Top 10 Scary SpongeBob SquarePants Theories - Part 2

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Top 10 Scary SpongeBob SquarePants Theories - Part 2
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking about the Top 10 Scary Spongebob theories part 2! I will be your guide round Bikini Bottom today… wait…. That doesn’t sound right!
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Pigs Waatt
Pigs Waatt Hace 8 horas
Number 6 Gary the vagina
cool fun things
cool fun things Hace 13 horas
well thats a lot on the end XD aaa? i may have to rewatch this to give u the awnser XD oooooo my god aaaa? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa????????????????? XD do i have to watch all the se and ep again XD to say XDn if he is a god or not XD omg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??????????????????????????.........his ..bolth XD thats a good idea HEY EVERY 1 HE IS A DEVIL AND A GOD XD HALF AND HALF 50 50 :D YAY I GOT IT XD
cool fun things
cool fun things Hace 13 horas
O....M.....G ms puff 1 ep SAID she said i will never go back to jail withc is NO not again so she did kill her husben!!
Girly Gamer Queen
Girly Gamer Queen Hace 2 días
(L0L) It's so weird how Spongebob is a devil, but one moment later he is a GOD! So, does this mean that THE DEVIL IS REALLY GOD AND GOD IS A SPONGE!!!??? OMG I wonder if we a living in Spongebobs brain!! P.S the way Rebbeca reads is so spooking and intresting!!!
Munch Kin
Munch Kin Hace 2 días
ESwomen: we got the best quality also youtube: 144p
Keagan Dailey
Keagan Dailey Hace 2 días
F is for fire that burns the town U Uraniam bombs N is for no suriver when you
Keagan Dailey
Keagan Dailey Hace 2 días
Keagan Dailey
Keagan Dailey Hace 2 días
Part 3 next
Jaxson Rodrigues
Jaxson Rodrigues Hace 3 días
I am 7 years old
Dani M
Dani M Hace 3 días
My favorite SpongeBob episode: Idiot Box My favorite SpongeBob character: SpongeBob SquarePants
XxElle GachaxX
XxElle GachaxX Hace 4 días
I am 10 years old and you ruined my favorite t.v show no hate though
Konnor Anderson
Konnor Anderson Hace 4 días
Patrick's me
Jean Gates
Jean Gates Hace 4 días
GGthelazyweirdø 4 ever
GGthelazyweirdø 4 ever Hace 4 días
STOP RUINING MEH CHILDHOODDDDDD!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭(no hate peeps)
crappy doodle
crappy doodle Hace 4 días
This whole channel is bs
Bbq98 98
Bbq98 98 Hace 5 días
I thought it said I need the coochie 😂😂😂
Elizabeth Bryant
Elizabeth Bryant Hace 5 días
Shut up Sam you do not know anything about good SpongeBob SquarePants he is always nice to everybody and he says that this is the best day ever and why does he even love the Krusty Krab wait nevermind that was stupid well why did you love mr. Krabs Gary Sandy Squidward Patrick plankton even Karen I'm getting off track anyway you better shut up Sam cuz don't know anything girl boy girl you better get that out of here
Lottie Patterson
Lottie Patterson Hace 6 días
Shark ey
Shark ey Hace 6 días
''Coming in at number 10'' *shows number 9 on the screen*
ENABLE SKYZ Hace 6 días
Can I go down to your kink bottem
Erin Arnett
Erin Arnett Hace 7 días
*Snail has left the chat*
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Hace 7 días
Whose watching this *at night?*
Kodi Clayton
Kodi Clayton Hace 7 días
Rebecca is so damn pure and adorable! Shes great! Oh my god Satan spongebob... i hate ppl like that.
Sis Metcalf
Sis Metcalf Hace 7 días
Mine is Spongebob and grey
Zack gamer09
Zack gamer09 Hace 7 días
Warrior Turtle22
Warrior Turtle22 Hace 7 días
My favorite character is Garry’s girlfriend, and the dude that yells MY LEG!?!?
Gaia Rodriguez
Gaia Rodriguez Hace 7 días
Dë Ñø
Dë Ñø Hace 7 días
Squidward is my favorite spongebob character
Midnight Wolf
Midnight Wolf Hace 7 días
My favorite is sponge-bob
Weston Harris
Weston Harris Hace 8 días
sooooo i share the video with rebecca then? 😉
Ryan Paul Torino
Ryan Paul Torino Hace 8 días
anony mous
anony mous Hace 8 días
I'm ms.puffs husband was captured and turned into a novelty item remember the spongebob movie where their trying to find the crown and then spongebob and Patrick got captured by a diver and bla bla bla the story goes on just watch the movie
Alex Hace 8 días
so for theory six, we are just going to ignore the fact that squidward lives inbetween spongebob and patrick, and his nose is shaped like a dick, and well he is kind of a dick?
