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Anderson Cruz
Anderson Cruz Hace un hora
Music video wya??? 🤭
Monica Santafe
Monica Santafe Hace un hora
No supero esta canción...
Gators of the Northeast
Gators of the Northeast Hace un hora
Thought I almost died in my dream again (baby, almost died) Fightin' for my life, I couldn't breathe again I'm fallin' in too deep (oh) Without you, don't wanna sleep (fallin' in) 'Cause my heart belongs to you I'll risk it all for you I want you next to me This time, I'll never leave I wanna share babies Protection, we won't need Your body next to me Is just a memory I'm fallin' in too deep, oh Without you, I can't sleep It's on me, all on me, oh Talk to me, without you I can't breathe My darkest hours Girl, I felt so alone inside of this crowded room Different girls on the floor, distracting my thoughts of you I turned into the man I used to be, to be Put myself to sleep Just so I can get closer to you inside my dreams Didn't wanna wake up 'less you were beside me I just wanted to call you and say, and say Oh, baby, where are you now when I need you most? I'd give it all just to hold you close Sorry that I broke your heart, your heart Never comin' down, uh I was runnin' away from facin' reality Wastin' all of my time on livin' my fantasies Spendin' money to compensate, compensate 'Cause I want you baby I'll be livin' in Heaven when I'm inside of you It was definitely a blessing, wakin' beside you I'll never let you down again, again Oh, baby, where are you now when I need you most? I'd give it all just to hold you close Sorry that I broke your heart, your heart I said, baby, I'll treat you better than I did before I'll hold you down and not let you go This time I won't break your heart, your heart, yeah I know it's all my fault Made you put down your guard I know I made you fall They said you were wrong for me I lied to you, I lied to you, I lied to you (to you) Can't hide the truth, I stayed with her in spite of you You did some things that you regret, still ride for you 'Cause this house is not a home Without my baby, where are you now when I need you most? I gave it all just to hold you close Sorry that I broke your heart, your heart And I said, baby, I'll treat you better than I did before I'll hold you down and not let you go This time I won't break your heart, your heart, no
DEEPAK RAINA Hace 2 horas
Say what you want... this IS the best song from this album 🔥🔥🔥
Sazzle Hace 2 horas
Can´t Stop Listening
Khanu Struffgold
Khanu Struffgold Hace 2 horas
that was the best he made
joaco74XD Hace 2 horas
Very bad
Manalzzzay_ Hace 2 horas
Ana Almeida
Ana Almeida Hace 3 horas
RUNG - ASMR Hace 4 horas
Christopher Cabrera
Christopher Cabrera Hace 5 horas
AREA TECH Hace 5 horas
Damn Man Damn
Dima Armbrecht
Dima Armbrecht Hace 6 horas
wow man. the weeknd is the truth
Ananasikas Hace 7 horas
why this song gives me Halloween vibes lmao
Mimi Lionhardt
Mimi Lionhardt Hace 8 horas
Trilogy vibes
Manish Shishir
Manish Shishir Hace 8 horas
Name: Abel Makkonen Tesfaye Age: 30 Talent: Music His music: *p E r F e C t O* Last but not the least, Hotel: Trivago
Lxneboy Hace 10 horas
this is being added into my top 10 weeknd songs. everything about this new album is so good it cant be faulted
WRAITH Productions
WRAITH Productions Hace 10 horas
wow im sharing my screen
Ana Veselinović
Ana Veselinović Hace 10 horas
bruh who broke who's heart OUH I know he broke mine with the lyrics...
Oniji II
Oniji II Hace 10 horas
best 5:16 - 5:52
Eber Mata Sandoval
Eber Mata Sandoval Hace 11 horas
No paro de escucharla.. lo juro.. me gusta cada vez más que la escucho..
Ahmed Aziz bousaid
Ahmed Aziz bousaid Hace 11 horas
I deleted my comment so no one knows why i didn't get any likes
Prince Check
Prince Check Hace 12 horas
This or Igor?
Doston’s Mopar
Doston’s Mopar Hace 13 horas
Hey future me. If I find this comment in 2040 just know 2020 was tough, but we were listening to the best singer of this time.
TheUnicyclist92 !!!
TheUnicyclist92 !!! Hace 13 horas
lachlan james
lachlan james Hace 17 horas
i like all of the weeknds songs :) the weeknd is my top number 1 favouite :)
Stefano Tornatore
Stefano Tornatore Hace 17 horas
Zidane Shaikh
Zidane Shaikh Hace 17 horas
imagine driving with your convertible coupe through sin city with this music on
Ay Men
Ay Men Hace 17 horas
men 1:45 so dopee men fire bit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Clark Kent
Clark Kent Hace 18 horas
Gesaffelstein - OPR chills
Candela Scianca
Candela Scianca Hace 19 horas
the 7 thousand people who disliked this be like: im a dum dumb
lajtningsped Hace 20 horas
Song made my miss a girlfriend i never had so i went and got one
Laurence Sen
Laurence Sen Hace 20 horas
best song
Mia Pradat Digsmed
Mia Pradat Digsmed Hace 22 horas
Sometimes I wonder... What would be our musical environement without Abel..! I mean most of recent songs are not like music used to be just a few years ago. So here is a huge thanks to you Abel. You will always evolve to the best. We love you!
