The Upside feat. Elle King - Lindsey Stirling

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Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling

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Directors: Tom Teller & Brodin Plett
Production Co. & Post House: Frame 48 (
Executive Producers: Julian Conner, Tom Teller, Seth Josephson
Producer: Seth Josephson
Director of Photography: Nico Aguilar
Production Designer: Christine Cangelosi
Editor: Lindsey Stirling
Colorist: Bryan Smaller at Company 3
Sound Designer: Gerry Vazquez
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The dark side of the moon
All  these new feelings got me so confused
I  wanna cut it loose
Not sure that I can do this without you
Now I'm lost and I'm broken, dripping like the ocean
Heart's  been cut wide open, changing and I know it
The  other side of you, that's what I've been trying to get used to
But you know that I'm
Holding  on and I'm upside down
On my way to the upside now
I'm on my way, on my way out
I don't know if I'm right side up
I'm  inside out but I won't give up
I'm on my way, I'm on my way
To the upside now
To the upside now
To the upside now
To the upside now
[Verse 2]
Been climbing up these walls
There's no one left to catch me if I fall
It's just me and my thoughts
I get so low but then the upside calls
When I'm lost and I'm broken, dripping like the ocean
Heart's been cut wide open, changing and I know it
I'm seeing signs of you and it's the only thing that gets me through
But you know that I'm
Holding on and I'm upside down
On my way to the upside now
I'm on my way, on my way out
I don't know if I'm right side up
I'm inside out but I won't give up
I'm on my way, I'm on my way
To the upside now
To the upside now
To the upside now
To the upside now
To the upside now
To the upside now
Holding on and I'm upside down
On my way to the upside now
On my way, on my way out
I don't know if I'm right side up
I'm inside out but I won't give up
I'm on my way, I'm on my way
To the upside now
To the upside now
To the upside now
To the upside now
To the upside now


