Top 10 Worst Comedy Movies of the Last Decade

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These are the top 10 WORST comedy movies of the last decade. We could LITERALLY hear crickets chirping in the theater! For this list, we’re taking a look at the worst comedies released between 2010 and 2019 that were so unfunny it’s actually kind of infuriating. From "The Hangover Part III," to "Loqueesha," to "Movie 43," these comedy movies really were the worst. What was your least favorite comedy of the 2010s? Let us know in the comments below!
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Chris Mequet
Chris Mequet Hace 29 días
@N.J. Magic-Saucer Makes no sense. Its like they enjoy feeding into there own made up reality. Its not that anyone feels like they are treated less as far as the whole straight white guy thing. Its just that it seems straight white guys are the only ones that have responsibility to up hold to a standard since some believe in "white privlage" like our friends at Watchmojo. Now all others get short of a "pass" when it comes to the circumstances they my have or any poor decisions they may make. So when you compare the 2, one can be in the exact same position as the other. Weither its a white man and a black man beeing poor then the narrative would just be "well the black guy is probably poor because of racists, and the white guy is poor since he's made bad decisions" or lets say both guys are successful then the narritive would change to "well the white man must have benefited from white privlage and the black man must have had to earn his due" its not that white men are treated less. But for some reason are held to higher standards by those that supposedly claim there are no social constructs between race or gender.
N.J. Magic-Saucer
N.J. Magic-Saucer Hace 29 días
@Chris Mequet, yeah...kind of reminds me of some out-of-touch ESwomenrs who say that type of stuff. H3H3 Productions is one of them.
Chris Mequet
Chris Mequet Hace 29 días
@8Inch Donkey I found that interesting as well. They should do a top 10 watchmojo sjw moments.
Chris Mequet
Chris Mequet Hace 29 días
Whats up with 3:41 comment Watchmojo? Never would we hear you say anything negative about anyone else, as if you are anti pc anyway. So that kinda makes your comment false and proves your point wrong. Since literally straight white men are the only people allowed to get called out based on sexual and racial orientation kinda sends the wrong message when you say "ya know those straight white guys and how they think everyones out to call them out"? The statment itself is hypocritical on the highest level.
Judzyn Official
Judzyn Official Hace un mes
Leave the hangover alone
Giorgos Manahiaris
Giorgos Manahiaris Hace 17 horas
How you can describe Adam sandler:Great dramatic actor but awful comedian
MiNa ChAn
MiNa ChAn Hace un día
I always have to wonder if watch mojo has a sense of humor at all..some of these movies weren't THAT bad. Their more humourous than anything these countdowns come up with
Dom Nic
Dom Nic Hace 2 días
I wonder how movies other than what Sandler / Murphy made im the last 10 years could fit in this list...
Dmitri Volkov
Dmitri Volkov Hace 3 días
Bruh y'all got not sense of humor
Slimkilla Studios
Slimkilla Studios Hace 4 días
I thought #4 was funny
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316 Hace 5 días
Zoolander was beautiful!
olmaBLN Hace 5 días
Movie 43: This movie is that... and this makes it so good.
Giorgio Gazzola
Giorgio Gazzola Hace 5 días
I thought That's My Boy was funny. I don't know why it gets so much crap.
FredrickGodzilla8726 Hace 6 días
11:19 what the heck did you expect
Midel Gomez
Midel Gomez Hace 7 días
movie 43 is funny af, agree with the rest but if you don't like movie 43 you don't have a sense of humor
Madalin Grama
Madalin Grama Hace 8 días
Can't say I don't despise both Jack & Jill and Holmes & Watson, but...Movie 43, BROKE me. I honestly can't find the words to describe how awful and digusting it is. It should have easily taken number 1.
thinren Hace 9 días
“You know those straight white men...” my eyes rolled too hard, I need medical services. You guys always talk about that demo as if it’s an actual sizable amount when it’s not.
Ryan Struiksma
Ryan Struiksma Hace 10 días
Hangover 3 was great
Jacob Metaxotos
Jacob Metaxotos Hace 11 días
Thats my boy is great and shouldnt be on this list
oakraidergrl4lif Hace 13 días
Your Highness should have been number one.
