The Witcher | Who's better? Yennefer from the game vs Anya Chalotra [DeepFake]

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Kris Treger

Kris Treger

Hace 4 meses

I create deep fakes to order. Write to telegram:
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I replaced Anya Chalotra face in "The Witcher" - NetFlix series withYennefer of The Witcher 3 face because because many people have nostalgic feelings for their favorite characters from game.
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I also want to note that by creating this video, I am in no way trying to offend the original actors and creators of the series. I bow to your work, and I believe that your job deserves respect. I’m just trying to show the world that we are entering a new era of cinema, when the viewer himself will be able to choose actors in his favorite films and series.
To create this video, a fragment of the 3th episode of the series The Witcher from Netflix was used.
To create the video used software:
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CPU - i7 3770
GPU - 1080 GTX
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Evie Jynx
Evie Jynx Hace 5 horas
How they do this
Julia Kramarenko
Julia Kramarenko Hace un día
Game Yen is kinda generic and when compared to Anya - game Yen is almost ugly. Small eyes, typical white face that literally any peasant girl in a crowd could have and you wouldn't even notice. Anya is 🔥🔥🔥 + nailing the role as an actress. Can't say the same about Geralt, but he'll grow into it.
Gou Hace 6 días
my main problem with that scene in the show was that everyone acted like she was breathtaking but for me she basically looked the same except with a lot of eyeshadow.
Gia Artist
Gia Artist Hace 7 días
Anya is prettier
Muhamed Džinoviić
Muhamed Džinoviić Hace 10 días
Video game Yen is way more beautiful and more powerful
Uncle Jesse
Uncle Jesse Hace 14 días
Much to my own surprise I'm actually picking Anya! I knew geralt and Ciri were great but Yen is truly my favorite character from the Series
PlayLuca's Art
PlayLuca's Art Hace 16 días
Да! Вот теперь этот образ работает! Даже несмотря на явную мыльность лица, Йеннифер затмевает даже Тиссаю Де Врие. В отличии от оригинала, эта Йеннифер не выглядит убого и даже ровно наоборот, внушает некоторый ужас своей надмерной и, явно, магической красотой
Anuj Mandal
Anuj Mandal Hace 17 días
Game's Yennefer is too beautiful 😍
Harrison Jaeger
Harrison Jaeger Hace 17 días
Now Make one For TRISS!
Katie Hace 22 días
It's shocking by how much the actress looks like the game character. Plus, whoever designed the costumes is very good at their job! The dress in the first scene is exquisite!
Astronaught y
Astronaught y Hace 24 días
i see what you did there
Dave Junkjet
Dave Junkjet Hace 26 días
I am sorry. I am really, really, really sorry. I get that the actress is a real being and a beautiful one at that but Yen from the game is just....DAMN.
Aoife Hace 14 días
Game Yen is stunning, holy smokes 🔥
Andrea Carriero
Andrea Carriero Hace un mes
Game Yen ofc. Anya looks good but the game one is amazing.
andrayathevampire Hace un mes
game Yennefer. show yen is a misunderstanding
TheColdWish Hace un mes
great stuff man.
juana carbajo
juana carbajo Hace un mes
the biggest difference is that yennefer from the game has that cold look that makes you know she is smart and she knows it. While anya has more of a... innocent look? or more like a"poor girl look"
Goodtimes Hace un mes
You've 1080 and still want more power. I understand. Think about those who still uses integrated graphics or upto 2gb VRAM.
Dream of Anything
Dream of Anything Hace 2 meses
Bro which software did you used to do all of it?The 3d model,the animation and compositing on the video.It was awesome as hell.