seth scheuerman
seth scheuerman Hace un día
ya humans for the win
seth scheuerman
seth scheuerman Hace un día
begone cree
MrGamer Hace 2 días
I love this song and the darkside song
Royal Tide
Royal Tide Hace 5 días
Anyone understand the story in the music?
меня зовут Ильшад
меня зовут Ильшад Hace 6 días
вау крута капец аааааааааа я фанат
Elizabeth Thompson
Elizabeth Thompson Hace 7 días
Wait a second, bows and amazing music. An album called Artemis. *gasps SHE A DAUGHTER OF APOLLO!
Say My Name
Say My Name Hace 11 días
1:03 EXPECTO PATRONUM !!! Lindsey is a Harry Potter descendant in a cyberpunk future LoL
Ricardo Mouriño Remuiñan
Ricardo Mouriño Remuiñan Hace 13 días
...👀 " ❤️ ⚔ 🖤 " 👀...
Everard Hut
Everard Hut Hace 17 días
Is this song about how the main stream fame tried to trap her but she escaped? Is the lady representing all the temptations she had during her time with DWTS? How rejecting Hollywood transformed her into a Goddess? As it is shown at 3:10 when after suffering with the black clouds she stands up with the Hunter Goddess' bow in her hand? declaring she is transformed . or is just a story of how instead of Hollywood is how she was haunted by herself because she wanted to come out of the closet but her religious up bringing wont accept it, so she came to terms with that reality and she decided to continue to live in the closet, don't come out, but for that she needs all the strength of a Goddess and it is how she sees herself now?
LEA RODRIGUEZ Hace 22 días
i loaf dis music :> :3 XD
Caterina Hoinowski
Caterina Hoinowski Hace 24 días
can you do a show is PA
Caterina Hoinowski
Caterina Hoinowski Hace 24 días
i love you lindsey i am 10
Mary Jorge
Mary Jorge Hace 25 días
Your just so Amazing Lindsey ❤❤ keep doing what your doing.
Melanie XD
Melanie XD Hace 25 días
Lapis Lazuli nwn
Lapis Lazuli nwn Hace 25 días
Diego Escobar
Diego Escobar Hace 25 días
siempre qué miro la luna llena se refleja tu hermosa imágen lindsey♥
marina we
marina we Hace 26 días
🧚‍♀️💐Zum heutigen Muttertag wünsche ich Euch alles Gute🧚‍♀️💐
Liquid Hace 27 días
It should be some cross-genre backstory as to how Linds got her device.
Catherine Mills
Catherine Mills Hace 27 días
What if Underground is set after this video, and the evil lady is the one who trapped all of them in their shape prisons. Then when they escape in Underground, the evil lady trapes Lindsey in a crystal ball = Shatter Me. After Shatter Me comes Lost Girls. The evil lady in Lost Girls looks similar to the one in the Upside. What if it's all connected?
Jasons Green Sleeves
Jasons Green Sleeves Hace 27 días
I love this Lindsey! Thank you so much for the most beautiful music, dancing and art! You're a shining light
Eliana Echevarria
Eliana Echevarria Hace 27 días
I love this song I think a bit too much
Сергей Козловский
Сергей Козловский Hace un mes
Клёво поработали
Sammy Hamawi
Sammy Hamawi Hace un mes
Xenia ghali
Sammy Hamawi
Sammy Hamawi Hace un mes
Miri ben ari and divanessa are good violinusts
DaScorp Hace un mes
She is the Jackson of Violin
Intan Nisita
Intan Nisita Hace un mes
Hi lindsey i'm intan nisita from indonesia i love play violinst thanks for subscribers 😘
Gaia's Guardian
Gaia's Guardian Hace un mes
The next step now is a violin bow! A longbow style with the middle handle actually being the neck of the violin, the bend the chin rest, and that end wrapping behind her head when played. Makes for a long decorative at the top of the neck, possibly off balancing, but cool looking! Can somebody make a pic of it?
Zolh Ann
Zolh Ann Hace un mes
Love your red hair it suite you afterall😊🥰
Roger Vera
Roger Vera Hace un mes
Lindo 😘
David Mcloughlin
David Mcloughlin Hace un mes
Why aren’t you directing movies yet Lindsey ? Lol sometimes it seems that your ESwomen channel produces more movie ideas than all the directors and story tellers in America combined
Uhohhotdog Gaming
Uhohhotdog Gaming Hace un mes
Is this a game and where can I get it?
Zee Channel
Zee Channel Hace un mes
I love the song but shatter me more better
júllia figueiroa
júllia figueiroa Hace un mes
Violet Morton
Violet Morton Hace un mes
Lindsey, you have come a ling way from when you started, you are the most musically talented person alive, you have become the impossible, you are my inspiration, you are the definition of talented. you are just how you need to be, no matter what people tell you.
Cara3 Flame
Cara3 Flame Hace un mes
for some reason the people that use the black stuff remind me of death eaters (btw I love this song so much I chose it for my singing performance)
PROVasyan Hace un mes
Tooo much of vocal autotune? too less of violin.
Mei Hace un mes
this has strong Alita vibes let's get this out there as a live action Movie if it ain't already !!! Also strong lesson of don't forget those who helped you where you came from
Kevin Newman
Kevin Newman Hace un mes
Hoping the Red Rocks show is still a go.....
Inna Day
Inna Day Hace un mes
Welcome back Lindsey Stirling
Aven A
Aven A Hace un mes
Great content lisndey and also suprusing that you to are my fav artist ❤❤ and somehow you to both came together and made a music vid thxs so much Lindsey
Алиса Ищенко
Алиса Ищенко Hace un mes
MinaSchokolade Hace un mes
So i was sick of my music of lindsey stirling when getting back into running. So I ended up back on her channel to listen to her new songs and will be getting all for running. lol. such motivational boss music. she inspires me. never felt like dancing until I saw her dance and heard her music.
Avacarho Hace un mes
Lindsey Stirling is such an amazing, creative violinist. I can’t believe that she wasn’t the AGT winner.
me encanta me encanta 💓❤❤❤❤❤❤
S Scott
S Scott Hace un mes
Sci-fi horror musical?
Yurie M.
Yurie M. Hace un mes
This is soo cool
Ignor Hace un mes
Ciborium Hace un mes
Lindsey versus The Morrigan
dmitriy Bubroud
dmitriy Bubroud Hace un mes
Потрясающая девчонка! Как жаль что не доведется увидеть ее в живую.
kylie nagy
kylie nagy Hace un mes
I've heard but never seen Elle King..(yes, I live under a rock) she is beautiful! Her voice matches her beauty.
ma d
ma d Hace un mes
Lindsay Stirling is the bard we all need in our campaign
Morteza Haidari
Morteza Haidari Hace un mes
Andres Monroy
Andres Monroy Hace un mes
Buena cancion
Jani make Aronen
Jani make Aronen Hace un mes
Nice 👍👌💃💙🌆🕶️🌹
Red Wolf Productions
Red Wolf Productions Hace un mes
I wonder where Lindsey gets her inspiration, I LOVE Lindsey but since I'm not a huge lover of dubstep and the like I listen to a lot of Máiréad Nesbitt fantastic violinist makes me wonder if she's one of Lindseys inspirations :P as a violinist i mean
Aven A
Aven A Hace un mes
金美靈Jabberwocky Slayer
金美靈Jabberwocky Slayer Hace un mes
AHHHHHHHHHH, that was freakin' AMAZING!! Lindsey. Whoa.
Gacha Polina Бородина
Gacha Polina Бородина Hace un mes
Я лублу твой видео они просто класс 💗👍👍👍👍👍
Juliana Siqueira
Juliana Siqueira Hace un mes
Lindsey = Crush
Justin Stie
Justin Stie Hace un mes
great sound on this
Melissa Gonzalez
Melissa Gonzalez Hace un mes
Que hermosa melodia ❤
Payton Hopper
Payton Hopper Hace un mes
I’m sorry
Subrahmanya shettigar
Subrahmanya shettigar Hace un mes
Can you please play, "call your name" from "attack on titans"
Emerson Paschoalino
Emerson Paschoalino Hace un mes
I would like to see her playing Lá Campanella
Lia Christine
Lia Christine Hace un mes
So much emotion when she plays the violin.. wowie
Серж PATRIOT Hace un mes
ты клаааас хореография фоно ОГ ОНЬ
Reel Fishing
Reel Fishing Hace un mes
I was saying movies like lord of the ring , need to cast a magical elf bard and she can play the role using music as a weapon, buffs, healing , speed
Txiki Fresno
Txiki Fresno Hace un mes
Hi, I'm a new suscriptor, this music and the videos are fantastics.
Bomovoid Hace un mes
Nobody's gonna talk about the jojopose at the thumbnail?
Jordi Barrera
Jordi Barrera Hace un mes
Lindsey😍😍😍 me encanta esa manera que te caracteriza desde el 2011🎧
Any Valencia
Any Valencia Hace 2 meses
Pienso que tal vez nunca leas esto pero tu música es lo único que me mantiene despierta por las noches cuando tengo estudiar, es maravilloso estar estudiando la Licenciatura en Derecho y al mismo tiempo escuchar tu música, gracias por existir 🤩
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