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Elsy Guevara

Elsy Guevara

Hace un mes

hi babes!!
Sorry, if this video is all over the place, I was so nervous!! But, I hope you guys can understand. Love you guys so so much!! To new beginnings.
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Xochitl Ramirez
Xochitl Ramirez Hace 18 horas
No elsy,Your gonna be a great Mother.💗Your gonna be the best just do you ok.Your the best so imagine you as a Mother your gonna be amazing💗
JESSIFITMA Hace un día
My heart🥺😭❤️❤️❤️
Jeslie Marte
Jeslie Marte Hace 2 días
This video is amazing.. you are so strong. Baby E is so blessed to have you as a mom, I can’t wait for you to have your baby girl in your arms💕
Patty Duran
Patty Duran Hace 2 días
Sorry don't deserve to go through this b.s. People are stupid and don't have a life that's why they spend their time in front of the computer just being ugly and miserable just like their souls . Congratulations on your new baby girl I pray God surrounds her with his Angels
Crystal Zabala
Crystal Zabala Hace 3 días
😭😭🥰🥰🥰 your going to be a GREAT MOM! I’m literally tearing que hermosa 💓
Sylura Lindsay
Sylura Lindsay Hace 3 días
Keep doing you Elsy. You owe no one nothing. I can't believe my girl is pregnant. Your going to be a great mother. You have so many people that love you and your baby, who cares what a few idiot people think.
I am Blanco
I am Blanco Hace 3 días
I waited a while to say i was pregnant cause so much shit happened when i got pregnant too i lost an ex over gun violence n other shit it was just a lot .. just hope u had a support team cause i didnt have one really
I am Blanco
I am Blanco Hace 3 días
Girl i was the same emotional mess when i was pregnant lol good or bad everything makes u cry lol
Melissa Clark
Melissa Clark Hace 3 días
More pregnancy videos? I found out I’m pregnant recently and wanting support
lulu roman
lulu roman Hace 4 días
“Dude come here, your pregnant? I fucking knew it” 🤣😛 love you elsy 💕
Kimberly Ruiz
Kimberly Ruiz Hace 4 días
Perla Hace 5 días
Aww congrats your going to be a amazing mother
Sophia S
Sophia S Hace 8 días
Not to intrude on your business or to sound disrespectful because I don’t mean it in this way at all, but was it an accidental pregnancy or was it planned?
kerry and girls
kerry and girls Hace 9 días
Ignore the haters they are not worth the stress xx
Jae Nut
Jae Nut Hace 9 días
A baby is always a blessing...congratulations!!...hope you get through this fast, your baby is your first priority & don't let these negative ppl get to you...
Alphrodite Themis
Alphrodite Themis Hace 11 días
this was a beautiful video with so much emotions
erica mendoza
erica mendoza Hace 11 días
You know that pain in your throat from holding back tears.. yeah that was me this whole video 😭 the baby is precious Elsy ! I am TeamBOY! $97EricaM
Stacey Adamz
Stacey Adamz Hace 11 días
Everything you're feeling is HORMONES.. I have 2 babies (3 and a 1 yr old) .. i cried ALOT.. for no reason alot of the time lol.. but once you hold that baby in your arms and hear your baby's first cry, EVERYTHING wont matter. You dont owe NOONE an explanation of how you live your life. Social media will expect an explanation from you, but you do you girl. Dont pay no mind to rude people.. Its your life, your pregnancy. Surround your self with love, and ignore the hate. 🥰🤰💕
valerie diaz
valerie diaz Hace 11 días
does anyone know the background instrumental music playing in the background ??!!!!!
Taylor Norris
Taylor Norris Hace 11 días
What happened on social media a couple months ago I’m lost?
Margarita De Leon
Margarita De Leon Hace 13 días
Oh sweet girl 💕 I know exactly how you feel! I felt exactly how you felt, I wish we had an email or something where I can send you some information or card. 😭🙏🏽🥺 praying for you babyGirl.
