The Story Of Icarus REMASTERED | Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Hace un mes

In Props the guys get real creative with Kim Kardashians butt print
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Stimulator7 Hace 2 días
0:26... I don't get it
Stimulator7 Hace 2 días
I mean I've watched it eight times, I still don't get it...
KA Suv
KA Suv Hace 9 días
She has the coolest sense of fashion, love it. :) Also very good host !!!
Frey Jepson
Frey Jepson Hace 10 días
Hall of infamy.
Emilia Loza
Emilia Loza Hace 11 días
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Joshua Weadon
Joshua Weadon Hace un mes
Thor?? More like all might lol
Im a guy
Im a guy Hace un mes
You are one big f****** baby
August Grey
August Grey Hace un mes
Who's line is it anyway? It's Charlie Sheen's line, duh
Keith Weller
Keith Weller Hace un mes
the come-back jokes were better than the original lmao
DDRUTOU Hace un mes
This one seemed off
Theresa Kierans Kierans
Theresa Kierans Kierans Hace un mes
How can we fix this brilliant mainly white show ,,oh I know let's put in a black female that'll make it better ,,,,,,,,,,not,,,,,,I never watch what used to be my favourite show anymore,,,,,
doviid Hace un mes
The numbers of black people in the show rised up from 1 to 3 out of 5. I liked the glasses guy more as the leader of the show.
Far Squirrel 185
Far Squirrel 185 Hace 18 días
While I also like Drew Carey more, I dont mind Aisha (is that how you spell it?)
Matthew Cook
Matthew Cook Hace un mes
Trump 2020
B95 Hace un mes
Trump for prison
ShadowDemon17 Hace un mes
Ginger VS Ginger
Ginger VS Ginger Hace un mes
”Careful Icarus” I you know you know........ Geoff Peterson
Frreak0zoid Hace un mes
Collin seems to have lost some weight. And Aisha seems to be morphing into a Karen with that haircut
Tyler Pew
Tyler Pew Hace un mes
Woah! A new whose line clip in 2020!?
dave johnson
dave johnson Hace un mes
I didn't know they showed "whos line is it anyway" anymore atleast not on uk tv channel 4. Used to love watching this on a friday night was so funny.
AWARHERO Hace un mes
Are they still doing this show?!?
Ysalomet Hace un mes
I think it's on a hiatus right now... Chances are they might have something like Improvaganza in the plans... But don't quote me
Gunbardo Hace un mes
Gary’s been working out or whatttt. He looks like he lost a ton of weight!!
IyaEarthseeds Hace un mes
He's been losing that weight for three to fours years now. He's now finally "firmer". He must have had the skin removal surgery...
Andre Bryant
Andre Bryant Hace un mes
Can y'all re-upload the clip when Wayne does the tragic life of a squirrel, it's funny as hell but I can't find it no more
Sameer Mustafah Raza
Sameer Mustafah Raza Hace 26 días
@IyaEarthseeds It is only U.S based only! 😤 What about us poor folks who aren't from the U.S?! ☹️
IyaEarthseeds Hace un mes
You can stream full episodes from all 15 Seasons for free on or go to CWtv.Com and find the episode yourself.
VJ Unicorn
VJ Unicorn Hace un mes
TRON3747 Hace un mes
2:08, the girl top right doesn't seem amused
Omg Its Brandy
Omg Its Brandy Hace un mes
Sepia MtAnoia
Sepia MtAnoia Hace un mes
"Here at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Hair Print of Donald Trump." 😂🤣
ToHoldNothing Hace un mes
I feel like I'd remember that more, but we still don't have season 16 confirmed, this feels last year or so...
Glasses&Mouthplates Hace un mes
Collin's "I'm Miscast" joke is gold standard.
benarsenal Hace un mes
Absolutely brilliant! :D
ToHoldNothing Hace un mes
I feel bad I didn't get that the first time I heard it, but it's still funny even after I know the punchline.
D34DP00L F4N
D34DP00L F4N Hace un mes
Hugh Morris This one. We need more wholesome people like this one. 🙂
Hugh Morris
Hugh Morris Hace un mes
@Anakin Skywalker Don't be ashamed, it's okay to ask. Wayne was talking about 'The Wiz', which is a more upbeat version of The Wizard of Oz, where the entire cast is African-American. So if they had a white guy in the show (i.e. Colin), he'd be miscast, or wrong for the part, because there's only supposed to be African-Americans in the show.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Hace un mes
Glasses&Mouthplates I’m ashamed to say I don’t understand
Abdul Hamid Noreffendi
Abdul Hamid Noreffendi Hace un mes
I just want to congratulate Gary for his weight loss. Bravo
TheRealAU Hace un mes
69 likes Nice!
Kaitlyn Wickham
Kaitlyn Wickham Hace un mes
He looks great!
Marcin P
Marcin P Hace un mes
Damn, she is pretty
Draw 2Death
Draw 2Death Hace un mes
I agree! just look at how that bald head shines...