Kris Treger
Kris Treger Hace un mes
At the end it says what I used
Johanna Blessing
Johanna Blessing Hace 2 meses
Anya is my gem
Nikita Hehe
Nikita Hehe Hace 2 meses
Game Yen
Lowkeybanging 2k18
Lowkeybanging 2k18 Hace 2 meses
I got addicted to The Witcher's Netflix and Games is because of Anya Chalotra even tho she didn't potray much the character as what's other claimed but for me she did a great job as yennefer in the series. All the characters are not similar in the game's physical appearance but the show is still great nonetheless. Hoping for a improved season 2 of this show so that people will love it more.
She Hace 2 meses
Yenefer from the game is stunning it would be difficult to find someone like her but the girl in the series is beautiful in her own right as well she just need a better make up artist it does the trick and confidence
Riley Bauman
Riley Bauman Hace 2 meses
I don't really mind the actress, it's really the wardrobe and hair that throws me off
Zeveron Hace 2 meses
Now that's how it's done!
SarkariSakool Hace 2 meses
Now that is Yennefer.
ET Hace 2 meses
For me, game wins. Game wins big time with both Yen and Triss, especially Triss. I hate the Netflix casting of Triss.
Ayriel Fantasy
Ayriel Fantasy Hace 2 meses
Вау ахует
David Solomie
David Solomie Hace 2 meses
Dear God this looks excellent. Simply perfect. Now I'd really be curious to see Netflix Geralt with Witcher 3 Geralt's face.
n r
n r Hace 2 meses
Yenefer from the Game is a sex bot
Кристинка Hace 2 meses
Eva Green❤️❤️❤️
ChaoticStudent Hace 2 meses
holy shit.... Anya Chalotras voice fits like a glove for that deepfake.... I like it!
John Johnson
John Johnson Hace 2 meses
...this is unsettling
TheSoulOfhisViolin2 Hace 2 meses
It's awful. All the game witches are like one but with different wigs. No personality. I Love the actress, she is very pretty and alive, with charisma. Not a doll face with typical smokey eyes makeup.
Cris Corcoran
Cris Corcoran Hace 2 meses
AnYennifer > DigiYennifer though they're both pretty cool
Cersei Lannister
Cersei Lannister Hace 2 meses
it would have been the perfect Yennefer if she had the face of the video game in the shows, but to go find someone so beautiful it is complicated xD, Eva Green was an excellent choice but for the previous years too old now, old, Megan Fox would have been a very good choice she was so hot but then before surgery and she would also have had to learn to play xD, finally the choice of Anya Chalotra suits me she is not as beautiful and charimatic as the Yennefer of the game , she has a long nose, big lips and does not have pale skin but she plays very well, congratulations to her.
Anton Kulish
Anton Kulish Hace 2 meses
This video made me realize just how horrible Anya Chalotra's acting really is. Her face is practically frozen. Even the pretty face Yen from the game cannot fix the vacant look in her eyes.
wolf2468 Hace 2 meses
tbh henry cavill could have put on a dress and make up and he'd probably be prettier than yennefer and triss.
혹릭 Hace 2 meses
와 씨 이게 예니퍼지;;;진짜 보는것만으로 눈이 정화되네
Answer Incantation
Answer Incantation Hace 2 meses
Yennefer from game is ❤ beautiful😍
Tài Huỳnh
Tài Huỳnh Hace 2 meses
Ahaha Hahahahahahahahahahahaha I'm dying laughing lolololol
Денис Жуков
Денис Жуков Hace 2 meses
Вот это я понимаю Йеннифер, а не то чудо из сериала! Про Трисс я вообще молчу...Фрингилия, во что они тебя превратили...как же убого и бездарно каст был подобран. Все, лишь бы жопу толерантностным нытикам подлизать. Позорище. И я ни в коем случае ничего не имею против какой либо нации и рассы , но когда ради каждого обиженного страдает атмосфера это отвратительно
Generic nigga straight white male picture
Generic nigga straight white male picture Hace 2 meses
Witch Yennefer, Triss, Fringilla and the Dryads I am now aware of the sudden lack of white actresses in the industry. I did not know the situation was that bad lol. They took the cocept of "young" to a whole level with this "Yennefer"
Najeeb Sarwar
Najeeb Sarwar Hace 2 meses
Anya is good but the Game Yen is another level Anya doesnt look mean but game Yen looks mean and beautiful all at the same time...CPR nailed it with character designs
Joe Heller
Joe Heller Hace 2 meses
I prefer the actress
Bee-Zow Zee Doo-Doo Zippity-Bop-Bop-Bop
Bee-Zow Zee Doo-Doo Zippity-Bop-Bop-Bop Hace 2 meses
“Hooray! They made her white again!” - half this comment section
M. Kokabiel
M. Kokabiel Hace 3 meses
Will this take a shit ton of work? because i would really love to watch the whole thing again with Yen and Triss’ game faces. She’s just unbelievably beautiful in this
GozerTheGozerian Hace 3 meses
Anyone who prefers a fucking polygon rendered face over the hauntingly beautiful Anya Chalotra is out of they damn minds.
