This SOUND Makes You POOP! I Craft a Funny Prank Gadget for DIY Tricks & Hacks to Find Hacker Crush

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Exposing Project Zorgo

Exposing Project Zorgo

Hace un mes

I Make People Poop Their Pants!
After Chad Wild Clay made the video "LAST To LEAVE FACETIME Call Wins Prom Tickets To Reveal Vy Qwaint's Ex-Boyfriend Crush Challenge", Vy Qwaint created "I Went to PROM to Reveal my Ex Boyfriend Hacker Crush at GKC School! Chad & Vy have a Date Dance", Regina filmed "REGINA vs CHAD WILD CLAY BATTLE ROYALE! Escape Project Zorgo Trap in 24 hours with Funny DIY Hacks", Melvin tricked Chad in "I CHALLENGE Chad Wild Clay to a Fortnite Battle Royale, Tik Tok Dance, & Water Bottle Flip Kick", and Daniel uploaded "MINECRAFT vs SPY NINJAS to Reveal Vy's Best Friend from GKC School Crazy Craft Flowers (Extreme)" to the Exposing Project Zorgo ESwomen channel, we discover we need to attend a virtual online prom to find Vy's ex-boyfriend or best friend who still has a crush on her! Daniel and Regina set up online dating profiles, however, Daniel made a Promposal and now they are going to the dance together. Chad and PZ9 Melvin decided to hack their way into the prom since they didn't get tickets. While at the dance, Vy Qwaint, Daniel, and Regina were interviewing hackers trying to figure out which one is the secret mystery crush. They met a hacker wearing a heart-shaped mask who was Vy's old best friend from school and wanted to date her. He was about to do a face reveal when Chad and Melvin snuck into the dance and the whole thing was shut down. We need to learn the identity of that secret crush which is why I've created a new invention called the transducer! I used the blueprints Perlita recovered from Project Zorgo to build it. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!
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Exposing Project Zorgo
Exposing Project Zorgo Hace un mes
What it 'DOO DOO' Spy Ninjas? Haha! You guys believe my invention works right!?
Thad Ultimate
Thad Ultimate Hace 16 días
Why is pz2 is comenting danny boy ???
Suri Arrisa
Suri Arrisa Hace 18 días
Hi Danny boy
Suri Arrisa
Suri Arrisa Hace 18 días
Kaiden Mace
Kaiden Mace Hace un mes
Sara Shoup
Sara Shoup Hace un mes
brainmare I do!
Montrell Joseph
Montrell Joseph Hace un minuto
He pooped his pants
Sai Nayan T
Sai Nayan T Hace un hora
Bella Anandra
Bella Anandra Hace un hora
En why deniel wer eng e diper or u e beby
Vesham Bahadur
Vesham Bahadur Hace un hora
For real
Cameron Carriker
Cameron Carriker Hace un hora
love u
T’Keilah Holmes
T’Keilah Holmes Hace 2 horas
31417 1 7 4 3 5141
yamin pro
yamin pro Hace 3 horas
Chad is probly embarressed cuz cocomelon has 80 million subcribers
Tayf Kiswani
Tayf Kiswani Hace 4 horas
There was someone by the door at 3:32 when you were screaming. because there was a shadow.
Co fi
Co fi Hace 5 horas
Hipz1iyrlo Pz1. Edchadwjcbrd
Jms Hace 8 horas
Gilda Abiva
Gilda Abiva Hace 9 horas
I am very excited
Dennis Abel
Dennis Abel Hace 11 horas
So mean
jorge rivas
jorge rivas Hace 12 horas
That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard Daniel crazy why are you wearing diapers that’s for babies that’s like 314 Always wearing diapers
Shyalee Webber
Shyalee Webber Hace 12 horas
I hope Daniel inventoin work
Shyalee Webber
Shyalee Webber Hace 12 horas
I hope Daniel inventoin
