Top 10 Moments from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12

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Hace 28 días

These moments from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 12 were indeed full of twelves. For this list, we’ll be looking at the action that kept Drag Race exciting in its twelfth season, minus moments from "Untucked." Our countdown includes “Starships” lip sync, guest judge Leslie Jones, Jackie’s “Firework” lip sync, and more! MsMojo ranks the moments from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 12. What’s your favorite moment from Season 12? Let us know in the comments!
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Moments from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 MomentsDrag Race Season 12 MomentsRuPaul Season 12 Moments

MsMojo Hace 28 días
What’s your favorite moment from RPDR Season 12? Let us know in the comments!
Jake Smith
Jake Smith Hace 9 días
when jaida was in the bottom
Lily Stewart
Lily Stewart Hace 25 días
Sergio Toro
Sergio Toro Hace 27 días
When you was in the bottom two (lol)
Ranbir Singh Makkar
Ranbir Singh Makkar Hace 27 días
Aiden's Boooo, Brita's New York rant, Rock M's entrance in the werk room, Jackie's Snatch game..and many more.
Roberto Cazarin
Roberto Cazarin Hace 27 días
G Chua
G Chua Hace 2 horas
Jackie in hijab lip sync wasn't really one of the best, but it is the most *powerful.* Gave me goosebumps.
Luca Ortolani
Luca Ortolani Hace 3 horas
Jan was robbed
Florence Mendy
Florence Mendy Hace 2 días
I love love Heidi she's youg but fierce and funny and so pretty. Watching from France ❤❤❤
Janus Hace 2 días
Hands down, one of the top tier seasons of Drag Race herstory! 👏
•Francesca Schaan•
•Francesca Schaan• Hace 3 días
There were 12 queens in season 12
Grace Carter
Grace Carter Hace 3 días
👁👄👁my face when you didn’t do “look over there”
Rosie John
Rosie John Hace 6 días
Jackie Cox's Magic Merkin ad was funny as heck 😂
Irvin Jay Indig
Irvin Jay Indig Hace 7 días
How could you miss Heidi and Jackie's lipsync to kill the lights?
Mvrshvn Hace 7 días
“Look Over There” & Starships Lip Sync needs to be switched 😭
tawny gaona
tawny gaona Hace 8 días
Can we please have Leslie Jones replace Michelle?
Montana Banana
Montana Banana Hace 8 días
Gigi got so many passes. I thought there were times she won where she shouldn't have. I want older queens on Drag race
Montana Banana
Montana Banana Hace 8 días
I loved season 12. After season 10 and 11 being the worst for me I loved everything about 12.
Cassandra Hace 9 días
I love all the queens of this season, except she who shall not be named, but I still believe that Gigi should’ve won. She did a shoe reveal for gods sake! And as amazing as Jada’s music video was, she didn’t change her space and she was moving so much her lips were not visible very often. Gigi managed to recreate but still keep it unique with hers, and when they did the face lip sync battle, Gigi used her eyes and actual face until the very end where she expertly introduced her hands, the other two consistently used their hands. Again all of them are amazing and extremely talented, but I still think Gigi got robbed.
sxmx goode
sxmx goode Hace 6 días
You are not the only one who thinks she was the one who deserved to win, but hey, she left her mark anyway and is being successful outside of the race which is what matters most <3
Carolina Santana
Carolina Santana Hace 9 días
To bad it's not on Netflix 🤧🤧
shirimasen Hace 11 días
if jackie’s firework lip sync isn’t on here i’m going to be extremely disappointed
idark_sunset i
idark_sunset i Hace 11 días
I thought Gigi should’ve won tbh.
Gsel vl
Gsel vl Hace 12 días
Liked let's be friends
Keisha Samoht
Keisha Samoht Hace 12 días
Them honorable mentions should have been on the list...
Holly Kaminski
Holly Kaminski Hace 13 días
When they didn’t put Jan’s face crack as first 😭😭
Rodrigo Y. Nakamura
Rodrigo Y. Nakamura Hace 13 días
- You forgot about Whoopi Goldberg!!
EmXGarchomp Hace 13 días
I’m sorry crystal’s mullet needs to be top 3
AngeliseValenya Hace 14 días
I'm sorry Jackie *and Widow's Firework lipsync... I'm still a bit angry that they were in the bottom this week. Their runways were epic and I thought they were both funny in the challenge.. I just hate how queens seem to go home in a problematic way. Like Mercedes in a Trump challenge and her talking about being a muslim all episode... Widow doing a black power outfit and doing a great job in the challenge, but being called "angry" by Carlson....then being sent home... oof
Softfor Jungoo
Softfor Jungoo Hace 14 días
Someone pls tell me where I can watch the full season of rpdr season 12 rather be on a illeg*l site like 123, and it being free and hd
Femke V.
Femke V. Hace 14 días
Season 12 definitely surprised me. I hated the first half of the season because it felt so rigged in Gigi and S*****'s favour, but somewhere around Heidi's win, things began to shift and it actually started surprising me. I'm very happy to see that it turned out to be the best season since season 8 and I hope it's a step back in the right direction for the show after the disaster that was season 11. I still think Gigi was shown wayyyy too much favouritism, but watching Jaida win after all that was immensely satisfying.
