TikTok Distroyed My Life

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My Story Animated

My Story Animated

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Izabella Luanaj
Izabella Luanaj Hace 3 horas
6.4 million but only 89 followers ??!!
Meagan Stasko
Meagan Stasko Hace 3 horas
I know that this wasn’t about Tik Tok but I still think that it’s sad that her parents only like her because she’s famous
Loaded Leader
Loaded Leader Hace 4 horas
yes cause everyone loves waching someone else trough up
Swati Pandey
Swati Pandey Hace 4 horas
where the hell was tiktok there was only one time where they changed the name TICTAC TO TICTOC LOL CLICKBAIT
Kuldeep Kumar
Kuldeep Kumar Hace 6 horas
The tumbnail looks like she destroyed an Entire city😂
Liz Ali
Liz Ali Hace 6 horas
Wow I delete tiki tok
Stawbarry 130
Stawbarry 130 Hace 7 horas
Now we know charlly demilly
Allison Torres
Allison Torres Hace 7 horas
Those are called brats honey. XDDDDDDDD
Chrissy Carpanzano
Chrissy Carpanzano Hace 8 horas
I would hate the blond girl still
Malonda Gaddies
Malonda Gaddies Hace 8 horas
You only got one to post how would you be famous for the one post
Marxssa Hace 8 horas
This has nothing to do with tic tok 😒 UGHH
Jenny castillo
Jenny castillo Hace 8 horas
Who else looked her sister up........ No just me ok💀
Hadassah Frederick
Hadassah Frederick Hace 9 horas
Am the parents don't care about them 🙄 all they study who has more money 😠😠😠
Dave Lingenfelter
Dave Lingenfelter Hace 10 horas
Us sitting here all knowindpg it’s the d’amelios and this is the secret reason they left the hype house
Shaikh Ahmed
Shaikh Ahmed Hace 11 horas
Her name is Sam!?! It a boy name
Dylan Li
Dylan Li Hace 12 horas
Wdym "distroyed" it's destroyed not "distroyed"
Michael Goldman
Michael Goldman Hace 12 horas
First they lied about TikTok. Then they wrote Distroyed instead of Destroyed
Alyssa Wolf
Alyssa Wolf Hace 12 horas
The only tik tok i saw was 8:36
mia babyalive
mia babyalive Hace 12 horas
I love you❤❤❤❤❤ my story A
Eylul Korkmz
Eylul Korkmz Hace 12 horas
how is this even related to TikTok ??? 👇
Milky's WAY!!!
Milky's WAY!!! Hace 13 horas
Idk what Tik Tok is. HeLp MeH oUt 👇
シ taekookTea シ
シ taekookTea シ Hace 13 horas
Anyone else go to instagram and look up the @ to see if its a real acc and what they actually look like :,) just me okay ✌️
Kayla Young
Kayla Young Hace 14 horas
Me being a tomboy:the heck Having two brother and no sisters:uwu
Ocean liner history
Ocean liner history Hace 14 horas
My story animated people this video inspired me to make my own channel!
Hamida Ismail
Hamida Ismail Hace 15 horas
love it leah
Destiny Hope Quiroz
Destiny Hope Quiroz Hace 16 horas
Yeah that’s too late I got addicted to Roblox
Itsonlymee Hace 16 horas
I thought this was Dixie and Charli lol
Juana Monica Vasquez De Espinal
Juana Monica Vasquez De Espinal Hace 17 horas
Monica Isabelle
Monica Isabelle Hace 18 horas
Pretend im in the comment live:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 IS SO FUNNY
kul3atik Hace 18 horas
gud spellling 100
Linked Up
Linked Up Hace 19 horas
Tik tok is the best idk wat u talkin about
Jacob Cresswell
Jacob Cresswell Hace 20 horas
this is why tik tok should be banned
DJ UnPlugged
DJ UnPlugged Hace 21 un hora
Anggo O
Anggo O Hace 21 un hora
Nobody: My Story Animated: I'm in love with my dog
