Thomas Rhett - Remember You Young

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Music video by Thomas Rhett performing Remember You Young. © 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC


ayya rgu
ayya rgu Hace 10 horas
why would 1.5K people dislike it?
luna renesmee
luna renesmee Hace 18 horas
Anyone knows the younger guy's name?
Brittany Farrior
Brittany Farrior Hace un día
I close my eyes and I’m back being a teen around a bonfire with my friends drinking enjoying life only thing we worried about is homework lol or close my eyes and my daughter is a baby and she is eight now lord how this touched my soul thank you 🙏
beckarose1527 Hace 2 días
just watched this video for the first time, I am sitting here bawling my eyes out, at work! Thank you for this
Teguh Android
Teguh Android Hace 3 días
jaboody dubs
Joe :
Joe : Hace 4 días
“Wasn’t long ago we tore the roof off that 1 red light town.” That hits home for me.
Vincent M
Vincent M Hace 5 días
gay as fuck
Linda johnson
Linda johnson Hace 11 días
Love it
Johnson Rosero
Johnson Rosero Hace 12 días
I love this song 💕 i watch over and over and over..
Nancy Duncan
Nancy Duncan Hace 13 días
You have a beautiful family, now three little girls
Samuel Allen
Samuel Allen Hace 13 días
Can anyone else picture an amazing 90s Nashville remix of this? Lots of fiddle and a little steel here and there
ONE GAMER Hace 13 días
Dang, its only thomas rhett's music that hits me hard
matthew smith
matthew smith Hace 15 días
the way it ends nahhh the man the guardian should be the first to die knowing he did his duty as a man as the one and only xx much love from cambridge uk in this virus outbreak
Nicole Webb
Nicole Webb Hace 15 días
You have the BEST songs
Isnihayah Binumbaran
Isnihayah Binumbaran Hace 16 días
One of the saddest song ever.
Olivia Lagasse
Olivia Lagasse Hace 17 días
I love this song, and it reminds me to cherish what little time we have in this world, and it makes me cry this is such a beautiful song, thank you.
Elijah Valenzuela
Elijah Valenzuela Hace 18 días
she is absolutely beautiful i cant get over that
Brandan 2091
Brandan 2091 Hace 18 días
My favorite country song
Joey Eberling
Joey Eberling Hace 18 días
I love this song
Audra Baldwin
Audra Baldwin Hace 18 días
Well that was a damn gut punch.
Zeref Dragneel
Zeref Dragneel Hace 22 días
Dammit I said I wouldn’t cry the next time I would watch this vid and here I am crying like a little baby
Turtle Box
Turtle Box Hace 22 días
that was soooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable! I am sobbing rn! He had her ashes?! OMG IM LITERALLY BALLING
Lynton Müller
Lynton Müller Hace 22 días
I'm not crying. You're crying. Shut up!
Jody Cassin
Jody Cassin Hace 24 días
wish you would put the lyrics under video lol so we could sing along haha
Aaron Thiboutot
Aaron Thiboutot Hace 28 días
One remarkable song, the feels though
Dermo Rush
Dermo Rush Hace 29 días
I wish he would've did a song for as they're growing up from "marry me" and then this song.
Lee Kirk
Lee Kirk Hace un mes
Anyone else wanna see thomas & his dad do a father’s day version of this? The idea literally just popped into my head lol
Sharon Wagner
Sharon Wagner Hace 28 días
Amen and Roll Tide!
mf princess smh
mf princess smh Hace un mes
Crying because of such masterpiece which I wont ever be able to relate because I have such bad luck 😭😭 but anyway s/o to those who have the good luck they deserve
Lux Meh
Lux Meh Hace un mes
God damn this man's songs 😭💗
Jane Rivers
Jane Rivers Hace un mes
this is so sad im cring
Jeremy Goo
Jeremy Goo Hace un mes
Will there be a Pt.3?
Asia Munns
Asia Munns Hace un mes
This song gets me every time I love this song I take love and his childhood
Koala's Hug
Koala's Hug Hace un mes
That song with its deep meaning should get at least 1bln views
Reka Douglas
Reka Douglas Hace un mes
im crying so hard my mother told me to shut up
Daniel Ibarra
Daniel Ibarra Hace 8 días
Reka I’m a guy and I’m very sorry if I upset you I wasn’t trying to hurt you or make fun of ur name I’m sorry
Reka Douglas
Reka Douglas Hace 8 días
are you a boy or a girl first of all
Reka Douglas
Reka Douglas Hace 8 días
@Daniel Ibarra so does it sound like a boy name no :\
Daniel Ibarra
Daniel Ibarra Hace 8 días
I’m sorry to upset you I’ve just never heard that name before for a man or woman
Reka Douglas
Reka Douglas Hace 8 días
@Daniel Ibarra im a female what u think my name is REKA
Jessica Love
Jessica Love Hace un mes
Why would you temp me
Stephanie Swafford
Stephanie Swafford Hace un mes
Beautiful song❤
Uriah Little Owl
Uriah Little Owl Hace un mes
This love story or mr. Fredrickson and ellie from Up?
