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Llama Arts
Llama Arts Hace un mes
Thanks for watching everyone! I'm really proud of this one. Christian and Riley did an amazing job on the voice work, and a special thank you to Connor for the great story.
DreSaidSo Hace un día
Re4L Gamer k
Re4L Gamer
Re4L Gamer Hace un día
@Toxic dont reply to him it maked him stronger nosey
Re4L Gamer
Re4L Gamer Hace un día
@London Mercil dont reply 2 him
Re4L Gamer
Re4L Gamer Hace un día
@Daniel Piceno stop being nosey and replying 2 his comment it makes him stronger....
Re4L Gamer
Re4L Gamer Hace un día
@DreSaidSo and of course ur nosey and reply back to astrays comment lmfao
kingharjot Hace 42 minutos
It was just bray Wyatt
Rylee Cadence
Rylee Cadence Hace un hora
Get a man who can do all 3, buy nacho munchies,build,and bowl
Ruby-Rae McCants
Ruby-Rae McCants Hace 4 horas
Great twist
RIFF TM Hace 5 horas
here is a spoopy storie that i hope you like. I woke up to the sound of the drumming rain on my roof, as it was supposed to rain all week, 1 AM i mutterd as i checked the time on my phone. Just as i was about to go back to sleep i heard a loud crash from outside my house, so i glanced over but nothing was there. I just assumed that it was probably just something droping outside or maby a dead tree fell or something, so i tried to go back to sleep.20 minutes later and i heard it again, but this time it sounded louder. Now this freaked me out because it was identical to the sound i heard before. i just brushed it off as something falling in the adic, and went back to bed. and another half hour later, i heard it again but now it was even louder. I was fully awake at this point and was too scared to go back to bed, so i stayed up to listen and sure enough, i heard it again. So i grabed my large hunting blade i keep in my closet, in case of emergency and went to the top of the stairs and yelled"WHO'S THERE " but i got no response. Another 20 minutes later i heard it again and now i was sure that it was someone trying to get in to my house so i went down the stairs slowly and then i heard somone whisper in my ear. i couldn't quite make it out but i swung around and there was knowone their. Now i was realy creeped out, as i continued down the stairs, i heard it again, loud as ever now, i wanderd the house, knife in hand at the ready, until i reached the front door, i put the chain on and looked though the peep hole, and to my horrer i saw the shiloette of a man right in front of the door,and he had what loked like a large kitchen knife in his hand. I tried to stay calm as i watched, then i saw what the noise was. He was slamming a pice of ply wood aginst the door. i slowly backed away and went to pull my phone out but remembered that i left it upstairs and as soon a i went to get it to call the cops, the door broke down and the man was coming inside, so i did what any 32 year old guy with testosterone running in his veins would do, i stood my ground and told him to get the f**k out of my house. he didn't seem to even acknowledge what i said, and he charged at me, so i kicked him in the face and it knoked him down, giving me time to run for my phone and call the cops, but by the time i got their, he was gone. the next day i found out that he had kidnapped 2 young girls and raped them, and that he had killed multiple people before and had escaped a phsyc ward and killed 3 of the gaurds. i never knew if they caught that man, but to this day, i never leave the house without my knife and always keep my phone on me. Sorry if it was a bit long, but i hope you liked it!!
YEET rowr
YEET rowr Hace 5 horas
Cathleen Moyle
Cathleen Moyle Hace 8 horas
Where do you find these stories?
Mega Breath66
Mega Breath66 Hace 10 horas
Careful ESwomen commenters it’s getting to be a rare thing to share an opinion with having open minded debates. You’ve been warned. 🤜🤛 loves this vid btw, anyone bothered by that? I forgot to mention how sad this was. I love this cause it helps understand my brother a little. Schizophrenia is torture much like insomnia/ other disorders
Safa NOHAILA Hace 10 horas
ooooooooooooo the story twist thooo
Kocham Cie
Kocham Cie Hace 10 horas
Its so sad to wake up knowing that you dont have gf haha and pregnant lol
STIX Gaming
STIX Gaming Hace 12 horas
This is the first time I actually had a reaction instead of a straight face
Lilac Violet
Lilac Violet Hace 12 horas
aww no girlfriend 😏
Russian Lobster
Russian Lobster Hace 14 horas
Mr nightmare is the og narrator
Nikko R.
Nikko R. Hace 18 horas
That plot twist was everything. LOL My goodness, that suddenly crashed every emotion I felt as I watched this. 😂 Great job, man. 👏🏼 I liked and subscribed! 👍🏼
KorraHDAMV Hace 18 horas
I dont like his animations anymore, i likes the 2018 style
Nelson Suchiang
Nelson Suchiang Hace 20 horas
The animation has gotten really good, it's now like watching a movie.
Connor Hanshaw
Connor Hanshaw Hace 21 un hora
Lmfao this is fake
Alexander Neels
Alexander Neels Hace 21 un hora
I don't get scared a lot more fascinated but the fact that this type of situation could actually happen to someone scares the living shit out of me
MultiGG2 Hace 21 un hora
"What a twist!"
