The Worst Fake Speedrun on Youtube

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Karl Jobst

Karl Jobst

Hace un mes

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super mariosuper mario brosnintendoNES

BarTwoOne Hace un mes
Even the drink contains fake sugar ...
Burned Noodle
Burned Noodle Hace un día
And the Pizza is actually just onion.
Burned Noodle
Burned Noodle Hace un día
The lava lamp is just plastic even the metal
Cody Spurlock
Cody Spurlock Hace un día
God they really are a fake
Yoyogromit Hace 2 días
wow they coulnd have anything be real . F
mdj2023 Hace 3 días
The label always faces the front. I think the whole thing was a viral marketing campaign.
NighTWolF Hace 31 un minuto
Am i the only one whose heart rate goes down while having stress in games? :D
0MindSwept0 Hace 40 minutos
Kind of curious what one of your fake runs would look like now 🤔🤔
Hunterfj 042
Hunterfj 042 Hace 49 minutos
He put a tab that had the coins and time and other things like that lol so fake I can see it in the 4-1 scene
Tomas Fernandez Medina
Tomas Fernandez Medina Hace 52 minutos
Oh no not them not them we gotta burn badabun
Austin D
Austin D Hace 57 minutos
even though i have no clue on how Speed runs work i still gave you a like because stealing somebody's work and calling it your own is pretty scummy
Op9001alarmforce *_*
Op9001alarmforce *_* Hace un hora
ur just a bot
Daryl G.
Daryl G. Hace 2 horas
2:29 people who cheat suck at life, lesson learned. I'm done are you no. How about just be real and get to the roll?? Yeah, stop the title because your already at 111929292923837367365t54, so shut the fuck up people. no way in hell your top dog.....all of a damned second.
10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos
10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos Hace 2 horas
slam zamillion
slam zamillion Hace 2 horas
Here I am, trying to find a new princess because Bowser has destroyed my dignity too many times
MATEO OTALORA Hace 3 horas
For latin america this is not a surprise Worst channel and bad stuff
Slot Hulk
Slot Hulk Hace 3 horas
I like the GTA 5 pause menu theme as your background music
Ambipie Hace 4 horas
"Flying fish"
Bot RFNO Hace 4 horas
Badabun fucking sucks glad they split up
Leonardo Valdivia
Leonardo Valdivia Hace 4 horas
3:04 As a Spanish speaker, I can also tell you that those guys stole a video from the ESwomen channel "Conoce a Arnold" (Which is the ESwomen channel "Meet Arnold" but in Spanish) So you shouldn't be amazed that they are making a fake speedrun. A considerable amount of their content is fake
Ace Rms
Ace Rms Hace 4 horas
Pretending to be as acurate as a TAS : this guy is a *FRAUD !*
mental insanity
mental insanity Hace 6 horas
this video has footage stolen from badabus's speedrun I think it's a fraud
Kondizi Hace 6 horas
cancerbun bro
NotFinn Hace 7 horas
doesnt the timer not even stop at the right time? it’s supposed to stop as soon as you hit the axe at bowser
BananaBreadGuy Hace 7 horas
People actually thinking that the original footage was stolen from Badabun is like thinking a song originated from TikTok.
Community Mix Promotions
Community Mix Promotions Hace 8 horas
Lmfao his reaction in the end is the funniest part
J Dn
J Dn Hace 9 horas
Aaaaah yes, bananasbum... Always hiting a new low every day.
AirIUnderwater Hace 9 horas
I have zero interest in mario speedruns and I don't know how this was in my feed but this annoys me that someone would steal content from another person.
no hay imaginacion para nombre
no hay imaginacion para nombre Hace 10 horas
Badabun is entire shit, affortunely the channel is dying
Luis Batista
Luis Batista Hace 10 horas
Yeah, it has to be Badabun, ,Fucking assholes, They are the "BuzzFeed" of Latam. They do this all the time, fake content, bad clickbait, stealing other people videos and trying to make 'em look like if they created it, they are the worst piece of shit YT Latam has, there are others like them but they are on the top of the list for sure.
Edgar Hernandez
Edgar Hernandez Hace 10 horas
Who plays on a speedrun while eating pizza that shit gets yo hands greased up
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer Hace 10 horas
You can tell his remote is fake!
Urran Hace 10 horas
Монтажёр , Ты меня называлааа!!
Jonathan Braulio Palma Gomez
Jonathan Braulio Palma Gomez Hace 11 horas
Badabun es un horrible canal de entretenimiento de habla hispana
Shawn McManus
Shawn McManus Hace 12 horas
The comments on his video are turned off. Badabun is suck a fucking loser.
FruittyXD Hace 13 horas
is it normal that on my super mario bros for nes cardritc the music is faster and not slightly
TheLeftFooted Sultan
TheLeftFooted Sultan Hace 13 horas
A 5:12 run is not even remotely good....
JapaneseTop Hace 13 horas
This youtube channel everything is fake, latinos hates this channel
i want to die but i'm too big of a coward
i want to die but i'm too big of a coward Hace 13 horas
