The Ultimate Commentary Video (w/ Kurtis Conner and Danny Gonzalez)

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Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden

Hace 8 meses

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I GOT to gooby

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scrappy boi
scrappy boi Hace un hora
Danny In the beginning just stared into the abyss for like 2 seconds before understanding what hes doing 😆
Mollay Hace 2 horas
I can’t get with the “chriest mi dans”
Reagan Hernandez
Reagan Hernandez Hace 5 horas
I just got an add with kurtis
malcolm champion
malcolm champion Hace 5 horas
“You now that y’all girl at your school” Oh so every girl at my school
Crackhead Adley
Crackhead Adley Hace 13 horas
They’re laugh all sounds the same and I’m scared (0:27)
Jfr Films
Jfr Films Hace 13 horas
Movie: is about genetically engineered bees Random guy: ya like jizz?
Fujoshi Here
Fujoshi Here Hace 14 horas
Here we see how these three's hairs grew over quarantine.
jasmim Hace 15 horas
7:16 is that SINJIN???
Jsuttian Hace 17 horas
Has Canada ever made a movie that was close to kinda ok? I mean there are plenty of merits that Canada can claim and they deserve them. All their movies are just so so so bad. Why?
Awesome Eliam
Awesome Eliam Hace 19 horas
tyler barnett
tyler barnett Hace un día
hej, my name is greg, i am a guy, and i am a citizen of kurtistown
Im A fLaMiNgO :p
Im A fLaMiNgO :p Hace un día
tf its not fair someone can just quote something from a video and get thousands of likes wtf
Lilly Katherine
Lilly Katherine Hace un día
who's watching in quarantine? also the bee trailer is literally just murder hornets...
Maddy Hamilton
Maddy Hamilton Hace un día
omg imagine having to be as tall as the average supermodel... her life must suck
RobinoK Hace un día
drew: "if there's one thing I miss it's being home" ARE YOU HAPPY NOW DREW
Rubix T. Cube
Rubix T. Cube Hace un día
Kurtis never talks in these
Tomas Senn
Tomas Senn Hace un día
I think part of talk girl is that her sister is a model because she's shorter. And I think the creators just looked up "how tall is to tall for a model" and found that modeling agencies look for girls between 5ft 8in and 5ft 11in, so they just added 2 inches to the upper limit and said"that's that."
Anna Puke
Anna Puke Hace un día
4:07 Kurtis: **attempts to wrap arms around Drew** Drew: **wraps arms around Danny** Kurtis: (REJECTED!)
Mammaxmia Hace un día
are we all just ignoring the fact that that was PAISLEY FROM ANT FARM
iPhone Hace un día
Ok but is that sinjin
I like gacha BFR
I like gacha BFR Hace un día
6:21 Me: that’s the actor of sinjin from victorious right? 7:16 Me: HOLY SHIT IT IS
Cahasty Hace un día
they are all the same person.
dana g
dana g Hace un día
God they’re so alike they remind me of the twins in the shining except instead of twins they’re triplets
Emma Hobby
Emma Hobby Hace un día
When Kurtis tried to hug Danny and drew but they hugged each other I felt that 🥺
okami fang
okami fang Hace un día
Oooh kissing
honey coves
honey coves Hace un día
4:08 Kurtis: 👁👄👁
amanda b
amanda b Hace 2 días
The porn bee movie is somehow less sexual than the actual Bee Movie
Lim4 Beans
Lim4 Beans Hace 2 días
I mamaboy the trailer you guys were going over there was a guy vomiting in another guys shirt without you guys noticing. Lol
Sarah Pritchard
Sarah Pritchard Hace 2 días
Just get an abortion? I feel like there were a lot of options before weird monkey transfer pregnancy
Undyne Hace 2 días
RIP you can see kurtis reach out for a hug around 4:05
Anna Ball
Anna Ball Hace 2 días
It's been almost a year and I still don't know what the C stands for
Adrian M
Adrian M Hace 2 días
I feel like everyone (probably only 18+ lmao) needs to see Another Gay Movie. It is an absolute masterpiece of a mess and I've watched it 5 times. It's basically a feature length cheesy gay porn parody of American Pie featuring a gerbil in a place a gerbil should never be, Graham Norton as a character he should have NEVER PLAYED (a foreign high school teacher that doubles as a dungeon master) and, weirdly, trans representation. There's also a sequel called... Another Gay Sequel. Featuring a dad having sex in a dog costume, a magical gay merman who only appears to one specific person and teaches him about the wonders of getting pissed on, and a scene with close ups of animated pubic lice. Also RuPaul is in it. And he likes people to piss on him.