Saul Santoyo
Saul Santoyo Hace un día
It was a good story but messed up
Dr.Z's GAMING Hace un día
Most creepy thing "you woke up knowing that you don't have a girlfriend" uwu😂
Dr.Z's GAMING Hace un día
Most creepy thing "you woke up knowing that you don't have a girlfriend" uwu😂
Jared Hace un día
Why did the woman have two shadows at the bowling parking lot?
Vodka Technomancer
Vodka Technomancer Hace un día
@6:23 those are perfect Black Metal vocals mmm so Cvlt
Gato Feo
Gato Feo Hace un día
I didn't understand the end though
jecripe1 Hace un día
idk why but at first i thought the story was real
Cryptic Shadow
Cryptic Shadow Hace un día
Bro I love your videos they have such you make the best animated horror stories keep it up man 🦙
Luminosity Ghostz
Luminosity Ghostz Hace un día
these are horrifying
Diane Hook
Diane Hook Hace un día
Since when did lama arts have 2 million subs
The girl behind the slaughter
The girl behind the slaughter Hace un día
I was not expecting that ending...
THESPIRIT 2007 Hace un día
First of all its not the story that scares me, its the cover on the video. Second of all, i now have autophobia.
THESPIRIT 2007 Hace un día
And last night i couldn't sleep at all.
Flapawangatang Hace un día
That "let me in" segment gave me insane chills. Love the audio work
edward garza
edward garza Hace un día
U have a big amount of following here, you should post more its becoming less and less we might just Unsubscribe
Mike Choe
Mike Choe Hace un día
The twist reminds me of Shutter Island
TailsDub Hace un día
Thats a good twist nice job
Atlas Hace un día
That was a good one
Meeegan whatthef
Meeegan whatthef Hace un día
Make more !!! Make more pleaseeeee lol
Hafidh Mamdooh
Hafidh Mamdooh Hace 2 días
Brody Rice
Brody Rice Hace 2 días
i did not expect that twist. very well done.
Deno Hace 2 días
why do you takeforever to make new vid pls make new more vids thxs:)
Kgb Hace 2 días
It been long but this video is well made
the feather duster
the feather duster Hace 2 días
Brooo that twist was so good, like that was camping horror stories good
Faith Rosier
Faith Rosier Hace 2 días
Damn, Why you have to do the plot twist like that
Idk_what_to_put On YT
Idk_what_to_put On YT Hace 2 días
Are these stories real??
G Dive
G Dive Hace 2 días
Now that was amazing
intan nera
intan nera Hace 2 días
Llama and Johnson and Ottolenghi are the best. Make more videos, Llama, u have the best animation than any other artist
dragonl0l Hace 2 días
This took a creepy turn
Levi Reyes
Levi Reyes Hace 2 días
This is the best so far! Good job Llama Arts!
dylan walters
dylan walters Hace 2 días
wot a twist
dylan walters
dylan walters Hace 2 días
Cep up the great work
Flamingo Hace 3 días
“In NoRtHeRn MiChIgAn” Michigan is a scary state, sounds super scary and weird...
Stone Smith
Stone Smith Hace 3 días
6:21 when people lock u out of bank in the streets
Gertz TV
Gertz TV Hace 3 días
Why didn’t he run away when he saw the severed arm? Was he like, *oh look an arm, that’s normal*
Kcarma Hace 3 días
“You guys wouldn’t believe what happened to me yesterday. I almost died. This girl tried to stabbed me at work” My friends: LMAOOAOAOAO, okay buddy Those are terrible friends, and a terrible girlfriend😭
Anggello Sanchez-Abanto
Anggello Sanchez-Abanto Hace 3 días
Amazing!! This needs a sequel 😵
Jazmyn Rodriguez
Jazmyn Rodriguez Hace 3 días
That was deep
Sebastian Cookies
Sebastian Cookies Hace 3 días
That ending was deep.... I’m scared.. 😰
Afterayy Hace 3 días
Bruh mans had so many chances to kill her tf
Eyeball Error
Eyeball Error Hace 3 días
was it a dream?????
Nelson Marvel 88
Nelson Marvel 88 Hace 3 días
That crazy bitch eating that green arm she looks like a female Version of the joker 🃏omg he’s a Schizo he’s so Crazy that he Imagine himself being a other dude.
john skehill
john skehill Hace 3 días
*when my girlfriend ask for nacho cheese munchies*
Raj Shekhar
Raj Shekhar Hace 3 días
Hey buddy ,,I am from India.....I have a story for you..plz consult me ,what should I do ..
Israel Gaitan
Israel Gaitan Hace 4 días
rubygacha22 ruby reyna
rubygacha22 ruby reyna Hace 4 días
wha....- my heart is thumping
T’ Kapalott
T’ Kapalott Hace 4 días
Yo I can’t even tell you how much a plot twist tht was bro omg Llama Arts is amazing ‼️
Andre Bailey
Andre Bailey Hace 4 días
Ending caught me way off guard🤣
Caleb Dehart
Caleb Dehart Hace 4 días
05:35 "I snapped back to reality..." *MOM'S SPAGHETTI*
soraya lozoya
soraya lozoya Hace 4 días
That first one though
Alex Greene
Alex Greene Hace 4 días
She coulda got in the car if she wasn’t so rude but she’s out here banging on the car
Epstien DidntKillHimself
Epstien DidntKillHimself Hace 4 días
Imagine being knifed and the last thing you saw was scoopsci potatoes
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