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Half Life Alyx Chapter 7: Jeff will go down as one of the best moments in videogame history!
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jacksepticeye Hace 2 meses
Jeff will getcha!
dr isaac kleiner
dr isaac kleiner Hace un día
jeff is a fine specemin
Trent Norton
Trent Norton Hace 4 días
hey jack hear this quote please"In Chapter 7, vodka bottles found around the distillery are used by Alyx as the primary means to control and evade Jeff. Alyx throws them, and Jeff is lured toward wherever each one is destroyed. These can be stored in Alyx's wrist pockets for convenience, and as a place to hang on to a bottle to give to Russell (for the achievement Team Spirit)"- half life wiki
Dylan Mcclaine
Dylan Mcclaine Hace 26 días
Savage Team
Savage Team Hace un mes
jiff. Sorry jeff
Sander Kambskard
Sander Kambskard Hace un mes
It pains me to see you aren't putting the batteries in your hand pockets
Daniel Meyer
Daniel Meyer Hace 19 horas
I was cracking up the whole time. After what Jeff did to me, I had to see someone else's reaction. When I realized I had to let Jeff go to turn the power on. I had to turn the game off and take a break.
cory burdge
cory burdge Hace 21 un hora
jack: how are you still alive combine: i have no idea 2:02
Adam Shahrul
Adam Shahrul Hace 2 días
Poor Headcrab :( 43:47
Hurt Kitty
Hurt Kitty Hace 2 días
How much is the vr set he’s using
Hurt Kitty
Hurt Kitty Hace 2 días
My name Jeff
Louis Greenland
Louis Greenland Hace 3 días
To anyone who is scared by this on 2D, this is absolutely terrifying in VR
Maddison Kennedy
Maddison Kennedy Hace 4 días
I went and played Hal-Life, Half-Life Blue Shift, Half-Life Opposing Force, Black Mesa, Half-Life 2 Chapter 1 and Half-Life 2 Chapter 2 for the first time in my life just so I could watch Jack play this without getting confused 😂
Corwin Koehler
Corwin Koehler Hace 5 días
It's called a fucking respirator, but the video is still good
David Martin
David Martin Hace 5 días
Bro Jeff’s no joke. He’s a absolute beast.
yeety Boi
yeety Boi Hace 5 días
It’s kinda like a quiet place but you can talk
Ethan Spears
Ethan Spears Hace 6 días
Incoming jeff reference!
Scoutpandapal Hace 6 días
Yeah yeah even though I had nobody to talk to, when I was covering my mouth I felt like I couldn't open it.
Ethan Spears
Ethan Spears Hace 6 días
You only drink vodka if your a slav russian
Primordial Ghoul
Primordial Ghoul Hace 6 días
The amount of times Jack forgot to cover his mouth is crazy
[HT] Villince
[HT] Villince Hace 6 días
This series is giving me Jack's Luigi's mansion Vibes
My Brain Works
My Brain Works Hace 7 días
Jeff i hate you but i love you
Zacco Hace 8 días
I just finished this chapter, and wanted to know how he would play it. He did pretty much everything that I did, but faster. But he also did 2 small things that I didn't do. I used the filing cabinet to keep the fence open so I could get the 3rd power core, and in the room where you get the 2nd power core, I grabbed the bottle out of the bread box thing before it hit the ground and alerted Jeff. Oh yeah! I squished jeff in the trash compactor too!
steve gagné
steve gagné Hace 10 días
Why did you not kill Jeff, its the only reason I watched this, to see your reaction squishing him
Nick the Player213
Nick the Player213 Hace 10 días
Jeff is my dad. :3
RageBot 308
RageBot 308 Hace 11 días
Me: *sees jack with two screwdrivers* Also me: *hitman agent 47 flashbacks*
Nick the Player213
Nick the Player213 Hace 11 días
*My name Jeff*
Panda Hace 11 días
I swear, that opening orchestral piece when he opened Jeff’s door is music straight from my nightmares. There would seriously be music like that when the scary thing was revealed in the dream. This was THE most intense gaming experience I’ve ever had, playing through this for the first time, even more than a top 10 situation in PUBG (when that game was as big as it was). Fucking best game I’ve ever played.
Northern Lights
Northern Lights Hace 11 días
Jack said *Cries in Irish* I am complete
Sailor Centauri
Sailor Centauri Hace 11 días
It's kind of obvious, but people want a non-VR version because a lot of people have motion sickness trouble with VR or can't afford to buy a headset for one game they'd like to play.
LiLCLEMO Hace 11 días
This level cost me £300 to buy a new tv , i chucked a bottle of vodka at Jeff and punched my tv :)
Satiric Feline7
Satiric Feline7 Hace 11 días
At least 55:36 I felt like I was about to shit my pants in fear 😱
Hoang Hai Vu
Hoang Hai Vu Hace 11 días
Jacksepticeye half life Alyx in a nut shell: this is bloody easy - ow ow ow ow fuck jesus christ - sitting pointblank infront of combine - this is amazing
Hoang Hai Vu
Hoang Hai Vu Hace 11 días
Jacksepticeye half life Alyx in a nut shell: this is bloody easy - ow ow ow ow fuck jesus christ - sitting pointblank infront of combine - this is amazing
Subject To Change
Subject To Change Hace 12 días
He’s wearing two hard hats and he doesn’t even notice... lol
Luke Habetz
Luke Habetz Hace 13 días
Jeff is like a clicker from The Last of Us
omega Sayin
omega Sayin Hace 13 días
Chandler Cox
Chandler Cox Hace 14 días
59:30 Me: shoot that asshole. Jeff: Referee😝
Chandler Cox
Chandler Cox Hace 14 días
Reeeeee not referee.😋
Jalex Hace 14 días
Am I the only one who noticed the fact that Jefff gave off the spores that made Alyx cough immediatley
SkylordMax Hace 14 días
I enjoy how when you're playing through Jeff, your reaction to having to go back in is, "Good, I was hoping we'd get more, fuckin' awesome." Meanwhile when I played through it, my reaction was "Oh god please no! Why!?!" Jeff is absolutely terrifying.
