The Tragic Death Of Moe From The Three Stooges

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He was born Moses Harry Horwitz to Lithuanian-Jewish parents in Brooklyn, New York. But though he called himself Harry, the world came to know him as Moe Howard, the unofficial leader of the legendary Three Stooges.
Moe caught the acting bug early. After regularly playing hooky from grade school to watch plays, he dropped out of high school after just two months and began singing in saloons for money along with his brother Sam better known to Three Stooges fans as Shemp. Their father quickly put a stop to that, but it wasn't long before Moe got his big break in show business as a part of comedian Ted Healy's act. Shemp joined the act as well, and shortly after they became a trio with the addition of former boxer Louis Feinberg, who took on the stage name Larry Fine.
And with that, the Three Stooges were born, later to be joined by Moe's brother Curly.
Yet, appearances weren't always what they seemed. In the nearly 200 short films the Three Stooges filmed for Columbia Pictures, the character of Moe was a bit of an angry bully who frequently smacked, punched, or kicked his fellow Stooges when he wasn't poking them in the eyes. In real life, though, it was Moe himself who took the brunt of the damage while filming those sequences.
In his autobiography, I Stooged to Conquer, he wrote,
"As rough a character as I seemed to be in pictures, and as tough as I came across, I was hurt in our films more often than either Larry or Curly or any other member of the cast."
Props might go wrong; set pieces break; a move was mis-timed. Over the years, Moe suffered a fractured ankle, cracked ribs, concussions, and more all to make the public laugh.
In reality, Moe was actually beloved by his friends and family as a caring, kind, generous and thoughtful man. Quiet in his personal life, Moe collected coins and stamps, and dabbled in ceramics. He loved to care for plants, including vegetables in his prolific victory garden during World War II. He also served as an air raid warden during the war, and he and the family would invite soldiers home for home-cooked meals and entertainment. Beyond that, the Three Stooges toured extensively during the war; Moe wrote in his autobiography that on one trip alone, quote, "we played every army, navy, and air force installation from Maine to Pensacola."
He also donated time and money to a number of charities and assisted other performers who were down on their luck. And though he was reportedly not a very demonstrative man by nature, he was actually a hopeless romantic who wrote hundreds of love poems to his wife, Helen, over the nearly 50 years they were married. Heck, he was even known to play Santa Claus for hospitalized children!
Sadly, in 1946, Moe's brother Curly the baby of the family suffered a severe stroke. As his physical and mental health deteriorated, Moe took over his care, refusing to institutionalize his brother, regardless of the severity of Curly's situation. Moe saw to it that his baby brother was cared for in a series of nursing homes, rather than locked away in an asylum which was common at the time. Curly died in 1952 at the age of 48; just three years later, Shemp also passed away at the age of 60.
With the Three Stooges essentially over, Moe who had done well with investments over his career moved into real estate, though he continued to occasionally cameo on TV shows or in movies.
Finally, though, the inevitable came, and in 1975 he passed away from lung cancer at the age of 77 just three months after Larry Fine's death, and tragically just one month before he would have celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife Helen. Moe was survived by his wife and two children and a legion of fans who continue to honor the legacy of the greatest Stooge who ever lived.
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What was the most interesting thing you learned from the video?
Samuel Mbila
Samuel Mbila Hace 7 días
That Moe was really a legend.
AceripXF Hace 7 días
@BreakTheWheel Now i knew that 20 yrs ago lol
AceripXF Hace 7 días
@Anthony C he prolly woulda lived a few more years if he didnt smoke n get lung cancer
AceripXF Hace 7 días
@D.Lafosse duh
AceripXF Hace 7 días
@fnd111 moe also did ceramics
XxdrangonbornxX Part III
XxdrangonbornxX Part III Hace 4 días
This is not a tragic death...this is a great life
Anthony Christensen
Anthony Christensen Hace 5 días
My 3 hero's
Former K.G.B.
Former K.G.B. Hace 7 días
3 is death!!!💀👀
Lisa Headley
Lisa Headley Hace 8 días
Love Moe *
H&M Mich Co.
H&M Mich Co. Hace 9 días
We is in a game cuphead
early culyer
early culyer Hace 9 días
Wow that's all he cares about defeating Donald Trump!
