The Spongebob Character Tier List

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And be sure to check out LegalEagle's video too:
Also special thanks to Aquarium Co-Op for letting me use their footage of their Mbu Pufferfish cracking snails and clams!
Sea Shanty 2 piano cover by Swampy Songs:

starfishsea spongesea snailjellyfish

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Fosssilhunter J
Fosssilhunter J Hace 6 días
Yo what’s with squidward being a octopus?
MinerKyle 17
MinerKyle 17 Hace 12 días
Gerrago the Allidile
Gerrago the Allidile Hace 16 días
R.I.P. Stephen Hillenburg
Carlos Vieira
Carlos Vieira Hace 19 días
Will Nebula videos be available though Curiosity Stream? And is a Fire TV app in the plans for Nebula?
Ntig Dona
Ntig Dona Hace 20 días
your first video about fictional characters and its sponge ******* bob... dislike and almost unsubscribed!
Pablo Agullo Marti
Pablo Agullo Marti Hace 2 horas
What about mr. Krab's daughter?? She is literally a whale...
Isaac Lyon
Isaac Lyon Hace 3 horas
Please do a Megalodon video. It completely broke the game. You also mentioned it being God tier.
Ajustin TV
Ajustin TV Hace 4 horas
flying dutchman and king neptune are the top tier
Big Idiot Dumb Stupid Guy
Big Idiot Dumb Stupid Guy Hace 5 horas
Man. what about Pearl? The nematodes? Kevin the cucumber? And even the anchovies from the first episode and the prom episode with Mr Tall, Dark, and Handsome? I’d argue Pearl is, by weight, the strongest person in Bikini Bottom.
Nicholas Rocha
Nicholas Rocha Hace 8 horas
Crown of Thorns Starfish and Sunflower Seastar are A tier
Timonel Hace 8 horas
i really hope those books in the backround are spongebob related
bracoyote96 Hace 13 horas
I don't like Spongebob and I don't like underwater creatures as much as land ones, but this is still one of my favourite videos in this already amazing channel. I trust TierZoo to give me things that I like more than I trust myself to do so.
BrightN'Night Woomy
BrightN'Night Woomy Hace 13 horas
3:34 that became a meme
I’m not vaccinated
I’m not vaccinated Hace 16 horas
3:59 You’re wrong there was an episode where plankton calls over all of his hillbilly family and they help him
Ngifuna Ukufa
Ngifuna Ukufa Hace 16 horas
3:34 observe
Johnathan Heng
Johnathan Heng Hace 17 horas
you forgot pearl the whale
Chaudhry Sattar
Chaudhry Sattar Hace 18 horas
Desert best animal and skills
Tony Perri
Tony Perri Hace 18 horas
Crusade Time
Crusade Time Hace 22 horas
AtillaTheHank Hace 22 horas
TheKingGoblin Hace 22 horas
Bro what the hell TierZoo, you forgot the real top tier! Pearl the freaking WHALE
SadisdeGroene Hace 23 horas
Bruh Squidward's venom is in his words
Some people are dumb as hell
Some people are dumb as hell Hace un día
Squidward is a squid I thought... but yet you classify as an octopus? Strange
Kemvaros Hace un día
SQUIDward is an octapus? Dafuq?
Free From Flags
Free From Flags Hace un día
you forgot Pearl
Dun Deal Showdown
Dun Deal Showdown Hace un día
Please add more payment options than just credit cards for Nebula if you're gonna force people to enter payment options for a free trial. People in the rest of the world do not use credit cards as frequently as people in the US. Kind of unexpectedly short-sighted from you guys to miss that
Victory Cigarettes
Victory Cigarettes Hace un día
shouldn't Pearl win?
Crying Ryan
Crying Ryan Hace un día
“yOu FeELiNg It NoW mR.kRaBs!?”
dELTA13579111315 Hace un día
Was that music at the beginning from Eyewitness, or whatever it's called? The nostalgia is real, I loved that show when I was a kid
Connor S
Connor S Hace un día
This meta is kinda dry tbh
AMusicalIndividual Hace un día
"Hey, I just got a rank increase into S Tier!" SpongeBob: "Hey, I'm getting mine next! "Hey, I doubt it!"
Yuvaez Hace un día
