Tom Brady can't vouch for Antonio Brown, he's poisoned the water - Shannon Sharpe | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Hace 2 meses

Shannon Sharpe explains why Bruce Arians announced that there is no way Antonio Brown is joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Hear why Shannon thinks Tom Brady can't vouch for Antonio Brown.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Tom Brady can't vouch for Antonio Brown, he's poisoned the water - Shannon Sharpe | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Hace 2 meses
What are your thoughts about Bruce Arians' statement?
Ranil Curry
Ranil Curry Hace 2 meses
@Black Crow Ask Prime Time Deion Sanders Antonio going to Nfl guaranteed!!!!
Black Crow
Black Crow Hace 2 meses
@Ranil Curry Antonio can go to XFL lmao!😀😆😂🤣
SixPack Shakur 2: The Revenge
SixPack Shakur 2: The Revenge Hace 2 meses
@TehKaiser Why make unfunny jokes?
Berryz Bridge
Berryz Bridge Hace 2 meses
AB's personality is not a good fit for Tampa Bay. Plain and simple. He requires too much attention
xraysjb Hace 2 meses
I agree with him. Antonio Brown is done in football. The XFL will give him a shot.
Abhinand Premkumar
Abhinand Premkumar Hace 6 días
Shay grandmother a cross between Mother Teresa & Indira Gandhi ! Cool.😀
James Adams
James Adams Hace 7 días
They need to bring Shay's grandmother on the show
ritediva86 Hace 23 días
Shannon please write that book. I would buy it dude for sure.
Nunya Damn Bidness
Nunya Damn Bidness Hace un mes
if antonio brown wants to play again he needs to go to rehab and pretend its drugs (assuming its not). do a a gail king interview and show contrition. only then will his phone ring again. assuming the court case doesn't stick.
Dennis Imondi
Dennis Imondi Hace un mes
Who cares about these overpaid idiots?
Sherita Davis
Sherita Davis Hace un mes
I can always count on Shannon to drop jewels 💯
Alex Sosa
Alex Sosa Hace un mes
Shannon 100% right
ibringit987 Hace un mes
Skip going out sad with how badly he wants AB teaming up with Brady again lmao
Ernest Clanton
Ernest Clanton Hace un mes
I don’t blame him for not wanting Antonio Brown cause he is stupid his ego is to big and he doesn’t know how to close him mth
Brandon Bryant
Brandon Bryant Hace un mes
Facts.... Ravens don't want those problems. We on a mission that's what my mom always said.
Lars Rye Jeppesen
Lars Rye Jeppesen Hace un mes
Actually Mother Theresa apparently was a nasty woman... check it out for yourselves guys...
StrongTree Roots35
StrongTree Roots35 Hace 2 meses
Shannon sharpe grandma was a woman full with wisdom instilled in him
Brian Ring
Brian Ring Hace 2 meses
As one of the few Jags fans, the 2nd worst team in NFL history; should we take a chance on AB? It really can't get much worst.
Andrea L
Andrea L Hace 2 meses
love these two.
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide Hace 2 meses
Ab messes up by not going into a psych ward this offseason. He could've come back with Dr backing him up as having meds and improvement.
Mary Camerota
Mary Camerota Hace 2 meses
Shannon, why is Skip so bias when he gets on the Brady speel ? Tom Brady got what he wanted and left New England hanging.
Mary Camerota
Mary Camerota Hace 2 meses
Brady wants his way, no if's, no ands, no buts. What is wrong with you Skip ?
corey trotman
corey trotman Hace 2 meses
A.B. Is going to question.. J.J. will get desperate.. and sign him
Trent Moorman
Trent Moorman Hace 2 meses
I went to highschool with Scotty Miller!!! deadass great dude and such a freak athlete.
MrBeatboxmasta Hace 2 meses
If someone keeps showing you who they are, at some point, you have to believe them. AB has repeatedly shown the world who he is. The world finally believes him.
