'The World's Best' Magician Justin Flom's iPhone Card Trick

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The Late Late Show with James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden

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James Corden welcomes magician Justin Flom, competing on The World's Best, to perform some insane card tricks that leave Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Rebel Wilson and The Late Late Show audience stunned. You might want to grab a friend and a deck of cards to try one of the tricks yourself.
Watch Justin Flom's audition on The World's Best: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-p61AaG3wd20.html
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KT LoveBTS Hace 7 horas
*Jesus take the wheels*
jp va
jp va Hace 12 horas
i love the wau that it didn't happen (the last magic) with me
KM5K Hace un día
Was all excited to participate then I had to rip them.. put them away quicker than I found them
Jaxx Frye
Jaxx Frye Hace 2 días
im spooked
kirokyo Hace 3 días
Sorry, but this was one of the worst magic card tricks from a "pro" on TV. This is grade school stuff.... You don't even need to try to concentrate to figure out the trick, the guy literally is putting the cards in an order at which the first half and second half eventually gets picked from the ripped deck.
Ahmed Saamee
Ahmed Saamee Hace 4 días
Why ib the bra
fazzal khan
fazzal khan Hace 4 días
I love you prikyanka Chopra iam very unhappy you are married iam still single just 25years old
merlinsdog Hace 4 días
The biggest trick was James getting his own show in America.
Jarrod Reed
Jarrod Reed Hace 4 días
it was actually easy to follow.
Chadikenz Hace 5 días
Shin Lim does this trick way better
Bei hroha st
Bei hroha st Hace 5 días
na thai ngasA na Mr.... na thiam tuk lai
Ashish Hekre
Ashish Hekre Hace 5 días
Priyanka Chopra looks like a transgender
Amaan Suleman
Amaan Suleman Hace 5 días
Shin lim copied this trick on the latest episode of AGT
MrFelixify Hace 7 días
Im not ripping the cards from my only deck!
TheZahnFactor Hace 7 días
Rebel = younger Louie Anderson
Unjoyful Hace 8 días
This guy is using amateur tricks ... first trick literally so easy and the 3 was dealt down first that’s why afterwards she can shuffle because it’s down first
Norbert Kulcsár
Norbert Kulcsár Hace 8 días
Actors are so awesome, they do the best reactions! How on earth did you name him the world's best magician. The last trick was taught by Penn and Teller on live TV XD Whoever saw it can do it XD I did not see any original trick, just once he appeared in wizard wars... that is literally it. World's best? He cannot hold a candle to Copperfield, Blaine, or even newcomers on a global scale like Shin Lim, Eric Chien... or Wes Barker, Spidey, Chris Ramsay, Adam Wilber, etc. I could name a bunch of magicians who are better, because of the fact they do not do illusions that were actually taught of live TV XD Especially from famous people like Penn and Teller! The wallet trick? Well it is 30 or 50 dollars on the internet to buy the gimmick.
jermaine588 Hace 8 días
That was crazyyyyy...looked at comments an yall were like nope not ripping my cards..lmaooooo
Official Amitabh Bachahan
Official Amitabh Bachahan Hace 9 días
Fact: Priyanka Chopra was actually a Bollywood prostitute. Used by many.
Bluz Fan
Bluz Fan Hace 9 días
AGT asian magician just copied your magic with the cards!!
D Hace 10 días
Always wanted to blow a magician 😛
funkyphresh3 Hace 10 días
that card(three of diamonds) was on top of the deck the whole time through out his "shuffling" including priyankas as well. my guess is that the wallet shows the exact same card when hit by a flash light or some sort of mechanic.
EnjoyTheSilenc3 Hace 10 días
The wallets clear portion has a card that only appears while being filmed.
MGecko PMPL Hace 10 días
For people who say they don't want to tear their cards just take 8 instead of 4. Make sure you have 2 cards from each suit and organize them in pairs according to the suit. Trick will work as well
Lucas Morales
Lucas Morales Hace 10 días
As expected.. the overacting or rather say overreacting by that Indian actress.