Ehhmm Pearl anyone? A whale can handle a pufferfish
Chaotic Hace un día
What about Mr.Crabs’ daughter?
Marijan Antolic
Marijan Antolic Hace 2 días
You should make a bacteria tier list
Annex Hace 2 días
When is this game coming out omfg
Andrea Arango
Andrea Arango Hace 2 días
Great Job
ItsDaKoolaidDude Hace 2 días
I swear I've heard the music before at around 0:21 but I cant fuggin remember
Rowan Corfe
Rowan Corfe Hace 3 días
Anmol Daglaik
Anmol Daglaik Hace 3 días
This is genius
JupiterProductions Hace 3 días
Somebody. Please. MAKE. A. GAME. LIKE. THIS.
alijah Taylor
alijah Taylor Hace 3 días
Larry is not a C tier!!!😡
Crystal Blade
Crystal Blade Hace 4 días
isn't Squidward a Squid not an octopus?
MS - 12JT - Glenforest SS (2172)
MS - 12JT - Glenforest SS (2172) Hace 4 días
pearl is the strongest because she is a whale
bob odkaeth
bob odkaeth Hace 4 días
bob odkaeth
bob odkaeth Hace 4 días
Sponges are essentially an idle game
Mr. Formal
Mr. Formal Hace 4 días
Is squidward really an octopus?
Pepega Hace 4 días
You forgot Pearl and Karen
JustConfused Hace 4 días
Squidward is a squid my guy
Nathan Li
Nathan Li Hace 4 días
I hate to be "that guy", but starfish don't really have suction cups at 6:04. They secrete a kind of glue that helps them stick onto surfaces.
Chase Lauria
Chase Lauria Hace 5 días
he is stupid squidward is a squid it has it in the name
XxPlayMakerxX131 Hace 5 días
What about those superheroes and the villain in the wallet meme? Sorry I don't know their names in English
hey man
hey man Hace 5 días
Isn't Squidward a... squid?
hey man
hey man Hace 5 días
i thought this was going to be about the characters..... why are you getting all science-y
brandon lee
brandon lee Hace 5 días
Squidward is a squid tho
Zachary Arledge
Zachary Arledge Hace 5 días
I thought he was a 🦑
Nothing Here
Nothing Here Hace 5 días
The one thing stopping the Puffer fish from being an unbalanced and broken build is *FLOORING IT*
Emin Gabi
Emin Gabi Hace 5 días
Nice use of the dune 2 soundtrack
ZsoronZ Hace 6 días
8:14 is the fish defending the jellyfish?
This is Levi
This is Levi Hace 6 días
Andy Yu
Andy Yu Hace 6 días
how about the my leg fish
Electric Idioticmink
Electric Idioticmink Hace 6 días
why the fuck is this man talking like hes playing a damn game he said sponge is a.f.k ing
alex bolton
alex bolton Hace 6 días
Squidward would kick my ass bro
pikapac22 Hace 6 días
whats the game
treykilgoreiscool Hace 6 días
There is a real bikini bottom. The bottom of the ocean around the bikini atoll, where the United States tested their atomic weapons, that's why theres all kinds of "mutant" creatures. Although its not likely for the mutations to be an advantage to all animals but bikini bottom is most definitely a real place.
Avalon Page
Avalon Page Hace 7 días
dom0764 Hace 7 días
please do a special long video about ocean.
J. Shwah
J. Shwah Hace 7 días
TierZoo and LegalEagle? What is this a crossover episode?
David Perez
David Perez Hace 7 días
I wanted to see the rankings in relative to whats in the show not realife...
Mohamed Hason
Mohamed Hason Hace 7 días
What do you mean "Squidward didn't show venomous properties"? He is like the most TOXIC character in the show xD
Gabriel Kawa
Gabriel Kawa Hace 2 días
Robert the Robot
Robert the Robot Hace 8 días
this is cool, but it's loosley related to spongebob
Shad0w 影
Shad0w 影 Hace 8 días
squidward is a squid... not an octopus bro
Austin Mitchell
Austin Mitchell Hace 8 días
Wait a sec, where does Pearl place on the tier list??
Luca Grinyer
Luca Grinyer Hace 8 días
You really called SQUIDward an octopus
Sam Williams
Sam Williams Hace 8 días
Say what you will about the aquatic squirrel build: at least they don't have glass bones and paper skin.
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