Top 10 Scary SpongeBob SquarePants Theories - Part 2

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Top 10 Scary SpongeBob SquarePants Theories - Part 2
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking about the Top 10 Scary Spongebob theories part 2! I will be your guide round Bikini Bottom today… wait…. That doesn’t sound right!
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2025 Sean Fekeith
2025 Sean Fekeith Hace 4 horas
1:00 got me
DJ DCray
DJ DCray Hace 10 horas
"let's do this" takes another 20 seconds to actually get to the point again
Mackenzie Kinsley
Mackenzie Kinsley Hace 18 horas
Gary is literally mood
Louis Sbelgio
Louis Sbelgio Hace 19 horas
the Krusty Krab is actually the Overlook Hotel
Ink le nation 1972
Ink le nation 1972 Hace un día
Tampon for sure!
-cow gacha-
-cow gacha- Hace un día
Why'd I think it said I need the coochie
XxDemon GachaxX
XxDemon GachaxX Hace un día
7:15 *Kruspy krabs*
Big Chungas
Big Chungas Hace 2 días
Conspiracy theory Spongebob is actually a CIA agent Oh ye I’ve figured it out
Cool Assassin
Cool Assassin Hace 2 días
Mine is patrick
Rose Ackerman:3
Rose Ackerman:3 Hace 2 días
My favorite character is Patrick
Otaku Gurl 4 Lyfe
Otaku Gurl 4 Lyfe Hace 2 días
Who hates Squidward?!
Keith Brown
Keith Brown Hace 2 días
Parent acc. 4:00 that starfish has a massive Badonkadonk
Stranger To Fandoms
Stranger To Fandoms Hace 2 días
I could have lived the rest of my messed up life WITHOUT ever hearing Number 6
Dubs J
Dubs J Hace 2 días
But I didn’t press da thumbs up but you went into the video lol
Logan McBurney
Logan McBurney Hace 2 días
Samantha sounds more like a Karen
Kendra Finley
Kendra Finley Hace 3 días
Like= if you fav character Spongebob Comment=if your fav character is Gary/Gare Bear
XxDemon GachaxX
XxDemon GachaxX Hace un día
Looks like u like spongebob alot looking at ur pfp
Kendra Finley
Kendra Finley Hace 3 días
Number 2:Lets not forget when Mr. Krabs says "Take out the Trash" to Spongebob and Spongebob mainly says Mr.Krabs is calling squidward TRASH even though he is
Elim Garcia Izaguirre
Elim Garcia Izaguirre Hace 3 días
I like spongebob
Freddy’s gaming Cave
Freddy’s gaming Cave Hace 3 días
DinoDurf Plays
DinoDurf Plays Hace 3 días
Sam u probably r the the devil worshipper because u thought all that. That would explain how u thought all that.
Fortnite Stat
Fortnite Stat Hace 3 días
Me.Krabs Is my favorite
matt forgey
matt forgey Hace 4 días
Evil actions before sponge bob squarepants: *exsist* Sam: TOTALLY FROM SPONGE BOB SQUAREPANTS! Me: *confused confusion*
Me Hace 4 días
#5 could actually explain why Spongebob acts so different in the later seasons of the show. The only problem I can think of would be that it happens a bit before Spongebob's character goes through a massive change in the series.
Just_A_Random_Person Hace 4 días
Ky Leis
Ky Leis Hace 5 días
Snails kill people
its Traker
its Traker Hace 5 días
4:29 sponge Bob lives in bikini bottom a wet place
DaVaun Patterson
DaVaun Patterson Hace 5 días
Wait going back to all of them being mental what if they are and Karen is their assist and plankton formed a relationship with Karen in his mind
LGBTQ Pride Hace 5 días
Mr.Krabs revealed that he has a fear of ghosts so it can’t be run by ghosts
Riley Moore
Riley Moore Hace 6 días
Wolf boy Productions
Wolf boy Productions Hace 6 días
9:07 by the time I got here I said shut up.
Wolf boy Productions
Wolf boy Productions Hace 6 días
Dice nice
Dice nice Hace 6 días
I used to kill snails :/
Asome NESS GAMING Hace 7 días
JJ is a cat
JJ is a cat Hace 8 días
Fave character: Patrick star 😎
Kirsty Camp
Kirsty Camp Hace 8 días
I hava a confession to make I was once molested by a peturbed hallibut
Samurai Kata Kenshi
Samurai Kata Kenshi Hace 8 días
Cant we just have a childhood while it lasts in PEACE PLEASE.
