The Undertaker comes to Roman Reigns' aid: Raw, June 24, 2019

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Hace 23 días

As Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon brutalize Roman Reigns in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match, The Deadman rises to even the odds.
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Axl Kristoffersen
Axl Kristoffersen Hace 11 horas
The Phenom in right time to right place.. the Undertaker is my favorite.. good to know he keep going on. if's the Undertaker's legacy ..
Shane was the one that meet his Match when the,Dead Man came to Roman's Aide .
Romulan2469 Hace 18 horas
He had to return after that Goldberg match.
Achmad Habibi
Achmad Habibi Hace un día
Leon Lim
Leon Lim Hace un día
Whe i saw this poor chockeslam, i thought the match in extreme rules will be a disaster. But it is pretty good and nice after i watched it. great job taker.
Nitin Jaiswal
Nitin Jaiswal Hace un día
Watching wwe only for deadman
UNDERTAKER vs THE ROCK should happen such a dream match at wrestlemania
John Ferra
John Ferra Hace un día
No other wrestling company past present or future will ever be able to Top Undertaker The sound of the bell and fade to black is priceless!
Brain Police
Brain Police Hace un día
i thought mark calaways carrier was over
Rell Edwards
Rell Edwards Hace un día
I used to get so offended when ppl said wresting was fake... then I turned 13
Hasan Acar
Hasan Acar Hace 2 días
Brock lesnar is the best wwe
Bella Orabelle
Bella Orabelle Hace 2 días
is this the new one ? on 2019 ? for sure ??
Thuý Nhật
Thuý Nhật Hace 2 días
I like 2:20' The Undertaker
Rajiv Ranjan Pandey
Rajiv Ranjan Pandey Hace 2 días
Which song is used at the end of the video?
Sachin Sode
Sachin Sode Hace 2 días
WXC Federation
WXC Federation Hace 2 días
2:27 Dude sounded constipated as all hell
David Matthias
David Matthias Hace 2 días
Undertaker is cool
Ranjit Kalapala
Ranjit Kalapala Hace 2 días
One of the greatest legend of all time THE UNDERTAKER
PacMane 239
PacMane 239 Hace 3 días
Finally got the cross back on his pants like 1999 & 2004
TootsiesCreationz Hace 3 días
Gotta freaking LOVE Undertaker! He's always been the REAL DEAL!
Anjani Pathak
Anjani Pathak Hace 3 días
Undertaker and Roman Reigns are best player
Danish Meman
Danish Meman Hace 3 días
Taker should just shave his head at this point. Would look even more threatening.
kyle Venetta
kyle Venetta Hace 3 días
Undertaker ether needs to retire or workout hard
SVM gangstar
SVM gangstar Hace 3 días
twist Hace 3 días
The girl needs to be replaced
lorraine bradford
lorraine bradford Hace 4 días
1:01 Is What We came Here For It Wasted 1 Minute of my life Thank Me Later
Soaring Faithfully 1111
Soaring Faithfully 1111 Hace 4 días
"By gawd it's the Undertaker!!!! By gawd, oh my gawd, by gawd!! Phenom! Phenom! Phenom!" -Jim Ross
jogos historicos
jogos historicos Hace 4 días
Dead man
Greg Smith
Greg Smith Hace 4 días
Why have a female commentator? Why?
SamKool lego leger
SamKool lego leger Hace 4 días
Can’t believe undertaker is back 😊😊😊 biggest fan
clan eating
clan eating Hace 4 días
Teodor Gaming ROM
Teodor Gaming ROM Hace 4 días
Welcome back The Soul Reaper
vijay aravind ind
vijay aravind ind Hace 5 días
grave yard dogs undertaker and roman
rehan khan
rehan khan Hace 5 días
Wwe will be over soon all this drama is not so cool anymore people around the World are getting smarter... Every good thing has an end
Salavudeen TamilGamer
Salavudeen TamilGamer Hace 5 días
michael ricketts
michael ricketts Hace 5 días
Man these announcers are awful
Waleed Ali
Waleed Ali Hace 5 días
Undertaker still very young
Vip Mobile
Vip Mobile Hace 5 días
Thank you the undertaker
Jordan Anderson
Jordan Anderson Hace 5 días
Damn undertaker is going bald, never seen undertaker punch that fast since he threw brock on a casket in 2014
Edrine Derrick
Edrine Derrick Hace 5 días
you cant kill that witch is already dead he lives
bio x
bio x Hace 5 días
Watch lucha libre get a glimpse of what wrestling is,you people will forget about this bs
bio x
bio x Hace 5 días
What a load of garbage 🤣
FaZe REMIX Hace 6 días
Otra pelea
Kornélios T
Kornélios T Hace 6 días
Give us ministry Undertaker look back.