Shayylleee Godwinn
Shayylleee Godwinn Hace 13 días
Aww mamas 😭❤️❤️❤️
Amaya Vega
Amaya Vega Hace 14 días
This made me tear up 🥺❤️ I wish you the best Elsy ! 🥳✨
Butterfly Kisses
Butterfly Kisses Hace 14 días
FIRST OF ALL CONGRATULATIONS BEAUTIFUL!! All your emotions, fears and worry are showing the World what An Absolutely Amazing Mommy you are going to be. I AM SO SORRY EXCITED FOR YOU!! 🙏💖🎊🍼🧸🎈💞💞💞💞💞
Stephanie Yanes
Stephanie Yanes Hace 15 días
You got this baby girl! You got this! It's never easy and no one is every ready for a lot of things in life. But you are strong, you are brave. And your baby girl will be loved and most importantly healthy. Amen.
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Hace 17 días
Don’t cry. All that makeups gonna come off...
ariel Hace 18 días
Crazy how people feel entitled to ur life. Total strangers. Weirdos
ariel Hace 18 días
Joss G
Joss G Hace 18 días
Girl just get off of social media until your baby is born, not worth the stress or toxicity
Elly Trejo
Elly Trejo Hace 19 días
You are so strong!! “Omg nooo” when you started crying is meeeeee 😭❤️
Alondra Pacheco
Alondra Pacheco Hace 19 días
Girl do you !!!! God has blessed you so keep ur head up dont let the negativity bring you down! 😘 l
Jennifer Castillo
Jennifer Castillo Hace 20 días
Girl keep your head up ! Your are strong !! I know you will get through this !!! I will keep you in my prayers 💗
Maritza Herrera
Maritza Herrera Hace 21 un día
Just by reading that message she showed us it sounds like it’s coming from a kid. A young teenage girl. That doesn’t sound like an adult would say it like that or be that desperate to get a response.
Life Of Rachael
Life Of Rachael Hace 21 un día
we love you Elsy. Don't let the opinion of people who don't matter get the best of you. They most likely have personal issues and can't deal with themselves so they transfer. Focus on whats most important that's you and the babies well being as well as the people who truly love you like us lol. i hope you have a wonderful and happy pregnancy.
Kéłšëÿ’š Mäkëüp Łøøkš
Kéłšëÿ’š Mäkëüp Łøøkš Hace 22 días
Aww Elsy your amazing I’m sure you will be a amazing/beautiful mom fuck all the Haters Elsy you don’t need that in your life ❤️just Enjoy your life be happy I will always support you Elsy no matter what 🙏 I’m Happy for you & I love you 😘💕❤️ keep your head up held high you can get through this babygirl 💕 think Postive !!!!😘❤️😍👌😊
maria gabriela villamagua
maria gabriela villamagua Hace 22 días
The hormones make you extra cry too girl! Congratulations!
Xitlali E
Xitlali E Hace 22 días
there’s a lil baby coming 🥺 i’m so excited, congratulations mija
Cristal Garcia
Cristal Garcia Hace 22 días
OmG you just took me back! I got pregnant when I was only 16. The way you are crying that’s how I was feeling like that was not the way how shit was suppose to happen.. it’s very sad. Yeah your happy but sad all at the same time😢 now my baby girl will be 18 next month 🥰 I’m 34 and I lost out on so much but in the bright side I have my house it’s all mine I don’t owe nothing on it. I just lived my life to fast 😢 everyone out there take time to yourself cause the real life is brutal 😉
Lisa Bryden
Lisa Bryden Hace 22 días
Congratulations girl !!! I’m so happy for you. Don’t let these hating ass bitches get to you !! My cash app is $lisamaka0105 I love you girl !!!
Liliana07 Hace 22 días
awlll, soo cute!! congratulations!!!💖💖💖🥳
Katie Morales
Katie Morales Hace 22 días
Praying for you and this is something sooo special ♥️♥️
Norma Aracely Renoj
Norma Aracely Renoj Hace 22 días
Can you post a video one you baby daddy
Karina Agosto
Karina Agosto Hace 23 días
Congratulations Elsy I am so Happy for you! It broke my heart seeing you cry, ppl who are sending you such hateful messages about you and your baby really pisses me off. You should be enjoying your Beautiful blessing, not stressing because of ignorant ppl that want to Hate and make assumptions of your life and pregnancy. God bless you Elsy! You're going to be a wonderful Mom.
ᴋᴀʀᴇɴ Hace 23 días
Where is your Frozen Mic tho'? LOL just kidding I could hear you perfectly! Congrats girl, IDK you personally but I can tell you are going to be a great mommy! And you cry your emotions are valid! Dios te bendiga siempre!
Gabriela C.
