TOOL - Pneuma (Audio)

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King_Niddler Hace 2 horas
Gonna go ahead and say it Song of the Decade for me.
Gene Hasenbuhler
Gene Hasenbuhler Hace 7 horas
Wake up my child!
Billal Asghar
Billal Asghar Hace 15 horas
I can never work when listening to Tool, I always end up listening attentively. Each moment is so intense and meticulous
Ephemeral •
Ephemeral • Hace 17 horas
9:35 sooooo gooooood
Carlos Andres Chavez
Carlos Andres Chavez Hace 18 horas
Is it just me or after this album came out I can stop listening to tool like it’s starting to worry me a little
Mike H.W. Diazleal
Mike H.W. Diazleal Hace 18 horas
This reminds me of Maynard's early work in C.A.D..Fingernails tape..Ck out the Doghouse tape too..He was doin this kind of music in December 1986...I knw I was there....Cheers.
Pedro Cardenas
Pedro Cardenas Hace un día
I remember inviting this girl to my house so we could hear all Fear Inoculum as we both are big Tool fans. Now she is my girlfriend. Tool really unites people.
Odysseus Hace un día
"Fear Inoculum" means Fear Vaccination. Where the anti Vaxxers at?
Jay Stephenson
Jay Stephenson Hace 2 días
Everybody's out there losing their minds and here I am just sitting in my garage blasting Tool.
Rob U BLind
Rob U BLind Hace 2 días
Listening to this durring these hard times brings me a sense of peace and calm. We are one spark.
Flounder DaGoat
Flounder DaGoat Hace 2 días
I would say maynard you genius ,but it's really the whole band everyone is so woke it's scary 😶😶
Jesus is deep inside me with no lube
Jesus is deep inside me with no lube Hace 2 días
As an absolutely passionate and undying fan of Tool, I was skeptical of this new album before ever hearing a second of it...I remember Ænima and Lateralus being so life-changing and influential that NOTHING could ever compare...when 10,000 Days came out, I didn’t like it, i was disappointed. 5 years later 10,000 Days became every bit as special as Undertow, and I was pleased. 10 years after 10,000 days, I realized how much I loved the album and how much of a masterpiece it truly is. Fast forward to Fear Inoculum, I was petrified..what if I DIDN’T like my favorite bands new album? I listened to it at first and like 10,000 days, was, only a few months after it’s release, I feel as if Fear Inoculum is absolutely one of the top 3 very best albums this band has ever released and it’s easy to see the evolution this band has gone through...what a fucking album...what a fucking band...Tool means so much to me that I get emotional just talking about them....Much love
SLEDGE HAMR Hace 2 días
Eyes full of wonder!!!!
Do Ee
Do Ee Hace 2 días
Do Ee
Do Ee Hace 2 días
Damir Zulic
Damir Zulic Hace 2 días
All is One One is All 🙏🏼 Awake Bless love 🙏🏼❤️🌞⭐️
Anthony Scamatti
Anthony Scamatti Hace 2 días
Wow truly blown the fuck away
Los The Ghost
Los The Ghost Hace 3 días
Was I wrong for tripping balls on lsd when I first heard this? 😂
Los The Ghost
Los The Ghost Hace 2 días
@Bovragor Lytharad thought so 😁
Bovragor Lytharad
Bovragor Lytharad Hace 2 días
Never! That is the stuff to listen to while on acid!
Michael Cummings
Michael Cummings Hace 3 días
No shit about the drum kit commit
Michael Cummings
Michael Cummings Hace 3 días
When the riff comes in that shit is perfection WAKE UP MY CHILD ...
king Asanoski
king Asanoski Hace 3 días
If you listen closely you can hear the force of awakening.
Retexid Hace 4 días
This is nothing like Schism and thematically its even more distant so stop comparing please
notchjohnson1 Hace 11 horas
100% agree. Some people are so fucking desperate to compare things that they often don't even come close. I don't get it
G P.
G P. Hace 20 horas
I hear shades of Schism which i think is a good call back, but yes they are each their own beast.
Niko Mercer
Niko Mercer Hace 4 días
this song is full of hope. thankfully, nothing can destroy music, never ever... never will this die. and that gives me hope.
1969 Charger
1969 Charger Hace 4 días
This song hit hard no matter the mood your in.
ConLee_11 Hace 4 días
Judson L
Judson L Hace 4 días
This is quite possibly your magnum opus. This song is so good.
