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news buster
news buster Hace 21 un minuto
After several days of listening, it looks like Pneuma will be my favorite song of the new album.
Mia Pet
Mia Pet Hace 42 minutos
We are spirit bound to this flesh We go round one foot nailed down But bound to reach out and beyond this flesh Become Pneuma We are will and wonder Bound to recall, remember We are born of one breath, one word We are all one spark, sun becoming Child, wake up Child, release the light Wake up now Child, wake up Child, release the light Wake up now, child (Spirit) (Spirit) (Spirit) (Spirit) Bound to this flesh This guise, this mask This dream Wake up remember We are born of one breath, one word We are all one spark, sun becoming Pneuma Reach out and beyond Wake up remember We are born of one breath, one word We are all one spark, eyes full of wonder
Abhineet Chute
Abhineet Chute Hace 52 minutos
Is it just me or whenever you play Pneuma, ESwomen autoplays Invincible and then it again autoplays Pneuma and goes into a loop?
bakerjw1 Hace 2 horas
I didn't think that I could anything could ever top Vicarious.... I was wrong...
Trimondius Hace 2 horas
Hands down one of the best tracks of the album.
Holly Roxy
Holly Roxy Hace 3 horas
Damn, the master Danny Carrey is beating the f**k out of those drums!!! 💪💪🤘🤘🤘
hogie1069 Hace 5 horas
.......I got chills. Well worth the wait.
Joel Francis
Joel Francis Hace 5 horas
Strangely this repetitive riffing reminds me of rotting christ’s the call
guperhec Hace 8 horas
It kind ir Sounds like 46&2
Porkleaker Hace 9 horas
This sounds exactly like old tool and that'[s not good, not Impressed
Richter Belmont
Richter Belmont Hace 10 horas
Yes, listening to this song gives very strong emotions that lead to astral journeys but...have you ever played it? God that is unbelievable.. 😍
77disciple77 Hace 11 horas
This song is amazing! I almost sounds like it’s structured like a classical music sonata; an introduction, an exposition A/B, a development, a recapitulation, and a fiery coda at the end. It’s stacked with polymeter/polyrhythms. This song is meticulously crafted by master craftsmen...all of them. Every bit worth the wait.
Randy Herrera
Randy Herrera Hace 12 horas
Maynard show yourself!!!!
alonsaidaz Hace 12 horas
"uy papa pone la cancion de los Pulmones porfavor, me gusta la cancion de los Pulmones" My 4 year old sun saw the front picture and immeddiatly say it was Two Lungs, i was like WTF!!! (Pneuma - ancient greek word for "breathe / spirit / soul" ) Thank you Tool for changing my life for good
Jonathan Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez Hace 12 horas
Obras maestra este álbum sin palabras
Sam Mcdermott
Sam Mcdermott Hace 12 horas
I think comparing this song to any other Tool song is unfair. This song belongs on its own. Nothing I have ever heard before in my lifetime to this point has ever matched this 12 minute masterpiece.
im B2Gs
im B2Gs Hace 13 horas
Cant wait until my HD6XX cans come in to listen to this
bean man
bean man Hace 14 horas
What a disappointment. Remember when they used to rock! Overly long and boring intro's to boring and slow songs. I just listened to there first record opiate. It totally blows this out of the water. They just don't have it anymore.
Павел Мясоедов
Павел Мясоедов Hace 14 horas
Who elses favorite song on the new album is Pnuema?
Bar Guitar
Bar Guitar Hace 15 horas
ok we've listened to these oldies enough already, it's been more than a month, when's a new one coming out?!