Brian Schlaf
Brian Schlaf Hace 13 días
Love Fred the Movie and ZooKeeper they great
shareena belin
shareena belin Hace 13 días
I love most of these movies 🤣🤣🤣
mixed african on the west
mixed african on the west Hace 15 días
See why i cant stand this channel! They never get their sources rite, came to the commentsection too hear people complaining about that's my boy, that movie was funny as fuck.
JessieJamesPlays Hace 17 días
I actually enjoyed some parts of Fred the movie
External power
External power Hace 14 días
When you turn 9 or 10 you will understand.
Max Francis
Max Francis Hace 17 días
Hangover 3 thats my boy dirty grandpa and grown ups 2 are all good/great films
Derek Prospero
Derek Prospero Hace 17 días
Dear millennials: Please stop saying “literally.” Thanks.
External power
External power Hace 14 días
dani williams
dani williams Hace 17 días
i really love the hangover part 2 and 3
Comanche Scalper
Comanche Scalper Hace 18 días
dirty grandpa was awesome, terrible video.
J. C.
J. C. Hace 18 días
WTF Im 30 seconds in and have to disagree. Hangover 3 unfunny? The whole scene where they broke in that house was hilarious.
ILikeGuns1992 Hace 18 días
3:41 Are you implying that it's not how it is? Also we need more movie to expose how ridiculous SJW-bullshit is and not movies to strenghten that dumb agenda.
Lordaramiz Hace 19 días
I loved the idiotic dumpster fire that was holmes and watson and idgaf
Remington Scott
Remington Scott Hace 20 días
SodaSiren Hace 20 días
I also thought That’s My Boy was really funny. I just didn’t like Adam’s voice.
SodaSiren Hace 20 días
I thought Dirty Grandpa was funny. I’m 32.
Oscar Torres
Oscar Torres Hace 20 días
Bro, you're highness was fucking funny ass hell dude!
übermensch Nietzsche
übermensch Nietzsche Hace 20 días
Dumb and Dumber is the worst comedic movie and that's my boy isn't bad
The Artist
The Artist Hace 20 días
Paul blart 2 Pixels I literally just sat there with a straight face😑
EOD 423
EOD 423 Hace 21 un día
The hangover 3 was alot funnier then they give it credit for.
EOD 423
EOD 423 Hace 21 un día
Ok this channel has no idea what's funny after finishing this video they got 4 outta 10 right.
MikeMcD 1968
MikeMcD 1968 Hace 21 un día
Worst top 10 channels, WATCHMOJO. worst sluts, too much makeup and disgusting opinions. Blow up with the rest of canadia
MrFuggleGuggle Hace 21 un día
“White men’s problems aren’t real problems.” And you wonder why Trump is president...You seriously are dumbfounded. Amazing. When Trump wins in 2020 and secures Republican held presidencies for the next 12 years, who will you blame agains? ‘White males’, or yourselves and other morons that marginalize 60% of the voters and 80% of the taxpayers in the USA?
igormackowsk Hace 21 un día
That's my boy is fantastic!!!
Stephen king Review
Stephen king Review Hace 21 un día
Fred was meant for younger audiences not 30 year olds
FurrGeez Hace 21 un día
I actually love some of these movies lmao
Eric B.
Eric B. Hace 21 un día
I haven't seen "Loqueesha" but from what I'm seeing, it's reverse "Sorry to Bother You". Reverse as in its almost the same plot setup, (instead of a black man using "white voice" it's a white man using "black voice") but also reverse as in it's missing the humor, biting social commentary, and overall charm.
kiaora224 Hace 21 un día
I liked Dirty Grandpa haha
Scott Bryden
Scott Bryden Hace 21 un día
They are smoking crack to say that "Dirty Grandpa" wasn't funny. That movie was freaking hysterical.
Lisa 86
Lisa 86 Hace 21 un día
I know I loved it
Negan Hace 22 días
Some of these movies were actually somewhat good
Somber Stricken
Somber Stricken Hace 22 días
Adam Sandler isn't just for 13 year old boys. The Waterboy is timeless and I'm a 30 year old mom.
andrew lauer
andrew lauer Hace 22 días
Ok but fart jokes are the pinnacle of humor
Silvia Mihaylova
Silvia Mihaylova Hace 22 días
Seriously, Holmes and Watson was so funny and good.. stop putting that movie in stupid “The Worst” lists..