AJ RX Hace 2 meses
Oh Shay Sharpe is walking tall because AB was clowning and disrespecting Shannon with LeBron on the shop. Stacks stepped up and had Sharpe's back but Shay Shay still have some egg on his face because he lies about LeBron being the goat even though he was he he he haw hawing with Antonio Brown.
Erik Hopkins
Erik Hopkins Hace 2 meses
Two teams will sign Antonio Brown... A. Teams that are desperate B. Teams that are d-fools Scoville Level 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!
Marky P
Marky P Hace 2 meses
Rick Flare
Rick Flare Hace 2 meses
Sign him to dallas
NeL Hace 2 meses
Did anyone picked up when Shanny started to get nervous about certain noise going on. He started signaling at something. His faced changed and terror got into his eyes. Can it be the dog? 🤣🤣
TheGoldeagle99 Hace 2 meses
If Brady really wanted Antonio Brown to the Bucs he would've said "I'll sign with the Bucs but get AB first". Now it's really the coaches call, if Arians doesn't want AB then the Bucs won't get him. Antonio Brown will be on the Cowboys roster when the season starts. You heard it here. Book it!
David Hackett
David Hackett Hace 2 meses
My mother told me the same thing,say be nice you never know when you them
Matthew Rider
Matthew Rider Hace 2 meses
*The idea is POINTLESS anyway.* *Tampa Bay has a better receiving corps than Tom Brady EVER had in New England.* *Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, OJ Howard, and Breshad Perriman, are like Beyonce compared to the Patriot's Lizzo.*
Kyle Abernathy
Kyle Abernathy Hace 2 meses
Why does skip give ab a chance but always bad mouthing t.o
Pharoah Blackgod
Pharoah Blackgod Hace 2 meses
🆗Skip got that DRIP with the black Jordan pullover with the jewelry
Teona Spikes
Teona Spikes Hace 2 meses
A Dfool
Shawn Gram
Shawn Gram Hace 2 meses
Antonio Brown was the best wide receiver in football and nobody wants him. That really says a lot about his character but I miss him in Pittsburgh.
m walker
m walker Hace 2 meses
Brotha Shannon, you played pro sports for over a decade. Stop bragging about getting a "jawb"!
Danny R Hollingsworth
Danny R Hollingsworth Hace 2 meses
i remember a story Shannon told about DAN Marino and his grandmother told him a different issuse on how to address to Dan Marino
PLM Hace 2 meses
Does Shannon have marbles in his mouth?
Alan Kartell
Alan Kartell Hace 2 meses
AB not worth it, and they dont need him . Plenty of burners in the draft without the headache or price tag... stop wasting time on that Fool !
Disheartened6 Hace 2 meses
3:51 I was thinking the same SKIP😂😂😂😂😂😂 Shannon always has figure of speeches from his grandparents😂😂😂😂
Tony Jones
Tony Jones Hace 2 meses
Fantasy players REMEMBER the name: Scotty Miller!
Buff Cutter
Buff Cutter Hace 2 meses
I understand Bruce, but it’s sad to see AB come apart this way.
Trent Sanford
Trent Sanford Hace 2 meses
That Shannon quote was the only reason I was here
Q New
Q New Hace 2 meses
Let this sink in
Ziggy Doom
Ziggy Doom Hace 2 meses
You um, got enough Lebrom James Jerseys there Shannon?
jnyfumare Hace 2 meses
A.B. (Adult Baby) threw his career away when he stabbed the Steelers in the back.
Rodney Allen
Rodney Allen Hace 2 meses
Skip and Shannon UNDISPUTED, best show!!!!!
Jo Ha
Jo Ha Hace 2 meses
Tom Brady and AB 'lit it up' for 57 yards on 8 targets and one garbage time TD vs the Dolphins?