bootycakes Hace 2 días
why didn't the girl just have an abortion
Coffee Jelly
Coffee Jelly Hace 2 días
love you
Taryn Mulvaney
Taryn Mulvaney Hace 2 días
I watched tall girl recently and lets just say this... It was the worst hour an 42 minutes of my life.
Silly Goose
Silly Goose Hace 2 días
12:53 is that the house from a talking cat? I watched jon trons video on a talking cat and it looks really similar
Silly Goose
Silly Goose Hace 2 días
I just googled it and they’re made by the same company it is
Dog on it
Dog on it Hace 2 días
i like how when one of them starts doing a weird gesture, the others start doing it
Cosmic_gxlden Hace 2 días
Cancer I got I before they said it
Teresa Skripek
Teresa Skripek Hace 2 días
I feel like the entire Christian movie was spoiled in the trailer
IceWallow come
IceWallow come Hace 2 días
2:07 that reminds me of the time I called my sister a big little piece of tiny, I don't know why I said that but i did
Dying In fashion
Dying In fashion Hace 2 días
As someone who took Latin in high school all these religious movies just seem hilarious 😹 it’s like a demon just speaking a normal ass language at least from my perception. Once you see your high school teacher speak it it’s no longer spooky.
Victoria Stone
Victoria Stone Hace 2 días
When Drew, Kurtis, and Danny predicted the murder hornets
Unknown Bandit650
Unknown Bandit650 Hace 3 días
Drew is more professional than the rest, danny is confused about everything and kurtis is a country guy that talks to himself to much
Toes R us
Toes R us Hace 3 días
The same person just different fonts
steph Hace 3 días
Killer bees walked so murder Hornets could run
Matthew Holtz
Matthew Holtz Hace 3 días
The house in the bee movie is the same one as in a talking cat
Brownie Cat
Brownie Cat Hace 3 días
so I was watching ts and then an ad pops up that is Curtis telling me about
aisha mahamed
aisha mahamed Hace 3 días
14:04 scared the SHIT OUTTA ME WTF
Catherine Witherow
Catherine Witherow Hace 3 días
Kurtis is precious
ciera culbertson
ciera culbertson Hace 3 días
“do not touch her” -sinjin from victorious
grace daisy
grace daisy Hace 3 días
seeing kurtis like this makes me think of when you hang out with some people and know only one (drew), who prefers another person (danny).
lucy f
lucy f Hace 4 días
was it just me or were they trying to sync most of their sentences together
L Davenport
L Davenport Hace 4 días
17:17 i was gonna comment something really clever like "charge your phone king" but then i looked down and realized my phone was also at 26% and now i'm kinda freaked out ngl
L Davenport
L Davenport Hace 4 días
every time they speak in unison it adds a year to my life
Evan Stark
Evan Stark Hace 4 días
Seriously what is the Neil Breen movie called
Aoife Fitzgerald
Aoife Fitzgerald Hace 4 días
How are they all so synchronised it’s kinda creepy
H. F
H. F Hace 4 días
I can't tell the difference
UwU OwO Hace 4 días
I've watched this video several times and I still don't know what C stands for.
Serenity Freeman
Serenity Freeman Hace 4 días
Dad me dance?
Oof TvT
Oof TvT Hace 5 días
Gooby looks like a story about someone being a furry XD
Mikayla H
Mikayla H Hace 5 días
12:53 is this the same house from a talking cat?
Goose • v •
Goose • v • Hace 5 días
Goose • v •
Goose • v • Hace 5 días
Big Ed be like: 2:23
Slone Slone
Slone Slone Hace 5 días
How murder Hornets were made
SashaStallion Hace 5 días
Kris R-K
Kris R-K Hace 5 días
I like how, on his own channel, Kurtis is like chaotic neutral, but when he's with these two he's just baby
Ba Na
Ba Na Hace 5 días
Next video is with Kurtis Danny Drew and Cody Ko now thats epic
84 Percent
84 Percent Hace 5 días
I'm almost the size of the tall girl and I'm 12
Serenity Freeman
Serenity Freeman Hace 4 días
Let's face it 84, you're the tall girl
Blake Pettys
Blake Pettys Hace 5 días
How come Kurtis looks like a Dobre bro?
CampVloggy Bee
CampVloggy Bee Hace 5 días
I’m 5’10
Josie Hace 6 días
at 11:03 What ever that movie is, I recognize the house they use in it. If you search up "A talking cat jontron" Jon reviews a movie that is just as bad. "A talking cat" uses the same house as the bad bee movie!! XD
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