Throwback! "Trevor Plays Cowboy!" - Trevor Noah - (Daywalker)

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Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah

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Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah Hace un mes
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Carol Solas
Carol Solas Hace 3 días
@Adithyan Vinod 0
Carol Solas
Carol Solas Hace 3 días
@Adithyan Vinod . ,
Hayden Hace 3 días
I searched more about you. wow. Just because you criticize Trump does not mean that you are free from sexist racism. I think you should look back on yourself before you criticize Trump.
Hayden Hace 3 días
Originally when men proposed they went down on one knee so if the woman said no they were in the perfect uppercut position. - Trevor Noah (@Trevornoah) December 20, 2012 Oh yeah the weekend. People are gonna get drunk & think that I’m sexy! - fat chicks everywhere. - Trevor Noah (@Trevornoah) October 14, 2011 I’m watching Olympic women’s hockey. It’s like lesbian porn. Without the porn. - Trevor Noah (@Trevornoah) July 31, 2012
Hayden Hace 3 días
I am more disappointed that you did not apologize in a cowardly excuse than in your remarks
Luna Zhang
Luna Zhang Hace 9 horas
Trevor really should keep this hairstyle. It’s hot sf and suits him well
Ahmad F. K.
Ahmad F. K. Hace un día
Tsoang tsoang tsoang 😂
Matthew Bullock
Matthew Bullock Hace 2 días
Listening to your audio book and its brilliant. Your mother is awesome. I am learning more from her than my own. Thank you for sharing your life.
brook Parsons
brook Parsons Hace 2 días
Viva DW 💓
Thelma L Caruthers
Thelma L Caruthers Hace 2 días
They new that a black guy with as going to move to that 🏠 house that s why they had A Rope in. There
Diane Loren-Hu
Diane Loren-Hu Hace 2 días
卓自赏 Hace 4 días
Hi, I am A Chinese. I saw you on CCTV again!!!
Djkayteesa Moagi
Djkayteesa Moagi Hace 5 días
The day walker 😂😂😂😂😂 We are the gloo in the darks yohhh u killed me🤣🤣🤣
Felix Sited
Felix Sited Hace 5 días
I’ve laughed harder watching close family members come off life support.
a ghost
a ghost Hace 6 días
The glow it the dark...
enchantedwood Eve
enchantedwood Eve Hace 7 días
Great show but HATE all the advertisements ...every few minutes!!!! Really spoils the enjoyment of the show..... sad to destroy the show this way.
Kid Mohair
Kid Mohair Hace 7 días
who else wants the suit?
Hb Hace 8 días
I dnt enjoy the daily show very much.. It jst isn't as funny as these sets..
Tshepo Hlongwane
Tshepo Hlongwane Hace 8 días
"You are a gay albino!? Yoh ustrong heh!"
Sithembile Simelane
Sithembile Simelane Hace 8 días
Wooo Shem, Thixo🤣🤣🤣
*JuliaKathleenWoods - TheRainbowConnection*
*JuliaKathleenWoods - TheRainbowConnection* Hace 9 días
Ella Fearless
Ella Fearless Hace 11 días
i want pictures to go with these stories
KJ Hace 11 días
When i am stressed i watch Trevor Noah 😁
Skating Canuck
Skating Canuck Hace 13 días
I used to respect your wit. I agreed with you calling out on anti-Black racism, until you said it was okay to be racist against Asians. You are a hypocrite.
Alexandre Jose
Alexandre Jose Hace 6 días
That didn't act like that... Indeed, that did not even happen
Icarus Hace 10 días
Skating Canuck huh? When did this happen
Rabbi Prodd
Rabbi Prodd Hace 13 días
When he said the Xhosa kids be messing the dialogue in cowboy play: “shma shma tell muh Mother shma *zongxololela* 🤣🤣🤣 dead!💯🤞
pumpi yampiyamkin
pumpi yampiyamkin Hace 14 días
Have you ever realize that when you didn't put your phone on silent mode and you are using earphone while watching youtube then suddenly a message came then the sound that you listening become a little bit lost then came back again,thats happened the same when you yawn.haha
Ahmed Al moaber
Ahmed Al moaber Hace 15 días
Good shit #ch4
Anthony Le
Anthony Le Hace 15 días
Trevor, butt, we mus realize that we are subordinate to them my brother!
Echo Ace
Echo Ace Hace 15 días
lol daywalker
The Ardent Chef
The Ardent Chef Hace 16 días
I'm so sorry to say this in these troubled times. But no. You aren't Jon Stewart. You're not John Olliver. You're just an attention seeker who inherited a job from a far better man.
sabarna sarker
sabarna sarker Hace 16 días
Pacino and the Glow in the Darks sounds like a alt rock pop band
MrTwenty20video Hace 16 días
Sweet work Trevor.
Solmaz Sandi
Solmaz Sandi Hace 17 días
sitting in Vienna / Austria.... tired and angry about all the political difficulties we have here and make me laugh or at least smile once a day. I love you- thanks for your spirit and everything you say and do.
odst15ethan Hace 17 días
I might not understand some of it. But it’s still hilarious
Mathilda Kerubo
Mathilda Kerubo Hace 17 días
How many Kenyans are in the house?
Taya Elisabeth
Taya Elisabeth Hace 18 días
Comedy is so appreciated during these times! Finally catching up on my laughter quota and it feels good. Love the mixed race jokes! Always good to laugh about something I’ve personally experienced. I hope you keep posting through the protests we need it and are grateful for it!