Justin Herass
Justin Herass Hace 2 meses
The door wasn’t slammed on Brown either, I don’t think we even have enough money says it all, they want Brown to take a huge cut
Antoine Simpson
Antoine Simpson Hace 2 meses
As a Black man, we complain at times that doors are closed on us and they are hard to open. I said that may be true but it takes one door to open. Antonio Brown had so many doors open for him and he closes them all. Now, no one wants to deal with him. I will have to agree. Shannon is right! The way you treat others speaks volumes. You never know when you may need help for the person. If you treat them well, they will help you. If you don't, they will turn their back. AB burned too many bridges. No one wants to deal with his drama. It is what it is.
el wrencho
el wrencho Hace 2 meses
Who cares what anybody says.... I quote AB is POISON and CONTAGIOUS....I V couldn’t help👎🏽
Time Killer
Time Killer Hace 2 meses
I'd like to see Tom Brady slinging the football around to Mike Evans, Antonio Brown, Chris Godwin, and an 8th ranked defense... Bruce Arians does know AB personally and his disruptions....But also knows his talents! Don't forget the Bucs gotta compete with the Saints in their division. Saints = Drew Brees, Michael Thomas, Emannuel Sanders, Ted Ginn Jr, Jared Cook, Alvin Kamara Bucs prolly need AB with Evans and Godwin to match the Saints group of talent
candy mcdaniel
candy mcdaniel Hace 2 meses
Shannon’s grandmama is undefeated 😂 I love when he quotes her!
Tina Douglas
Tina Douglas Hace 2 meses
This is all observation. Of course it's going to come up, and I wouldn't count it out! Give it time. These guys have not stopped talking about AB, since he was cut, there's plenty of interest. It'll be a team, that won't mind the heat.
Iloyd Martinez
Iloyd Martinez Hace 2 meses
This is all filler. Clearly, Houston will sign Brown, for a 1 yr. fill the void left by Hopkins. Make it happen Texans.
Qualee Bell
Qualee Bell Hace 2 meses
Look up Bill Romanowsky they celebrated him
Qualee Bell
Qualee Bell Hace 2 meses
Antonio Brown did nothing but be him self everybody is on Instagram Facebook all athletes all over the world Why not have fun with your money when you came from nothing remember that people
Scott Jorgenson
Scott Jorgenson Hace 2 meses
A coach will never reveal anything pre anythin
Daniel Kietzman
Daniel Kietzman Hace 2 meses
I like Skip’s chain
Matthew Allunario
Matthew Allunario Hace 2 meses
Shrine much?
thillwl Hace 2 meses
And here is the difference. Skip is looking at talent. Shannon is looking at character.
Alexander R
Alexander R Hace 2 meses
Guys, look, Brown needs to mature, but look, Dennis Rodman did not go to practices and wife dresses. But he was the rebound King who without him MJ could not have won without him. If the Bucs want to win, do like Phil Jackson did, let bigons be bigons and draw a line for Brown, play by the rules and stay out of trouble and all will be fine. They are a winning team. Period!
D H J_184
D H J_184 Hace 2 meses
Skip so long winded. Like, 🗣 get to the point my guuyy ❗❗
Jim Beam
Jim Beam Hace 2 meses
This don't just apply to just sports. It applies to life because regardless of what you do in life, you are going to need someone. You can't make in life alone.
ExtraOrdinary MUSIC
ExtraOrdinary MUSIC Hace 2 meses
I bet Sharpe's grandparents ain't play no games 😁
Rob Sportsman Lee
Rob Sportsman Lee Hace 2 meses
raymillz Hace 2 meses
Got rid of that useless broad shows popping again! Shhhhhh.... There’s Men talking!
Don Gates
Don Gates Hace 2 meses
Shannon Sharpe you right on the money talking about Antonio Brown.
AVON MUTAH Hace 2 meses
AVON MUTAH Hace 2 meses
Adam S
Adam S Hace 2 meses
Tom Brady probably did vouch for him but Arians and AB have history. At the end of the day, its a business and Brady has to take care of himself. He’s in a great situation in Tampa where he will be guaranteed success. Im not sure if he makes it to the Super Bowl, but Im definitely sure if he stays healthy he will get 35 touchdowns with those weapons he has. It can potentially be the most explosive offense he has played for including the year he threw for 50ish td’s.
MREVAGRIND Hace 2 meses
I agree Uncle Shay Shay should release a book from his grandparents quotes...I’m definitely picking it up.
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