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tlc uk

tlc uk

Hace 3 años

In Kashmir, India, Doctors operate on a woman suffering extreme stomach pains, and discover the world's biggest ovarian cyst. Subscribe for more great clips:

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Aditya Suteja
Aditya Suteja Hace 3 días
#tlc uk
Maurice Fuqua
Maurice Fuqua Hace 5 días
Where's dr lee at
ShoLux Hace 6 días
Tf a cyst
Aiden Hans
Aiden Hans Hace 7 días
i dont know what its like t have an ovarian cyst because i'm a male but i know a lot about them and i know the size of that one is too big to handle you wouldn't be able to move because of the pain God bless you and may you and your mom get better
Kathy Lingen
Kathy Lingen Hace 7 días
What a sweet, lovely young lady.
Shaundra Lee
Shaundra Lee Hace 7 días
That's almost 47 pounds that poor girl had! OMG, bless her for enduring that!
Susan Shoemaker
Susan Shoemaker Hace 8 días
I had 2 ovarian cysts removed when I was 22. One was a grapefruit size and one was 8 pounds. My whole reproductive system was basically shredded. Before I knew what was wrong with me I was in pain, fatigued, vomiting, anemic, and shaking all the time. I was finishing my last semester of college at the time and was told by 2 doctors that I was just stressed from school. Finally my ob/gyn found the problem and I was in surgery 2 days later. I thank God for him-I know he saved my life. Don’t tell me there is no pain and that cysts are no big deal. Get back to me after you’ve had one...
My Name
My Name Hace 8 días
This poor child. Thank God she is better🤗
GenKatQltr Hace 9 días
Seeing the conditions she lives in, makes me realize how very lucky I am! Thank the Lord and I pray she's fine now and her life improves. Healthy and happy, please.
Lee Ann Crowe
Lee Ann Crowe Hace 9 días
Poor child, god bless her. Wish dr. had cut it open.
Robert Padilla
Robert Padilla Hace 10 días
is it common that the Dr doesnt speak directly to the patient? seems frustrating
Fully Fold
Fully Fold Hace 11 días
Cyst ruins Peoples childhood
RøsewoođFøxs Studiø
RøsewoođFøxs Studiø Hace 13 días
Im shook
P M Hace 13 días
i hope shes better now
Tamiris Vieira
Tamiris Vieira Hace 14 días
Tinha outra pessoa dentro dela,misericórdia Jesus ! 😱
Catriona Walsh
Catriona Walsh Hace 14 días
Oh my God it looks so much sore🙏🙏🙏😱😱😥
carmella brown
carmella brown Hace 16 días
I'm glad she was given the help she needed.
Jesús Huerta
Jesús Huerta Hace 17 días
Ablar en español estaría bien
Ketsie Vazquez
Ketsie Vazquez Hace 17 días
God bless you hun 🙏
Karen Matczynski
Karen Matczynski Hace 25 días
I had an ovarian cyst burst - then peritonitis set in. I was in agony‼️‼️. Can’t imagine what a massive cyst like Kahlinda’s would feel like (although I did have 2 children). GOD BLESS child🙏🙏
Miguel S.
Miguel S. Hace 27 días
Omg cringe 😷😷😷
Sierra Hace 29 días
I had one a little bigger than a softball. I didn't know what it was for the longest time. I was lucky to get surgery just in time before it ruptured. I lost my ovary that day. My turned out to be a severe case of endometriosis. I can't even begin to imagine this poor girls pain. The doctor said my issues started way before I decided to seek medical treatment. I just got use to it. Thank God she got help.
Devra Sullivan
Devra Sullivan Hace un mes
This poor young lady suffering with that cyst for so long prayers for you
Neil Hace un mes
this is why you need to go to school kids
BTS ÄRMY Hace 24 días
Silver Hace un mes
You are very brave Young lady god bless you
Ariyan Rayhan
Ariyan Rayhan Hace un mes
She did really nice and also her frind♡♡♡
YEET Hace un mes
Umm why do I like watching these kind of stuff ;-;
Tish Smiddy
Tish Smiddy Hace un mes
Some like liver ... 🤟🏻🙏 I’m so sorry . ❤️
Tish Smiddy
Tish Smiddy Hace un mes
Thank you 😊 Doctors ! Bless you
final boss
final boss Hace un mes
why is it with all these beautiful daughters in pakistan, india, afghanistan etc that i worry so much for their safety. The people around them say they musnt be touched but they are handled so barbarically. 4:42
sharon burrus
sharon burrus Hace un mes
Did you open it up? What was in there? I'm a popaholic, wish I could have seen the contentsd
Giovanna Naldi
Giovanna Naldi Hace un mes
Impressionante esses casos
Daquanisha Gurl
Daquanisha Gurl Hace un mes
Spades_ _Chan
Spades_ _Chan Hace un mes
Omg so when I read the title it’s says she has a the worlds biggest cyst but the dad I think said she’s been vomiting coughing I’m over here like so is it really the worlds biggest cyst she just pregnant
GameChanger17 Hace un mes
