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Well I got up early on this Lord’s day
With the sun peekin’ through the curtains
Thought I’d wet a line
For a couple good hours
And still make the 10 o’clock sermon
But the sky is blue
And the breeze is cool
And they’re bitin’ good not to mention
If I left right now
Might make it somehow
But I doubt I could pay attention
I’d rather be on the lake with my mind on God
In the middle of his creation
In an old Jon Boat with my Zip pole rod
For some private conversation
There might be a few people talkin’ bad about me
When they see that I’m a’missin’
But I’d rather be on the lake with my mind on God
Than in church with my mind on fishin’
Well I like that preacher
And I love how it feels
When he really gets to throwin’ down
But I’d rather do my talkin’ with the man upstairs
When there’s nobody else around
If I was there right now
I’d be thinkin’ ‘bout which lure I was gonna cast
And he don’t need another fool
Sittin’ in that pew
Dreamin’ ‘bout a ten pound bass
I’d rather be on the lake with my mind on God
In the middle of his creation
In and old Jon Boat with my Zip pole rod
For some private conversation
There might be a few people talkin’ bad about me
When they see that I’m a’missin’
But I’d rather be on the lake with my mind on God
Than in church with my mind on fishin’
With my thoughts a’driftin’
I ain’t even listenin’
While it all goes right over my head
I’d rather be on the lake with my mind on God
In the middle of his creation
In an old Jon Boat with my Zip pole rod
For some private conversation
There might be a few people talkin’ bad about me
When they see that I’m a’missin’
But I’d rather be on the lake with my mind on God
Than in church with my mind on fishin’
I’d rather be on the lake with my mind on God
Than in church with my mind on fishin’
With my mind on fishin’

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John Bentley
John Bentley Hace 4 horas
Never new about Trace until Charlie Daniel Memorial service. Love his deep voice.
Loki Loki
Loki Loki Hace 5 horas
I love Jesus but i love fishing too. To be honest Trace is right.
Jesper Lassesen
Jesper Lassesen Hace un día
Amen !!
Ness Lopez
Ness Lopez Hace un día
I love this song ❤️💙💙❤️❤️❤️
Texas Woc
Texas Woc Hace 2 días
Now that’s my kinda song! Amen!
Good Southern Advice
Good Southern Advice Hace 2 días
This is the best excuse for missing church service/going fishin I’ve ever heard
Monkeyrancher Hace 2 días
Amen, sir.
Victoria L
Victoria L Hace 3 días Please watch
Hollie Bowers
Hollie Bowers Hace 3 días
I rather me fishing than in church
isaac bautista
isaac bautista Hace 3 días
estan bien hermosas las canciones de este man me susucribo like
Jukka Hatinen
Jukka Hatinen Hace 3 días
965t watches but only 66t likes ? What!! Trace are helluva great singer and this is great song!!! Great work again from Trace Adkins and all team behind of him!!! Best Regards from Finland 🇫🇮
Carole Hammonds
Carole Hammonds Hace 4 días
LOL love the song Trace and I'm surprised you weren't in the boat with T! Love you guys!!!!
Brittany Scott
Brittany Scott Hace 4 días
I love all your songs
Dalton Bolton
Dalton Bolton Hace 4 días
Dr Manhattan vs alien x
Amanda Campbell
Amanda Campbell Hace 4 días
Trace Adkins is back everybody
Jainie Hace 4 días
Lol that lady with the green Leprechaun hat is like the exact mirror of my MIL. Very religious crazy but with very judgmental stare at everyone.
RoisinT2 Hace 4 días
Is there anything more 'Murica than this? Omg this is great, Craig and Mathew got me here.. cheers!
hightechred Hace 4 días
Amen Brother Adkins.
douglas wiggins
douglas wiggins Hace 4 días
Reminds me of my grandpa's gray ghost that's what we called the truck he ha just like the one in the video and I just got done restarting n the zebco 33 fishing reel had to ESwomen how to do it but thank God for youtube
Vanessa F
Vanessa F Hace 5 días
This is me on Sunday 🤣🤣🤣
Clear Eyes Media
Clear Eyes Media Hace 5 días
Gringo Hace 5 días
Nature is my church.
David Layman
David Layman Hace 6 días
I’d just rather be fishing 😂 I’m sure the man upstairs would understand.
The south will rise again
The south will rise again Hace 6 días
Great song love this than all of that new hip hop stuff.
Tony Pizziola
Tony Pizziola Hace 6 días
Luther Reeves
Luther Reeves Hace 7 días
Hey there!! Enjoying your videos. Have you ever thought of using followsm . c o m to get more subs?!
Jody Hinson
Jody Hinson Hace 7 días
Thumbs down.....really?!!!! Who are these “people.”
Diana f
Diana f Hace 7 días
Thats a great song !
Kamran matin
Kamran matin Hace 7 días
Biden 2020
Dave Shewmake
Dave Shewmake Hace 8 días
AMEN TO 🐟 & GOD 🙏✝️ brother🤠👋👏👊👍. I LOVE MY 🐟 n & MY COUNTRY UP LOUD🔊🎻🎸
Christain Follower
Christain Follower Hace 8 días
16 ft checkmate with a 70hp evinrude. My old lady better not cast on my side!
