The Ugly Side of the Beauty World

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evelyn gause
evelyn gause Hace 13 horas
there is something wrong Shane did not get a 2x Large case closed!
RChico 5377
RChico 5377 Hace un día
I’ve been rewatching this series like 7 times during quarantine and I never realized how good the transitions were until now
leah morales
leah morales Hace un día
shane:*making him do cool shots for his gym* uno and honey i think:*walks in* also shane:bitches get the fuck out now come on edit: why did i comment this also who is watching in 2020
Lilly-B Hace un día
Nobody: Jeffree: aight bitch I got people in jail
francesca grunderson
francesca grunderson Hace un día
Ryland and Shane are like the parents (Ryland being the supportive background one), morgan and garrett are the cute kids, Andrew is the adorable kid that does photography and is actually so funny when he talks and Jeffree is the iconic crazy aunt that brings out the best in everyone. We stan a supportive family
Francesco Gambino
Francesco Gambino Hace 2 días
I kinda feel bad for the girl who designed the ruth draft for the pallet like the face of disappointment in her expression
I don’t really know S
I don’t really know S Hace 2 días
Was it just me that heard Jefferey say “I feel like I’m about to shoot myself, so I’m gonna go do that.” And everyone else said yeah ? 😂
KellyMarie St.Bernard
KellyMarie St.Bernard Hace 2 días
Shane will hopefully never get the correct names of Jeferee's doggos It's honestly funny af
AnotherEmo Loser
AnotherEmo Loser Hace 2 días
Little did Andrew know this would be his life when he applied for the coolest job ever
AnotherEmo Loser
AnotherEmo Loser Hace un día
@reaqlz oh right right right
reaqlz Hace un día
AnotherEmo Loser he didn’t apply he was garrets friend
Sofia Isabel Fernandes
Sofia Isabel Fernandes Hace 2 días
Morgan is SO pretty
Leila Olson
Leila Olson Hace 2 días
How is nobody talking about how perfect Morgan is her looks are stunning and her personality is just amazing
Emilie Jenkins
Emilie Jenkins Hace 2 días
Shane is amazing
Emilie Jenkins
Emilie Jenkins Hace 2 días
Jeffree and shane’s friendship is goals
Tanushree R
Tanushree R Hace 3 días
2:27 Is it just me or does Andrew look like Mark Zuckerberg here¿..?
iig Samdant
iig Samdant Hace 4 días
beetle juice x3
beetle juice x3 Hace 4 días
why is whatever’s in jeffree’s hand at 43:46 blurred
Viktoria Kandarczyk
Viktoria Kandarczyk Hace 4 días
She said juicy contour and I got freaked cause I’m wearing their underwear brand rn 😂😂😂
Layne Kostenick
Layne Kostenick Hace 4 días
Andrea Arroyo
Andrea Arroyo Hace 5 días
I love how Shane takes care of Morgan. They are like buddies always having each other’s back no matter what happens. I hope you respond p.s Morgan your are my sun because you glow so bright. 🥺🥺💗💖💞🥰
Very Angry
Very Angry Hace 5 días
2:46 yw
annushka litchie
annushka litchie Hace 5 días
does anyone have Anna's (sorry if I misspelled her name) instagram or know what her profession is called ? :)
Lil chills
Lil chills Hace 5 días
This is like the 30th time I’ve clicked on this video, anyone else re watching?😂😂🙋‍♀️💖
Charmed Life
Charmed Life Hace 5 días
This Is one of the video that successfully clickbaited & manipulate viewers for Shanes & Jeffree money
Jecua Draws
Jecua Draws Hace 46 minutos
... what? 😂
Janeth Sanchez
Janeth Sanchez Hace 6 días
One of the reasons i am attracted to the palete is the box. Its like so pretty and i just wAnT to have it.
Itzel G
Itzel G Hace 6 días
Im watching this during quarantine but I always seem to cry Bc of what Morgan has to deal with and feel even though she perfect!!
Kayla Hoskins
Kayla Hoskins Hace 6 días
okay but why hasn't Shane set up Morgan on a date with the guard gate im dying to see that even though I ship her with andrew
syswee Hace 6 días
“Conspiracy is not a soda can.”
Matthew Harjo
Matthew Harjo Hace 7 días
I have my theories on the break in. About who was apart of it but I won’t say. Also because I don’t want to believe it but it makes total sence.
Matthew Harjo
Matthew Harjo Hace 7 días
Shane is to hard on himself. He’s not even fat, he’s thick. Shane is hot!!! N even has moments of being sexy af!
Jecua Draws
Jecua Draws Hace 45 minutos
He thicccccc.
Kennedy Hayden
Kennedy Hayden Hace 7 días
When you look at the date of this video and think about what life is like now... (quarantine) Thanks Shane for keeping me happy! I love you so much!
