The Truth About Tanacon

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Hace 2 años

Part 2
Part 3

links to all videos used coming soon! I stayed up all night editing so i promise i will link them when i wake up !!
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shane Hace 2 años
The truth is always more complicated than the lies. PART 2 what do YOU think the truth is?
Joa J
Joa J Hace 6 días
Love youu
Hayashi Hace 6 días
i was annoyed that it had "499 comments" -the 500th comment
Cillian McGovern
Cillian McGovern Hace 3 meses
500th reply
Cillian McGovern
Cillian McGovern Hace 3 meses
Cillian McGovern
Cillian McGovern Hace 3 meses
@IbzyRules 💗👍
Juana Rodriguez
Juana Rodriguez Hace 8 horas
Who is watching after Tana and Jeffree star just sit quietly while Shane is being cancelled pretending he didnt save their careers😔
Julie Hace 10 horas
i don't think it was a "conspiracy". they were just inexperienced, dumb, and they fucked up.
Eggswung 69
Eggswung 69 Hace 15 horas
Tana is a bitch
Lance Voltron
Lance Voltron Hace 17 horas
I didn't realize this was the Shane Dawson from my youth lol. Dang things have really gotten real over the years. No conspiracy needed. Just a bunch of people biting off more than they can chew and not being able to fess up/own up/fully make up for their mistakes.
Crystal Goddess
Crystal Goddess Hace un día
“The truth about Shane Dawson” coming soon everywhere
Kristin Goetzman
Kristin Goetzman Hace un día
You’re both egomaniacal idiots. And at least stop with the fake self deprecation and heavy handed piano music. Pathetic.
deirdre cunningham
deirdre cunningham Hace un día
Shane, please dont let this distraction take you away from your actual passion and your creativity. Please keep creating. Please Keep going. You mean more to people than you could ever know.
Cypress Arguello-Martin
Cypress Arguello-Martin Hace un día
I was going to go but it was like so far from where I am but I really wanted to see you
Cypress Arguello-Martin
Cypress Arguello-Martin Hace un día
Zeeshan Hace 11 horas
@GameDude Redd I agree with you partially because what Shane did to his cousin and other kids wasn't appropriate.
GameDude Redd
GameDude Redd Hace 11 horas
Yeah he is getting canceled because of liars from the beauty community and he is also getting bashed for shit he did NEARLY A DECADE AGO! Cancel Culture, more like fascist culture!
Zeeshan Hace un día
Too late for that bruh...
America Tilton
America Tilton Hace un día
Day 105 of quarantine where im from.. Why am i still watching old vids😂
Brynn Behrmann
Brynn Behrmann Hace un día
thought i was the only one here bc of covid
Alexis G
Alexis G Hace un día
None of this aged well.
Power of Purify
Power of Purify Hace 2 días
curb your convention
Jesse Haetta
Jesse Haetta Hace 2 días
Why would u pay thousands to meet a celebrity when u can't afford it
fizz bitch
fizz bitch Hace 2 días
Are these girls underage TOO? Figures why Shane would invite them into his house. Pig
brandyfranck Hace 2 días
I love that the girls Shane interviewed totally saw that this was not Tana’s or Shane’s fault. They totally put the blame where it belongs, on Michael and Good Times. This was a messed up situation and they both were left feeling like complete shit and it wasn’t their fault.
Spider Guy
Spider Guy Hace 2 días
im just here looking for plainrock124 in the crowd
Mitchelle Rutoh
Mitchelle Rutoh Hace 2 días
People in 2018:We love Shane People now:👁👄👁
k Hace 14 horas
The volume inside of this busssss
Foxsden Hace 2 días
People in 2018: this face is funny 👁👄👁 because its not overused People in 2020: 😐
It’s your boy Kloey
It’s your boy Kloey Hace 3 días
I’m watching 2 year drama
Ramennoodle Keppepespe
Ramennoodle Keppepespe Hace 3 días
Tana is full of shit
Quinn Riverton
Quinn Riverton Hace 3 días
He’s like her dad, Trying to comfort her and tell her what she did wrong Also 2020 gang 😗✌🏻
Mangle Tangle
Mangle Tangle Hace 3 días
I bet those girl were fangirling so hard when he was on the call with tana
Grace MacNett
Grace MacNett Hace 3 días
I don't think that girl was really cutting the other off, there were just cuts, probably for privacy or trying to not shade anyone
___julisa__ Hace 3 días
And we all used to stan him... Chile anywaysss
Sahira Lopez
Sahira Lopez Hace 3 días
The woman (or girl) who said ‘I want a refund’ is a QUEEN
pluto シ
pluto シ Hace 3 días
the girl in red looks like elena from vampire diaries
Peachyxlila Hace 3 días
DID I c LARRAY- i need a tanacon 2 butthe tickets free and its online HAHA NO SUN BURNS NOW i rly want more tea to-
Johnathan Primiano
Johnathan Primiano Hace 3 días
Of course trump got the 20,000 people 😎
The Lil Yopo Show
The Lil Yopo Show Hace 4 días
gift gifty
gift gifty Hace 4 días
i know this was like 2 years ago but shes giving adult items to kid like wtf
What fuckwit would queue up for this shit? MORONS
