This video is hard for girls to watch (emotional)

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Grab the tissues because these are comics about how hard girls have it episode 2.
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Frisk _TheFallenChild2
Frisk _TheFallenChild2 Hace 53 minutos
-laughs in i don’t have the lump-
Alex_gachagaming Hace un hora
My dad told me when I was little when u run and u get the cramps u aren’t breathing right while u run 🏃‍♀️ btw I used to love to run
Kelsey Aka gacha cinnamon
Kelsey Aka gacha cinnamon Hace 8 horas
I have both feet hanging off the bed my head is always near the center of the bed and most of my leg is hanging off the bed and I'm still comfortable
《【『CrøwThėAgėnt』】》 Hace 10 horas
Most girls: fancy clothing Me: t-shirt sweat pants and long shorts...ok?
Midnight Wolf
Midnight Wolf Hace 10 horas
I'm seating here watching this on my period, with no cramps, IDK if there's something wrong or if im just lucky
Melany Villegas
Melany Villegas Hace 11 horas
I have stomach cramps when I'm running too and what I do to make them go away is to put my hands at the back of my head and keep my arms in the air for about 5-6 minutes 🙃
Sarah McCoy
Sarah McCoy Hace 12 horas
Ok whenever I run or walk or move or breathe or exist I get those stomach cramp things and I call them side stitches and the best way I know of helping it to stop moving and put a lot of pressure on the place and it’ll eventually go away
Lydia Johnson
Lydia Johnson Hace 12 horas
Start walking on a treadmill. Then start jogging. Then go to the outside
Shadow Lust
Shadow Lust Hace 13 horas
I don’t get cramps but I do get headaches so bad to were I puke nonstop for awhile
Esther Perez
Esther Perez Hace 13 horas
It’s weird but I don’t get cramps
astrid duncan
astrid duncan Hace 14 horas
the cramps are called side stichtes and to fix them breathe out on your left side while running
Madelyn Constantine
Madelyn Constantine Hace 15 horas
How to stop cramps when ur running:if you feel the running cramps then put both hands on your head on top of each other then breathe deep breaths in and out until u feel better and u have the energy ( this also helps when ur out of breath) leave a like if this helped!
Zapped 128
Zapped 128 Hace 15 horas
I saw the shampoo bottle one and I liked this video immediately
Unprankable Hace 17 horas
Stretch everyday before u run
Jazmine Rubio
Jazmine Rubio Hace 19 horas
Jazmine Rubio
Jazmine Rubio Hace 19 horas
Teresa Trowell
Teresa Trowell Hace 20 horas
I don't know about stopping cramps while running but i find that if you sit in a chair with your feet on the chair too and push from where that annoying little crease is down and hold it for around 20 seconds the cramps go away for a decent amount of time
Khadija Mohamed
Khadija Mohamed Hace 20 horas
U start off slow then go faster (by day)( how to run and not get cramps 1on 1)
Arseniy Demkiv
Arseniy Demkiv Hace 22 horas
Happy day! I'm Glam Sureeeeeeee. I guess
Corrin Pritts
Corrin Pritts Hace 22 horas
Men wouldn’t know how it feels they don’t go through it so shut up it feels like someone is stabbing you in the stomach
Lamma Corns123456
Lamma Corns123456 Hace 22 horas
With the running cramps the way to prevent them is to remember to breath a bit harder
noob dood
noob dood Hace 23 horas
her: i have 0 patience me going insane after ordering a hoodie over a month ago
iiBxtchyVicky Hace un día
Please don't tell me how the cramps feel. I already know and it even hurts to talk about it 😥😵
naturegeek33 Hace un día
To. Stop the running cramps. I find that if you stretch your arms above your head or try to touch your toes. It might help
Phoebe Regier
Phoebe Regier Hace un día
All my friends say I’m lucky because I don’t get cramps when I’m on my period
Yuna Yuna
Yuna Yuna Hace un día
Its easy, before you go to run dont drink anything for like an hour or even more. Then you wont hurt when you run. It happens to me before x)
Mary Riddle
Mary Riddle Hace un día
to stop running cramps simply rech your arm up and they will go away.
Bin Bean
Bin Bean Hace un día
I feel you guurrrllll. The cramps tho. Drink lots of water it helps
Lyla Serrano
Lyla Serrano Hace un día
Kassie: {inserts bohemian rhapsody} Me: instant respect.
fucking gay
fucking gay Hace un día
I think that they don't put pockets on womens jeans because it'd too bulky.........