Samar Iqbal
Samar Iqbal Hace un mes
Hilarious as usual! But why is it in 480p and NOT the usual 1080p quality?! 🤨
Mars Hace un mes
"Hey baby, you hungry?" "No thanks, I ate (eight)" THAT PUN GUYS
Stimulator7 Hace 2 días
omg..... o,fg wtf.... THAT'S what I didn't get? fuck me.
Debajyoti Bose
Debajyoti Bose Hace un mes
That was intense
Clayton Baker
Clayton Baker Hace un mes
Ba dum bum.
donni febianto
donni febianto Hace un mes
thanks 😊
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Hace un mes
Wish they would get rid of Gary. He's not even funny 🖕🖕🖕🖕
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Hace un mes
@Kevin Lane WHAT?
Kevin Lane
Kevin Lane Hace un mes
I disagree with your statement.
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Hace un mes
@Draw 2Death well it's true. That's the bottom line because STONE COLD SAYS SO
Draw 2Death
Draw 2Death Hace un mes
@This username can't get much longer can it? The comentors name is stone cold and what he just said was stone cold.
This username can't get much longer can it?
This username can't get much longer can it? Hace un mes
@Mozilla Firefox irony?
John Top
John Top Hace un mes
“Careful, Icarus” -Geoff Peterson.
KhanAndMrPointyEars Hace 23 días
Wow, didn't think that joke would last longer than Geoff himself.
Fatin Amirah
Fatin Amirah Hace un mes
Hermes Bouza
Hermes Bouza Hace un mes
Is the first one just supposed to be a giant pretzel? What am I missing?
Hermes Bouza
Hermes Bouza Hace un mes
@Hag Struan Awww!
Hag Struan
Hag Struan Hace un mes
Anyone willing to ask in order to correct a gap in knowledge is the opposite of dumb.
Hermes Bouza
Hermes Bouza Hace un mes
Thanks, y'all, I'm dumb like that sometimes.
Devanshu Shah
Devanshu Shah Hace un mes
He made 8 and said i 8
Hag Struan
Hag Struan Hace un mes
The "No thanks, I ate?" Ryan is holding the prop in front of him in the shape of a number 8. So when he's saying "No thanks I ate," he's making a pun; "No thanks, I (am an) eight."
achanwahn Hace un mes
"I'm miscast." 😂
Raios Ephi
Raios Ephi Hace un mes
New season?
IyaEarthseeds Hace un mes
No. This clip is from Season 14 Episode 22. You can stream full episodes for all 15 seasons on the CWSeeds at
Valerie Vergel de Dios
Valerie Vergel de Dios Hace un mes
They still crack me up every single time! 😁👍
Sean Zoilo
Sean Zoilo Hace un mes
1:04 Thor? You mean, Thor Buttocks?
Techno Spyform1
Techno Spyform1 Hace un mes
What about Thor But Not Complaining
Daffa Surya
Daffa Surya Hace un mes
They still got it!
Peter 24
Peter 24 Hace un mes
Nailed it :))))
Real Faction / Piercing Lazer
Real Faction / Piercing Lazer Hace un mes
Oh look, finally a clip that isn't blocked in the US after months of clips that have been blocked in the country it's filmed in. Stop region blocking the videos and give us that good Whose Line content in the states, because it's where a lot of your fan base is.
Real Faction / Piercing Lazer
Real Faction / Piercing Lazer Hace 24 días
@Bitch Please That's the point I'm making. Yes, exactly. It's ridiculous.
Bitch Please
Bitch Please Hace 24 días
Isn't this an American television show?
Real Faction / Piercing Lazer
Real Faction / Piercing Lazer Hace un mes
And they uploaded another clip they blocked haven't responded to this or anything. I'm unsubscribing. Nice to know you guys listen to your fans ...
Naruto Hace un mes
@IyaEarthseeds Yeah and also there are whose line fans outside of the US that can't access those shows. I'm in Canada and I'd love to watch all those full eps but it's blocked here.
Real Faction / Piercing Lazer
Real Faction / Piercing Lazer Hace un mes
@IyaEarthseeds a lot of people for years have enjoyed watching whose line on youtube though, those are for full episodes, but sometimes we like clips, just clips, when we dont have time. Gotta roll with the times. It's good they have that, but sometimes we just like watching youtube clips. Many shows like late night talk shows and other shows post clips on youtube so no one else does. It's also mainly the fact most of their videos are region blocked to the country it's filmed in, and not other countries, a simple clip. That's like, greed.
Boringo PR
Boringo PR Hace un mes
The booty print of Kim Kardashian I thought top the whole thing till he said the hair print of Donald Trump😱😂😂😂😂💨
Ujwal D Jain
Ujwal D Jain Hace un mes
I'm surprised people even KNOW the story of Icarus and Daedalus!!!
Almestar sari
Almestar sari Hace un mes
My favorite😍 show
Almestar sari
Almestar sari Hace un mes
My favorite😍 show
Sean Lauer
Sean Lauer Hace un mes
Who's your favorite Whose Line Cast?
Nitesh Chowdhury
Nitesh Chowdhury Hace un mes
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