Pomegranate Hace 10 días
Obviously it is no the same video. It's all staged.
Moses Aishu
Moses Aishu Hace 11 días
It's a simile math. Not a trick at all
zee magtira
zee magtira Hace 11 días
I ripped my cards with a smile while thinking the trick was putting the torn cards back together. as the instructions go further the smile is fading away. dang it.
Maciej Wiśniewski
Maciej Wiśniewski Hace 11 días
magia?? chyba magia telefizji :D
Loki D. Wolf - Random Stuff
Loki D. Wolf - Random Stuff Hace 11 días
I like the cell phone trick. The last one was math. Just the process of elimination. Still, fun trick nonetheless. :)
James Corrigan
James Corrigan Hace 11 días
Anyone notice when they had the 4 cards each when rebel was tearing hers when the camera zoomed in, her card was blank?
Vigor Berschow
Vigor Berschow Hace 11 días
This gave me the chills wtf???
Vortex man
Vortex man Hace 11 días
on vois tres bien qunad ils avance la chaise a roulette il tire la chaise et il prend une CARTE en DESSOUS de LA CHAISE LOL
Aprajeya Anand
Aprajeya Anand Hace 11 días
Last trick was just mathematical trick
Ashley Stroebel
Ashley Stroebel Hace 11 días
Can he draw money without a bank card ...mmmmmmmmmm
FMFvideos Hace 11 días
I had 4 cards now I have 8 ruined cards
Rapha44 Hace 11 días
Nova Shaba
Nova Shaba Hace 12 días
Lol the flashlight would light up that card on the wallet. The other card he slid of hand it to the center deck as picking it up. Amature.
Good Day ahead
Good Day ahead Hace 12 días
Fade up of ad girl
adasdasd adasd
adasdasd adasd Hace 12 días
its edited and plan... guys..... they made the video before show is start... fuck u ...
lusang lushing
lusang lushing Hace 12 días
Brilliant ideas
AWAKE LLC Hace 12 días
@4:42 when the camera and tv host give away your magic trick you bought from the gift shop....you can literally see the red in the wallet...the 3 was a forced card....last trick was just simple ass math. gtfo of here.
fugthiz fugu
fugthiz fugu Hace 12 días
I’m hard as fook watching that...ahhhh
Bro LGIC Hace 13 días
Benjamin C
Benjamin C Hace 13 días
This is some lame magic and easy to see how he did all of it.... thought it would be more impressive
Stephen Choi
Stephen Choi Hace 13 días
All he did with the ripping card one is he made the top and bottom cards the same by making you put three cards in the middle. Then you put the top one away and shuffle without ever changing the bottom card. With an odd number of cards, of course you end up with the bottom card on loves me. Not impressed...
Spencer Bodzioch
Spencer Bodzioch Hace 13 días
I worked out how he got the three of diamonds... but then a little time passed and I forgot....
Wael Hussein
Wael Hussein Hace 14 días
About the first trick: did you notice we never seen the card unripped? It was already ripped with the missing piece in James’s pocket.
Kamyar Kamyab
Kamyar Kamyab Hace 14 días
I ripped my cards and my mobile went switched off! Me:😐 Cards:🤔 My mobile:😬
Jason Spades
Jason Spades Hace 14 días
How did he buy this?
Kieran Barlow
Kieran Barlow Hace 14 días
So when he replays the video he took, where did the table go ?? Just saying it was further away in the recording as priyanka didn't have to reach too far forward to deal out the cards.
Akshay Pathania
Akshay Pathania Hace 14 días
0:53 if you slow down the video to 0.25x and look at his right hand you will realise you still dont have fkin idea how he did it...
Akshay Pathania
Akshay Pathania Hace 10 días
@Bro LGIC I was talking about how he tore the card and quickly made that torn piece disappear
Bro LGIC Hace 13 días
The piece was already in james pocket.