Jody Pope
Jody Pope Hace 15 días
Jada won🙁
Selina.deruig Hace 15 días
Why are all the hot guys gay..?
Klara Kent
Klara Kent Hace 16 días
Even these TOP moments are boring AS HELL!
도라지 Hace 17 días
I fell in love with Jackie’s fireworks lip sync, I seriously tear up every time I watch it. So emotional and beautiful.
ajmpovart 75
ajmpovart 75 Hace 17 días
Violet Adazé
Violet Adazé Hace 17 días
One of THE best lineups of queens in one single season for sure! 🙌 💕
NJCUJan Hace 18 días
Jaida’s debate performance should have been in the official list and high, not just honorable mention. She kinda won the crown that episode.
dark and star
dark and star Hace 18 días
I say they should have left Jackie cox take shery pies place it only seems fair plus Jackie deserved it
Leonard Walletzký
Leonard Walletzký Hace 19 días
Where is all of Heidi's lip syncs?
Sabian Sesley
Sabian Sesley Hace 19 días
I’m a fierce brocAlli
how's the weather outside? it's sunnnyyy!!
how's the weather outside? it's sunnnyyy!! Hace 19 días
People don't respect this season now but darling, wait some years and somebody is going to gag on this season. These bitches worked hard and they didn't stop/gave up not even for a second.
Yoshi Boy
Yoshi Boy Hace 19 días
Please do all the second placers
ThePanDUH Donut
ThePanDUH Donut Hace 19 días
My top five was Jaida, Widow, Nicki, Gigi and Crystal
Sam Apps
Sam Apps Hace 20 días
What about Crystal Methyd’s Bert & Ernie inspired super fan makeover
lukxx. Hace 20 días
I really thought the final 5 performance would be number 1.
Trixie Zamolodchikova
Trixie Zamolodchikova Hace 20 días
gigi goes by they/them :))
Dominique Myers
Dominique Myers Hace 20 días
The whole season of Season 12 was everything and so much more!! From the premiere down to the final episode
flashback mary
flashback mary Hace 20 días
okay no hate towards gigi, she did amazing and i love her sm but let's be honest. jan really deserved that win in the madonna challenge
flashback mary
flashback mary Hace 20 días
lesilie is the leader of the fangirls
ilanf2 Hace 20 días
Why is the final 4 (5?) performance not on the list? It has been one of, if not the, best performance by the final queens ever!
Aimee Czamara
Aimee Czamara Hace 20 días
We need more judges like Leslie Jones
Aimee Czamara
Aimee Czamara Hace 20 días
Jackie and Jan are my favorites
Aimee Czamara
Aimee Czamara Hace 20 días
Jackie’s snatch game! Gigi’s was just basic, anyone could act like a naughty robot! Jackie should have won!!!!!
Juu Hace 21 un día
Please censor any face of Sherry Pie, I didn't have to see him again
lisankomerri J
lisankomerri J Hace 21 un día
jackie's outfit was more powerful than it looks
Kaylea H
Kaylea H Hace 21 un día
the first group of girls got nicki minaj and the second group of girls got sh*rry p*e
The Rainbow Puffle
The Rainbow Puffle Hace 21 un día
🍒🥧: *exists* Editors: LOOK OVER THERE
Marky Writes
Marky Writes Hace 21 un día
Gigi won 5 maxi challenges. A record along with Dela but that's in All stars.
Gurk Gurkenstein
Gurk Gurkenstein Hace 21 un día
I think the last Performance was the best thing that has ever happened. Not only this season.
Cecilia Williams
Cecilia Williams Hace 21 un día
#1: Heidi’s Hydrates HANDS DOWN
MuraiNikkiBis :D
MuraiNikkiBis :D Hace 22 días
I can't believe it is over already 😭
No_ Drawlzzz
No_ Drawlzzz Hace 22 días
Besides 🍒🥧, this season was one of the best. Towards the end you had no idea who would be eliminated because every single queen was absolutely talented in their own way. There was no filler queen present, and every queen brought the LOOK every. single. week. Season 13 better BRING IT because s12 is going to be hard to top
M I S T Y Hace 22 días
_if only dahlia made merches that has _*_brocc-ali_*_ on the front_
Megan te Boekhorst
Megan te Boekhorst Hace 22 días
When they shared 'Look over there!' as an HM, I was GAGGED
Jay Hace 22 días
If Gigi didn’t lip sync in the first challenge, I would’ve been surprised when she did the same dance moves in the finale.
Cristinita Hace 23 días
Such a shame Crystal and Opal Methyd’s Bert & Ernie look didn’t make the list. Absolutely my favorite look of the season. So creative!
Kamaria Hill
Kamaria Hill Hace 23 días
This season seemed a lot more chill because there wasn’t a lot of drama I liked it I mean I like drama too but 😂
Fran Collins
Fran Collins Hace 23 días
There were literally zero filler queens
Sian Crossley
Sian Crossley Hace 23 días
one of the best seasons !
JaabDel18 Hace 23 días
Look Over There and Janet The Planet ❤️
RxinyFalls Hace 24 días
*We need Brocc-alli to come back for All stars*
SR EVIL Hace 24 días
Widow served it every second she stepped on this show.
Michel Armenta
Michel Armenta Hace 24 días
I love jaida but she wasn’t memorable, so... we know who deserves win.
jessica mancera
jessica mancera Hace 24 días
Gurl "RPDR las vegas" rusical was iconic 🥰🥰🥰
Плак-Плак Hace 25 días
I wish dahlia stayed I need to see more of her I love her 😩
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