James Graham
James Graham Hace 15 horas
Did they just do this? Holy moly
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Hace 16 horas
Gerardo González Rodríguez
Gerardo González Rodríguez Hace 17 horas
¿Abunda el espíritu a esta carne? vamos alrededor de un pie clavado pero obligado a llegar más allá de esta carne convertirse en pneuma [coro] somos voluntad y maravilla, abundan para recordar, recordar nacemos de una respiración, una palabra todos somos una chispa, el sol se convierte [versículo 2] niño, despierta niño, suelta la luz despierta ahora, niño despierta niño, suelta la luz despierta ahora, niño [interludio] espíritu espíritu espíritu espíritu [versículo 3] atado a esta carne este disfraz, esta máscara, este sueño [coro] despierta, recuerda nacemos de una respiración, una palabra todos somos una chispa, el sol se convierte [outro] pneuma llegar más allá despierta, recuerda nacemos de una respiración, una palabra todos somos una chispa, ojos llenos de asombro herramienta
Gerardo González Rodríguez
Gerardo González Rodríguez Hace 17 horas
are the spirit abound to this flesh we go round one foot nailed down but bound to reach out and beyond this flesh become pneuma [chorus] we are will and wonder, abound to recall, remember we are born of one breath, one word we are all one spark, sun becoming [verse 2] child, wake up child, release the light wake up now, child wake up child, release the light wake up now, child [interlude] spirit spirit spirit spirit [verse 3] bound to this flesh this guise, this mask, this dream [chorus] wake up, remember we are born of one breath, one word we are all one spark, sun becoming [outro] pneuma reach out and beyond wake up, remember we are born of one breath, one word we are all one spark, eyes full of wonder
Adam Long
Adam Long Hace 17 horas
Wow, amazing song, cant wait to hear it tomorrow at the Salt Lake tour stop! If they dont play it, i'm bum rushing the stage in protest. Yea... I think that'll work
ali said
ali said Hace 18 horas
whats with all the crackling noises throughout the song? did they use a potato to record this?
ali said
ali said Hace 11 horas
@rogerg0834 youre scaring me
rogerg0834 Hace 14 horas
@ali said really!! wow...maybe my cheap-ass beats aren't good enough to catch that :)
ali said
ali said Hace 15 horas
rogerg0834 im wearing noise cancelling headphones. there’s even a message board on reddit about it. apparently its the sounds clipping. complete amateur move by the sound engineer.
rogerg0834 Hace 16 horas
lol, it's YOUR sound setup because mine is CRYSTAL CLEAR and it sounds AMAZING!!
Andrea Ori
Andrea Ori Hace 19 horas
Ma ciaaaaaaaaaao!
LaynieGanja Hace 19 horas
Just saw them back to back in Denver the last couple nights. It was such a profound experience and deeply meaningful. I am still so emotional over it. I cried in pure bliss at the end.
JAffacakeSON BLAHA Hace 19 horas
I still can't believe a new Tool album is out.
DAUNTE VIVONE Hace 19 horas
pneu·ma /ˈn(y)o͞omə/ Learn to pronounce nounPHILOSOPHY (in Stoic thought) the vital spirit, soul, or creative force of a person.
andy gamiz serna
andy gamiz serna Hace 20 horas
can you buy maynard's wine ?
rogerg0834 Hace 16 horas
I wondered this also! It would so cool.
Nat Edwards
Nat Edwards Hace 21 un hora
My cat was a dick. Played this to him. He now heads a community of like-minded feline souls who plot to take over the world with mathematics. Please be careful. And we very wary of the algebraic cats humming Tool.
Seth Collazo
Seth Collazo Hace un día
5:35 to 9:20 is absolutely perfect for lifting weights
JAffacakeSON BLAHA Hace 19 horas
Nah bro this song is more for the end of long journeys. It has a "going home after a long struggle" vibe I'm more an Undertow guy when I lift weights 😊
Ste Fan
Ste Fan Hace un día
The whole song is a head massage but the dabke/tabla drums is like someone tapping my forehead at 5:00 😍
fæt Hace un día
This is a Danny, and Adam ballad. seriously from @5:35 onward, those 2 steal the show. Danny with his impossible drumming, and rhythmic prowess, and Adam, with his incredible tone, patience, drive, and ingenuity. Justin grounds the whole thing, but I'm pretty sure Adam is the synth as well as guitar part. As a guitar/synth player, the motifs at the @9:19 mark couldn't have a better intro than the 4 minutes leading into this breakaway point. Tool is the best band to ever do rock for all the right reasons, for all 4 of their efforts, they have stirred my mind and heart more than any other band has come close to.
caja 88
caja 88 Hace un día
Love the album but it is a little instrumentally pretentious. I mean 10 11 12 minute songs. Still dig it though
JOEY BERNARD Hace un día
Jaza457 James
Jaza457 James Hace un día
They went nuts with this track!!!!!!
Mike Marston
Mike Marston Hace un día
I wish someone like Trentemoller would remix these long epic tracks..
Connorshark Hace un día
I love how half the song is lyrics, and the other is pure beautiful instruments.
Erik Montville
Erik Montville Hace un día
Most perfect song ever... whether you're sober or not, it's perfect.
Brittany McGill
Brittany McGill Hace un día
I saw this song live last night in Denver. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE MY LIFE NORMALLY AFTER THAT?!?!?! HOWWWWWWW.
sm gq21
sm gq21 Hace un día
Tool is surreal. I dont have words to describe this truly amazing band..
