The Weeknd - Until I Bleed Out (Official Video)

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Official music video by The Weeknd performing "Until I Bleed Out"- 'After Hours" available everywhere now:
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Music video by The Weeknd performing Until I Bleed Out. © 2020 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Dahoun Kader
Dahoun Kader Hace 3 horas
This song make me cry again
B L Hace 7 horas
This song makes me want to stay sober. I’ve had a drinking problem since college and I finally put my foot down. So far been sober 8 days and want to go a minimum a month if not longer. Just hearing the words: “I dont need it anymore...” help me. Thank You Abel 🙏
Uğur Tavli
Uğur Tavli Hace 7 horas
Meğer bu adamın canı dayak istermiş yauu
R.I.SE. Litvincuk
R.I.SE. Litvincuk Hace 14 horas
Jack Stimler
Jack Stimler Hace 17 horas
I can't move, I'm so paralyzed I'm so paralyzed I can't explain why I'm terrified I'm so terrified Well, I don't wanna touch the sky no more I just wanna feel the ground when I'm coming down It's been way too long And I don't even wanna get high no more Just want it out of my life Out of my life, out I wanna cut you outta my dreams 'Til I'm bleeding out 'Til I'm bleeding I wanna cut you outta my mind 'Til I'm bleeding out 'Til I'm bleeding I wanna cut you outta my dreams Whoa, I'm bleeding out Girl, I'm bleeding I wanna cut you outta my mind 'Cause I'm bleeding out Oh, I'm bleeding Girl, I'm bleeding I keep telling myself I don't need it I keep telling myself I don't need it anymore I keep telling myself I don't need it anymore Need it anymore
Abdul Kharim Ohab
Abdul Kharim Ohab Hace 21 un hora
This really hit me so hard... I thought he was talking about some girl that he wants to gut.. but he was talking about his drug abuse.
pure vocalś
pure vocalś Hace un día
Until I bleed out cover
Jori712 Hace un día
Only the real fans are here
Justin Fenn
Justin Fenn Hace un día
Is that a House of this a prequel
Thiago Nascimento
Thiago Nascimento Hace un día
Brasileiro ntv :canta muito @theweeknd
raw4dis84camaro Hace un día
Amazing job on this entire album. I've been jamming to it every day. Plus to mention all I listen to is the weeknd. My wife thinks I'm wierd lol. Love your music bro. !!! Your the man
Jason's Friday
Jason's Friday Hace un día
Well, this house has alot of ballons...
Ricky Khera
Ricky Khera Hace 2 días
Most relatable track from After Hours. This is what true pain makes you feel like.
Andrea Fenske
Andrea Fenske Hace 2 días
My story is real 95% but i can't say my tragedies too
Mugsy Arulpaatham
Mugsy Arulpaatham Hace 2 días
Balloons and confetti: House of balloons and the rest of the trilogy Rainbows and asian women: Kiss land The Weeknd wants to escape his darkest past which always comes back to him
Artie Rupinen
Artie Rupinen Hace 2 días
Do not read Henshin/Metamorphosis/Emergence while listening to this..... it will break you. I nearly threw up.
Jason Hace 2 días
This is his best song
Nature Lover
Nature Lover Hace 2 días
This is better than any therapy, just play the album and do yoga ! Greatest 👍🏻✨
xxBankai Aizenxx
xxBankai Aizenxx Hace 2 días
Im just crying
Nicholle Munoz
Nicholle Munoz Hace 2 días
If you dont play this in my funeral im gone
Avity Junior
Avity Junior Hace 2 días
I skipped this record on the album but when i gave it a chance, my god its the best track on the album.. the way he conveyed his sadness in this track is genious.. anyway its the weeknd, why am i suprised..!!
Saira Vazquez
Saira Vazquez Hace 2 días
I love him
Rosario Hace 2 días
Even if this song purely talks emotionally about leaving the drugs and stuff: It really helped me to get out of an emotionally sad situation I experienced over the past few days with purely myself feeling way too depressed. I really thank god for The Weeknd being such an amazing and very powerful song-artist, his songs have literally a special tough to them with everyone being diffrent from eachother. Especially this one just expresses my emotions so damn well for the past days, I've already broken down crying a fountain out of me it's insane! This song just helped me so much to get out of my personal uncompfortness I felt this week, its probably because I am growing older or something but I really felt so alone and this just helped me out realizing that living your life is the best you can do. If anyone made it down here: You guys purely deserve my congratulations, it's rare that someone would ever read through such a long text but if you really want to know: I feel way better now, After Hours just made me realize how dark the world really is and how you can fill this darkness with life: Just follow your passion, every step will follow eventually and dont wait out on the bad things, just get over it even by crying it out or by talking to someone if you are lucky enough! Even in this tough times its important to stay mentally fit and this song just brought me back to the right road!
Lucia Robin
Lucia Robin Hace 2 días
i love this song but i dont think imma handle listening to it... he so in pain 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
Music Scientist
Music Scientist Hace 3 días
this album is amazing I love it
42nd Generation
42nd Generation Hace 3 días
wow great life s too short and kept it safe and stay connected po
Lilli XO
Lilli XO Hace 3 días
This song always makes me cry and gives me butter flys for no reason🖤
Complex Gaming
Complex Gaming Hace 3 días
I dont really like that song
Keep The Jango
Keep The Jango Hace 3 días
Your songs are absolutely legendary. words alone cannot depict the whole weeknds & drugs experience
K.holiiday Hace 3 días
Most underrated song on the album imo.