Linda Gibson
Linda Gibson Hace 6 días
Shane is acting like a spoiled Mama's boy .he has to have someone else do his dirty work for him .he might get hurt if Drew is not there with him .and everyone would see him cry .rich little boy can't fight his own battles
vanie lefler
vanie lefler Hace 6 días
How do you skip these video
vanie lefler
vanie lefler Hace 6 días
no thank u
Rajeev Kumar
Rajeev Kumar Hace 6 días
Undertaker 1991 se hai fans like kre
Mike Reuys
Mike Reuys Hace 6 días
I love the undertaker
عبدالعزيز المري
عبدالعزيز المري Hace 6 días
ram don
ram don Hace 6 días
The phenom
bophelo life
bophelo life Hace 7 días
Taker is getting old and wwe will never be the same ....
CLB Hace 7 días
So I haven't been watching WWE for a while, for obvious reasons. Why is Undertaker on Raw? Is he that desperate for money? Is Shane McMahon a full time wrestler now?
MillionDollarMagic Hace 5 días
wwe needs him, it’s not the other way around. they probably offered him TONS just to come back, wwe hasn’t been that entertaining for years.
winnie Njoga
winnie Njoga Hace 7 días
Undertaker 😊
Craig Colson
Craig Colson Hace 7 días
Renee's reaction NO. Michael Cole's reaction was priceless when the dead man walking has arrived for Roman's help.
James Scarborough
James Scarborough Hace 5 días
I think Renee Young's no was meant when Shane McMahon was going to jump off the top rope and onto Roman Reigns it was just timed wrong.
Deejay Barbas
Deejay Barbas Hace 7 días
two of my favorite wrestler! nice !! BigTaker 😏
Gururaj Kodkani
Gururaj Kodkani Hace 7 días
WWE is alive today only coz of this guy here
Hussain Al-Janaby
Hussain Al-Janaby Hace 7 días
I wanna know where tf undertaker came from?? Was he hiding under the ring?
PrinceHudson Gaming
PrinceHudson Gaming Hace 5 días
Yes he was hiding under the ring
Onaja Harris
Onaja Harris Hace 8 días
omg taker please you've done it all bro. enough man I hate seeing the guy like this.
Quentin Dugger
Quentin Dugger Hace 7 días
Like what? Jesus Christ what is everyone bitching about? Taker is literally in better shape than you or me. He is built to last.
Jackie Sobers
Jackie Sobers Hace 8 días
Why can't Shaun do it for himself for but ordering people to do it for him hmm
Ruff Ryder’s
Ruff Ryder’s Hace 8 días
I’m sorry but the woman commentator needs to go
himel saleh
himel saleh Hace 8 días
Roman calm down. Because your daddy is here to save u.
edwina Jenkins
edwina Jenkins Hace 8 días
This is what a real return is like with out a spoiler
Mo'Mo Alfat
Mo'Mo Alfat Hace 8 días
Omg take that female off the commentary, she sound dumb af and has no idea what she’s talking about
Calisto Baloi
Calisto Baloi Hace 8 días
Why ESwomen always tell us lying
Seth Porter
Seth Porter Hace 8 días
Bruh anybody else get chills when you hear the bell?
Barack Uzamaki
Barack Uzamaki Hace 8 días
So many dislikes
rakesh rock
rakesh rock Hace 8 días
The dead man
Dark Raider
Dark Raider Hace 8 días
The Undertaker looks like his ABA days but the hair is darker
jimmy rock
jimmy rock Hace 9 días
He was in crowd.
WELLMADE KAY Hace 9 días
Undertaker is WWEs Lil Wayne
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