UFC Nation WWE Master
UFC Nation WWE Master Hace 22 días
So Watchmojo lady.. You wanna throw in some of the horrible female comedy movies like Schumers or Rebel Wilson's crappy movies? Nope, just gonna stay Ridiculously biased... I trully don't understand how you still have a job. Also stop tanning so much
Arica B. Alien
Arica B. Alien Hace 22 días
I liked dirty grandpa an that's my boy 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Darryl Brooks
Darryl Brooks Hace 22 días
The Hangover franchise made its money. Stop inflicting your person opinion
Goth Land
Goth Land Hace 23 días
Movie 43 was actually pretty entertaining with a good amount of laughs in my opinion. Probably would’ve had a different perspective if I actually paid to see it though
Lisa 86
Lisa 86 Hace 21 un día
I got my money back haha it was the only film on that sounded decent, plus I get it half price, but they gave me a full refund.
Dave F
Dave F Hace 23 días
"... what Pauly Shore was to millennials"??? Surely PS was for Gen Xers
Braden Powell
Braden Powell Hace 23 días
Ridiculous 6 is the worst movie of all time aside from Jack & Jill
Crybaby Cries
Crybaby Cries Hace 23 días
I love cocain Funny Fred figglehorn Funny That’s my boy Funny Movie 43 Funny Holmes and Watson Funny Fight me
Greenboom98 Hace 23 días
Somehow I knew "Jack & Jill" was going to be number 1. As the honorable mentions were going by, deep in my soul I hoped that I would be number 1. This is the worst film of the entire decade by miles. Even Furious 6 made me laugh a bit. Jack & Jill has no redeemable qualities at all. Would rather watch "Movie 43" forty three times than Jack & Jill.
Steven Church
Steven Church Hace 23 días
Damn you... loved the Dunkaccino!!! "Burn this, it's never to see the light of day..."
N N Hace 23 días
How you going to not like Dirty Grandpa because Robert Deniro acted different than in most of his movies? That’s my Boy was funny also. This list is weak
Rocky Zachry
Rocky Zachry Hace 23 días
The Hangover 3 wasn't good but to say 10 worst comedy of the last decade is a big reach. Dirty Grandpa?????? Dirty Grandpa is hilarious
yurr88 Hace 23 días
If you didn’t tell me I wouldn’t even know most of these were jokes 😒
NekoKing Shiro
NekoKing Shiro Hace 23 días
There's a lot of movies here I like. Not because they're good, but beccause I laughed.
cheeselovernation Hace 24 días
this list is way to opinionated, Your highness was a underrated classic, and hangover 3 was good too, i can list 10 comedy movies worse then both of those, hay, maybe you can make that another one of your terrible "last century" videos.
Josh Gibson
Josh Gibson Hace 24 días
Tf dirty grandpa was mad jokes
Schmidty’s Kettle Corn
Schmidty’s Kettle Corn Hace 24 días
Every Adam Sandler movie.
True Vergil
True Vergil Hace 24 días
Lol grow up with money, have a fair chance in society and the job market. I’m so oppressed. I want more white men in movies not women or blacks.
John smith
John smith Hace 24 días
I am just wondering what watchmojo think is good comedy, like everyone's tastes are different and I like some of these and dislike others, but this whole video stinks of film snobbery. I could name films that were absolute blockbusters which I didn't find funny but I wouldn't crap on them like this. A side note is that watchmojo also clearly have a running hatred of Adam Sandler, has some in the production team got personal issues with him 😆😂
arthur morgan
arthur morgan Hace 24 días
That's my boy was quality
Michael Wilkinson
Michael Wilkinson Hace 24 días
I disagree zoolander 2 was hilarious wr got to see justin bieber shot for like two minutes how do u not like it haha
Gabriela De Jesus Hidalgo
Gabriela De Jesus Hidalgo Hace 24 días
...i actually enjoyed Movie 43, thought it was the weirdest shit ever so that's why i loved it. AND i liked Your Highness.
Relatable Things
Relatable Things Hace 24 días
for sandler, thank god for uncut gems
SmoothCriminalAaron Hace 24 días
That's My Boy is one of my favorite movies of the last 10 years XD
speak the Funk up me
speak the Funk up me Hace 24 días
There is no white privilege only class privilege.
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