I like wathing pimples popp
Ehlapo Kabuye
Ehlapo Kabuye Hace un mes
So sad
Ehlapo Kabuye
Ehlapo Kabuye Hace un mes
No bloody worries
HI Hace un mes
Had to say this but, Doctor: it was like she had 3-4 twins inside of her Me: Have you never heard of triplets or quadruplets?
Luke Iceton
Luke Iceton Hace un mes
Ain't RELIGION such a believable fairy tale! It keeps these people & billions other suffering worldwide!
AnimationTimeBoi Hace un mes
Imagine how bloody popping that cyst is
adonis forte
adonis forte Hace un mes
She died
Lisa Sheffield
Lisa Sheffield Hace un mes
Poor girl I can't even imagine how much pain she was in😢 I am very grateful for the health care I have. This cyst should have been looked at way before it grew to that size.
Brissieskater1 Hace un mes
Incredible - thankfully the large cyst was removed and she has lived to see another day.
Entertainment Hace 2 meses
Kon india se h
RaVenMaD's BoNeYArD
RaVenMaD's BoNeYArD Hace 2 meses
Can we recognize these parents please? Living surrounded by a culture of medical ignorance and a repressive society that refused to believe her when she said she was sick and treated her as an outcast. When she told her parents she was sick, they believed her and worked hard to get her seen, then carefully nursed her after surgery. I have to wonder how many girls like her were shunned and ignored by their families until they died because everyone assumed that they were pregnant.
Lisa Michele
Lisa Michele Hace 2 meses
Damn it sounds like they all have a terrible lung infection as well
ash Hace 2 meses
Life is so cruel. It breaks my heart that people suffer so much.
Jens Kapper
Jens Kapper Hace 2 meses
I am male so I don't really have say in the matter, but it is my understanding that medical issues involving the ovaries can lead to some of the most painful states a human can experience. She's pretty tough. So great the doctor was able to help her. What as waste if such a super pretty girl would have to contend with such agony and untimely death. Yay science.
Sultan Mirza
Sultan Mirza Hace 2 meses
His method of cheaking heartbeat at 5:33 is not is against of Islam.he is not a good doctor.
Chhabi Dhungel
Chhabi Dhungel Hace 2 meses
I have a pretty small one it hurt like falling from a bike imagine how hard it would be for her I feel so bad god bless u Oh and go to Dr lee if u have more she is very good and nice
Jens Dudenhöfer
Jens Dudenhöfer Hace 2 meses
But in cant unterstand why can it grows so massive before you visit a doctor
Ruth Kamada
Ruth Kamada Hace 2 meses
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Ruth Kamada
Ruth Kamada Hace 2 meses
Sorry for you may God heal you
Mrs. Robinson
Mrs. Robinson Hace 2 meses
Watching things like this makes me extra thankful I was born in America and not an Islamic shithole.
Tim O’Neil
Tim O’Neil Hace 2 meses
That’s some weight lifting challenge
Gaenells world
Gaenells world Hace 2 meses
Let Dr. Pimple popper deal with the cyst and you guys deal with the foot scar! Mkay? Y'all could of done that.
Muheet Mujahid
Muheet Mujahid Hace 2 meses
Kashmir, Pakistan*
Queen Of Kiwi's
Queen Of Kiwi's Hace 2 meses
My sweet lord, I hope that woman is doing good still. That thing looked like a sack the size of a 3 year old child.
Sbaby Zoinked
Sbaby Zoinked Hace 2 meses
U showed her hair :( I’m not Muslim or the same religion as her but pretty much sure that she didn’t reply want to show them
Xavi Hace 2 meses
Awww so Happy for her, I wish her the best!
Maja Klys
Maja Klys Hace 2 meses
Shes terrible
Keyaan Miah
Keyaan Miah Hace 2 meses
Continue her studies for wat to become a wife and cook
Mark Williams
Mark Williams Hace 3 meses
The fact that she’s not allowed to speak for herself, and is dismissed as a second class citizen, bloody Islam
mugshot shawty
mugshot shawty Hace 3 meses
Is it normal to have cyst on your nutsack
Cheri Wilson
Cheri Wilson Hace 3 meses
Tebatso Rammutloa
Tebatso Rammutloa Hace 3 meses
I had laparotomy for ovarian cyst 2 months ago... my cyst was like a size of a watermelon. I have a brand new stomach now
Metallikitteh Hace 3 meses
Get well soon xx
Margaret Hogg
Margaret Hogg Hace 3 meses
Did TLC seriously show b-roll of an epidermoid cyst while taking about ovarian cyst removal? 😑 SMDH. THAT'S NOT HOW OVARIES WORK.
Hydrxjen Hace 3 meses
21Kilograms!?!? Jesus that's like 2/3 of my weight 😳
Lalhminghlua Tlau
Lalhminghlua Tlau Hace 3 meses
Ohhhh dearrr
leon kingsley
leon kingsley Hace 3 meses
she was just pregnant lol this is a joke btw
Kairo Hace 3 meses
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