Tainara Pires
Tainara Pires Hace 8 días
What throwing down mean?
Barbara Nelson
Barbara Nelson Hace 8 días
I love this video it is one of best I have ever seen i would love to go fishing with this guy He is telling you the truth I would rather be fishing I just love the way the preacher does i just laugh so hard can't go wrong watching trace Adkins video and I love the upbeat in the song trace Adkins sings it so well he has a great voice god bless you trace Adkins
Bruce Hanson
Bruce Hanson Hace 8 días
Most people don't understand that fishing isn't really about catching fish and religion ( in my case, being a Christian ) isn't about going to church.
AJ Shapiro
AJ Shapiro Hace 8 días
One of his absolute best!
t TheRealTed
t TheRealTed Hace 9 días
🙏gave me CHILLS, way to go Trace Adkins🤠🤠
Tammy billings
Tammy billings Hace 9 días
❤️Trace is sexy
Sara timothy
Sara timothy Hace 9 días
Minds of Fishing is the right words... Looking for a serious relationship write me on Saratimothy69 at gmail we can also chat on hangout if you don’t mind..
Andrew Cundill
Andrew Cundill Hace 9 días
This song makes me wanna start praying
john hutcheson
john hutcheson Hace 9 días
Amen & Amen.
TFrail Hace 9 días
I can get behind this kind of worship!
mrarce123789 Hace 10 días
Love it ♥️
Shorty Kay
Shorty Kay Hace 10 días
I wish i was right now before the end of my time
VK4JK Jay Hace 10 días
Christian Messenger
Christian Messenger Hace 11 días
This song fits me perfectly
Yeet.Austin Hace 11 días
Thats a catfish that jumps out of the water.. they dont do that!! Good song though!
Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark Hace 11 días
I found my new favorite song!! God and fishing!!
Snjezan Zivak
Snjezan Zivak Hace 11 días
check it out !! the best that i saw
WhyDidIPickTheName? Hace 11 días
Weird, my name is Trace and I’m from where he’s from, bot I hate country music, no clue how I found this
B Harmon
B Harmon Hace 11 días
This is truly horrible "music".
sarah tice
sarah tice Hace 12 días
This good looking man with a good song! I like it.
Lutian Murphy
Lutian Murphy Hace 12 días
Trace as only Trace an do it ! I am a landscaper and when I am on my knees planting shrubs..never felt closer to God ! Amen brother !
gonjamonsta Hace 12 días PLEASE GIVE THIS A LISTEN!! This is my friends new song and its so good, he just needs to be heard! Promise you won't be disappointed
Pedro barbosa
Pedro barbosa Hace 12 días
I'm brazilian, 21 y.o, i love american country music! That's a nice song to me practice my english, God bless everyone, I hope this pandemic end soon, and i'll get the first air ticket and visit your country and have a beer beer in the land of the free! God bless guys 🍻🇧🇷🇺🇸
Smokey Mountain Stoner
Smokey Mountain Stoner Hace 12 días
I wouldn't exactly define myself as a religious person, but this song is amazing... but I've still never felt closer to God than on a beautifully calm morning on the lake when the bass are biting... something truly majestic
Dark Matter
Dark Matter Hace 12 días
Reminded me of my Grandaddy. Grandma would get up at the butt-crack of dawn and cook up some dough bait and he'd head off to the river while she'd head off to church. If it was summer break and I was staying there I'd go with him (I _always_ fell asleep during the sermons) -- unless there was a potluck at the church (some lady made a meeeeeeaaan mac & cheese I just could. not. turn. down). And Zebco was _all_ Grandaddy would use and he had a gazillion in the toolshed in various states of repair. Thanks for the memories, Trace. It's been several lifetimes since they passed.
Raye Anne Penner
Raye Anne Penner Hace 12 días
makes me want to grab my Shimano and rattling raps everytime I hear this song.
daddio307 Hace 13 días
Trace, thank you for playing country music that sounds like country music. Amen!
Andrew Lockwood
Andrew Lockwood Hace 13 días
Kind of hope to do some fishing soon.
Randy Beatty
Randy Beatty Hace 13 días
My 4 year old son loves this song.
Brent Sizemore
Brent Sizemore Hace 13 días
What happens if God comes back when you are on that lake buddy
Gary Dodd
Gary Dodd Hace 13 días
Love this song even tho it don't like fishing and I definitely don't believe in God I think I am broken 😅 another good song from Trace
Penguin King27
Penguin King27 Hace 13 días
Jesse Floyd
Jesse Floyd Hace 13 días
You don’t feel any closer to god when your in a tournament waiting on blast off and sit back and watch the sunrise before the tournament
Te-ham cfc
Te-ham cfc Hace 13 días
class man what a lyric 💥💥🤠🤠🎣🎣 all the way from Scotland U.K 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 hope you make c2c Glasgow 2021
Adkins you nailed it borther.
Robby White
Robby White Hace 14 días
I’ve listened to this song at least 100 times in one day
Darrin Minkiewicz
Darrin Minkiewicz Hace 14 días
Nothing better to me than being out in my 12 foot boat on a lake fishing my favorite thing to do. Hunting and fishing are my two favorite activities
Ruben Galvan
Ruben Galvan Hace 14 días
Is'nt that T Grahm Brown in the boat?
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