Anne Calamucci
Anne Calamucci Hace 3 meses
missed the purple eyes, althought its awesome
DoeyBap Hace 3 meses
I feel like the game Yennefer has a stronger personality and has a more distinctive look and voice tone. I prefer the game Yennefer much more
Mr brightside
Mr brightside Hace 3 meses
Can you swap Roach face from game into Netflix series?
AnimeAmimatorMizore Hace 3 meses
Game Yen actually looked how she should have looked: dripping with sexuality and "come hither" vibes that would immediately lull men into a false sense of security before she LITERALLY ELECTROCUTED YOU INTO THE NEXT WORLD. Netflix Yen is extremely attractive, but not that "inhumanly beautiful" quality that most high-ranking sorceresses are literally DESIGNED to look like. Either way, I still think Anya did fine as Yen. Keen to see Season 2. Toss a coin!
Aviendha Hace 3 meses
I like Anya more, because she is a real woman and not an animation.
Aviendha Hace 3 meses
I have an advice to normal people: Dont read those silly comments under, they will make your mind blow, and your hope of the best in people disappear.
Belikov Hace 3 meses
Want some advice? South Korean films are much more interesting than Hollywood trash.
Rhys Wong
Rhys Wong Hace 3 meses
Now this is my Witcher series! Its darn good. Now do Triss cause she look miserable in the series.
Manuelomar2001 Hace 3 meses
Looks creepy/uncanny-valley AF.
Crystal Cj
Crystal Cj Hace 3 meses
Season 2 needs to come quicker!!!
Salvatore Maniscalco
Salvatore Maniscalco Hace 3 meses
We need Triss please!!!!
TheSpore35 Hace 3 meses
WOW now this is the real Yen. Please do the same for Triss
Javier Pupo
Javier Pupo Hace 3 meses
deep fake, Game Geralt onto Netflix Geralt, pls
Rafito Hornero
Rafito Hornero Hace 3 meses
I agree yennefer has the beauty but he always treat geralt like a trash, i prefer triss.
goga assasin
goga assasin Hace 3 meses
Recast Triss Please
qusai moh
qusai moh Hace 3 meses
Yennefer from the game all the way
SO'MA TM Hace 3 meses
Well done, well done!
Qwerty po
Qwerty po Hace 3 meses
Так-то лучше
Yoichi Хороший
Yoichi Хороший Hace 3 meses
Kelly Ardilla
Kelly Ardilla Hace 3 meses
Ivan Stepanovic
Ivan Stepanovic Hace 3 meses
Game. Not even a contest...
Justin Maclin
Justin Maclin Hace 3 meses
God this is so much better
xX_JackMair_Xx Hace 3 meses
I honestly felt bad for Anya for the amount of negative comments she got for not looking like yennefer from the games. She was amazing and shut those people up.
H.P Alternativeproduction
H.P Alternativeproduction Hace 3 meses
Much better Or worse, I got no idea
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