Amazook NoRoux
Amazook NoRoux Hace 4 días
This Bish really said "WHO IS THE LEADER"
Christina Auer
Christina Auer Hace 4 días
So...Tana is in her early 20s, yes? This doesn’t seem to me like something she did on purpose. When Shane was younger and on ESwomen...he did black face. A LOT. I’m not saying Tanacon wasn’t problematic (though, I don’t really know) I’m saying that Shane Dawson criticizing anyone’s ESwomen content is ludicrous.
NessieTM Hace 2 días
It was badly organised. They lied about the capacity of the venue and thousands were outside for hours in the blazing sun {KIDS} and got sunburned and heatstroke because her and her pals didn't know how to plan anything. She's a scammar and did this for bragging rights.
Trevor Michael
Trevor Michael Hace 4 días
He isn’t criticizing her content. Just the fact the scammed a shitload of people out of a lot of money. She knew exactly what she was doing.
alex b
alex b Hace 4 días
Tana is the definition of an ugly crier lol
MrNoobYT Hace 4 días
Now it looks like a job Of MrBeast Giving Everbody Money and MrBeast gonna kill the knock off of Vid-con
FirzenX ROTMG Hace 4 días
Just here to reheat my Ice Tea.
Mayerline Mora
Mayerline Mora Hace 5 días
Talk about fyre festival
Tony Chau
Tony Chau Hace 5 días
Where is Plainrock124?
a person
a person Hace 4 días
wait he was there?
joselyn V
joselyn V Hace 5 días
weird how he brought two young attractive girls to prey on PEDO
Brianna RiosSanchez
Brianna RiosSanchez Hace 5 días
If I was there I would passed out on the spot I have really bad anxiety
The Lil Yopo Show
The Lil Yopo Show Hace 5 días
the truth about shane dawson
Peyton Teague
Peyton Teague Hace 6 días
Why does the brown haired girl look so much like Elena Gilbert😭💕
Pooh Bear
Pooh Bear Hace 2 horas
Peyton Teague totally
Lauryn Popham
Lauryn Popham Hace 6 días
I want to know what shane was doing the entire time
Michael Eller
Michael Eller Hace 6 días
Im tramatizied by the shier sight of this lady
Bxxy _6
Bxxy _6 Hace 6 días
Im re-watching old tea while I wait for my McDonalds😂
Red Queen of ALDC
Red Queen of ALDC Hace 6 días
*this is Shane Con now.* Shane: me😂
Daddy_material Nut
Daddy_material Nut Hace 7 días
It's Me Beech
It's Me Beech Hace 8 días
If you cant afford to go then DONT GO. Easy common sense.
Elias Kizito
Elias Kizito Hace 8 días
your just mat pat talking about real life
Maddie McNeil
Maddie McNeil Hace 8 días
Suzanne Dougan
Suzanne Dougan Hace 8 días
And that’s why I don’t go to VidCon
I’m here and u know
I’m here and u know Hace 9 días
Shane being responsible for 34:09
Raccoon Milk That's tasty
Raccoon Milk That's tasty Hace 9 días
can yall stop commenting about ya quarantine grind and let us read the old comments please?
Sophie Grace
Sophie Grace Hace 9 días
both of those girls are from my hometown, and the younger one, i’m really good friends with!
Gissy Torres
Gissy Torres Hace 9 días
Wow 😳 I never looked in to this until Quarantine this is some good stuff
Edward Olson
Edward Olson Hace 9 días
Razzle Dazzle Gacha
Razzle Dazzle Gacha Hace 9 días
Me just chilling: Me the moment Markiplier was on screen: OMG MARK!!!!
steve jobs love child
steve jobs love child Hace 9 días
This was so funny cause she's so toxic lol
C_J_B_M family life 123
C_J_B_M family life 123 Hace 9 días
Why dont you guys just sue good time cause they just left people sin burn and the fact that he left town without even caring about other people that were there wtf why did he do that in the first place
AK Finland
AK Finland Hace 9 días
Came from Pewds
Javier castillo
Javier castillo Hace 9 días
Gosh! We are screwed...
gracies- dangit i spilt my coffee
gracies- dangit i spilt my coffee Hace 10 días
That moment when you see that black screen "danm no wonder im single*
gracies- dangit i spilt my coffee
gracies- dangit i spilt my coffee Hace 8 días
Its tru thoo
Chloe Hace 10 días
Y tf did she make condoms !? Like wtf😲😂
Gavin Fink
Gavin Fink Hace 10 días
it sucks but i went and i love tana but eceryone was there for you i went for you
Finessekid Hace 10 días
He shouldve said “This isn’t Tanacon anymore it’s all of us con and all these kids got conned”
Frida Gonzalez
Frida Gonzalez Hace 10 días
Anyone else watch this now and then start ranting then realize no one is gonna give a shit bc this is 1 year ago
miley Hace 10 días
just re watching Old vids from Shane during quarantine. Keep scrolling. You can have a snack🍟🍿🍦🧁🍕
Everybody 48
Everybody 48 Hace 10 días
31:20- coming back to rewatch this in the future it’s crazy that tana was COMPLETELY lying during this phone call, at least at this part. She “sat through the meetings” and “did her own research”. Fucking bullshit, lmao.
cursedbees Hace 10 días
rewatching and i realized that the girl in the hat he interviewed looks like Nina dobrev
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