Wesley Bowles
Wesley Bowles Hace 15 días
My name jeff
NFS9111 Hace 15 días
I just tried to do this mission and I have quit out of fear. I thought jeff alone was scary enough and then the lights cut out. I'm done for the day
Game Bunny
Game Bunny Hace 18 días
Jack:Get out of here with that vodka bullshit! Every Slav in the world:So you have chosen death!
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez Hace 18 días
33:02 that guy’s a bit quirky but funny, he a bit cringey too
Max Leonard
Max Leonard Hace 19 días
jack talking about face masks and the like at about approx 15:30 really hits different in May of 2020
SkellytonSkell Hace 19 días
Trying to get a midnight snack: The level.
Seth Heusted
Seth Heusted Hace 19 días
I’m not the only one who was actually holding my breath while watching this, right?
Shelby Anderson
Shelby Anderson Hace 20 días
The entire Jeff situation is the first part of this game so far that is actually making me feel genuine fear lmao. Like, ive had to pause and take a break a few times because i was (and am at the point of writing this because im at 42:51 rn) so scared. THIS IS SUCH A GOOD GAMEEEEE
Big Boi Tyrone
Big Boi Tyrone Hace 21 un día
Jack:"vodka sucks" Me: *laughs nervously in russian* Правильно..... (right)
Allon Yahuda Levy
Allon Yahuda Levy Hace 22 días
i love vodka
Lord Yeetus
Lord Yeetus Hace 22 días
Schuychu Hace 24 días
utradroid 87
utradroid 87 Hace 26 días
Charkit Hace 26 días
10:14 it sounds like the Cryptosuccus from Subnautica lmao
Jacob Swanson
Jacob Swanson Hace 26 días
Did anyone else ever let Jeff out of the trash compactor after opening the hatch, or was it just me?
Karl Schwendson-Dirks
Karl Schwendson-Dirks Hace 27 días
is it just me or does jack find much more ammo than me when i look the same places
Jordan Coleman
Jordan Coleman Hace 27 días
23:26 loads shotgun with medical intent
Dragon _bio
Dragon _bio Hace 28 días
Use barnecels those things above you to kill jeff
Dragon _bio
Dragon _bio Hace 28 días
Jack you can kill Jeff with barnecels those those things on the obove you Jeff will be eaten by it
Donk Fortess
Donk Fortess Hace 29 días
I love how you can see how in some moments with Jeff, Sean is genuinely terrified.
Robloxomatic Hace 29 días
Rei Uno
Rei Uno Hace un mes
Only thing scarier then dis video is how low my battery is
Fr0zen c00kiez
Fr0zen c00kiez Hace un mes
Marjan Stuckart
Marjan Stuckart Hace un mes
"You only drink vodka when necessary and even then it's questionable" - Sean American college students: (*_*)
brixthechillgamer Xx_realgamer_xX
brixthechillgamer Xx_realgamer_xX Hace un mes
Jeff piss my self and fucking crap my pants omg fucking Jeff
XxRedvsBluefanxX Hace un mes
I wanna play the new Halo but I can't because I don't have an Xbox one or Xbox gen x
Søck -
Søck - Hace un mes
Dual-wield the vodka i-
GLOB Hace un mes
I really wish I could afford an Oculus because these kind of experiences would be amazing.
VroodenTheGreat Hace un mes
Jeff is possibly the best level I ever played in any game, ever. When I found out I had to let Jeff out again... oh man. I was also going to leave Jeff alive, but he was making so much noise I went back in there and pressed the button just to shut him up. He was trying to kill me, after all, so I'll call it self defense.
Joseph Rocco
Joseph Rocco Hace un mes
21:29 Jack plays YuGiOh?
Jaaa C
Jaaa C Hace un mes
oh man a screamer. got to keep the attention of the fruit flies i guess.
Tanaka Sensei
Tanaka Sensei Hace un mes
I've been using this as background noise mostly because I start getting a headache when I watch the action for too long - especially when the tracking glitches and the view either suddenly jumps forward or jumps backward. I'm glad I don't have VR, since I would be constantly motion-sick...and I'm not sure I'd be able to handle a headcrab that close to my face.
B45h[ ] r
B45h[ ] r Hace un mes
My name is Jeff
Kanat Tasanov
Kanat Tasanov Hace un mes
I hate you Sean
Commisar Lenin
Commisar Lenin Hace un mes
2:25 1: yes vodka is good 2: Russell loves vodka, good man 3: JACKSEPTICEYE WESTERN DEBIL
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