This Goose RUINED my Minecraft Experience

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Hace 2 meses

I'm just tryna get diamonds and this goose be all up in my business.
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Desktop Goose by samperson
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SMii7Y Hace 2 meses
Hey! Thanks for checking out the video. Hopefully you enjoyed it! Just a heads up that recently ESwomen has been having some issues with notifying existing subscribers about new videos. Make sure to check your other favorite channels to make sure you haven't missed an upload!
thatfreakingloser Hace 7 días
u should do this but in Rainbow Six Seige
Juicy Justin
Juicy Justin Hace 14 días
SMii7Y play csgo with the goose pllllzzzz
beau uroza
beau uroza Hace 17 días
Pls more gøøse
Felix Cuerden
Felix Cuerden Hace 26 días
Play the goose game with the goose
Helli Hellwig
Helli Hellwig Hace 27 días
You know some guy made a minecraft-goose you could use for a video right? It's pretty funny to watch.
Pokémon Trainer Hilbert
Pokémon Trainer Hilbert Hace 14 horas
7:07 How's it going BYZE? Leave a like if you get the reference.
gameking8 Hace 23 horas
Its Pocket Edition That ur Mouse Flys Around
lopie lp
lopie lp Hace un día
Petition to make this a full series
Jesse Bodell
Jesse Bodell Hace un día
Csgo with goose?!
fredrik folde
fredrik folde Hace un día
Please do moooore goose minecraft😍😍
Ryan Mahoney
Ryan Mahoney Hace un día
I love it when the goose boot gangs your mouse
Mememandan Isgreat
Mememandan Isgreat Hace 2 días
WhisperOn Hace 2 días
Smii7y) this is not going to be bad 10 minutes later it's hell here
Marinus Voets
Marinus Voets Hace 2 días
>o) (_>
lera Z
lera Z Hace 2 días
“the peace was never an option “ well that didn’t age well
Multy 2222
Multy 2222 Hace 2 días
can you play SKYRIM with that goose?
sapphire gaming
sapphire gaming Hace 3 días
smii7y lisen here little shit
DorksAlot Hace 3 días
Thank God this is real so I can get it
OnitTaji anime
OnitTaji anime Hace 3 días
9MoonWolf Hace 3 días
I want desktop goose on oculus
thegrumpyfatcat 2
thegrumpyfatcat 2 Hace 3 días
whats this seed
the way to Niflheim
the way to Niflheim Hace 4 días
this entire vid feels like an outro with more memes and a crazy goos
Dran_____ Hace 6 días
There are 2 types of people playing minecraft. One that destroys spawners when they find dungeons, and the ones like us that just deactivates them because we can use them for mob farms. Oh yeah! And of course the typical survival trick with torches.
KylarTyphlosion Hace 6 días
Goose + ranked r6 seige
Wise Slay3r
Wise Slay3r Hace 6 días
i think the goose can see cause when you found coal it said good work and i won a game of cod mw and he said good work i think it works for the goverment
StarWing Gaming
StarWing Gaming Hace 6 días
I cannot believe that I got an untitled goose game ad on this video!
Tricksty / Mushydoggo55
Tricksty / Mushydoggo55 Hace 10 días
Btw the goose is a virus
JPlays GameZ
JPlays GameZ Hace 10 días
Do golf it with john the goose
GhostTitan74 Hace 11 días
2:40 the ominous music what is it
Hunner Hace 12 días
1:42 it’s Grizzy
Armin Mahmuljin
Armin Mahmuljin Hace 12 días
Please do more I laugh so hard
Whoosh-If-Gay Hace 12 días
What if the Goose deleted himself
CalmMosquito492 Hace 12 días
Funny if the goose deleted Minecraft
Joseph Granados
Joseph Granados Hace 12 días
Smii7y you have to use this while playing CSGO
Mate kovacs
Mate kovacs Hace 12 días
Next time use a virtual machine
Caleb Pennington
Caleb Pennington Hace 13 días
Play dark souls with the goose
Maxim Pyke
Maxim Pyke Hace 13 días
Smii7y try to play Gold with friends but everyone has the goose for even more content. If they do not want to download it then it's fine.