SPD Adventurer
SPD Adventurer Hace 18 días
its not hard imagining little trevor ...i dont know why...i can imagine all the stories he narrates and even reading his book i can visualise it so clearly...may be bc Trevor has such a personality and he looks cute like a kid😎😎😁😁
Tim83 88
Tim83 88 Hace 18 días
Dont approve of people destroying buildings of peoples place of business So i think you eed to shut your mouth!!!!!
Hellcat Masters
Hellcat Masters Hace 19 días
I need to vent a moment , plz forgive me if I turn unruly. I'm caught between stupid halarious and W...T...F... stupid halarious. My F.B pixel avatar said something really bad , and got her pixel ass thrown in pixel jail for a real time 24 hour . 😮😴 also attached to that is a 1 real yr. Probation😣. Should I fell that 1 yr. Prison. 🤔😐🤓😂😆. I hummm, scratches head, am effing speachless !
Rife Hace 19 días
1k subscribers be before 2030 Trendd
1k subscribers be before 2030 Trendd Hace 19 días
Mxhaaaaa uyaphapha😂😂😂😂😂
Asif Rahman
Asif Rahman Hace 20 días
Freak things? Dude, honest opinion, change the last part of your videos, it's a very intimidating piece.
blast ***
blast *** Hace 21 un día
I read the book. Anyone else?
delusional illusion
delusional illusion Hace 21 un día
Maybe also try adding american in your title description but i guess your for the destruction of it & black communities because you dont work for the people of the USA huh..karmas a "bitch" & your not excluded from it.
Mlu Malevu
Mlu Malevu Hace 22 días
Trevor have you watched this before on the Patriot Act
keenanhome family
keenanhome family Hace 23 días
Our SA star, love you Trevor!!
Learning adventures with Chayanne Gilead
Learning adventures with Chayanne Gilead Hace 23 días
Thilini Yapa
Thilini Yapa Hace 24 días
This guy sounds like vaas in far cry 3
Aswathy Ashokan
Aswathy Ashokan Hace 24 días
This is insane! He is the one☺️
Fancy World Vlog
Fancy World Vlog Hace 24 días
I accidently seen your videos. Then I didn't miss your videos. Your expression and fluency is great. You are talking about most fabulous and important news. But you expressing all of them lovely. Your imitation of Donald Trump is awesome. I am big fan to that imitation. Go ahead... 😊
Debasish Nayak
Debasish Nayak Hace 25 días
2020 year of disasters.
hakima saghir
hakima saghir Hace 25 días
shame on him his granny raised him she lives in ashit hole in South Africa .....
sara Hace 25 días
You're so cool
Nthabiseng Letsatsi
Nthabiseng Letsatsi Hace 26 días
I love you Trevor! You are very intelligent! I always tell my friends that if they don't think you're funny or if they think you're too hard to understand, it's because they're dumb because you make intelligent jokes! 😂😂 You never disappoint!
miko foin
miko foin Hace 26 días
HONESTLY TEVOR IS SAVING QUARANTINE. With the daily social distancing show and now more stand up ? He really said lemme help you with my talent.We stan
miko foin
miko foin Hace 26 días
Love this guy
Andy Stefanic
Andy Stefanic Hace 26 días
The most unfunny host on TV. Never once have you made me even chuckle!
Dave Markle
Dave Markle Hace 27 días
03:44 02:47 01:22
Darell Nguyen
Darell Nguyen Hace 27 días
01:38 04:17 02:32
xoobo vola
xoobo vola Hace 27 días
Love from France. (Has to be read with a terrible French accent, of course)
xoobo vola
xoobo vola Hace 27 días
Trevor, You've got a Brazilian fan! Singer, Songwriter, living in the city!! What a great guy you are. God Bless You! Cheers!!!
Tshepiso Magodla
Tshepiso Magodla Hace 27 días
“Tell my mother shmengshmengmxeleleshmengmeng” 😂 that’s what I heard🤷🏾‍♀️.
Taryn Steyn
Taryn Steyn Hace 27 días
Trevor a poesie that ran off to America and sits there talking kak about South Africa!! Poesie needs to get on his moer!!
San Mak
San Mak Hace 27 días
This was 2009, hence the shiny suit, the accent for a South African audience, the jokes you’ve heard before - for those with the questions 😊
Mouse393 Hace 28 días
Thanks Trevor for making me remember the song Tsoang tsoang by Dr Victor . Love from Mauritius ❤
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Hace 28 días
A man of your stature 🤣
Pahadi Baba Stand-up comedy
Pahadi Baba Stand-up comedy Hace 28 días
love from india bro
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Hace 28 días
Oh the good times, before Trevor sold out to the corporatocracy.
COZMEK Hace 29 días
COZMEK Hace 29 días
Denise Booth
Denise Booth Hace 29 días
Thank you, for being such a light in this time of darkness truth and comedy is so ESSENTIAL
Colette Cunningham
Colette Cunningham Hace 29 días
Please come to Ireland Trevor. I want to show you off.
Daniela Sat
Daniela Sat Hace 29 días
This Is fucking smart. Albinos aré very discrimimated against in África... To the point kids need protection because some religious groups haunt them and or their body parts. This story of how he played with them as a kid is told in such a smart way... Playing with all the steriotypes arround them and then wiping all those concepts away. This Is a human being with a mission. Very admirable of him to use comedy to talk about these topics.
Rosaleen Chao
Rosaleen Chao Hace 29 días
Love this commentaries and he has me laughing 90% of time. Smart and well planned out skits 😂😂😂👍
Orrin Vanderhorst
Orrin Vanderhorst Hace 29 días
Love this guy
Alex Morton
Alex Morton Hace 29 días
I love the JZ suit, whhaaaaa!
Sea Hace 29 días
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