The Young Thug Interview

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No Jumper

No Jumper

Hace 4 meses

I have always dreamed of interviewing Young Thug. I finally got my chance last week at Wireless fest in London. I just asked and he shrugged and said okay. We discussed some new artists he's excited about including Juice Wrld, Lil Keed and Lil Nas X, if Thug would really make a good president, what it's like having succeeded on such a level, thoughts on his early record deals and much more. Enjoy!
Recorded at Wireless Festival in London, UK.

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young thugyoung thug interviewno jumper interviewno jumper

No Jumper
No Jumper Hace 4 meses
subscribe we getting close to 3 million!!! SHOUT OUT TO THUG THE GOAT
Julien Gaviria
Julien Gaviria Hace 9 días
Wayne is the GOAT
pbg jay
pbg jay Hace un mes
y’all know who 1sayso is on IG?
So Much Fun
So Much Fun Hace un mes
@STP 09 Thug the real Goat tho
STP 09
STP 09 Hace 2 meses
Lots of G.O.A.T.S. these days...
Jj jj
Jj jj Hace 3 horas
That boy got a twitch.. he can't stop moving..just say no 🚫
9FPS Playboy
9FPS Playboy Hace 21 un hora
0:13 ive known that face since i was a kid. its when you agree to do something you really dont wana do.
CrypDownFoeMarvin Hace un día
Thug whuss on sum fyeee
Gabriel Lentz
Gabriel Lentz Hace 2 días
Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice Hace 4 días
Get this fake ass lil Wayne wanna be da fuck outtttaaaaa heeeeee
Sheku Massallay
Sheku Massallay Hace 4 días
So much fun
Jersey 973EO
Jersey 973EO Hace 5 días
No won’t stop moving wtf drugs
Brian Wang
Brian Wang Hace 6 días
I'm feelin geeked just by watching Thug talk and touch random shit
Mike Powell
Mike Powell Hace 6 días
🗣 Young Thug sneaking and geeking PeeWee Longway voice🤣🤣😁👌🏿
Rick67 Hace 7 días
he off the opiates
First Class
First Class Hace 7 días
3:18 Why did Adam stand up 🤣🤣🥺
fade mekanikz barbershop
fade mekanikz barbershop Hace 7 días
This dude cAnt sit still smh. Like he kicking a habit smh. Godbless the young 🙏💪💯🤦‍♂️
Honald Trinton
Honald Trinton Hace 7 días
“We only know Tarzan as a handsome guy in the jungle” okey dokey then
Darius Amos
Darius Amos Hace 7 días
Thugger : This is me The label right here This the sun Adam: You notice they got wooden forks out here 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂💀
Big Nel
Big Nel Hace 5 días
Adam: Crazy Right !? Thug: That is crazy 😒... In that VERY moment, thug sobered up and asked himself..... is this nigga high 🤔
gxbrxxl' Hace 7 días
21:55 That was hard af how they got up at the same time and then the beat went in
Walmart Larry
Walmart Larry Hace 16 horas
thats some crazy shit
Zawazuki Hace 9 días
This dude just casually playing with his hair like a chick, he off da bean! i'm dead
ThaGoblin Hace 10 días
It's like watching a dyslexic trying to read a paper on quantum physics.. Why do people give this man money?
Alio Malok
Alio Malok Hace 13 días
Andy Donoghue
Andy Donoghue Hace 14 días
Man's tweaking like fuck
Rhett Rominger
Rhett Rominger Hace 14 días
I love how Adam try’s to justify Thugs presidential shit by saying Trump made it so anybody can do it😂😂as if that’s enough to like make a legitimate political argument.
YuSoQt Hace 17 días
Them percs a muthafucka he just stood up outta nowhere he high as hell
YuSoQt Hace 17 días
Adam bitch ass lying he didn’t listen to hatian slang when it first dropped he just looked that shit up
Yunq Haq
Yunq Haq Hace 17 días
young thugga thugga
Iamnuck83 Hace 18 días
Thugger definitely on the slopes ⛷ here !
daniel ohcoa
daniel ohcoa Hace 20 días
Adam got no Love from Future lmao he was looking sad like BRUHH AINT GONNA SAY WASSUP AT ALL DAMMM COLD MF
Trey Saliento
Trey Saliento Hace 21 un día
21:45 honestly think young thug said “ Yeah I care about him” because he was talking about his father at the moment