Ethan The epic
Ethan The epic Hace 23 horas
1 like = 1 brain cell recovered
Ethan The epic
Ethan The epic Hace 23 horas
Anjana Rayamajhi
Anjana Rayamajhi Hace un día
Everybody does Love me and my Little sister
Sanam hashemi
Sanam hashemi Hace un día
Charlie and Dixie damelio 🧿👄🧿
Tigst Lema
Tigst Lema Hace un día
I lv z ending
Lena Wirth
Lena Wirth Hace un día
Im gonna try bing popular with gacha Editing nothing else
etrixtys Hace un día
This isn't even related to tiktok
Iamejsc Cheese
Iamejsc Cheese Hace un día
But like who’s life has accaully ruined by tiktok ⬇️
Maribel Hernandez Duarte
Maribel Hernandez Duarte Hace un día
9:03 el diablo means the demon in english incase you didnt understand
Gonglu Aggarwal
Gonglu Aggarwal Hace un día
I don't think their parents were nice.....literally they just loved the kne who bought them gifts and more.
Tinna Tavete
Tinna Tavete Hace un día
Guys she only named it tik tok ruined my life is because she wants views and subs so don’t fLl for it
Leah Lanphere
Leah Lanphere Hace un día
Your sis watching this 👁👄👁
Connie Tam
Connie Tam Hace un día
The parents just want the money :/ shouldn’t they be working? Not the children I bet they never even worked
Tomato Boyz
Tomato Boyz Hace un día
as it dose
Anaya B
Anaya B Hace un día
Ya Me too
abrar osman
abrar osman Hace un día
buy the tittle
abrar osman
abrar osman Hace un día
this vid is just trying to exspose tik tok
bladez Clan
bladez Clan Hace un día
Dixie and charli vibes
Caitlin Davids
Caitlin Davids Hace un día
It's like Charlie and Dixie
Caitlin Davids
Caitlin Davids Hace un día
This is like Dixie and Charlie demilio
Gypsy Freak
Gypsy Freak Hace un día
13:43 terrible editing
Gypsy Freak
Gypsy Freak Hace un día
Hey tiktok is going to be banned anyways
abrar osman
abrar osman Hace un día
u never know
Dessi Mathew
Dessi Mathew Hace un día
Title: Tik Tok distroyed my life story has NOTHING to do with Tik Tok but good story
iꙅꙅყ Hace 4 horas
That is so true like she never talked about tik tok
MelleM Hace un día
GUYS the title is true 08:34 TIC TOC it RUINED HER LIFE lmao
St0rm 91
St0rm 91 Hace un día
ok so basically: *this has nothing to do with TikTok.*
Bene Acheampong
Bene Acheampong Hace 7 horas
Yes the video has nothing to do with tik tok
Siamisang Abesai
Siamisang Abesai Hace un día
billie eilish for life likee if you agree
Siamisang Abesai
Siamisang Abesai Hace 16 horas
thanks i never had this many likes
Dogo Korrupto
Dogo Korrupto Hace un día
Me: reads Rofl!Need to yeet
Iconicweird G*RL
Iconicweird G*RL Hace un día
It’sMichael 12
It’sMichael 12 Hace un día
I thought it was supposed to be how tik tok ruined you not Instagram
Rudravenna Hace un día
Where is tiktok?more like insta
Magdeline Sennye
Magdeline Sennye Hace un día
Umm tiktok is the best
black eye
black eye Hace un día
She could have been a famous blogger on Tik Tok
The Gamer Twins
The Gamer Twins Hace un día
plot twist: its the Charli and dixi
nermin Zoubir
nermin Zoubir Hace un día
If you like you think this is not about tiktok
Zenaida Lejano
Zenaida Lejano Hace un día
Wow nice tittle : tiktok destroyed my life. The REAL title is : youtube destroyed my life and my sis to
RZH DP Hace un día
indians : i dont have such weakness
Phoebe Fay
Phoebe Fay Hace un día
"TikTok RUINED My Life"
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