Typhoonigator Hace 4 días
This albums is easily Tool's greatest achievement.
fool Hace 5 días
You are the truth!!!!!!!! You are the universe!!!!!!!!!! You are reality!!!!!!!! Its all reflecting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shiva Rama
Shiva Rama Hace 5 días
Friend: you listen to Tool ? Me: you listen to Tool on ....... Weed man ?
TOOLruls Hace 5 días
14 year old daughter passes by me playing this song on her iphone and i smile...there is hope
Benoit Matters
Benoit Matters Hace 6 horas
was must of been post picnic melon..
Gromvolt Hace 5 días
Jak posłucha się tego ze trzy razy,dochodzi się do wniosku że jest to jednak arcydzieło.
Cody King
Cody King Hace 5 días
I'd like to thank Tool for being the soundtrack to my life for the last 15 years.
Ralph Ofner
Ralph Ofner Hace 5 días
So fucking good! This album grows on ma everytime i listen to it
Robert Basker
Robert Basker Hace 5 días
probably the best song ever made
Jim W
Jim W Hace 5 días
I am just floored everytime I hear this song. Pure genius of the entire works. Danny Carey's skills and talent shines through and definitely tugs at a drummers heart.
Andrew Askew
Andrew Askew Hace 5 días
Been listening to TOOL most everyday for 30 years...I think I might like the band .....🤔
kroh tg
kroh tg Hace 6 días
Tool releases album, half life releases a new game, Slipknot releases New album.... I guess 2020 is literally season finale
Fu Que
Fu Que Hace 3 días
Nailed down 😎🤘🖤
markfromct2 Hace 6 días
This metal track will go down as one of the greatest in the 2020's
markfromct2 Hace 6 días
I am 65 and NEVER respected drummers as much as I should. Now I am humbled.
Marco Guarnieri
Marco Guarnieri Hace 6 días
We are eyes full of wonder, but also ears full of wonder, listening this song.
Jacob Lamb
Jacob Lamb Hace 6 días
We are born of 1 breath (the LORD forming adam from the clay) 1 word (genesis 1:26-27 lucifer and his apostate angels)
Ashrik Acharya
Ashrik Acharya Hace 7 días
even though i came late to this planet i found this band early ..cheers!! anyone up from nepal jay nepal#lipulekh nepal ko ho
Aaron Rice
Aaron Rice Hace 7 días
New age Pink Floyd. Love them both
allan barbosa silva
allan barbosa silva Hace 8 días
Quebrei, foda-se 👁️👁️👁️
Ian Flanagan
Ian Flanagan Hace 8 días
close your eyes and keep them closed. Breath in, breath out and take this opportunity to become intentional. Now realize that I intentionally put close your eyes at the beginning so that you would forget you need to have your eyes open to read the rest of my post.
Jonathan Vogel
Jonathan Vogel Hace 9 días
"eyes full of wonder" thats how life should be :-)
Vee New
Vee New Hace 9 días
Seeing this album in a different light now the virus is here inoculating everyone in one breath and one word one spark pneuma???
Will Mohr
Will Mohr Hace 9 días
WOW. Worth every bit of 13 years.
Dustr232 Hace 9 días
One of greatest songs of all time
L o L
L o L Hace 9 días
12 minutes and not a dull moment
Jason Shriver
Jason Shriver Hace 7 días
It's all killer, no filler! 👍
Diego Pelozo
Diego Pelozo Hace 9 días
( ¿/? ) ?
Om Dot
Om Dot Hace 10 días
She.cloaks division.with.fear
Wildes Tim
Wildes Tim Hace 10 días
Tool isn't music to listen to, it's music to dream to. Love it.
Jon Appleseed
Jon Appleseed Hace 10 días
I graduated in 1994 and have grown with these special geniuses. I listened to your music in the background while I was learning advanced calculas 😜
Shiva Rama
Shiva Rama Hace 11 días
Tool makes good music!! No, Tool itself is music!!
Shiva Rama
Shiva Rama Hace 11 días
My interest is to stay in a band that makes Music, not a hit song!!!! -Adam Jones!!
Shiva Rama
Shiva Rama Hace 11 días
Octopus: I have 8 arms Danny: Hold my Beer!!!!
Mr. Giraffe
Mr. Giraffe Hace 11 días
Love this song/album. Precision.