Chinoo Mplvt
Chinoo Mplvt Hace 23 días
Legend says he still twitching till this day
Chinoo Mplvt
Chinoo Mplvt Hace 23 días
YT fidgeting like a mutha fuckka
Marc Daniels
Marc Daniels Hace 23 días
I like how they both got up at one time at the end
Jae Swish
Jae Swish Hace 24 días
13:07 When Thug Said “This The Sun” I Wanted To Hear What He Was Gone Say But Adam Low Vibrational Ass Worried About Wooden Forks ❗️🤦🏾‍♂️
Prince Karpeh
Prince Karpeh Hace 25 días
Young thug is realer than I thought like if he better than chief keef and Gucci mane
Jeremiah Wells
Jeremiah Wells Hace 26 días
5:05 🤣 legendary
Troopa Da Visitor
Troopa Da Visitor Hace 26 días
Thug the fuckin greatest of all time
Adrian Vanegas
Adrian Vanegas Hace 26 días
4:40 had me dying 😂😂😂
Romans116 Hace 27 días
Super gay...
Daniil Isakov
Daniil Isakov Hace 28 días
Them yerkys
Lord_REEKO 777
Lord_REEKO 777 Hace 28 días
19:08 That young thug glitch tho. 😂😂😂 he glitches like he a goddamn GTA character putting in a cheat code.
visage Hace 28 días
idk about thugger being off coke like 1,000 comments say but damn he was geeked
edubb Hace 29 días
i got a cocaine high just by watching Young Thug in this interview..
Caleb Engelhardt
Caleb Engelhardt Hace un mes
That man been up a couple days ..he on so much dope all the time he just skipped the whole paranoid stage and went straight to tweaking!!
unnatural gaming
unnatural gaming Hace un mes
Or it's drug withdrawal
Sean Billingsley
Sean Billingsley Hace un mes
Dude is for sure on and uncomfortable. Nigga can't sit still for 2.5 seconds
pbg jay
pbg jay Hace un mes
y’all know who 1sayso is on IG?
G Bear
G Bear Hace un mes
Thug off the addy
YLE Faneto
YLE Faneto Hace un mes
Thug gay
aembusiness Hace un mes
I think so much fun sounds like a good fit after hearing the description for the album/song topics n whatnot. Hell yeah
Ricardo v. Duuren
Ricardo v. Duuren Hace un mes
Thug a gangster!
Damien Solomon
Damien Solomon Hace un mes
This nigga can't articulate one sentence right, so sad he can have all that money and be dumb as a bag of rocks...... You can pay for school but u can't buy class
X Hace un mes
Dillon T
Dillon T Hace un mes
Nobody: Adam: “You seen my Young Thug interview??”
J E Hace un mes
Thugga the weirdest artist out there but he is on of my fav maaan Hes alien brah
X Hace un mes
5:57 🤞🏼
X Hace un mes
Future didn’t even acknowledge Adam smh
thug off a molly or sum n future off the perc opposites attract
AB3 17
AB3 17 Hace un mes
Thug started tweakin in this interview sippin whatver in that cup 😂😂😂 shit had me rollin I’m like hit a blunt n calm down homie
Alonzo Kincaid
Alonzo Kincaid Hace un mes
Yea dats dem sissy gangstas naw mean!
Demetrius Middleton
Demetrius Middleton Hace un mes
NIGGA. SIT. STILL..... #$@!
Axel Storm
Axel Storm Hace un mes
My dude is straight TWEAKING
Ali Ghanbari
Ali Ghanbari Hace un mes
Why the fuck did you ask him questions about Taylor Swift and wooden forks?
As Car
As Car Hace un mes
when you doesn't prepare for your exam
Bryant Smith
Bryant Smith Hace un mes
Thug highhhhhh as hellllll drugz drugz drugz
BankRolls Jae
BankRolls Jae Hace un mes
This Nigga Thug off like 10 Percs!
SolidSnakeLRRP Hace un mes
Adam I don’t respect you for not having the balls to put "simplerize" in the subtitles.
Cosmic Perspective
Cosmic Perspective Hace un mes
Love thugger, but yeah he seems hella tweaking rn
Marlon Blinds
Marlon Blinds Hace un mes
Brother Higher than a Spaceship..Thats Coke or Crack for sure..or he coming down off something bloody hell man.
Terry_p Powers
Terry_p Powers Hace un mes
Dat boy geekn.
FORTY FOUR Hace un mes
nigga said simplarize, i love my president
Love Food
Love Food Hace un mes
That coke gooooooooodd
Tyler Graham
Tyler Graham Hace un mes
Thug is a closet homo lmfao
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