Daine DeClercq
Daine DeClercq Hace un día
Camila salazar
Camila salazar Hace un día
Someone knows if there're video clips?? I wanna see them all would blow my mind
Brian Hills
Brian Hills Hace un día
I was absolutely blown away
Brian Hills
Brian Hills Hace un día
Tool is timeless
Kanvox Hace un día
If you look close at the picture, there are little eyes on that thing, couldn't get more Toolish than that.
alonsaidaz Hace 12 horas
Spiral to eternity !!
Ralf Edelmann
Ralf Edelmann Hace un día
This kind of music carries me to where I have not come with any drug. I love Tool ... Thankfully, having discovered you here
Dr. Creepen
Dr. Creepen Hace un día
It's like they've never been away. Seconds into this and it could only possibly be one band, seamlessly taking up where they left off, with absolutely no dip in quality whatsoever.
DeadManProp Hace un día
Pneuma pneuma yaaay, pneuma pneuma pneuma yay
Reaper Kezia
Reaper Kezia Hace un día
Sounds like Schism
Ultimum Ritterschlag
Ultimum Ritterschlag Hace un día
It was worthwhile waiting for all these years... Thank you Tool.
Edward Young
Edward Young Hace un día
Note to Tool, there are key signatures besides Dmin
oscar .novoa
oscar .novoa Hace 2 días
Cant even understand what happened in the drums between 09:52 to 09:56. Jesus
rogerg0834 Hace 15 horas some SUPERHUMAN stuff right there O_O
Grant Z Price
Grant Z Price Hace 2 días
"sun becoming"? Pretty sure he says sun vehicle. I want a sun vehicle.
Patricio Ulloa
Patricio Ulloa Hace 2 días
im sorry I used to love Tool , but listening copying themselves over a over ..doesn t make this band justice
Douglas Bull
Douglas Bull Hace 2 días
become a PUMA my 5year says then starts acting like a fucking cat.hes always dad play puma song Wich I can't say no to
Juan Luis Gálvez Ghiggo
Juan Luis Gálvez Ghiggo Hace 3 horas
lol hahhaah
Matt Stuart
Matt Stuart Hace 2 días
After listening to Pneuma a 1000 times I would have to say this is top 3 tool songs of all time!!!! That middle build up is just music brilliance. What a song!!!!!!!
frouwina touwen
frouwina touwen Hace 2 días
mirakle-tjoedo miracle eu nr 1 be eu nr 2 nl 3 eu uk so kern opdracht allen wat tyupe werk fr special law ivm in en uitvoer in a team it takes to 2 to tango shukran
frouwina touwen
frouwina touwen Hace 2 días
dankthanks danjewad merci y heel zijn wording a team gives the strerenght to be awake
Kronickillness Nikolaos
Kronickillness Nikolaos Hace 2 días
I think descending and this are so far my fav but what tool song is my fav today changes tomorrow it's another lol they're so versatile and on this album they're at their peak skill level and it's epic evry somg feels like 4 in 1 there's so mych evolution I love it so much especially in certain order mix with 10k days! Lol. Like wings for Mary 10k days cuz perfect timing for a free or before depends If ur building song goimg up or down any way I'm out my screens cracked plz excuse those typos ty.
Chris X
Chris X Hace 2 días
I keep listening and can’t believe it’s gonna get better. Just so fucking good.
na eliz
na eliz Hace 2 días
melissa92110 Hace 2 días
is this syncopation divine?
DoubleArmDMT OM
DoubleArmDMT OM Hace 2 días
On 500ug 😅🙈
TET - COM Hace 2 días's all about 10:27🙏
James Graham
James Graham Hace 2 días
This album is going to be looked at as a masterpiece for thousands of years
Fapplication Hace un hora
"Thousands"? Those are rookie numbers, we got to get those numbers up!
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith Hace 4 horas
... if roaches... maybe troglodytes develop a taste in great music, certainly.
Daniel Chambers
Daniel Chambers Hace un día
Christopher Hobby
Christopher Hobby Hace 2 días
Taylor Swift is a huge Tool fan now.
Daxon Arnold
Daxon Arnold Hace 2 horas
Who the fuck is taylor swift?? Haha
DOUBLE ZERO Hace 2 días
Randall McGrath
Randall McGrath Hace 2 días
Dude Tool fans have the best ESwomen comments ever lmao. The positivity is so refreshing.
Ravioli's in my pockitoli
Ravioli's in my pockitoli Hace 9 horas
Robin that has to be the lamest comment i’ve read, but i still relate to it on a spiritual level.
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