Mandeep Singh Khosa
Mandeep Singh Khosa Hace 14 días
Man usually i dont comment on videos, but Priyanka is over acting here lol. and her lips keep getting fatter, may be need to slow down on fillers.
otcubaba Hace 14 días
on the trick with the wallet and the video - the flashlight of the phone is the key 😉
The Pinoy Chronicles
The Pinoy Chronicles Hace 14 días
The work of the devil
hassan ahmad sheikh
hassan ahmad sheikh Hace 14 días
Its i think a pattern which he was following....but for the practice needed Respect
WOW Funny video
WOW Funny video Hace 14 días
First trick was easy it was gonna be j hearts whatever number che picked
erasurekc Hace 15 días
Want to watch but the sound of Jc just can’t watch it
Luke Hutchinson
Luke Hutchinson Hace 15 días
For those who really care, the last trick is not about maths. If you tear four cards the bottom card is the key. You put the 4 half’s on top of the others but then take off 3 and put them in the middle. You take off the fourth and sit on it, this card matches the bottom of the deck you’re holding. Note that every time you put the cards in the middle, the bottom never changes. As you remove cards “love me not” or put them to the bottom “love me”, it works out that the last card is still the bottom one, matching the one you’re sat on. Very simple but very effective in the way it’s presented and clever with an audience!
TheThinkingMan Hace 15 días
This iPhone trick seems so easy to do. He forces the 3 of Diamonds card on to the bottom of the pile by making sure it was the first card put on the table. Then it doesn't matter what order she shuffles the cards on top - notice how he makes sure she doesn't pick the pile up - then when the deck is cut, the 3D will always be there - notice how he makes sure the cards are skewed. Then there is a simpl app that detects markers on the wallet and imprints the card onto the wallet. This is straight forward AR mechanics that are used in plenty of apps and games. While the trick is fine in and of itself - card tricks are cool - I am mostly bemused that this is considered the "World's Best" when there are so many much more accomplished magicians.
Mario Kasper
Mario Kasper Hace 15 días
Alles ist so abgesprochen miteinander ! Die zwei Tanten auf dem Sofa sind keine guten Schauspielerinnen man sieht dass sie zum Magic-Mann gehören .
EyeSmokeGanja Hace 15 días
every single person is in on it, but still cool
J.A.M Hace 15 días
“I’ll take out my license so my identity doesn’t get stolen or anything like that..” WTF?? What a weirdo.... nerves maybe?
ElCarniceroTv ElMayaProductions
ElCarniceroTv ElMayaProductions Hace 15 días
notice how when hes recording the video he tells James to look at the wallet back and forth and on the replay of the video he doesnt do that..lol
Snylt Hace 11 días
You can se him turning the wallet back before the video ends, just that we saw the audience instead at that moment.
ryan Hace 12 días
You can hear him start to say you can look in the wallet he must have just stopped video before he said he is closing it when recording that's all
Dominic Crimmings
Dominic Crimmings Hace 15 días
It's not magic, there's no such thing - it's about misdirection and maths in this case.
Martin Pickard
Martin Pickard Hace 15 días
1st card trick. Torn card was palmed/prechosen and torn from outset. Look at how he holds it hiding torn corner. Slid torn part into Cordens inner pocket earlier when they met. 2nd card trick. Phone card trick uses mobile tech/app to show pre selected/palmed card to overlay on special wallet window covering. 3rd/last card trick. Last trick was using math, matching the torn card put aside to it's other half placed on bottom of pack (shuffle always put inside as says 'place them inside, not on top not on bottom') then it is the last card left to rematch card put aside. Tah Dahhhh
EndSpire Hace 15 días
math is magic
davegadge1 Hace 16 días
He’s puts it in at 4.54 you can see?
andrew chandler
andrew chandler Hace 16 días
That wasn’t the 9th card. Took it from the top. Cordon was in on it!
Surendra Timilsina
Surendra Timilsina Hace 16 días
the magician totally made fun out of himself by doing the last trick. you should be fool not to get it.
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