i never thought of speedrunning as a competition
OverDrawn Hace 13 horas
Badabun and Tavo are the Mexican equivalent of T Series.
J Dn
J Dn Hace 9 horas
ThisIsSolution Hace 13 horas
The actual speed runners should copyright strike the video lololol
מורנו דוד
מורנו דוד Hace 14 horas
galo veio
galo veio Hace 14 horas
He looks like tuco if he was gay
KabutoRyu Hace 15 horas
his face look like he want my fist
Andy drake
Andy drake Hace 15 horas
Even the suscriptors are fake (they were bots)
TennoHack Hace 16 horas
I typed 'b' in my search bar and the very first recommendation was "Badabun mario", like holy shit guys, not to mention, this video has more views then the video it's about. Justice is sweet
Alexpopblock Hace 17 horas
hold on wtf is that timer it only goes to 0.3 seconds before the next second starts
Delta Imperial
Delta Imperial Hace 19 horas
Josh The Green Hedgehog
Josh The Green Hedgehog Hace 21 un hora
I call fake speedruns fakeruns And the speedrunner would be called a fakerunner
Josh The Green Hedgehog
Josh The Green Hedgehog Hace 21 un hora
Find the fake speedrun Get the work of art And break it down
K. A.
K. A. Hace 22 horas
On the first shortcut, I also noticed the sound and image were properly synchronized : sound has delay.
Christian P
Christian P Hace 23 horas
No sé si lean éste comentario pero quiero que sepan que la empresa de Badabun hace contenido viral a base de fraudes, y eso está bien pero sus miembros lo venden como si lo que ocurre en sus vídeos fueran situaciones reales; a causa de esto, se ha ganado el repudio de muchos usuarios de Latinoamérica y algunos españoles, tanto así que ya se ha metido en líos con canales reconocidos con millones de suscriptores. No me he visto tu vídeo por completo pero espero que no se queden con una mala impresión de que todos los canales de ESwomen sudamericanos son así de estafadores.
Rafael Ernesto Lopez Buendia
Rafael Ernesto Lopez Buendia Hace un día
Badabun is trash
JRoddyK Hace un día
Enderman 1214
Enderman 1214 Hace un día
Dude... I’m Mexican and I’m not surprised why a lot of people, here in my country, hates them so much... Badabun sucks...
Terrell. Hace un día
Kosmicd12 go sub.. Darbian aswell
Brandon Sutton
Brandon Sutton Hace un día
I just want to punch this dudes face the entire time while he tries acting that hes doing something incredible.
Laila Mayoral
Laila Mayoral Hace un día
*Just to let you know, mexicans in general hate this channel, as it has grown posting shittie click b@it videos.*
WULFAXE Hace un día
Badabun bane of mexican oc
Dylan Enrigue Huntington
Dylan Enrigue Huntington Hace un día
A Mexican speaking here, badabun is the worst. All of their videos are stolen and unoriginal.
Ronaldo Jesús Álvarez
Ronaldo Jesús Álvarez Hace un día
He’s part of Badabun, as you saw, they’re the worst channel in Mexico, always creating fake scenarios and paying actor for their vids.
LeFede Hace un día
what do you expect from a channel that only creates shit content? good video
humanseeming Hace un día
just by his face can tell the kid has anger issues and could never learn something so hard anyways
Masilator Hace un día
my favorite part is that this man who knows nothing, thought he could slip by a community of speedrunners, who tend to be *perfectionists* People that are enveloped in the world of being able to spot a fake and go in-depth on how exactly they fucked up because of their tremendous amounts of knowledge. I hate douchetubers.
fresh -
fresh - Hace un día
I can’t tell if that “run” was made as a joke or not. I’m really hoping it was for that guys sake
Raoul Vega
Raoul Vega Hace un día
NimW Hace un día
Being observant enough to see that this video shares clips with Badabun's video and not seeing that the Badabun video is completly fake? I'm not buying it. The mexicans are trolling.
Damian Sauvageau
Damian Sauvageau Hace un día
This video was stupid
NombreGenerico777 Hace 6 horas
Damian Sauvageau
Damian Sauvageau Hace un día
Raoul Vega
Raoul Vega Hace un día
Everyone in LATAM know that Badabun is a fucking scam, as well as their fake followers and bots
luisreyXD Hace un día
Bro, that channel is accused for being fake in every content they realease. Even in Mexico we hate it xD Simply that channel can't do anything right
MUMOD BIOS Hace un día
I have no respect for this guy... none...
Kitteh6660 Hace un día
Gave that 'speedrun' video a like. Just gotta give some props for a very convincing video that went under the radar.
Kassu Hace un día
Kinda surprised you missed the elevators clipping on 9:31
joseph Xavier
joseph Xavier Hace un día
thats kids today there taught by parents media cheat lue scam ..... like Bernie Madoff ..... now we kniw for a fact todays kids will be the fall .....
JPopRoxz Hace un día
4:19 I know that's the most popular fake method, but you could use cuts in some games. Even Super Mario if his facecam covered the time part (although it'd be really easy to spot)
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