Tom & Darcey Are "100% Categorically Done And Dusted" | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

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Tom and Darcey meet up for a coffee to discuss their relationship and their future together, but end up parting on not-so-good terms.
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Lansie Lee
Lansie Lee Hace 5 horas
She is far too good for him. And she’s way out of his league !!! Good for you for standing up to a bully 🥰 love u Darcy
Janice Dickens
Janice Dickens Hace 9 horas
“She’s called Shannon”. Yep, he’s definitely a sociopath.
Queenladymother Hace 14 horas
Tom u ain't the playa u think u are, u expected her 2 b all emotional and beggin u 2 b in her life an it back fired lmfao so u came up with "u put weight on" when she said "what was that" giving u the death stare u crawled so far up UR own backside it was Hilarious 😂 FOOL
Ashley Len
Ashley Len Hace 15 horas
Doggies For life!!!
Doggies For life!!! Hace 16 horas
“ your not there for me” bruh your not there for her and never have. “ I found someone who loves me the way I want to be loved” 0-0 damn I feel bad for that girl who is next in line to be controlled
Arch-Cheriea Strachan
Arch-Cheriea Strachan Hace 17 horas
So he met someone else but is trying to make it her fault.
ella Gee
ella Gee Hace 18 horas
idk why im laughing at this. darcey is such a sweet and funny person. and tom is the complete opposite 😂 its better when ur partner would be completely honest with yoy telling u stuff u dont like to hear, and instead of crying, u just laugh and thank God he protected u from this evil creature 😂
Liz Lyn MoReyna
Liz Lyn MoReyna Hace un día
I love you so much darci you go girl you're pretty inside and out love from 🇵🇭 Philippines
Love & Peace
Love & Peace Hace un día
I don't know why people always blame Darcey's boyfriends , for me she is not mature.
Perla perla
Perla perla Hace un día
bro,he just wanted to be on tv.
Lana Hattar
Lana Hattar Hace un día
He is so rude
Benny Bella
Benny Bella Hace un día
Tom look like 45 not 39
darkprince56 Hace un día
Darcy is literally the neediest person on the show, a Stage 5 Clinger and he has the nerve to say that she's never there for him? When in fact the opposite is true? The gall. _the audacity_
Morgan Hace un día
He is such a jerk to her. She is beautiful!! She doesn’t need that...
Nyx Khione
Nyx Khione Hace un día
The real question is did tom had feelings for her real sister? Did anything happened?
Martha Mendoza
Martha Mendoza Hace un día
Omgosh what a dam idiot and disrespectful dush bag!!!
Ramona Carroll
Ramona Carroll Hace un día
Tom is a loser
Liliana Jankovic
Liliana Jankovic Hace 2 días
Tom - could blooded English
Denisse Hace 2 días
Yikes this dude is so disgusting like wtf
Piggie Dealer
Piggie Dealer Hace 2 días
Can I hug her?
Raquel Gonzalez
Raquel Gonzalez Hace 2 días
Darcy is ugly, fake bbobs, lips and all.
Maliha Ibrahim
Maliha Ibrahim Hace 2 días
The fact that he had the audacity to ask if she put on weight after saying that he felt that she was his sister is awful and so downgrading
Maliha Ibrahim
Maliha Ibrahim Hace 2 días
Darcey is so innocent bless her even when Tom is speaking to her in A disrespectful way and tone she replies by saying honey This woman deserves someone much better than Tom.
Hayley Kay Just doing what ever.
Hayley Kay Just doing what ever. Hace 3 días
I wonder if his new girlfriend is still with bc if she is I would be surprised 😂😂
Raina Marseille
Raina Marseille Hace 3 días
Darcey is a complete gold digger who doesn't know that 🤣
Animetube Hace 3 días
He looks like a guy who washes his hands before taking a shower
judge judy
judge judy Hace 3 días
She is a disaster
rinebin Hace 3 días
Darcy can be a lot but everyone deserves love
rinebin Hace 3 días
He really had to call out her weight bc he felt lesser than her after she paid for his coffee 😪 pathetic
Elise Aydelott
Elise Aydelott Hace 3 días
Darcey is a QUEEN! What a classy girl to even pay for his drink!!! Wow
Jackie Kirschbaum
Jackie Kirschbaum Hace 3 días
Give yourself your place as a woman, you are leaving the rest of the women very badly in view value yourself. never begs for Love and you not only beg you transport yourself, you cry, you do a lot of nonsense for Attention and so you will not win, more than invest more in botox for wrinkles for crying so much. be smart no idiot
Bella Rose
Bella Rose Hace 3 días
is it just me that wants to give this girl a hug and a spa day
Pinko Pallino
Pinko Pallino Hace 3 días
What a loser, I woudnt touch him with a 1 meter pole
Tayyaba Laraib
Tayyaba Laraib Hace 3 días
He's got some nerve telling her that she ruined the relationship when he's the one with another woman. Sheesh...
