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Official music video for Tim McGraw's "I Called Mama".
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Music video by Tim McGraw performing I Called Mama. © 2020 McGraw Music, LLC under exclusive license to Big Machine Label Group, LLC


Pat Rogers
Pat Rogers Hace 11 horas
I heard this song and I called my momma. Thank you and God bless you Tim McGraw for singing a song from your heart and soul.
Robert P. Gates
Robert P. Gates Hace 13 horas
2020's Song of the Year!
EveBikerBabe Matthews
EveBikerBabe Matthews Hace un día
My mom was indeed my everything. She always supported me in all my causes, my ups and when I was down. Seeing my mom and hearing her voice comforted me .Her hugs went straight to my sole. I heard the first 2 lines and i was deep in tears. It's been 15 years and i still pickup the phone to share what just happened. My mom was loved by so many of my friends. They would call her to get advice or just to listen. My ex and other ex's in the family still called her on her birthday and Mother's day. Beautiful song....I still miss strolling with her and talking with her. But I miss her most for my grandson not to have know his great grandma. Thanks Tim! Thank you mommy for loving me and helping me to be the best for my son, husband, grandsons, siblings, this world and for allowing me to be you and daddy's surprise when your thought your were finish. Yes #8 your favorite. I won't tell the others...always in my heart, my soul and all that I do...Never stopped loving or missing you💝💖💞❤💋💋💋
Jason Pearre
Jason Pearre Hace 2 días
Sha sha
Sha sha Hace 2 días
M R K Hace 3 días
My grandmother lost my uncle, three months after we lost my mom, I took my grandma under my wings for seven years, she was like a baby on her last four years in bed, a feeding tube, diapers and Alzheimer, she passed away in 2011, now I am so alone, I have no family, I miss my mom and my grandma so much. 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷To all mammas and grandmas
Tyler Collins
Tyler Collins Hace 3 días
This is what’s it about right here. No one like momma.
Charles Wilson
Charles Wilson Hace 3 días
I called my mama always wish she was still here
Steve Riley
Steve Riley Hace 3 días
God knows how I would love to call momma. She was called home 2 years ago February
Christine Jarrett
Christine Jarrett Hace 4 días
How many mommas of boys listening to this praying their sons listen hard to this!!! Raising hand!!!!
Smitty Hace 4 días
MsBear Psalm 34
MsBear Psalm 34 Hace 5 días
Philippians 1
Barbie Mortimer
Barbie Mortimer Hace 5 días
Miss my mom everyday, lost dad then 9 days later I lost her. Doctors said there was nothing wrong with her she just wanted to be with my dad.
C Goodwin
C Goodwin Hace 5 días
My mom has been gone for 4yrs I wish I could call to say I’am sorry 😢 take my advice no matter how Long it’s been call your mom work it out you’ll glad you did 🙏🏻🙏🏻✝️✝️☮️
Eric St
Eric St Hace 5 días
I love tim thank you so much dude.
Eric St
Eric St Hace 5 días
I no longer have a mother anymore I wish I had one to call 😥😥
Astra Racing
Astra Racing Hace 6 días
I’m a grown man and still call Mom and Dad at least once a day. I won’t live with “I should haves”
lillian p
lillian p Hace 4 días
@Ken Jenson You grow up
Ken Jenson
Ken Jenson Hace 5 días
Grow up.........Geeez!
Sveriges roligaste klipp Gjfl
Sveriges roligaste klipp Gjfl Hace 6 días
Wounderful song and Nice videos 🤠🎤🎤🎶🎶🎶
Nancy Boner
Nancy Boner Hace 6 días
With this song,you have outdone yourself.love love love it
Mariana Campos
Mariana Campos Hace 7 días
nic player
nic player Hace 8 días
Home sick already.. I miss my home town, my mom😊😊😊 #icalledmama
bee bennett
bee bennett Hace 9 días
Really awesome!!! Thanks for always making beautiful music with exceptional lyrics!
Moviefan2k4 Hace 10 días
This is a wonderful song, perfect for remembering all our Mamas, how much we loved them, and how much they loved us.
kris plunkett
kris plunkett Hace 12 días
Who could 👎this?? Much ♥️ for all the mommas!
Jessica Boysen
Jessica Boysen Hace 12 días
Holy crap! I just heard this on the radio earlier, just heard the chorus, sounded good, grab a coke drive out to the river, call Mama... But jeez! I kinda wish I didn't even Google his name & the few lyrics I heard😭😭 Frickin ouch, it's late I'm just tired... ❤️
Stevie Adams
Stevie Adams Hace 13 días
I have not seen my beautiful son in 5 years. He decided that he could not love his Mama and his wife. (Her Mom told me the first time we met, that her daughter would make it her mission to push me out of my son's life.) I heard that she bankrupted them both. My heart feels, everyday, like there is a piece of it missing.