Marsh Narsh
Marsh Narsh Hace 13 días
The goose and CS:GO
Simon 'Ghost' Riley
Simon 'Ghost' Riley Hace 13 días
Eliashu Hace 13 días
I am downloading... *The Goose*
Goose Hace 14 días
What the the problem, you don’t like my HONKS
Barry Letzler
Barry Letzler Hace 14 días
what about the goose with Rainbow Six?
Tegan Ralf
Tegan Ralf Hace 14 días
I downloaded the goose and I was trying to figure out how to remove it but I accidentally kept making more
Xach Baker
Xach Baker Hace 15 días
Umm the "poops" were mud
PreddyBoi Hace 15 días
i have the goose on my screen as im watching this video..
Exotic Butters
Exotic Butters Hace 15 días
Hey smii7y, you should try and beat a campaign in left 4 dead 2, with the goose
A-pex_312 Hace 16 días
That was one of the funniest videos I’ve seen
fluxxyYT Hace 17 días
yall ever just watch this with the desktop goose on???
soldier Elite
soldier Elite Hace 17 días
SMii7Y Rainbow Six Siege with the goose
teh biskuit
teh biskuit Hace 17 días
He seriously play survival mode with quake pro fov
Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness Hace 18 días
Rainbow six siege with the goose???
PIKACHU Hace 19 días
I need more!
random Random
random Random Hace 19 días
Smii7y: " this goose is deleting files" Goose: *deletes recording*
Oakley Welch
Oakley Welch Hace 20 días
Play Rust with the Goose!
Oakley Welch
Oakley Welch Hace 20 días
The goose is a virus, but a friendly memer virus
metaleva Hace 20 días
You need to bring it back for your other videos lol this was hilarious
Isayro Zoodsma
Isayro Zoodsma Hace 20 días
Hey SMii7Y. Just imagine this videa already but you get some more people such as for example: nogla, terroriser, wildcat, Ect. and have them install the goose. It’s not necessary but its just an idea. Have a nise day. HONK
Yua_The_Moe Hace 20 días
I looked it up, he's not deleting anything or pooping, he's tracking mud around.
BEPIS Hace 20 días
I love geese
Nathan Hall
Nathan Hall Hace 21 un día
Turn off pause on unfocus if you do more mods like this.
Official Elon Musk YouTube Channel
Official Elon Musk YouTube Channel Hace 21 un día
This ought to be a series of playing different games with this program and different pictures every time.
Mia미아 Hace 21 un día are only a month and one day older than me. Why did I thought that you are either younger or few years older than me?
Dragonknight 42
Dragonknight 42 Hace 22 días
you should have the Goose while playing Uno hehe
Draconis Hace 23 días
Smitty im sure you knew this already being a meme deity but you can mod the goose
jonathan vargas
jonathan vargas Hace 23 días
try super hot pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee with the goose :)
P00P P05T
P00P P05T Hace 23 días
U should try and defuse bomb why the goose distracts u
Majestic_ BeatDatMeowmeow
Majestic_ BeatDatMeowmeow Hace 23 días
He should make a mobile version
bloodsteelangel Hace 24 días
Dose it delete files?
Username Hace 24 días
He's Tra king mud on you're screen not poop
Chandler Henshaw
Chandler Henshaw Hace 24 días
Im on day 602 on my hardcore world and have never ONCE seen a skeleton spawner.
{• кιм •}
{• кιм •} Hace 24 días
Hi How Are Ya //Chaoz
Hi How Are Ya //Chaoz Hace 25 días
I love how smitty just organizes the memes
mlkforever2010 Hace 25 días
Please do more
Timber Pascoe
Timber Pascoe Hace 25 días
I dont usually like watching ppl play games by themselves but this was mwah *chef kiss* 👌👌
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