Tahmid ZS
Tahmid ZS Hace 4 días
The only thing I like in him is his Accent ...
noname Hace 4 días
Poor Darcey keeps getting into these relationships with these narcissists
Nehivo Hace 5 días
For a minute i thought that was supermán Lol
katy s.
katy s. Hace 5 días
Someome kick jack ass tommy boy back to england!!!!!
Phoebe B
Phoebe B Hace 5 días
Tom is so dumb. You don’t do this to someone.
samueg mo
samueg mo Hace 5 días
he's definitely a tory
StrxwberryMxlk Hace 6 días
Tom is so self centered af... when will he understand Darcey?! He twists the situation to make it appear to the audience that he is the “victim”...
Hando Romper
Hando Romper Hace 6 días
As someone close to Tom the real reason for the break up was those deformed lips. He just couldn't bring himself to kiss that duckbill.
Esi Henry
Esi Henry Hace 6 días
I don’t think he was expecting her to be so strong.
muddy cheeks
muddy cheeks Hace 6 días
He is a full narc
Jodeci Jam Millinghaus
Jodeci Jam Millinghaus Hace 6 días
Darcy I’m so sorry. You are the most unluckiest female when it comes to dating I thought I had it bad. You deserve better trust me.
MrCanadianrock123 Hace 6 días
This guy is savage af aha 27 27 Hace 6 días
His new girlfriend looks just like Darcy. Honestly who raised this man I'm truly concerned if they had other children.
Lucas hnamte
Lucas hnamte Hace 6 días
Tom's remind me of my ex he's just a toxic men
who wants my mom COS IM GIVING HER FOR A ADOPTION Hace 6 días
Where are his lips
Ww DF Hace 7 días
Why does Darcey end up with trash? She seems intelligent, classy and beautiful. Tom looks older than her beside being a council housing inbred. Look at the way he is abnormally staring like a hideous creep and being disrespectful to a woman while letting her pay for his coffee? PATHETIC! Her weight gain isn't noticeable but Tommy your fat ego and arse are visibly FUGLY The last dumbass deuche was the most immature man despite in his mid 20s. Darcey girl you are gorgeous and hope you will find someone who deserves you.
David Zock Stop
David Zock Stop Hace 7 días
Darcey can do better. there is plenty of good fish in the sea
Alex Schaerer
Alex Schaerer Hace 7 días
love that she paid his coffee 🙊🙊
No Name
No Name Hace 7 días
In Germany, we would say: GIB IHM
Randy Ortiz
Randy Ortiz Hace 7 días
Can’t deal with fake lips
lll lll
lll lll Hace 8 días
This is one of the reason why I don't want a boyfriend and prefer to be single instead
Rosie Meade
Rosie Meade Hace 8 días
Can we just appreciate how absolutely stunning she is for 45. Absolutely beautiful
_.dlaflams Hace 8 días
Tom acting like she is the one who cheated on him.
Lyla Jmr
Lyla Jmr Hace 8 días
I hate him already. My middle finger to him. Such a rude person. Well..karma will take care of everything!
First Sun
First Sun Hace 8 días
🥴 The comments in this section are so hilarious ! I get Tom's point of view 100%. It's not hard to understand at all ( if you live out of the U.S) Darcey is a train wreck and needs psychological help. My god , she is so childish , emotionally immature and narcissistic. She is a mother of two teenagers, 42 years old , and wants to be treated like a "queen". Lol. Her oldest daughter has more common sense than her.
Sade Lewis
Sade Lewis Hace 9 días
He gives me serial killer vibes
Shelly Mills
Shelly Mills Hace 9 días
She lost an opportunity to go “no I actually just lost 200 scrawny stupid pseudo-intellectual pounds. Peace!”
Dolly The cat
Dolly The cat Hace 9 días
Relationship Murder..did you put Weight On..OMG Tom you just lost every woman around the world watching you right now.
DeeLee Hace 9 días
Yes, Darcy has her issues but who doesn’t. At least she’s not an asshole. She really dodged a bullet getting away from Tom. He really is the worst in every way
Iwannameow Hace 9 días
Tom is nasty
MrSun4 Hace 9 días
Guddamn this dude got issues
chinaboy odayao
chinaboy odayao Hace 9 días
Is he trying to copy Simon Cowell??
Olivia Hesson
Olivia Hesson Hace 9 días
she’s absolutely gorgeous inside and out. her entire personality is strong and loving while he’s a sociopath
ziana mohammad
ziana mohammad Hace 9 días
Anyone wanna see a bad bad bad man? Okay this is it. He's bad. Poor Darcey. U deserves better.
Wtf? Shannon looks identical to Darcey
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