Mr. Giraffe
Mr. Giraffe Hace 11 días
Cheers for Tool! (Edited) lol
Mr. Giraffe
Mr. Giraffe Hace 11 días
Drunk and fat is no way to go through life.
Brian Diaz
Brian Diaz Hace 11 días
"Wake up remember we are one breath one spark"..👽
Christian Kortmann
Christian Kortmann Hace 11 días
i agree to the album, but i jut dont agree to thel recording. is that okay?
Timothy Elliot
Timothy Elliot Hace 12 días
For Pneuma, I Be Word Our Initial Separation Recognition of Self For Luna, I Be Ra Locked in symphony's Celestial swirl For Isis, I Be Osiris Arisen from my Tomb To open the Eye of Horus - Michael I'mM.ANU-EL I've been here before and I'll be here again. This is the new age, remembered of my advance as the Age the WaterBarer, but I'll always be the light that shines through the darkness. I am confirmed I have confirmed Absonite Any Way Shape or Form Necessary Acknowledgement provided for me Ability to provide for my bonded soul mate Nephalim walking Awoken and aware Aware that some of the others are aware. This is something reserved. I am the Form , the one they identify as the Timothy Elliot This is not for the one who has posted this will seem random. I am using telepathy and drawing upon other energy to place this here to catch your eye and open your mind. When does 1+2=4? ... That is a riddle. I will provide 3 the best written and correct answers an experience to behold.
SPRO Princee
SPRO Princee Hace 12 días
This song is simply f*cking phenomenal. It's as if the Sistine Chapel and Starry Night had a lovechild that took the form of pure sound. Tool doesn't simply make songs for the masses, but they make songs for the religious fanatics that believe Danny Carey to be the Kraken incarnate of Zeus himself. This song is the most amazing drug that is simultaneously as much a moment of existential clarity as it is one of pure ecstasy, and enlightenment to the greater gods above. Words cannot describe what I have attempted to.
Andres Lira
Andres Lira Hace 12 días
Los 4555 dislikes escuchan musica por el hoyo del culo. Saludos a la familia Tool!
Been playing guitar for 19 years and do alright. This just in its simplest form is so complex and just boggles my brain. Best song ive experienced on mushies in a long time. What a journey
My Sun Is Setting
My Sun Is Setting Hace 3 días
That’s why Adam Jones is the best! He definitely has his own style, he doesn’t have to shred to show us he is an amazing guitar player!
Semaj_502 Hace 13 días
This record has become so ridiculously relevant already just months after it's release. 2020 needed Fear Inoculum. 2020 needed Tool.
Didi CreateRealityRealm
Didi CreateRealityRealm Hace 12 días
I totally agee! Like they knew it!🎶🧚🏼‍♀️
Nicholas B
Nicholas B Hace 13 días
Nearly one year since this song has come out, and I’ve listened to this a solid couple hundred times. Driving home today from work, I had this playing and it just... hit different. It hit me harder than any other time I’d heard this song. And I think that’s what sets tool apart from all the other music I listen to. Even after hearing their songs hundreds of time, every now and then one strikes just right to resonate with my entire being. No other music has ever made that deep of a connection with me.
jdhed1 Hace 14 horas
@Isaac Garcia no we dont
Isaac Garcia
Isaac Garcia Hace un día
@Didi CreateRealityRealm Yes, thank you very much! 😊🙆
Didi CreateRealityRealm
Didi CreateRealityRealm Hace un día
@Isaac Garcia, yes 👍 that's how they sould be listened as haha. Awesome you listened to these masterpieces too, and I'm glad I could help you with it. 🙏🏻💖🧚🏼‍♀️🎶
Isaac Garcia
Isaac Garcia Hace un día
@Didi CreateRealityRealm Just listened to them and wow. 😍 found parabol and parabola as one song and It's a wonderful transition. Daaamn.
Didi CreateRealityRealm
Didi CreateRealityRealm Hace 3 días
@Isaac Garcia, 🙂 recognisable. Try out listing to the songs parabol and parabola if you haven't heard these yet and you definitely should listen to Aenema. 🤗 have fun
Marco Turini
Marco Turini Hace 13 días
If someone is interested I've made a Tool-inspired song on my channel. It's called Gray if you would like to hear it. Of course I don't mean to copy them, it still has my own identity I think. I just would like if people would listen to it.
Spookz Hace 13 días
This song still blows my mind.. tool is some next level shit forreal.
novymir Hace 13 días
They sen sur comments about trooth on u toob
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