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GamingWithDoge Hace 11 horas
Wtfff how can u live with this thing on you
SuperninjaYTbro Hace 3 días
Why am I watching this
Sneakyy 798
Sneakyy 798 Hace 3 días
Just Look At The Struggle, She Is Having ! A Big Salute ! ♥️
SirSealeo Hace 6 días
0:56 the kid with a bad mic in Xbox party chat
pappppie Hace 8 días
I'm glad she received treatment and had it removed, but I wanted to see the contents! Why didn't they open it up?
Omg that was shocking AN the stigma that she may of been pregnant I can only imagine but she wasn't I was hoping we see it cut in to. But amazing..
S.G. SHOTGUN Hace 15 días
Happy u r getting better and hope u continue getting better ❤❤hope you also go back to school😘
roro .2020
roro .2020 Hace 16 días
You showed her hair in some parts of the video pls edit it she is wearing hijab her hair is not supposed to be seen by random guys
Edmar Flores
Edmar Flores Hace 19 días
How she is doing now . Hope she's totally recover
notsokewl Hace 19 días
Poor girl
Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch Hace 21 un día
When your waters 80% this will happen
No name OKAY
No name OKAY Hace 26 días
Thanks Allah
Felix Culpa
Felix Culpa Hace 27 días
In case any Americans are wondering, 21 kilograms is about 46 pounds!! That poor girl!!
Fackmylife Hace un mes
Tyler Allen
Tyler Allen Hace un mes
Its always india
Mark Snow
Mark Snow Hace un mes
She is beautiful.
Samtheham Hace un mes
Headphone user warning at 0:55
Mobile Turken
Mobile Turken Hace un mes
I dont even know what a cyst is
Dr. Sana Arz Bhutto
Dr. Sana Arz Bhutto Hace un mes
Yo u dont know what that are saying and do u even know they are speaking urdu and u didn't even a single thing right
Cubandude 1
Cubandude 1 Hace un mes
How can your body create this massive thing and not heal a scar that I’ve had for 2 months
Silver Bat
Silver Bat Hace un mes
I hope she finds health and peace. My heart goes out to this young woman.
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones Hace un mes
21KG that's amazing, great doctor, well done,
Bangtan's Illigirl
Bangtan's Illigirl Hace un mes
*Where is Doctor Lee?*
Dakota Z
Dakota Z Hace un mes
She is like saying the same thing over again
ali rk 12345
ali rk 12345 Hace un mes
In our country taking a young girl to a male doctor is a little bit awkward so that's the thing .
Ariel Hace un mes
poor girl. That must have been so fpainful.
LEGOman 27271
LEGOman 27271 Hace un mes
She is is insanely beautiful and I hope her cough has cleared up
Sanyu Ndekou
Sanyu Ndekou Hace un mes
Bless this woman, I cant imagine the extreme pain she was feeling.
Pearl Druce
Pearl Druce Hace un mes
Wow. When I was 9-10 I was suffering through an eating disorder and i weighed around 25 KG. The doctors were worried and for a year I was kinda force fed in order to keep me healthy. I’m 12 now and I’m still underweight and I weigh 38 KG, so not very severe. That cyst was almost the weight of a 9-10 me!
Pearl Druce
Pearl Druce Hace un mes
I was quite tall as well so that’s why it may seem unhealthy
Lim Kaamen
Lim Kaamen Hace un mes
The girl's smiles at the end gave me great joy for her. Excellent parents! Excellent doctor! Great story! Thanks for sharing.
bob bob
bob bob Hace 2 meses
You know this is bullshit right. That doctor doing the check up after surgery does not give a fuck.
Laiba Wajid
Laiba Wajid Hace 2 meses
The subtitles are wrong. She doesnt even say half the stuff in the subtitles
Amanda Freeman
Amanda Freeman Hace 2 meses
Ma Ru
Ma Ru Hace 2 meses
I am happy for you, girl. May God bless you and your family. May God bless the doctor who helped you.
leah pennant
leah pennant Hace 2 meses
it's always something in southern asia
LovelyGacha Hace 2 meses
😞 Poor girl...
princess lara
princess lara Hace 2 meses
How I wish this was Dr Sandra Lee's
Shanae _Alexis
Shanae _Alexis Hace 2 meses
Wow I had this exact same thing mine was only 7 lbs and I almost died. I had the same symptoms I’m glad she survived it’s so weird to see this. Sadly mine was cancerous.
kaitlynanimationz Hace 2 meses
dr12002610 Raven/Karasuカラス
dr12002610 Raven/Karasuカラス Hace 2 meses
I just realized that I forgot what job the ovaries had in the body. Can anyone tell me?