Asya Bilgili
Asya Bilgili Hace 13 horas
By and chad you might get lost
Asya Bilgili
Asya Bilgili Hace 13 horas
314 is soo funny
Jonelle Edwards
Jonelle Edwards Hace 14 horas
Stop acting
Brent O'Connell
Brent O'Connell Hace 14 horas
I love you
Lahnee Bennetts
Lahnee Bennetts Hace 14 horas
How old are All of The spy ninjas
Alexis bordonada
Alexis bordonada Hace 16 horas
Alyssa Pan
Alyssa Pan Hace 17 horas
I’m new
Ruby_ Roblox369
Ruby_ Roblox369 Hace 18 horas
Did any one hear that chad said that his dream was about Daniel
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia Hace 15 horas
Hey this is me a b and one wide and thing is wearing diaper
Subbing To everyone who Subs to me!!!
Subbing To everyone who Subs to me!!! Hace 18 horas
Hello👋 (Read my name😏)
Claire Stoves
Claire Stoves Hace 19 horas
I love you so much can i meet you
Hunter Dyl
Hunter Dyl Hace 20 horas
Anna & June Play adopt me
Anna & June Play adopt me Hace 20 horas
Omg hi I want to met u
Reese Davis
Reese Davis Hace 22 horas
Alyssa Countryman
Alyssa Countryman Hace 23 horas
How do you make that thing?
Ellie Yang
Ellie Yang Hace 23 horas
Ellie Yang
Ellie Yang Hace 23 horas
DMxLR Hace un día
Just shut up and wake up that’s my ninjas
SeatGuru Looking
SeatGuru Looking Hace un día
Tuesday Camp
Tuesday Camp Hace un día
Can you make a gameing chanel
Tuesday Camp
Tuesday Camp Hace un día
how old are you Daniel
Alexa Tamez
Alexa Tamez Hace un día
Huge update tttghuuuuuytfgbnj
Trashdoesstuff []
Trashdoesstuff [] Hace un día
I love aweys
Ben Otchere
Ben Otchere Hace un día
Junior Mike Malipa
Junior Mike Malipa Hace un día
You are the best people 😄😄😄😄
Ayra Gurung
Ayra Gurung Hace un día
KILLER FALL Hace un día
Why did chad an vy sleep on a beenbag not a bed?
Andi Vasquez
Andi Vasquez Hace un día
Funny Daniel
Itz Nyy
Itz Nyy Hace un día
Haqeem Erdi
Haqeem Erdi Hace un día
Judith Rogers
Judith Rogers Hace un día
Are the Hackers real
Wanderly Lozano
Wanderly Lozano Hace un día
robert grimes
robert grimes Hace un día
Can we be friends
robert grimes
robert grimes Hace un día
Hey Daniel tell by and Chad can you make a couple fittings videos
Ubencia Ogando
Ubencia Ogando Hace un día
maivtswb yaj
maivtswb yaj Hace un día
Justin Jose
Justin Jose Hace un día
Have a juice work for project Zorgo
Marie Fox
Marie Fox Hace un día
Rosa Ramirez
Rosa Ramirez Hace un día
Ew chad your so gross
Adrainne Mclemore
Adrainne Mclemore Hace un día
Jjdjdjdj Ddd
Hyper Man
Hyper Man Hace un día
words World
words World Hace un día
yes yes yes yes yes
Liz A merman
Liz A merman Hace un día
Whitney 1
Romeo Morayls
Romeo Morayls Hace un día
Haha Daniel has a diaper
Gary Thibodeau
Gary Thibodeau Hace un día
Brady Vath
Brady Vath Hace un día
How old is dark when you’re inside and when you go outside it’s light
Hace un día
I am on your side Daniel Regina Ve Queen Chad wild clay
Hace 2 días
Awwwwww Daniel
Derek Harmsworth
Derek Harmsworth Hace 2 días
Judy Ross
Judy Ross Hace 2 días
Jiwoo Kim
Jiwoo Kim Hace 2 días
some one was out side
Suzanne Galloway
Suzanne Galloway Hace 2 días
yes and yeet
Deal Art
Deal Art Hace 2 días
I lauhg when daneil youse that thing to wake chad and vy
Fahad Aljuwaisri
Fahad Aljuwaisri Hace 2 días
No why are you wearing a diaper
Mayed Almakrani
Mayed Almakrani Hace 2 días
But by when you see a hacker rip his mask
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