Newman OutDoors
Newman OutDoors Hace 9 días
Thats very sad .
jaclyn yvonne villarreal rench
jaclyn yvonne villarreal rench Hace 14 días
This got to me bad,i lost my best friend, my whole world my Maw-Maw she passed away 5yrs in july and I am not over her passing and i will never be till i am with her
T Aws
T Aws Hace 14 días
i wish i could call my mama... she left me bk in 2017 my heart n life just hasnt been the same ever since...
Rhonda Spence
Rhonda Spence Hace 14 días
Love this song is so beautiful! I wish I could call my mom but she was killed by a drunk driver 1981 love you Momma ! I really need you
James Fischer
James Fischer Hace 14 días
Happy birthday mom i wish i could call you tell you i love you and happy birthday i miss you so very much so this will have to do i hope you here my call in heaven
Kimberly Natal
Kimberly Natal Hace 14 días
The song didn’t fully start yet and I’m already ballin in tears!😭❤️......then my cat sneak attacked me lol he ruined the moment.
Terry Hendrickson
Terry Hendrickson Hace 15 días
Love this song ❤️🎼🎶🎵
Andrew Drover
Andrew Drover Hace 15 días
Great I am going to cry now Great song tho
Emma Jane Neale
Emma Jane Neale Hace 15 días
Wow I'm glad I've reconnected with country music, its helped sort me out on a spiritual level. Love this track Tim as well as always stay humble. Wouldn't know where I'd be if it wasnt for my next door neighbour and mother xx
Morgan Woods
Morgan Woods Hace 15 días
Is this Tim McGraw real yt channel!?! Cause if it is imma have a heart attack!!!!!!!!!!
Linda Prell
Linda Prell Hace 16 días
I wish i could call mine RIP Cheryl Webb
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith Hace 16 días
This is a very powerful song...I LOVE IT!! Im literally in tears right now. 😪😪😪💔💔💔 Lost my best friend Sept 27,2019 and her newborn baby. My friend was on 31 years old, young and healthy. We had plans the following day. I woke up that morning to news from her mom that she died. I LOST IT!!😪😪💔💔
Twitch itzpkr
Twitch itzpkr Hace 17 días
I’m his in a cousin
Adam Ściepłek
Adam Ściepłek Hace 17 días
Tim I am from Poland from Europe I am a guitarist, I only play metal with my band, you are still a role model for me, Dad taught me your music I would like to play guitar with you someday and I would like to listen to Faith Hill
neil blue
neil blue Hace 18 días
loss my mom in 2013 dew ro cancer. song touches my heart and reminds me of her
MsBear Psalm 34
MsBear Psalm 34 Hace 18 días
Thanks Psalm 23
rob eason
rob eason Hace 18 días
Great song Tim
Anthony Williranth
Anthony Williranth Hace 18 días
Ive went through shizz in my life without crying but this got to me
Kevin Young
Kevin Young Hace 19 días
Lost my Mom 8-15-18 to cancer, she was 68 and I would give anything to get to call her one more time.
ANGEL SANCHEZ Hace 19 días
Que bella canción gracias señor🤠🥺🤟🎶🎻
Celeste Lausier
Celeste Lausier Hace 19 días
I wish I could call my mom she passed away 5 years ago! 😢
john bully jr
john bully jr Hace 20 días
You must be from another World to give this a thumbs down.
Trey Lewis
Trey Lewis Hace 14 días
Ikr 😭
Chris Reeise
Chris Reeise Hace 20 días
Brings me tears because I Lost my mom in February
Antonio Kauley
Antonio Kauley Hace 20 días
My mom was the biggest Tim McGraw fan ever, she passed away when I was 12 in 2011 this song hurts, but makes me feel so good moms and their kids find love and happiness through this song!
mauricelia Rosa
mauricelia Rosa Hace 20 días
Suas musicas são lindas sou sua fã 😍😍😍🇧🇷
MammaJammaJimi Hace 20 días
Did Tim steal this song from this guy? eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-nOea66JZu-I.html you be the judge.
Jessica Shanabarger
Jessica Shanabarger Hace 21 un día
We are the lucky ones to know a mother’s love. ❤️
Jessica Shanabarger
Jessica Shanabarger Hace 8 días
Newman OutDoors thank you 🙏 😊
Newman OutDoors
Newman OutDoors Hace 9 días
Wonderful comment
~Wings2Luv~ April.R.