Dani Plaza
Dani Plaza Hace un mes
may may
may may Hace un mes
I hate Thomas Rhett...he always makes me cry.
jesus_why Hace un mes
James Webb
James Webb Hace un mes
Also this carrying on from marry me is quality lmnl
James Webb
James Webb Hace un mes
Kerri Grandchamp
Kerri Grandchamp Hace un mes
I love this song, It is so heartfelt and touching. It is hard not crying threw most of it
Luz Amaya
Luz Amaya Hace un mes
www beautiful❤️
Kennedy Vlogs
Kennedy Vlogs Hace un mes
The Marry Me couple yessssss
10,000 subscribers with 0 videos before June
10,000 subscribers with 0 videos before June Hace un mes
My heart❤😭omg
Emma okz
Emma okz Hace un mes
15 likes and I will tell my crush he's cute 😳😳
Emma okz
Emma okz Hace un mes
Hello stranger scrolling through the comments late at night 😉
Charlie Thole
Charlie Thole Hace un mes
Has to be the best Thomas Rhett song in my opinion
may may
may may Hace un mes
No it's not..... cause it makes u cry so much.
Sha'liyah Hace un mes
soooo many people sleeping on this song 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 .
Bobby Underwood
Bobby Underwood Hace un mes
I'm not crying I got in the eye with a chunk off a might have nicked my feels too
may may
may may Hace un mes
Ahhhhh .....yeah me tooo
Riley Samantha
Riley Samantha Hace un mes
This song got me. I’ve lost 5 loved ones in the last 2 years. I’m only ten
may may
may may Hace un mes
I'm so sorry.
Blacio Jones
Blacio Jones Hace un mes
The younger guy looks similar to Mr. Keanu Reeves
Danny Hace un mes
This song would be perfect without the damn snap track.
StarMan99 and Alay Collins
StarMan99 and Alay Collins Hace un mes
Love this song
Kyle G
Kyle G Hace 2 meses
Jesus Christ is Lord, He loves you, He died for you, and He’ll never leave you. All we have to do is repent, meaning turn from our sin and be sorry enough to quit, and put our trust in Him. Think about eternity!
Edward Hace 7 días
Very true. 🙏
Princess Love
Princess Love Hace un mes
Kyle G ❤️❤️❤️
Fabio Gutierrez
Fabio Gutierrez Hace 2 meses
Katie Barbee
Katie Barbee Hace 2 meses
love it!
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth Hace 2 meses
My grandpa who is a 75 year old man he does not care for new country music, but he told me this reminded him of his wife that he was with for 50 years that passed away 2 years ago.
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth Hace un mes
@Roger Eldridge Bless you both <3
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth Hace un mes
yeah i can find a guy to last 5 days lol!!.
may may
may may Hace un mes
One day I hope to find love that can last for 50 years.
Roger Eldridge
Roger Eldridge Hace 2 meses
Bless you and your grandpa. I am 75, and my wife of 50+ yrs. passed away 5 1/2 yrs. ago...this video is very special to me.
Sword Walker
Sword Walker Hace 2 meses
Thank you Thomas I hope this will help a friend of mine with her life.
Yvonne Goodlow
Yvonne Goodlow Hace 2 meses
Lil Jessica, Shelia, Louis, Mommy...I'll always remember you young and I'll see you all there when I get to heaven. Missing each of you everyday 💖😢😢😢
Victoria Hollowell
Victoria Hollowell Hace 2 meses
When this song first started being played on the radio (around Christmas), A huge staple in my family passed away. He was my uncle Ray. My grandpa and Nana hvae know them since they were like twenty and this song reminds me SOO much of him. I really cant listen to this song without crying. Again he was a HUGE staple in our family and we hadnt expected it. We all loved him soo much and I cant forget him. He loved country music and hanging out with the family. As i am writing this I am also crying. I loved him soo much and he loved me and my sisters so much i cant. Thanks, Thomas Rhett for making this song. You are my favorite country singer and this song is really helpful for me.. So thanks......I love you all.
Lauren Zelle
Lauren Zelle Hace 2 meses
First time I have watched this video. Literally started crying 30 seconds in.
Casey L
Casey L Hace 2 meses
I liked it alot Not the end The end I hate I now have a bowl of tears
Patricia Flores Patiu
Patricia Flores Patiu Hace 2 meses
This is a perfect song for anniversaries 💜
Andy Hooper
Andy Hooper Hace 2 meses
Put some dang shoes on.
christian aders
christian aders Hace 2 meses
Man I lost my friend our junior year in 2012 to suicide and she hide it so well for someone being so popular this makes me wanna to go back befire that aweful day
Alyssa Hall
Alyssa Hall Hace 2 meses
We watched this in music class and we can't stop crying
Krithee Mustang 1010
Krithee Mustang 1010 Hace 2 meses
Lovely song ... lovely music ... can listen for several times ... 👌
Callum Harrison
Callum Harrison Hace 2 meses
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Who is listening this every day This video lovely 1:23 ❤ 👇👇👇🧡
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