Dev S
Dev S Hace 8 días
1I think sponge bob is a army soldier and 2 is going to end the bikini bottom
J Torres
J Torres Hace 9 días
Voice ruined it
Pyper Lyn Chambers
Pyper Lyn Chambers Hace 9 días
Patrick manaise a intrument
Cookie’s Arts
Cookie’s Arts Hace 9 días
My favourite character is squidward, he reminds me of myself
Laura Courtney
Laura Courtney Hace 9 días
Samantha west? Really? Honey, we both know that you're really Karen in disguise.
TheGatorPuppet Hace 9 días
PiCkLe BoI
PiCkLe BoI Hace 9 días
Full on CRINGE.
Super Ssjscott
Super Ssjscott Hace 9 días
Fred (my leg)
ezra sarich
ezra sarich Hace 10 días
spongebob is my fav
PFP_WOLFIE Hace 10 días
I don't know if you know this but this is a theory that the main characters are signs of seven sins ツ
Rasta Rappa
Rasta Rappa Hace 10 días
Thicc PATRICK?!?!
Rasta Rappa
Rasta Rappa Hace 10 días
The conch: Spongebob: I dont need it. I dont need it. I definitely dont need it. The conch: Spongebob: *I need it!*
SkyesRandomDoodles Hace 10 días
Sociopath does not = psychopath. A sociopath is someone who lacks empathy. I'm a sociopath. Dont portray all of us as evil.
Lps Gacha
Lps Gacha Hace 10 días
In Season 9 Episode 20, when Patrick says "Life is but a walking shadow" he's referring to the Shadow Tubby from Slendytubbies.
lovely ale
lovely ale Hace 10 días
Shes so annoying man i sweear!!! It takes her forever to get to the damn point. Giirl just cuz u like to hear urself talk doesnt mean we all do too!!!
Epic and beyond Gaming and adventures
Epic and beyond Gaming and adventures Hace 10 días
My favorite spongebob character is plankton because plank-TONS of people don’t like him so I do
Aaron Perez
Aaron Perez Hace 10 días
For the ghost theory, there is an actual episode where ghosts are running the restaurant at night.
Mari Baby
Mari Baby Hace 8 días
I remember that one
mj zyn
mj zyn Hace 10 días
The theory about the whale being used as meat is perfect for two reasons: 1. humans actually eat whale meat so I am sure whale burgers are a thing and 2. when a whale dies and sinks to the bottom, many deep sea scavengers consume the whales remains slowly including crabs, some fish, and sharks :D
Trae Awesomeness
Trae Awesomeness Hace 10 días
You said on number 9 “coming in at number 10”
Gage Bledsoe
Gage Bledsoe Hace 11 días
what if sandy is a ghost, she wears a suit with a little bubble of air, and a globe like home, so when does she get fresh air and why doesn't she flout like everything else that lives on the surface!
bill&clara weaver
bill&clara weaver Hace 11 días
That Christian person needs to drink shower in and bleach her eyes with holy water
dudreer fgggufihgumddghtdhtSmith
dudreer fgggufihgumddghtdhtSmith Hace 11 días
Doodle Bob 100%
Animation Life
Animation Life Hace 11 días
Spongebob gets paid *A DIME*
Ruby Smith
Ruby Smith Hace 11 días
OMG Samantha west should be in hell for abusing my favourite show, the one that is basically my life
•Peachy• Hace 12 días
Maybe instead of ghost and gouls maybe Nosferatu runs it when there gone hmmm
fat cookie
fat cookie Hace 12 días
Daneshia Terrell
Daneshia Terrell Hace 12 días
Chayson Johzoonson
Chayson Johzoonson Hace 12 días
Zaura Denton
Zaura Denton Hace 12 días
I'm a Christian as well, but i do not think Spongebob is the devil, some people take things to far. Making us seem crazy, but we are not.
giulio gallo
giulio gallo Hace 13 días
Noooooo. Ha is a devilish tampon god 😂
JM Dasma
JM Dasma Hace 14 días
OriginalGACHA 1
OriginalGACHA 1 Hace 14 días
Spongebob is my favorite UwU
gram batson
gram batson Hace 14 días
THE FOX IS COOL Hace 15 días
Christians please stop taking down and destroying our childhoods I do believe in the lord though
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