Matilda Production
Matilda Production Hace 8 días
Didn't Mrs. Puff's husband get turned into a lamp or something
JJ Skeen
JJ Skeen Hace 8 días
My favorite spongebob character is Patrick
Zahra Abu Lileh
Zahra Abu Lileh Hace 8 días
Mr krabbs
1,000,000 subscribers without videos
1,000,000 subscribers without videos Hace 9 días
My favorite character is Sandy Cheeks
Lulu was Here
Lulu was Here Hace 9 días
Or, you know, it might just be a joke and a kids show
bella davison
bella davison Hace 9 días
Fudging1D Garel
Fudging1D Garel Hace 9 días
"SpOnGeBoB iS tHe DeViL" 🤣🤣
Maddox Cameron
Maddox Cameron Hace 10 días
T H I C C Patrick
Math Pjaneuf
Math Pjaneuf Hace 10 días
Now I want to go back in time showing innocent young me watching Spongebob all the theory you just talk about, then I'll ruined my life. Nah forget it I just gonna stay in my time. Pretty nice dress BTW :O
DragonGaming42 Hace 10 días
Who is watching spongebob squarepants while watching this video? No one? Just me? OK.
Christian Cruz
Christian Cruz Hace 10 días
YEA PRETTY MUCH HES A GOD HE CAN’t die HES AMUNE TO DAMAGE LITTLELY he gets punched by u know flab jack something that that and he SAYS *that tickles*Hes Imortal he CAN REGRNERATE LIMBS his persalnality changes from the events going on aka the show plots
Christian Cruz
Christian Cruz Hace 10 días
And trust me I’m smart
Christian Cruz
Christian Cruz Hace 10 días
Also Perl can crush him killing mr crabs soo that me crabs can’t kill her so that top number.....welp he’s wrong
Christian Cruz
Christian Cruz Hace 10 días
He won’t die because he’s a sponge he’s Amune to damage he’s a sponge sooooooo yea
CoolcatMalak Hace 10 días
Another ingredient in the krabby patties is Poseidon powder, slang for cocaine. Mr Krause uses it to hook the customers to the krabby patties
Silas2 Hace 11 días
I got a Theory Mr krab's pays the poilce:Mr krab is guilty for a alot of crimes so why haven't he got arrested because he pays the poilce thats why he cares about he's money
cameron nicholas
cameron nicholas Hace 12 días
My favorite character in SpongeBob is SpongeBob 😀
RebornSniper YT
RebornSniper YT Hace 12 días
Planktons a Condom
Black Area
Black Area Hace 13 días
>2 devilo >1 god ?
Nathanial Newman
Nathanial Newman Hace 13 días
If Spongebob is a god this world is blest
Nathanial Newman
Nathanial Newman Hace 13 días
Sam needs help
Bill Miller
Bill Miller Hace 14 días
I don't know of anyone has pointed out that sociopaths are different and not exclusively psychopathic.
HuskyPlays Hace 14 días
Nida Serrano
Nida Serrano Hace 14 días
Samantha west is sooooo ANGRY AND I HATE HER!!
Sidney Hawthorne Jr
Sidney Hawthorne Jr Hace 14 días
HE NEEDS THE CONCH GIVE HIM THE CONCH *Ballistic missile warning*
AJ Blank
AJ Blank Hace 15 días
Jesus sam!
Malachi Peters
Malachi Peters Hace 15 días
2:29 I've seen a SpongeBob episode where they had the crusty crab but at night and it was not even known by Mr krabs
Gage Johnson
Gage Johnson Hace 15 días
Ah yes spongebob encourages school shootings
XxPineapple xX:3
XxPineapple xX:3 Hace 15 días
Who loves spongebob?👍
Unlimited Gaming [R04DRUNN3R]
Unlimited Gaming [R04DRUNN3R] Hace 15 días
Anyone else had an ad for SpongeBob while watching this 😂😂😂
People who worship Jehova/Yawheh who think characters are devils are so funny. When are they goanna stop thinking everything is blasphemous? There is a line between thinking God is real (which I have no problem with, if you like it then you like it) and thinking every cartoon or TV show are made by Satanists. Again, I have no problem with people believing in God but I do with people believing others are Satanists. I also have a problem with people forcing others to have a certain religion or spirituality.
Hope Girard
Hope Girard Hace 16 días
Michael Gearhart
Michael Gearhart Hace 16 días
Your mom
Dorothy Fitzpatrick-Anderson
Dorothy Fitzpatrick-Anderson Hace 16 días
I love Gary to!
james bond
james bond Hace 16 días
The most scary theories *when A sponge uses a human for cleaning dishes xd*
GabriellA Cisse
GabriellA Cisse Hace 17 días
This is for the person who came up with the theory that my boy spongebob is satan Are u sure ur not overeating about a show meant for kids
Joshua Rivera Andrew Jr
Joshua Rivera Andrew Jr Hace 17 días
Spongbob is my fav
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