Mr Clean
Mr Clean Hace 10 días
The Greatest
Sarah Hace 10 días
I heard that Moe left his barber a lot of money in his will, because the barber figured out how to cut his hair so it would look "normal" if he combed it back.
BRAAP 15 Hace 10 días
I wish all 4 stooges were still alive 🙁
rrockhard1 Hace 11 días
Jonathan Graham
Jonathan Graham Hace 11 días
Classic comedy, my grandfather didn’t laugh much but always laugh when this show was on
Pookie Jones
Pookie Jones Hace 12 días
Pamela Hart
Pamela Hart Hace 12 días
Was hooked on the show from pre teens on! Makes me sad to know Moe really did suffer injuries to make the show. God bless all these man!😘🤣 This is giving me the urge to watch some of those clips now! It’s been years since I’ve seen them.
Kenny Begeske
Kenny Begeske Hace 12 días
Moe Money
Kenny Begeske
Kenny Begeske Hace 12 días
Just Say Moe
Michael Myers
Michael Myers Hace 12 días
I have the three stooges vintage baseball cap from the 90s and also the t shirt from 1997. Never going to sell it!
Luz Figueroa
Luz Figueroa Hace 12 días
My beloved mother and I used to watch all of the episodes of the Three Stooges and Alfred Hitchcock films. I miss her so much.
Miles Yeargain
Miles Yeargain Hace 13 días
Riley Holden
Riley Holden Hace 13 días
Damm he took a beating
Jamie Rueffer
Jamie Rueffer Hace 13 días
Thank you for doing this video! Many people aren't aware of how kind and caring Moe was.
TheGreatWent1 Hace 14 días
he was a dirty cokroach
R Pauls
R Pauls Hace 14 días
Nor has a heart of gold
Clarence Sheets
Clarence Sheets Hace 14 días
The three wisemen.
Brian Heath
Brian Heath Hace 14 días
Moe died the year I was born maybe I'm him reincarnated LOL I love those guys
Michael Tischuk
Michael Tischuk Hace 14 días
Saw Moe on the Merv Griffin Show, where he showed them how to have a good pie fight.
Donnie Knukelz
Donnie Knukelz Hace 15 días
Info was cool but title is ass backwards they mention his death in less that 15 secs and move on
Karen Perkins
Karen Perkins Hace 15 días
What Was The Tragedy???
Christian Sekumade
Christian Sekumade Hace 15 días
What a nice person for the name "stooge".We honor Hero Moe for participation in WWII!!
Danny Hemphill
Danny Hemphill Hace 15 días
Moe life matters
digital q
digital q Hace 15 días
I love the three stooges I watch it everyday almost
John Anders
John Anders Hace 16 días
Theese guys were comedic genuises. I still watch them.
Didier Mukendi
Didier Mukendi Hace 16 días
The title is misleading. It does not go hand in hand with the story. It would have been appropriate had he died broke homeless or a terrible accident. The man was still well off his wife of 50 years was still in his life. What is tragic about that? Huh? Punk!
Keri Oh
Keri Oh Hace 16 días
His life really did not seem that tragic at all. He was an actor, he help the service men, he was in a loving relationship and he took care of those he loved and died old, as things should be. You wanna talk tragic life, write about me.
Salaam Supreme
Salaam Supreme Hace 16 días
Love the Three Stooges. Cried at I think 6 or 7 when my Mother refused to let me go play outside, and made me watch the Stooges instead. Been laughing ever since 😂💯
e n
e n Hace 16 días
He was an old man who died
e n
e n Hace 16 días
Babe was very ill
Sandy 1969
Sandy 1969 Hace 16 días
Moe really was the bully in films. I guess growing up watching them it was just funny.
mikey miller
mikey miller Hace 16 días
The three stooges was the king of comedy
Lionel Kennedy
Lionel Kennedy Hace 16 días
He was a great man that lived a great life. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Three Stooges as a kid. Very funny and entertaining!
Yvonne Hace 16 días
The funniest 3 guys ever born! R.I.P. men.
Nicole Jessica
Nicole Jessica Hace 16 días
Curly 😭😭😭
Nicole Jessica
Nicole Jessica Hace 16 días
I hated Shemp.