LiveWire Hace 7 días
Shane's straight up gay
Insomniac Dabs
Insomniac Dabs Hace 7 días
Shane Looks like Rumple Stillskin from Shrek Forever After 😂💀
Rebecca Meyer
Rebecca Meyer Hace 7 días
49:16 most heart melting part 🥺❤️❤️
Jazmia Martinez
Jazmia Martinez Hace 7 días
shane remberb u are in the ilumatay and now your really famous
KITTY X3 Hace 7 días
Dont get me wrong I love the documentary series I just miss conspiracy theories and the trying dumb life hacks and stuff. Anyone agree??? No? ok I'll go home ( ̄︶ ̄)↗
FIRESTORM the magalorian
FIRESTORM the magalorian Hace 8 días
33:00 don't mind me
leave me be im vibing
leave me be im vibing Hace 8 días
whos watching this season in 2020?
Ur Mom
Ur Mom Hace 8 días
morgan is fire bro
Lydia Pitts
Lydia Pitts Hace 9 días
okay but why does Anna kind of look like Madison beer?
starship the bunny rabbit
starship the bunny rabbit Hace 9 días
Oh My goodness. I am shook by this. I had little to no idea about how people made make up until I started bongewatching these. This actually very interesting to see the creative process.
starship the bunny rabbit
starship the bunny rabbit Hace 9 días
Binge Watching *typos*😂😂
Alex O'Neill
Alex O'Neill Hace 9 días
Im in tears im so proud of u shane ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Wolf98 0987
Wolf98 0987 Hace 9 días
Why dose diamond always look so angry lmao.
Another Nerd
Another Nerd Hace 9 días
Who saw the thumbnail and thought of Dexter? Just me? Oki
In2tinct Genin
In2tinct Genin Hace 9 días
At 36:39 Shawn hit Jeffry butt
J.R. Eros Roman
J.R. Eros Roman Hace 10 días
I don’t like when Shane acts like he doesnt know how business works. It makes me so mad, cause he’s been to book signings. He’s been in business meetings. Don’t lie dude.
Kai Dragon
Kai Dragon Hace 10 días
I know I probably shouldn’t comment this but Eugenia cooney is starting to lose weight again and I know it’s not my business but I’m just worried and thought you should know before it gets out of hand again
Gordy Scapes
Gordy Scapes Hace 10 días
Morgan is gorgeous. Wtf.
Seeking Info
Seeking Info Hace 10 días
Jefree : 𝒲𝒽𝒶𝓉𝓈 𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐚? 𝐦𝐞 : 👁👄👁 .... 👁👅👁
Hallo Cows
Hallo Cows Hace 10 días
Only Shane can make a makeup montage dramatic 😌
E. Gates
E. Gates Hace 10 días
michelle martinez
michelle martinez Hace 10 días
20:40 I stepped on juicy
KC G Hace 10 días
Andrew in glam is fucking amazing like holy shit, he looks good
Madds Hace 10 días
Leave it to Shane to make his sponsor clip creepy 😂😂
Gaming with fila Love
Gaming with fila Love Hace 11 días
I want to give them all a hug :(
Taylah Cunningham
Taylah Cunningham Hace 11 días
Shane can u do more conspiracy theories
oakley fox
oakley fox Hace 11 días
omg this was so inspireing i love you shane well done for all the hard work
Emma Chipponeri
Emma Chipponeri Hace 11 días
This thumbnail... dexter who?
Isla is mEMe
Isla is mEMe Hace 11 días
2:45 Me when I see candles and other scented stuff in a shop!!!
angel gutts
angel gutts Hace 11 días
I think that morgan doesn't need lip injections nor fake teeth. The fact that shes still successful without lip injections,and fake teeth makes other gurus jealous because they cant have that. So,They pressure her.
Iil Hace 12 días
I love how at 23:00 the music just drops when he looks at the mirror
Milk Hace 12 días
Who else is swooning over Shane’s trainer
Lana Walt
Lana Walt Hace 12 días
okay, i know im a few months late but here me out. Morgan and Andrew would be such a good couple!
Kenzie Hace 13 días
I feel like the title to this episode was a little misleading, but it was still a good episode nonetheless. I just wanna say that I LOVE how Morgan is authentically herself and that she hasn't changed herself to please anyone. One of the main reasons I love her, I'm a fan of her, and I'm subscribed to her is because she's UNIQUE and she's HERSELF. I love watching her videos because they're REAL. She's GENUINE. I'll be incredibly devastated if Morgan ever falls into the traps of society and she starts changing herself for views, acceptance from her "friends", etc. I love Morgan for who she is and I would never want her to change for anyone or anything 💕
Kailey Hace 13 días
i’m so glad that jeffree was so protective over morgan being in the wrong crowd.
Jenna Jones
Jenna Jones Hace 13 días
I need to know what Andrew put on his face so I don't put it on my face
BooFool101 Hace 13 días
Whole shit THIS WAS 6 MONTHS AGO ???
Scarlette Baudelaire
Scarlette Baudelaire Hace 14 días
So... I have loved Jeffree since the minute I discovered his first video online...but I have to say, I love upstaged behind the scenes Jeffree even more, i almost was in tears for some reason. He seems like such a great friend and I love him still
Trinity Thorns
Trinity Thorns Hace 14 días
I wish everyone was like shane
ZincoDrone Hace 14 días
Who else is binging this during quarantine.
SimplyArtistic Hace 14 días
**When the sponsor part of the video scares you:** *I-I IM FINEEEEEEEEEEEE...EHEH TOTALLY-*
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