A J Hace 2 meses
dr12002610 Raven/Karasuカラス according to google, ovaries are responsible for producing eggs (female sex cells) and the hormones estrogen and progesterone.
FBI Hace 2 meses
It looks delicious
arty life
arty life Hace 2 meses
The subtitles don't exactly match with what she is saying .
Captain Aland
Captain Aland Hace 2 meses
Riley Petersen
Riley Petersen Hace 2 meses
Looks like she needs asCYSTants
Sh4rpShooteR n
Sh4rpShooteR n Hace 2 meses
Lol im just glad u didn't run over by a scam
Lata Kumari
Lata Kumari Hace 2 meses
They use kangri ( is used in north India specifically in kasmir to heat up themselves specially abdomen because it too much cold over there ) That's the reason for that I am also north Indian not khasmiri Well its good to see her fine
Sockiess Hace 2 meses
That thing was inside her STOMACH omg the poor girl!
Lucid Beats
Lucid Beats Hace 2 meses
Khalida lowkey pretty as fuck tho 😍
Natalya Karayan
Natalya Karayan Hace 2 meses
2:17 Doctor:It was like she had 3-4 twins in her stomach My nerdy self: first of all babies aren’t in your abdomen and second of all, a twin is 2
Cherri Hace 2 meses
Risky Whiskey
Risky Whiskey Hace 3 meses
Hell that place looks like Ohio........... I'm so sorry for her but she lives in a wonderful place
Emily Kaminski
Emily Kaminski Hace 3 meses
So let me get this straight everyone thought she was pregnant but it was actually a cyst
Alexandra Brinkmann
Alexandra Brinkmann Hace 3 meses
wenn ich diese lächerliche altertümliche Untersuchungsmethode sehe, geht mir schon die Hutschnur hoch...
Zoes Dada
Zoes Dada Hace 3 meses
Poor baby
Anonymous Singer
Anonymous Singer Hace 3 meses
Third video in a row and seeing how long I can last without projectile vomiting
Terri Manuri
Terri Manuri Hace 3 meses
Awh,God Bless Her,poor young girl,and what ignorance the people thinking all those crazy thoughts about her!lm so glad to hear that it was removed and she’ll be able to go on with her life,l wish nothing but the best and hope she has a Beautiful Future🌸
Judy Gwen
Judy Gwen Hace 3 meses
There was a young woman in the United States that had one that weighed, I believe, a hundred and eighty pounds it was twice as big as she was. There was also another young man who had one that was larger than this. He was on body bizarre also. I think he was from India.
KNJWarrior Hace 3 meses
why is it always india
Jason Rees
Jason Rees Hace 3 meses
Odd how in their culture even in hospital the doctor speaks to the male(father) Isn't it nice to have someone speak for you when you are in pain. ??
Upson Pratt
Upson Pratt Hace 3 meses
Muslims don't belong ANYWHERE in polite, first world society.
Joshua Rhone
Joshua Rhone Hace 3 meses
Doctor Hussein you say? God damn please toll me his first name is Saddam
xd slendy po and bendy veo
xd slendy po and bendy veo Hace 4 meses
Grosss 🤢 sorry woman
Think Tank
Think Tank Hace 4 meses
What i saw was a Dr. While patient (women) is in FRONT Of him. He asked the father how is she since surgery? Hey Jack Ass Dr. Dick Head, ask her!! Shes in front of you... How disrespectful. Thats how you read the truth into how people are treated. See after that he says, oh my Child ur alright? Really, is she. You read het mind Dr. Dick Head? Use osmosis Dr. Dick Head? Jack asses. Pendulum now going your way. Stop the BS or get sliced!!
The Blue Hotel
The Blue Hotel Hace 4 meses
I wonder if she'll be able to have children.
Ceryse Lee
Ceryse Lee Hace 4 meses
I’m proud of this girl for surviving but the doctor THATS A MAN PUTS HIS HAND ONTO THE WOMANS BODY
Lumin Hii
Lumin Hii Hace 4 meses
Did I just see her hair
Suny Figuron
Suny Figuron Hace 4 meses
She lost 22 kilograms! Congratulations
stroke Hace 4 meses
how do you get this
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith Hace 4 meses
That whole family sick as hell. Hope that horrid cough went away too. Glad she got the cyst taken care of!!!
Tonia Parker
Tonia Parker Hace 4 meses
Praise God for her life that she made it through bless her heart!! UNBELIEVABLE that something can get that enormous in our body!!