~Wings2Luv~ April.R. Hace 21 un día
"Tears" Beautiful Tim but my Mama has been gone since 2006 I sure miss her voice! I forgot what her voice sounded like! 😢😓
Elisha Gill
Elisha Gill Hace 21 un día
Wow Tim, you have done it again. Another big hit, another son to touch my heart and bring tears to my eyes. You have been one of my favorite country artist since I could remember. I was a little girl sitting in the garage with my dad watching him fix up old cars and asking him every question I could to keep his attention on me. And he never missed a beat. This Monday on June 22nd, my family and I will be traveling to Michigan from Alabama to spend a week with my father, who I've only been able to see twice in 18yrs, to have the chance to spend some time with him before the Good Lord calls him home. He's been battling ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig disease and has been aggressive since his diagnosis in November. We were suppose to travel the week of my birthday which was spring break for my little ones starting March 20th, but the day before my birthday the world stopped to Stay at home and keep everyone safe. I didn't know if I was every going to get the chance to tell him in person how I felt about him. Long story short, my parents divorced when I was wrong and my mom was horrible about it. She used us against him, threatened him all the time for money and when he lost his job at the GM plant he worked at since he was 18 when they closed down, the money was short and she had him finally. She moved us away down to NC, remarried and it was years later before he found me again. Hes had alot regrets because of it, and I need to bring peace to his heart so he can pass peacefully the way he should. He's a good dad. The kind that always took me out fishing, taught me that just because I was a girl didn't mean that I couldn't do things that boys could do. That I could be tough too. He taught me to enjoy the simple things in life and to look around at what God gave us already because he's provided everything we need already, I just gotta look. My partner and I have been together for 8yrs almost and June 22nd is our 8yr anniversary. We're not married, even tho we have 2 kids together, but I've told him I've never been rushed to get married because I knew he wasn't going anywhere, we're soulmates, but I would love the opportunity for my dad to give me away before it's too late. He deserves that special moment. I wish I could put together something special for him tho. He's a HUGE country fan, in fact, that's all he listens too. Can't take him to a concert right now tho. Maybe you could help me? Maybe a special video clip for him. He's name is Tim as well. My dad and I are the only ones on my side of the family that listen to country music and it's why I have taken to the live style and it's keeping grounded as women that fears nobody but God and kneels for nothing else, except God. I hope you see this message in time and can help me out. Man, that would really be such an amazing thing to give him since we're short on things we're able to do right now. Thank you so much for all the great music you have put out in your career and I hope your family stay safe and God bless.
tim m
tim m Hace 21 un día
Ugh. Freaking allergies!! Lol. Make my eyes all red and watery!
stephen parker
stephen parker Hace 21 un día
Now this is country
Thomas Coburn
Thomas Coburn Hace 22 días
I teared up
Daquarius Trolls
Daquarius Trolls Hace 22 días
Can’t get I saw tiger out my head
Lindsey Brunette
Lindsey Brunette Hace 22 días
Just want to say my mama is one of my best friends and I love her to death. But this song and his line about stopping at Texaco makes me want a country artist from Wisconsin to sing about stopping at a kwik trip 😂
Mary Born
Mary Born Hace 22 días
I would give my last breath to be able to call my Momma 😪
Joseph Rygula
Joseph Rygula Hace 23 días
I miss my mom. R I P Mom luv ya😢
ft trumata
ft trumata Hace 23 días
What a nice song 👌
Janet Cardulla
Janet Cardulla Hace 23 días
MsBear Psalm 34
MsBear Psalm 34 Hace 24 días
Thanks Psalm 91
Patty Boso
Patty Boso Hace 25 días
I lost my momma 33 yrs ago. And it feels like it was yesterday... I miss her so much.
Daniel Miles
Daniel Miles Hace 25 días
Missing my mom .. don't ever think something is more important if you have free time then spending it with mom
Brian Simmons
Brian Simmons Hace 26 días
i had lost both my parents at a very young age mom when i was 5 dad when i was 8 to this day i know they are watching over me this song is wonderful and has just got me crying and thinking of all the great times i had with them i love them both miss you guys rest in peace both of you!!
Kleshmir Cribb
Kleshmir Cribb Hace 26 días
I'm gonna miss her.. eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-Xwh20cc6kp8.html
Kleshmir Cribb
Kleshmir Cribb Hace 26 días
Love all the moms.
Delia Gentry
Delia Gentry Hace 26 días
OMGoshhhh! 😭 My Mom passed away in 2013.... 2 weeks after she came to visit me.....I would call her 3 x a Day! Every single day! I still feel that emptiness in my HEART! I Miss her sooo MUCH! I Luv You Mom! 💞
Stacie Hace 26 días
I lost my mama when I was just eight. Oh mama I remember when you bought us popsicles. I remember.....mama.
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