Riley Barna
Riley Barna Hace un día
16:08 drink water
Amanda Intveld
Amanda Intveld Hace un día
To help the cramps drink lemonade it really helps . THIS IS COMING FROM A GIRL
chimchim souras
chimchim souras Hace un día
The only thing you can relly do for the cramps when running is try not to take deep breaths of it with hurt more and will last longer
Singing Tacos
Singing Tacos Hace un día
It helps if you just don’t breath out of your mouth and just your nose then most of the pain 🙂
that123catgirl/ fun videos
that123catgirl/ fun videos Hace un día
16:17 agreed
Isabel Lurain
Isabel Lurain Hace un día
**HOW TO STOP STOMACH CRAMPS** 1.Lay on floor 2.Cry 3.Make sure everyone feels your pain
shyeli s
shyeli s Hace un día
Try streacking before a run
Hannah Collinge
Hannah Collinge Hace un día
Side aches not cramps, when you go on a run, I hate them too
Noemi Mate
Noemi Mate Hace un día
16:14 massage the side of your stomach
conner's channel
conner's channel Hace un día
all the boys dosent know what its like
Daniele Kyle
Daniele Kyle Hace un día
a heating pad
Juul Hoskens
Juul Hoskens Hace un día
Roblox Girl
Roblox Girl Hace 2 días
16:09 I get what u mean. If u r not doing this already, when u run do for example, one min of running and 30 secs of walking (use a small route like a park or back garden to find out what works for you). Also, something that worked for me is bringing a bottle/ flask of cold water. Like, icy, numbingly cold water. It’s also pretty effective to run with friends or relatives, to sort of not have to struggle alone. These are strategies that worked for me, I hope this helps!! 👍👍
gacha life shadow
gacha life shadow Hace 2 días
It have to me two times when like my family want to go to the lake but I can't go swimming so we just have to go somewhere else and on memorial day my mom decided to go to the lake but I have again
Amanda's Vibes
Amanda's Vibes Hace 2 días
Tell me when i get cramps i squeeze the living jesus out of my stomach 😂 please tell me im not the only one cuz it honestly helps the pain
Nisfir chan H
Nisfir chan H Hace 2 días
Bruh,the one with leg out,nu-hu,the demon will grab u gurl. THAT IS LITERALLY ME!
BadArtist3000 Hace 2 días
The whole time that you're running/walking or jogging breath in through your nose and out through you mouth to prevent the cramps from happening
Jessica Padilla
Jessica Padilla Hace 2 días
Take a deep breath and then hold it for a 5 8 secs then it's not so bad
Thalia Carrillo
Thalia Carrillo Hace 2 días
Drink more water
Monica Ramirez
Monica Ramirez Hace 2 días
To get rid of cramps you have to lift up the leg that is on the side where the cramp is on you and then you massage the cramp
Fox Demon
Fox Demon Hace 2 días
To stop ze cramps you have to get used to running So keep running every day
Space Cat
Space Cat Hace 2 días
I eat a lot, and I mean A LOT at EVERY meal and snack in between, I eat more then both parents, when we ate breakfast with my dad’s friend she said that I put them all to shame, I eat like there’s no tomorrow! I eat the way Hamilton writes (I really hope somebody got that), I choose to be PROUD! I eat how I want you can call me a gluten! You can call me disgusting! I will eat how and what I want and OWN IT! If people guilt you for eating like the video says tell them “I eat how I want!” And remember you CAN’T be worse then me!
Lucas Williams
Lucas Williams Hace 2 días
My dog ded
job phone
job phone Hace 2 días
I dont get cramps thankfully 😀
Oria Sanders
Oria Sanders Hace 2 días
To stop the "cramps" you have to push through it and keep going it will stop if you stay consistent. In soccer we call them stitches it happens at the beginning of each season and goes away after a few days or weeks. Its nateral.
Infinity Life
Infinity Life Hace 2 días
Girls, let's cry together
Judson McIntosh
Judson McIntosh Hace 2 días
Being a girl is harder than being a boy. I told my older brother about a girl's period and he was TARAFID and he has respected me from that day on
Bluebobcat AG
Bluebobcat AG Hace 3 días
Kalise Saylor
Kalise Saylor Hace 3 días
to stop cramps is to sleep and drink water and go walking it workes trust me gloom
Sakura The Banshee
Sakura The Banshee Hace 3 días
Don't run, speedwalk. Running exausts you suuuuper quick and you're so tired it's hard to walk afterward, speed walking, in my case, is faster, saves more energy, and you can still live afterward
Elise Tellinga
Elise Tellinga Hace 3 días
When you get cramps while running that means that you don’t breathe like the way you should’ve, if you have them you can hold your arms up and walk for a while till it’s gone or less. Ps. I’m from the Netherlands sorry if my English was incorrect.
Boas Horsch
Boas Horsch Hace 3 días
I'm a runner I have to keep running over and over and sometimes I keep my hands up while I'm running even tho I look crazy
Queen Q
Queen Q Hace 3 días
The overheating one always gets me every night
ɮɨ0ɢɨʀʟ_Ӽ-ֆӄʊʟʟ plays
ɮɨ0ɢɨʀʟ_Ӽ-ֆӄʊʟʟ plays Hace 3 días
Okay the period thing Is WAAAYYY worse for me because I tend to forget how much it HURTS! I have mine every.....well not even every month, my last one lasted 16 days. (I have PCOS)
Cami Mark
Cami Mark Hace 3 días
But I am not fat?
ChocolateLover_ RobloxGachaLife
ChocolateLover_ RobloxGachaLife Hace 3 días
That is me with leather chairs
Xenomorph Gamer
Xenomorph Gamer Hace 3 días
you cant call terry without a phone tho
MidnightDragon72 Animates
MidnightDragon72 Animates Hace 3 días
I ALWAYS get those cramps, and i think the best thing to do is drink a ton of gatorade. But thats my recommendation.
Spacekitten Gurrl :3
Spacekitten Gurrl :3 Hace 3 días
17:22 I don’t eat a lot I only eat once a day!😅 Don’t judge 😅I’m 99% skinny 😅😅😅😅😅
Ruby Rollins
Ruby Rollins Hace 3 días
Here is the solution to your shorts problem: Take old pants, cut them a couple inches linger than how long you want them to be, roll up end so that the cut arks are not seen.
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