Toni Braxton - Yesterday (feat. Trey Songz) [Official Video]

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Hace 10 años

The official video "Yesterday" by Toni Braxton featuring Trey Songz from Toni's album 'Pulse' - available now!
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Toni BraxtonYesterday [feat. Trey Songz]R&BWarner Music

Obaseome ohiorenuan
Obaseome ohiorenuan Hace 4 horas
When is the remix
lillian Mbeke
lillian Mbeke Hace 16 horas
This song sounds like it's "its only yesterday"
S S Hace 23 horas
11 years later this song still giving me feelings I don’t know
jen love
jen love Hace un día
Donna Moyo
Donna Moyo Hace un día
Missing my fiance ryt now😩😩😩can't wait to knock off at work 😩
Layon Lyel
Layon Lyel Hace un día
I love this song❤️ who love too??
Yammzy Shumba
Yammzy Shumba Hace un día
The best corabo ever.
Baby Booh
Baby Booh Hace 2 días
The blondie looks like AshleySimpson
Eusebia Santiago
Eusebia Santiago Hace 2 días
Great song
Jerry Ganjah1
Jerry Ganjah1 Hace 2 días
Toni sweet sweet I love this JG1 from Jamaica 👆
Senetha Siddo
Senetha Siddo Hace 2 días
This song is so beautiful never gets old hits 🇯🇲🙏❤
Annabel Yennyuy
Annabel Yennyuy Hace 3 días
Soo beautiful and handsome .July 2020
Courtney Arendse
Courtney Arendse Hace 3 días
This song is like red wine, just gets better with age. Still one of the best
perfect Quarshie
perfect Quarshie Hace 4 días
Still inlove with this track
Ana Paula
Ana Paula Hace 4 días
I was 13 years old when this music came out, my mom use to hear toni everyday... today i'm 23 years old and i still listen to her, Sade, Jodeci etc ... i'm blessed i guess 🙌🏻
Curly LEWA
Curly LEWA Hace 5 días
Heard this song 4 years ago when I got my heartbroken and I felt like shit . Now I listen to it feeling so happy and so much peace..yes! you are just yersterday
Karin wavamunno
Karin wavamunno Hace 5 días
Jason Jantjies
Jason Jantjies Hace 5 días
Toni Braxton is the personification of if classic hits was a person.
Veronica Maugeri
Veronica Maugeri Hace 5 días
Love her music
reba blessing
reba blessing Hace 6 días
One of my favorite 2020
Tessa Gowases
Tessa Gowases Hace 6 días
Toni reminds me of my fav czn may her soul rest in eternal peace I love u.♡
Dee Ozil
Dee Ozil Hace 6 días
Am still here in 2020 this is still a hit
Elise Escar
Elise Escar Hace 7 días
listening in quarantine
TrayTray Ollivierr
TrayTray Ollivierr Hace 7 días
I am 100% still in love with this song since the moment I heard it ^_^ u are soo yesterday yes toni
King Salma
King Salma Hace 8 días
Nadiia Pismenova
Nadiia Pismenova Hace 8 días
Listening in June 2020?😊
sean-pierre mills
sean-pierre mills Hace 8 días
Love you bae
Rusheena Wilson
Rusheena Wilson Hace 8 días
coco chanel
coco chanel Hace 9 días
are you serious ? who would cheat on Toni even in her old age
Karen Quammie
Karen Quammie Hace 9 días
Just love this song 2020
TRAVEIL SIMS Hace 9 días
I hear Tamar all in the background.
Sassy Green
Sassy Green Hace 9 días
Brook hogan tho ugh ewww
Anh Duy
Anh Duy Hace 10 días
My God!!i miss her so much,my sweetheart!!
chido gohori
chido gohori Hace 10 días
2020 June 28
kenwrick Wairagu
kenwrick Wairagu Hace 10 días
Covid19 ain't yesterday....
Dezi' Nation
Dezi' Nation Hace 10 días
calvin sk
calvin sk Hace 10 días
I was in a dark room with my crush... She played this song
Zaria Lopez
Zaria Lopez Hace 10 días
??what Became of Brooke Hogan tho??
Aaliyah aliyah
Aaliyah aliyah Hace 11 días
This song is amazing
Roccontrolz22 Hace 11 días
Brooke Hogan 💙
Alice Mbiza
Alice Mbiza Hace 11 días
Ms. A Pain
Ms. A Pain Hace 12 días
Hum i just discovered it. i am always behind but to my enjoyment I have a new song. That Toni is too tuff!!
social work
social work Hace 12 días
I'm so much in love with this song
Caroldeen Harry
Caroldeen Harry Hace 12 días
2030 still here, u rock! ❤️
Win Nie
Win Nie Hace 13 días
I want to go back to my 2000's . I miss those days.
Kendra Smith
Kendra Smith Hace 14 días
Love Toni & Tamar.
Phillistus Mashifane
Phillistus Mashifane Hace 14 días
lia lyna
lia lyna Hace 14 días
i just broke up with my man.
DE 88888888 ‘S
DE 88888888 ‘S Hace 14 días
June 2020 💚💚💚💚💚
BaBi GuRl
BaBi GuRl Hace 15 días
Unpopular opinion... Toni is better than Beyoncé 🤷‍♀️
craig rankine
craig rankine Hace 13 días
😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂 nice one you practicing for a stand up
donna hookem
donna hookem Hace 15 días
Thats bullshit !
The Gamer's Travel Diary
The Gamer's Travel Diary Hace 16 días
Still listen to this. June 2020. Love from Kenya ---Africa
portia nyaweni
portia nyaweni Hace 16 días
I love you Toni
PenelJS TariganT
PenelJS TariganT Hace 16 días
June 2020.. hahaahahaa..🙋 one of my favorit pas taon 2010
Miriam Mutoko
Miriam Mutoko Hace 17 días
I love ♥️ Tony Braxton's deep voice
awa badji
awa badji Hace 17 días
I love that song
Gabie Roganah
Gabie Roganah Hace 17 días
I love this song more now
Vlone Gyal
Vlone Gyal Hace 17 días
like my school start's in like Monday 2020 lock
I am Naya_islandgyalshakur
I am Naya_islandgyalshakur Hace 17 días
It reminds me of another song ...
Unice Trish
Unice Trish Hace 17 días
My favorite
Yolanda Mukutiri
Yolanda Mukutiri Hace 18 días
June 2020 who is still listening to this song with me
Christen Grey
Christen Grey Hace 18 días
2020 and this still ave a buzzzzzzz!!!!
Cebile Nkosazana
Cebile Nkosazana Hace 18 días
I love this song so much...makes want 😢
Mr. Freddy Maina
Mr. Freddy Maina Hace 19 días
This has been my favorite song since, I love you Toni Braxton you are my hero ❤️❤️🌹🌹
Ричард Клоудио
Ричард Клоудио Hace 19 días
Maureen Ndeani
Maureen Ndeani Hace 19 días
June 2020 pple where r u??!!
Daniel Swayze
Daniel Swayze Hace 19 días
She is underrated, she should be bigger or at least at the level of Mariah, Whitney, Celine..
McCASEY DOUG Hace 19 días
2020 but its still feel like 10 yrs ago . I love to listen to such voices T- square
Spomusmo23 Hace 20 días
Corona you are so yesterday
Kween jade
Kween jade Hace 20 días
I can't believe this was made over 10 years ago...jeesh feels like yesterday. These were good times for music because we had so much variety and I'm not saying it to bash any other artists but I am saying it as someone who finds themselves leaning more towards the older tunes. And nooooo..I'm not an "old head" . I'm in my twenties... Maybe 😝
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