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plunderbird Hace un día
Mick Swagger please go back to Mully and his gang and use that usher preset for a YT video it'll be super funny with you and yournarrator as Herbert and Joshdub as Mr Burns
Vibe rater
Vibe rater Hace 3 días
The girls in these are always so cringy and unfunny, why are they even there
Birdineye Hace 3 días
The 720
Ddouble007 Hace 4 días
real question is, where can i get one of these
SquishyBoi Hace 8 días
SwaggerSouls: advertises Raycon earbuds Me: is listening to the video with Raycon earbuds and DOESN’T ENJOY THE SINGLE EARBUD WITH NOISE
Usually YT
Usually YT Hace 8 días
3:06 headphone users will know.
Ross Fontenot
Ross Fontenot Hace 8 días
What is that voice modifier program called?
eclipx Hace 9 días
which voice changer was that
Geerz Hace 10 días
My last name is Keller xD
AtomicYellow Hace 11 días
The girls voice made me hard wtf
rares balan
rares balan Hace 11 días
GOD the buds are expensive
REXCIAL Official
REXCIAL Official Hace 12 días
I think i swallowed s bee or somethin'
Mauro 1
Mauro 1 Hace 12 días
Where can I find a voice changer like that
VORTEX Hace 12 días
How to speak chimpanzee: “I can’t breathe”
Blade Lowrie
Blade Lowrie Hace 12 días
missed opportunity for traves to do the travis adlibs ITS LIIIT
Murphy Hace 12 días
2:55 *cries in deafness*
Murphy Hace 12 días
@Jooseph Zoostar, aka JooZoo ok then Sharon 😌
Jooseph Zoostar, aka JooZoo
Jooseph Zoostar, aka JooZoo Hace 12 días
@Murphy nunna ya business
Murphy Hace 12 días
@Jooseph Zoostar, aka JooZoo why are you called jooseph Imas
Jooseph Zoostar, aka JooZoo
Jooseph Zoostar, aka JooZoo Hace 12 días
Dw bilster XD
Jfk_shot_first Hace 13 días
i hate how when swagger puts the earbuds in your ears and takes the left one out you can only hear the audio from your left ear if you have headphones on
집학살 Hace 13 días
In Game
Jordzyi1 Hace 13 días
WTF?. Those sounds make me wanna end everything.
Fluid Gaming
Fluid Gaming Hace 14 días
whats the voice changes he used?
Hoxedo Hace 14 días
It’s like the 30th headphone sponcor
Jacob Kellerman
Jacob Kellerman Hace 14 días
Y'all should do some TF2
Jacki idk
Jacki idk Hace 14 días
Really missed the opportunity to make a Saw joke and I’m disappointed
bayzid belal
bayzid belal Hace 15 días
by far the most funniest video of csgo
Kane Brownridge
Kane Brownridge Hace 15 días
1:10 the pimp from saints row the third
Mace Windu
Mace Windu Hace 15 días
Should’ve been called “In game CSGO moments”
Allens and Michaels
Allens and Michaels Hace 16 días
Thanks man now I can finally watch hentai for 6 hours
AB Backup
AB Backup Hace 16 días
Portal is what memorie it triggered for meme
MrMushMush Hace 16 días
What voice changer is that, swagger?
Big Balls
Big Balls Hace 16 días
11:00 What Gamersups cans do for you!!
Meme Speak
Meme Speak Hace 16 días
4:20 bruh, how did you make that sound? thats fucking fire!
Workshop Games
Workshop Games Hace 17 días
This video is the gateway to hell
Meg Write
Meg Write Hace 17 días
Change that Swat badge to a Swag badge.
Josh R
Josh R Hace 18 días
4:20 seriously did trigger some kind of memory for me as well but I can't remember where I've heard that before either
pikzi Hace 18 días
10:54 sounds like deepnest in hollow knight
GemmaDa Potato
GemmaDa Potato Hace 18 días
*surely some T W I T C H P R I M E S* *just, why?*
YeetBoiLazar 2
YeetBoiLazar 2 Hace 18 días
1:10 swagger should be a singer lawd jesus
My Nigga
My Nigga Hace 18 días
Why am i hard
always like
always like Hace 18 días
What happend with fitz like i really don't know
Kelton Byers
Kelton Byers Hace 18 días
2:42 that moment when you’re actually listening to this on Raycons 😂
herman commandeur
herman commandeur Hace 18 días
wil je de volgde de keer geen sinterklaas nummer afspelen op de piano xD
Spamie Hace 18 días
The numbers, Mason. What do they mean?
The Edgy Kid On The Block
The Edgy Kid On The Block Hace 18 días
1:05 sounds like travis in his 2019 grammy preformance
saiNt ketrO
saiNt ketrO Hace 19 días
sounded like dollar general 100 gecs
Fireblade7022 Hace 20 días
The sad reality is swagger is so badass he got my like during his advertising in the beginning because it made me fart while laughing
Peter Schwanz
Peter Schwanz Hace 20 días
U guys insane xD rmenids me ro olay with my vest friends, ingame xD Nice vid man ^^
Martin Naranjo
Martin Naranjo Hace 20 días
Swaggersouls every itme he does the sponsot time: 👉👈👆👈👉👈👆👈👉👈👆👈
The Loop Show
The Loop Show Hace 20 días
looper is my last name
Memento Mori
Memento Mori Hace 20 días
360 no scope headshot
Miss Emma official
Miss Emma official Hace 21 un día
dude the fact that you Panned hard Left for your vocals when you "took out the ear pod" is some low-key attention to detail that I appreciate.
Rmontoya56 Hace 21 un día
10:03 - exists yagami yato fans: "......"
_ INCOGNITO _ Hace 21 un día
Anyone knows the name of the program ?
Evan Hace 21 un día
That's why you use autotune and I dont
MJ N Hace 21 un día
Please don't tell me thats Kate playing. Ugh.
Ridog_ Hace 21 un día
Seeing Traves in here was the equivalent of seeing your child join the crips.
Dead lord
Dead lord Hace 22 días
Platønic Plagüe
Platønic Plagüe Hace 22 días
This is just 11:52 of 12AM ear fucking😂
IDN 12
IDN 12 Hace 22 días
I have to say that your paid ad was not to bad actually convincing unlike most
Vettie Hace 22 días
what do i need to do for a shoutout 🥺😌
YesHelloImDumb Hace 22 días
Where is Fitz?
Christian Shellenhamer
Christian Shellenhamer Hace 23 días
I hope bordie dirty asf 😜
Numair the demon
Numair the demon Hace 23 días
Hey PewDiePie
Braiden Baltz
Braiden Baltz Hace 23 días
Do you have an Xbox acc
Pisces Hace 23 días
what voice changing is that swaggersoul?
Connar ullman
Connar ullman Hace 23 días
Frankieonpc is a name I haven’t heard in awhile
Mercy Hace 23 días
Pimp chinpin
UwU Gang
UwU Gang Hace 23 días
The autotune parts gave me nightmares that I actually want to be re-living. btw, self-promoting is frowned upon BUT if you so happen to be in the right mood, check out our (similar) channel content :)
M4H1 Uddin
M4H1 Uddin Hace 23 días
Thire kids wathing thiss in the future 😂😂😂😂😂
Diarmaid 207
Diarmaid 207 Hace 24 días
So many raycon adds I love emm
Double Chocolate Dangles
Double Chocolate Dangles Hace 24 días
Red from Dick Figures would be proud
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