John Koziol
John Koziol Hace 17 días
The Stooges rocked then and they still rock and they will ALWAYS rock too!!!
Maria Rubinstein
Maria Rubinstein Hace 17 días
Wow!!! I have a high regard for Moe now. I didn’t realize what a loving and caring person he was. I love how he cared for his brother and refused to have him institutionalized. God bless his soul.
Abcde Hace 17 días
Maybe he was the greatest of the Stooges, but he wasn't the funniest. Curly was the funny one. The movies without Curly are nowhere near as funny as the ones with him.
Sam Papa
Sam Papa Hace 17 días
The part about larry being a boxer. Did he have a record and do a vidio of him.
Yvette Simmons
Yvette Simmons Hace 17 días
Yvette Simmons
Yvette Simmons Hace 17 días
Flandre Scarlet
Flandre Scarlet Hace 17 días
*Searches for Three Stooges funniest episodes *3rd video to appear in results Wait, wha-
old school
old school Hace 17 días
I love watching these guys
oskaveli662 Hace 17 días
Stamp collection? Ha Ha (in Nelson Muntz voice)
Santras Smith
Santras Smith Hace 17 días
"TRAGIC MY FOOT"! He lived a long good life w/his're such liars 😳 "MY GOODNESS"!
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson Hace 17 días
This world needs mo Moe's.
deidra greer
deidra greer Hace 17 días
That didn't seem like a tragedy to me
Charlie Taylor
Charlie Taylor Hace 17 días
I thought Moe was a big bully but, I loved him, all three of them.
Charlie Taylor
Charlie Taylor Hace 17 días
My goodness, The Three Stooges one of my favorite shows. I would laugh until cried. One of the best tv show there ever was.......when I was growing, into my adult years Thanks for bringing back memories. .
kelvinkloud Hace 17 días
good info.... really cool to realize how much he did for the war effort... I would add, it wasnt chaplin, but actually the stooges, who made the first satirical and controversial stab in us film at hitler nearly 2 years before we went to war w/ germany. that took guts and was a worthy moral stand... I like also to hear how he took care of curly. he was not only a shrewd individual but morally grounded.
Alex Rain
Alex Rain Hace 18 días
The more I learn about the 3 stooges, the more I think we really are missing such great people in our world.
marcus watkins
marcus watkins Hace 18 días
Not a Three Stooges fan but this was very interesting and informative.....great job!!!
sitruC6 Hace 18 días
What happen to Joe. They didn’t mention him
Bread Sandwich
Bread Sandwich Hace 18 días
I never found this show amusing... Watching 3 grown men beat each other up just doesn't strike me as funny. Even as a kid I felt so sorry for them all the time, abusing each other. I'd get depressed just hearing the opening music and always go to change the channel
Ken Deren
Ken Deren Hace 18 días
They were all great guys that made me laugh. I thank you for that. God bless you for all you've done.
Linda Stewart
Linda Stewart Hace 18 días
My family loves The Three Stooges we have every movie and cartoon that was made watch them every week and have for years God Bless they're families they were truly great guys
Robbi496 Hace 18 días
OK, I have a book written by Moe Howard himself named "Moe Howard And The 3 Stooges" It was published in 1977 and while it does say he died in 1975, but no mention of lung cancer. Since Moe edited this pictoral bio, wouldn't you think he would have mentioned his sickness in it?
Jennifer Rae
Jennifer Rae Hace 18 días
This was my absolute favorite show growing up!! I use to watch it with my Pepe truly best moments of my life. RIP Pepe😘🙏🙏🙏
Kit Richardson
Kit Richardson Hace 18 días
Tragic story. Moe could’ve been an accountant or something. Really been somebody. His wife could’ve been a stripper or even maybe even a hooker. Instead, Tragedy.
Steve Summer
Steve Summer Hace 18 días
The most interesting thing was that Larry was a boxer and I thought they were all about 4' 11 to 5'.
Steve Summer
Steve Summer Hace 18 días
They were great , i grew up wat hing them and ne er ztopped laughing . I recall when all the kids were going to Hercules and the 3 stooges. Everybody wanted to see it at the theater.
Ed Crego
Ed Crego Hace 19 días
My dad would laugh for hours watching the three stooges they were the best
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