Ashima Dassi
Ashima Dassi Hace 3 días
Please listen carefully at 1:37 use earphones. You will definitely hear it
Saira Vazquez
Saira Vazquez Hace 2 días
I can't hear anything but a noise on the background.. what is it?
Kira sj
Kira sj Hace 3 días
This album is one big cycle. In this song He tries to cut out that toxic part of his life so the drugs and the relationships until he inevitably is “alone again” and it took that point for him to realise that actually all of it has become part of his identity, and that he is nothing without this lifestyle. So he reverts back his indulgences and just repeats his behaviours never actually learning or overcoming anything. That’s why there’s always so much sorrow and despair in the sounds of his music, and why he always contradicts himself in the lyrics. He’s fighting an already lost battle with himself.
GBK XXL Hace 3 días
Why this song is underrated? It s deserve more
Cleiton Santos Costa
Cleiton Santos Costa Hace 4 días
The Weeknd- Until I Bleed Out (Official Video) 2020?
Nail Bağırlı
Nail Bağırlı Hace 4 días
Touchable wonderful clip
Cassandra R
Cassandra R Hace 4 días
Cassandra R
Cassandra R Hace 4 días
I love you😍😍
MAX LM Hace 4 días
Lmfao i hear a plastic chicken screaming
Mario R.
Mario R. Hace 5 días
This reminds me of the songs he released when nobody knew how he looked like... the whole video is themed like the cover of house of balloons, maybe we can expect an old Abel soon?
Gasper Bevc
Gasper Bevc Hace 5 días
In this time of my life, i feel his words. Love will fuck you up, more than drugs ever will.
Danny Fisher
Danny Fisher Hace 5 días
I'm 50 years old. I have bought and own albums by legendary artists in my time. Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Prince, George Michael, Whitney Houston, etc. I'm telling you , "The Weekend" is very special. He makes art, not just music. He's exposing his soul to us with these songs. The level of honesty and commitment here is off the charts and you get emotionally invested as a fan. He's different in a way that you only see once in an awhile. I pray that the toll of his stardom and passion doesn't consume him like it has so many of the greatest of all time.
S Hace 20 horas
lol alright granddad.
Avity Junior
Avity Junior Hace 2 días
He's so raw with his emotions than any artist i've known
Jen Ing
Jen Ing Hace 5 días
Imagine listens to After hours album while smokes weed...…….
D F X Hace 5 días
I f**ken swear if I see one more high note ad I’m throw my phone
Michael Weston
Michael Weston Hace 5 días
this guy is never gonna wear red again
Ranjith Kumar
Ranjith Kumar Hace 6 días
After hours should be a movie
Mekan Saparov
Mekan Saparov Hace 6 días
Why this video has less view ? It is a masterpiece
Ruderaksha Karwa
Ruderaksha Karwa Hace 6 días
wow man
Skopie_21 Hace 6 días
After Hours needs be become a movie with The Weeknd
Ashley Comeaux
Ashley Comeaux Hace 6 días
Yessss. Now this reminds me of the weeknd back in the trilogy days 🥰.
Martin Baez
Martin Baez Hace 6 días
I feel when you cheat too much you can cheat yourself in the end, and the person you really loved can be with someone else, while you end up feeling alone. This song 😔👌
Sabrina Andrade
Sabrina Andrade Hace 6 días
Esse instrumental é tudo 🔥✊
Aron Juardo
Aron Juardo Hace 6 días
Que pinche JOYAAAAAA 🙌🏼
Laliwis Hace 6 días
Me encanto😭👏👏👏
Preciosa Hace 7 días
I wish this was the beginning of part two of the album
Francisco Perez Naciff
Francisco Perez Naciff Hace 7 días
Vaya obra maestra ! Gracias ♥
markshow1303 Hace 7 días
I keep telling myself......
luca luca
luca luca Hace 7 días
KANZ Hace 7 días
The MJ of our age
Shabneez Mohammed
Shabneez Mohammed Hace 7 días
I keep replaying 1:30...
Alejandro Gallego
Alejandro Gallego Hace 7 días
This song from this wonderful almbum is underrated and one of the best
George Sination
George Sination Hace 7 días
Travis G
Travis G Hace 7 días
There are many musicians / singers, there are few artists. This is an artist
Simba Leone
Simba Leone Hace 7 días
To me the best part is him choking on confetti ... punished by your own celebration of life. Pain for pleasure gone wrong.
Nelio Munguambe
Nelio Munguambe Hace 8 días
Superstars Don't Go To Heaven
Angel Adrián Facio Cruz
Angel Adrián Facio Cruz Hace 8 días
sad :(
Romsi Hace 8 días
I am just in love with this beat!
Juan Barrera
Juan Barrera Hace 8 días
Why this song feel less than 3 minutes
joel raidex
joel raidex Hace 8 días
Thanks the weeknd For the great music you make
Nixon Hace 8 días
Masterpiece, favourite song he’s ever made
Timber Humphrey
Timber Humphrey Hace 8 días
all we need now is an official music video for Faith
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