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Papa CRINGE Hace un mes
this video got 1 million views in 3 days bruh moment intensifies
Bruh Moments
Bruh Moments Hace 11 horas
i have entered the chat***
bigmaxwellw1233 nguyen
bigmaxwellw1233 nguyen Hace 3 días
And got 6 million in a month Insert Lenny face
VV Gaming
VV Gaming Hace 3 días
ESwomen isn’t tiktok dude, both are free and different
GalaxyWolfie 123
GalaxyWolfie 123 Hace 4 días
My vegetarian friend: “I’ll have a salad with tomatoes and onions please.” Me: *I’ll have Spaghetti with Meatballs please.* My vegetarian friend: 😤😤😤😡😡🤬🤬😱😱🤯🤯
Mystic_ Acorn05
Mystic_ Acorn05 Hace 7 minutos
Song at 5:53? Anyone?
Kermit the frog
Kermit the frog Hace 19 minutos
4:48 if only it wasn't that dance....
Family Friendy asshole
Family Friendy asshole Hace 27 minutos
20:16 how did they tho
Sawil The Rapper Fan
Sawil The Rapper Fan Hace un hora
13:52 name of the song please
Школьник Обыкновенный
Школьник Обыкновенный Hace un hora
5:53 what the music?
King Azure
King Azure Hace un hora
I'm not gay but the girl at 18:40 was fuckin hot
HQ of Illuminati
HQ of Illuminati Hace un hora
0:27 what song is this
Melody Escobar
Melody Escobar Hace un hora
It's 3 am and I started laughing so hard at the first one
Fade 101
Fade 101 Hace un hora
We call a shark puppet and screaming Humor? Wtf is wrong with that guy? We as the human race have fallen from actual Intellectual jokes to a Grown man screaming with a shark puppet!
Maddy Lavender
Maddy Lavender Hace 2 horas
I died with the noodles and the water
EveryDay Gamer
EveryDay Gamer Hace 3 horas
sausage rolls
Bobert Martinez
Bobert Martinez Hace 3 horas
U know how it goes What’s the song at 1:35
Tyler Bray
Tyler Bray Hace 3 horas
What’s wrong with the dogs eyes at 5:12
Gummy Girl
Gummy Girl Hace 4 horas
What is in that?! Pee Pee?! XD
Nancy Softport
Nancy Softport Hace 4 horas
G u t e f a r t
Some one
Some one Hace 4 horas
How you do that
I am Shrek
I am Shrek Hace 4 horas
・GamerKittyGacha ・
・GamerKittyGacha ・ Hace 5 horas
That last one is me tho
Animal Cookie
Animal Cookie Hace 6 horas
5:20 does that dog have eyes?
Slash_ _Mist
Slash_ _Mist Hace 6 horas
Anyone know the song at 9:45?
Itz_Łîÿâhh -_-
Itz_Łîÿâhh -_- Hace 6 horas
iS iT mE Or ThE DuDE FrOm 13:50 lOoKs LiKE ANTHONY from Reaction Time? Or is it him?
Dynasty Hace 6 horas
Aaahhh fucccccc 21:05 that hits hard for people who don’t have divorced parents
Serenity Kitty
Serenity Kitty Hace 7 horas
I feel the cat walking on its back paws is just cruel
Izuku_midoriya’s Child
Izuku_midoriya’s Child Hace 7 horas
16:44 yeah sure “your not gay” then name one reason why your FUCKInG ASs HUrTS tHeN
Florah Greenberg
Florah Greenberg Hace 7 horas
11:40 got me dead 💀
••Tamak• •
••Tamak• • Hace 8 horas
Okay this might sound really stupid but, my sister keeps calling me dumb for not knowing who “PweeootEpie”is? Can someone please explain to me what that is
Madee.e Hace 8 horas
I love the fact that it low key turned into vine
demencia x black hat
demencia x black hat Hace 8 horas
7:57 I have to try this with my friend lol 😂😂😂
Paradise Lps
Paradise Lps Hace 9 horas
the music at the end-
Jody-Ann Williams
Jody-Ann Williams Hace 9 horas
9:46 the brown dog is like "boi I dare you to take another step"
Carter Big boi
Carter Big boi Hace 9 horas
hello peoples
hello peoples Hace 9 horas
0:01 I watched this at least twenty times, dunno why...
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris Hace 9 horas
Please stop including the shark puppet.
Emperor Nemesis
Emperor Nemesis Hace 9 horas
music 10:19?
issywood Hace 10 horas
That dog had no eyes
Ryli Dunworth
Ryli Dunworth Hace 10 horas
23:29 I just realized that I go to school with this girl😂
Luca Rossi
Luca Rossi Hace 11 horas
18:49 song?
Midnight Theorist
Midnight Theorist Hace 11 horas
What's the song at 11:44?
Aleesha Thaxton
Aleesha Thaxton Hace 12 horas
23:00 omg i love how everyone laughs 😂
Unicorn Angel
Unicorn Angel Hace 13 horas
But thats not true Yes it is... Stranger things fans be like: OMGGGG ITS FROM STRANGER THINGS
Sky Churchill
Sky Churchill Hace 13 horas
1:38 song pls
•Gacha Ashes•
•Gacha Ashes• Hace 13 horas
10:07 .-.
Feloni Hace 15 horas
10:03 wtf Americans why do you bottle tea.
Kinzie Anderson
Kinzie Anderson Hace 15 horas
Me when my sister asked where her flip flops are: Don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious don’t de suspicious
Maurelin Rafael Moreno
Maurelin Rafael Moreno Hace 15 horas
0:30 song please
ClassicISux Hace 16 horas
Can't help but notice that no one posted anything about 15:14 lmao
xv hannah
xv hannah Hace 17 horas
11:40 hahahahaha i laughed so hard
rachel Hace 18 horas
Could someone please tell me the name of the song on minute 18:27? i like it a lot =))))
Regeos 73
Regeos 73 Hace 18 horas
9:38 what da
Bubble tea》《ぶっbぇてあ
Bubble tea》《ぶっbぇてあ Hace 18 horas
"whats up my guy"
Giancarlo Cordani
Giancarlo Cordani Hace 19 horas
song at 10:34 ?
Eamonn Mcgoldrick
Eamonn Mcgoldrick Hace 20 horas
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
angelina zablit
angelina zablit Hace 20 horas
jazzy Hace 21 un hora
11:28 *tWo bRoS chiLlIn iN a Hot tUb fiVe fEet aPaRt cuZ thEy noT gAy*
Memerdude Hace 22 horas
Sit down I’m teacher now Lol
jack giuffre
jack giuffre Hace 22 horas
yo what song is that
It’s Salmah.
It’s Salmah. Hace 22 horas
3:02 yOu nEeD tO cAlM dOwn yOurE beinG tOo lOud - *SLAP*
Memerdude Hace 22 horas
Memerdude Hace 22 horas
Memerdude Hace 22 horas
¿dxni btw¿
¿dxni btw¿ Hace 23 horas
10:52 I need that song plssssss
cristhel cunanan
cristhel cunanan Hace un día
AdolfoPlayz 12
AdolfoPlayz 12 Hace un día
15:43 I can't stop laughing😂😂😂
GAMEBOYDC Hace un día
omg the doogggg
Sonaplex _HD
Sonaplex _HD Hace un día
What the Song name is 22:10
Eldergreen Lobster
Eldergreen Lobster Hace un día
12:02 runnin into a ghost leviathan in subnautica
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Hace un día
9:57 i though it was apple juice XD
HowToDoodle Hace un día
9:38 i DIED
Daft_Bastard Hace un día
What's the song during the icream cone in the water one?
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