Gabriela C. Hace 23 días
I hate that people want to be so evil and hurt others that are not doing anything to them .. like damn poor girl is just pregnant and trying to live her life why people gotta bring so much negativity everywhere they go.
Jannette Diaz
Jannette Diaz Hace 23 días
Becoming a mom is always scary girl, no mom is perfect, Gods plans are always on point. Surround yourself with positive ppl and it’s okay to take a break no explanations needed . You’ll be a great mom !!
Mari Guadalupe
Mari Guadalupe Hace 23 días
I didn’t even though she had a bf???????
Natalie Boni
Natalie Boni Hace 24 días
girl don’t pay attention to those ppl sending hate messages literally they have nothing else to do
Mariangel Delgado
Mariangel Delgado Hace 24 días
LET ME FIND OUT WHO'S BEEN SENDING HATE🙄You should be ashamed for trying to bring someone with an amazing heart.
Tonita Gomez
Tonita Gomez Hace 24 días los invito a
Rene Baby
Rene Baby Hace 24 días
Your so strong mama 😘😘😘
Vivian’s Vlogs
Vivian’s Vlogs Hace 24 días
Congrats again on ur pregnancy beautiful 💕
Vivian’s Vlogs
Vivian’s Vlogs Hace 24 días
Have faith in god & watch how everything will work out for u else 💕 ignore the negativity because at the end of the day its u & ur baby🥰
lilith Lee
lilith Lee Hace 24 días
…But who the fuck are you?Why did kind of ugly thing like you show up on my page?
Marcelina Diaz
Marcelina Diaz Hace 24 días
girllll you are so pure and nice 🥺🥺🥺 you’re going to be an awesome mother especially the way you talk about your baby girl 💗💗
Klarissa Lopez
Klarissa Lopez Hace 24 días
I love u Girl keep strong I felt like u but it’s all good god got u and the baby 🙏❤️❤️💗
angel mccarthy
angel mccarthy Hace 24 días
girl i love you !!! im getting so emotional
Natasha Rodriguez
Natasha Rodriguez Hace 24 días
Your going to be an amazing mom 🥰
Annie Peterson
Annie Peterson Hace 24 días
You have such a Beautiful SOUL ELSY....AWWW..I was crying with you because I can feel all the love you have....You are so genuine.....Thank you for sharing and continue being the beautiful soul you are...May God Bless All of you!!!
Natasha Marini
Natasha Marini Hace 24 días
Your definitely having a girl they make us emotional 😭 a lot trust me 🥰🥰🥰 congratulations baby girl first time viewer
Lorisa Reelynn
Lorisa Reelynn Hace 25 días
Love u so much
SlySquriel Hace 25 días
Why is this shit in my recommend
Stefanie Arriaga
Stefanie Arriaga Hace 25 días
alexa ebanie
alexa ebanie Hace 25 días
You're going to be such a great mother! Your family is so blessed to have you🙏🏻💕 Much love ox
wanna develop an app?
wanna develop an app? Hace 25 días
Hormones are normal for pregnancy. Get off media and relax. Enjoy your family. Congratulations 🎉
Mai Hace 25 días
Hiding your pregnancy for it to be an intimate experience & to protect your baby from the negativity is what I noticed a lot of ESwomenrs are doing and it’s understandable! Many blessings to you & your baby! ☺️
Cynthia Ibarra
Cynthia Ibarra Hace 25 días
Elsy it’s ok because we love you elsy
Kase Williams
Kase Williams Hace 25 días
No one cares, you’re not the only person in the world that’s fucking pregnant
Shay Chadburn
Shay Chadburn Hace 25 días
Y’all need to stop acting like she HAS to tell us her whole personal life , like she can’t enjoy her pregnancy & tell us when SHES ready & when SHE wants to because it is HER pregnancy. It’s honestly sad that she had to tell us sooner than she wanted to bc she’s getting hate about it. I love you elsy you’ll be a wonderful mom!! Babies are a blessing ❤️❤️ Congrats on your baby girl love ❤️❤️
Karina M
Karina M Hace 25 días
First video i see on your own channel Can i start by saying you are incredibly beautiful smart and humble. You will be a awesome mom i can already tell may god continue to bless you and baby E may your pregnancy be healthy and beautiful and can't wait to welcome baby E continue to stay strong not just for you but for that beautiful blessing 😘 congratulations pregnancy is a beautiful new journey
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