Sweet and Sour
Sweet and Sour Hace 22 horas
Crazy to see how big the XO community has gotten and well I’m no one to talk but for the new fans please go back to his old work it’s all just a big masterpiece as far back to the noise he won’t disappoint I’m sure he won’t I have faith and forever will this man is a legend
Chris Ramos
Chris Ramos Hace 22 horas
Cara Minafra
Cara Minafra Hace 22 horas
An absolute masterpiece. Thank you, Abel.
Travahnti Tyson
Travahnti Tyson Hace un día
Gives me vibes from House of Ballons and Thursday
what the f*** is he even saying
Chris Ramos
Chris Ramos Hace 22 horas
Clean your ears so you can understand what he's saying
Alejandra Faura López
Alejandra Faura López Hace un día
this looks like the bohemian rhapsody of R&B because of the length of the song (6 minutes)
TheAndrewOne² Hace un día
Que Buen team ;)
Roberto Ramos Hernandez
Roberto Ramos Hernandez Hace un día
I lov u human be good to animals
JustCarp Hace un día
if the weeknd ever gets married, we're all screwed
SS Hace un día
Imagine.. Playing this song in the bathroom under hot shower at late night... Alone after broken well give different feelings..telling myself '' it's all my fault ''..
Zeynep Özçelik
Zeynep Özçelik Hace un día
Omg you can understand that he wants Selena back again.
Zeynep Özçelik
Zeynep Özçelik Hace un día
Is he referring to Selena Gomez's crowded room?
Ahmed ÇAKICI Hace un día
This song is underrated %1000
Google user
Google user Hace un día
I didn't know i could love a song so much! Amaizing! edit: So sad that the After Hours tour got canceled... Stupid corona...
jonathan gomez
jonathan gomez Hace un día
fuck up
Sávio Medeiro Viana
Sávio Medeiro Viana Hace un día
Eu daria tudo apenas para te abraçar Me desculpa por ter partido seu coração, seu coração
Gorgeous orgy
Gorgeous orgy Hace un día
Saw my ex said we dangerous together like the Corona Virus thanks abel
ƛƇӇЄԼƠɄS 07 Hace un día
This specific song was for the XO fam! 6mins of Glory! showered upon us
Deon Lowwe
Deon Lowwe Hace un día
Kiss land vibes
Madhura Bhat
Madhura Bhat Hace un día
Surprised no one has mentioned this yet, he whispers "Bella" around 0:50-0:52
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez Hace un día
La de blinding lighs esta bloqueada porque alguien me puede decir
jose mendez
jose mendez Hace un día
Ella Lambert
Ella Lambert Hace un día
His voice is so soothing like Jhene’s
Rosa Bell
Rosa Bell Hace un día
. . . .wow
Jefferson Almeida Liborion
Jefferson Almeida Liborion Hace un día
Preciso do clipe na minha mesa urgentemente,Abel😍
asad ared
asad ared Hace un día
Trilogy fans know shet
Hamo Khachatryan
Hamo Khachatryan Hace un día
Check this out 😃
S R Hace un día
This one hits different. I'm feeling pain, love and everything in between, no joke fam.
Rocky Johnson
Rocky Johnson Hace un día
This is the best song on the Album. But really, the rest of the songs are equally great. 🔥🔥🔥
Jesse Hace un día
cant stop listening
Mr. SUAV3 Hace un día
Damn this really hits me hard af
Xavier Vázquez X'O
Xavier Vázquez X'O Hace un día
Abel hermoso la neta te la rifaste neta que hasta me sacaste una lágrima de tan hermosa que es esta rola Te quiero papi ❤ X'O
Marie Clayre Freitas
Marie Clayre Freitas Hace un día
Bella's song
Justin Hunkins
Justin Hunkins Hace un día
Babbbyyyyyyyy dadddddy for life I swear ❤️
SlammedZero Hace 2 días
You know, we all may be affected by this damn COVID-19 period that requires us to keep our distance from other people, but, we are all still connected by the music. And if you're reading this we all share fantastic taste in music. :) Stay safe peeps!
Павел Никитин
Павел Никитин Hace 2 días
Gesa Opr
Kreative Kaution
Kreative Kaution Hace 2 días
If they made a Joker & Harley love movie this would be the soundtrack ❤️ 🔥
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