Gaming Hace 7 días
Stop faking
VT Heat
VT Heat Hace 8 días
*his words are just awesome in songs* LLJW🖤🖤🖤
Kami Hace 8 días
Hey... No comments about the awesome painting going on back there?
MiNaMo PH Hace 8 días
I literally cried my ass when he die RIP Juice
Blake DUNBAR Hace 9 días
All the people that made a song with juice is lucky cause he’s the greatest artist
Epic Depic
Epic Depic Hace 10 días
Man life’s a mess is my favourite Juice song
Sínístér Hace 10 días
Halsey's voice compliments Juice so much
Cassidy Stidham
Cassidy Stidham Hace 10 días
React to Blood on my jeans by juice
Sᴛʀᴇss_ Fʀᴇᴇ_Rᴀfʏ
Sᴛʀᴇss_ Fʀᴇᴇ_Rᴀfʏ Hace 11 días
Going to miss him, man..
987k views Hace 11 días
One Random person who likes this will be rich in 2 years.
Mardel Hace 11 días
NO MISSES on the album
Connor Stevens
Connor Stevens Hace 11 días
Someone should get him to react to the new Halsey and yungblud tune
Gurpreet Kaur
Gurpreet Kaur Hace 12 días
Juice wrld you were never alone😭
Eric Loerch
Eric Loerch Hace 12 días
One of the most tragic parts of achieving sobriety is that relapse is a part of the process but the lack of tolerance of the drugs makes u way more likely to overdose. He wouldnt have died that day if he never stopped taking drugs..and thats fucked up. RIP JUICE WRLD
Stana Choi
Stana Choi Hace 13 días
fly high juice WRLD 🕊🤙🏻
big dutchie
big dutchie Hace 13 días
Ur one of the few reaction channels I absolutely love💜💜💜 999 for life
Bobbi jo Shadley
Bobbi jo Shadley Hace 13 días
I'm crying 😭 because I am dealing with problems
Rooster Roo
Rooster Roo Hace 13 días
You can feel his emotion in his voice
Jormakka Vaatelainen
Jormakka Vaatelainen Hace 13 días
Nate W
Nate W Hace 14 días
I hadn’t even heard Juice’s music before this, I’m a Halsey fan and heard this, it’s such a great track. I’m slowly diving into his music. Sad he went so young though
Nate W
Nate W Hace un día
Johnny Singh I like it a lot, thank you 😁
Johnny Singh
Johnny Singh Hace un día
Listen to hate me
Logan Miller
Logan Miller Hace 15 días
Love the vids my guy, I like how u pause it and describe his bars
tyler walker
tyler walker Hace 16 días
PSHHHHHHHH.... “that’s the fire extinguisher” 😂😂😂
GN L1N Hace 16 días
definitely 10/10 I almost cry when I listening to this song
Alannah Rodriquez
Alannah Rodriquez Hace 16 días
His lyrics to his serious songs , his voice, and emotional voice is amazing . Love his music.
Dallasman40 Hace 16 días
Layed you heard that first beat drop and became instantly overwhelmed with ecstacy lol. Great song and nice video!
twisted_ballzz Hace 17 días
Straight Goosebumps is all I got to say
Vikas Madan
Vikas Madan Hace 17 días
That’s the fire extinguisher lolololololol
Luis Aldana
Luis Aldana Hace 17 días
React to cam meekins
Hunter M
Hunter M Hace 17 días
Juice wasn’t fat he was just full of lurics
Kayo Terrell
Kayo Terrell Hace 17 días
This was most def a Pass🔥🔥🔥. Love your channel bro.
Alianos Hace 18 días
Lyrics too real
LevelOFF Brand
LevelOFF Brand Hace 18 días
Juice Wrld i swear gone too soon, he really did touch this world and like touched everyone in some way with his own emotions and feelings
TomTomThirtyTwo Hace 18 días
The artist is David garabaldi and he is super underrated I’ve seen him live he probably completed the pairing within 10 minutes
Mtbboys5 5
Mtbboys5 5 Hace 18 días
Rip Juice WRLD😭😭😭. He is my ideal . He will always be remembered
Denis Botnar’
Denis Botnar’ Hace 18 días
вассап парни
NDUNGU4663 Hace 19 días
I love this song so much even tho I heard when the album came out but this song is such a vibe
Lilly Chockley
Lilly Chockley Hace 19 días
"Everybody has there someone just gotta look" now that That hit hard
Juli S
Juli S Hace 20 días
You should react to Rezcoast Grizz - Water/Brand New Sins/Breakeven =D
Hunter Raymond
Hunter Raymond Hace 20 días
Juice WRLD grew up listening to rock and it seems he uses aspects of rock into his music to create a unique sound that’s fresh and sounds amazing
Austin Davis
Austin Davis Hace 20 días
LayedBak’s vibes are unmatchable👌
Cat Vibez
Cat Vibez Hace 20 días
love your vids
Kenny Bromme
Kenny Bromme Hace 20 días
This song really hits me in the spot. I'm searching for my other half, and this song gives me hope. I wish I had listened to his music when he was still with us.
Evan The Amazing
Evan The Amazing Hace 20 días
Can’t wait to go to his concert soon I hope it will be worth it
Stephen Manjelo
Stephen Manjelo Hace 20 días
This song iphits u different
Rouge Ghost
Rouge Ghost Hace 21 un día
Oh damnnnn I’ve been watching you forever and didn’t see I wasn’t subbed 🤭😬
donnejustxx 000
donnejustxx 000 Hace 21 un día
Can’t buy the project on Apple Music so I’m waiting for it to drop on audiomack. But I know when I get it I’ll put it on repeat for sure 💙💙
Kelsey Collier
Kelsey Collier Hace 21 un día
I can’t breath, I’m waiting for the exhale
Basri Pengol
Basri Pengol Hace 21 un día
Joseph Torrano
Joseph Torrano Hace 21 un día
Joseph Torrano
Joseph Torrano Hace 21 un día
It is hard my friend you know what your talking about !!!!!!
YouTube Domniq
YouTube Domniq Hace 21 un día
am I the only one who laughs when layedbak shakes his head and makes that expression. or is it just me?
GoldKiller132 Hace 21 un día
HHvibe Hace 21 un día
i gotta report you for making such good reaction dou
froze Hace 21 un día
how do ppl know what theyre saying in any rap song bruh
Antx Hace 21 un día
this song is so beautiful really hits so personally on another level. halsey part HITS. RIP to the legend
LittleJ766 Hace 21 un día
999 Rest In Peace Juice. Legends never die
iGotAsthma -
iGotAsthma - Hace 21 un día
all that neck bobbing don’t break ya neck lmao
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