The Rise and Fall of Ryan Howard - The Office

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The Office

The Office

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Ryan (B.J. Novak), once the lowly intern of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, took a shot at the top, only to fall fast and hard in the most disastrous scandal in paper-selling history.
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The multi-award-winning comedy series "The Office" presents a hilarious documentary-style look at the humorous, and sometimes poignant, foolishness that plagues the 9-to-5 world. Based on the award-winning BBC hit, "The Office" is a fly-on-the-wall "docu-reality" parody of modern American office life that delves into the lives of the workers at Dunder Mifflin, a paper supply company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
The Rise and Fall of Ryan Howard - The Office
The Office

ryan howardbj novakthat's what she saidfire drill

Michael Philpott
Michael Philpott Hace 8 horas
Oh how the mighty has falling
Fazlur Rahman
Fazlur Rahman Hace 14 horas
shea Hace 15 horas
This show isn't funny, just awkward
Moose Hace 16 horas
0:34 if you do this, i hate you.
Bleach And Lean
Bleach And Lean Hace 17 horas
I live like 15 mins from Miami university its one of the hardest schools to get into in the country, majority pf the students come from rich familes overseas
Gael Gonzalez Robles
Gael Gonzalez Robles Hace 13 horas
What does that have to do with anything
Tier Sigh
Tier Sigh Hace 17 horas
Daniel Gustin
Daniel Gustin Hace 18 horas
How did they not include him being coked out with his dwarf friend when Michael and Dwight went to NY city as part of this video? That’s prime spiraling right there.
Jesse's Theories
Jesse's Theories Hace 21 un hora
i here
emma :l
emma :l Hace un día
Sofia Worley
Sofia Worley Hace un día
Tbh I hate Ryan, he’s a good character but like he’s extremely annoying to me and he treaded Jim like crap because Jim got Pam and didn’t like his idea.
Mason Rawls
Mason Rawls Hace un día
I love the beard, keep it forever. DAMN
CoolDrify Hace un día
6:17 I just realized the joke that creed is a sexual predator lmao
Joe Mama2
Joe Mama2 Hace 2 días
Where's blond ryan
Daniel Opeoluwa
Daniel Opeoluwa Hace 2 días
I guess it's true. Power does change people
Retro Ace
Retro Ace Hace 2 días
The embodiment of Smarmy
Kris10 Hace 2 días
As a web developer, I don’t know 1) how wonder-kin it was for he to actually come up with the site idea. 2) how he had so many problems, like it just sounded like customers didn’t know the site existed/navigate complicated did he make the concept of “add to cart”.
LeoKasper426 Hace 2 días
He picked up a coke habit
Prarthana Nirmal Kumar
Prarthana Nirmal Kumar Hace 2 días
"The real crime I think... was the beard."
Trash Collector
Trash Collector Hace 3 días
Even though I don’t really like him in the later seasons cuz I really like seeing him as the straight man of the group who’s the main witness of all the weird characters In the show. I reaallly love the character development because it’s so fun to watch his own little character arc happen in the background.
Mikoyo15 Hace 3 días
Jacob Fielding
Jacob Fielding Hace 3 días
Ryan said to the office to treat him like they treated Jan. Does that mean Michael has to sleep with him?
John Solano
John Solano Hace 3 días
Suriadi JOHANSJAH Hace 3 días
2:54 It iS wHaT iT iS
Medalion Hace 3 días
Ryan went from being a silent straight man and grew an attitude quickly
Krazedsg Hace 4 días
I mean...Jim really be looking like David dobrik
Veritas Aequitas
Veritas Aequitas Hace 4 días
Pride cometh before the fall.
Brenyatta Hace 4 días
“I always appreciate constructive criticism about my job performance.” Yeah, and you also weren’t the one that started the fire
Pontiac Aztex
Pontiac Aztex Hace 4 días
I was the one who recorded I was the one who caused the crime
Helpful Commenting Doggo
Helpful Commenting Doggo Hace 4 días
I used to think this entire series was a documentary about Ryan. Think about how it started...
Ian Somerville
Ian Somerville Hace 4 días
Ryan Howard was the first millennial...Discus
SAMTHEMANK [GD] Hace 4 días
Hows my favorite branch doing
Angel Bosman
Angel Bosman Hace 4 días
What was the other job that Michael was doing ?? 😂😂
Bolshevik Comrade 1917
Bolshevik Comrade 1917 Hace 4 días
*Remember that Ryan started the fire*
i shat my jorts
i shat my jorts Hace 5 días
i like episodes of shows that show another characters point of view along side the main story so this is a perfect thing
Mark Adams
Mark Adams Hace 5 días
My favourite character in the show 😂
Fahim Noor
Fahim Noor Hace 5 días
Fire....ed Guy Kevin Roasts Ryan Twice in one sentence Coz he started the fire and also got fired 😂
Kirstie Campbell
Kirstie Campbell Hace 5 días
Very therapeutic after a very hard day at work.
Manny Vides
Manny Vides Hace 5 días
Am I the only one who found him annoying later on in the show?
happy birthday to gabe
happy birthday to gabe Hace 5 días
Since then, everyone who works at the Scranton branch has made my list. Every single one. I still have hope ill get back at them one day.
Ujwal Shetty
Ujwal Shetty Hace 5 días
Normal People: Ryan Howard Me an Intellectual: MR. EGYPT
GubbyGubby Hace 20 horas
Community joke in a office video
Dhanush Gudipalli
Dhanush Gudipalli Hace 22 horas
Ujwal Shetty nice Community reference !!
HomeboyDino Hace un día
Ujwal Shetty fire guy of Egypt
Stoopid Stuff TV
Stoopid Stuff TV Hace un día
HJH 01
HJH 01 Hace 2 días
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Hace 5 días
I’m still confused why did Ryan go to jail?
Laura Bourne
Laura Bourne Hace 5 días
I have a lot of questions: first of all, HOW DARE YOU?
Cisqqo M
Cisqqo M Hace 6 días
What season is this?
Ryan Kurz
Ryan Kurz Hace 6 días
U missed how he was promoted to joiner sales somthing
Dennis Wu
Dennis Wu Hace 6 días
He reminded me to an idiot who started a fire at our workplace...
Luke Tyler
Luke Tyler Hace 6 días
"You and I are done." Smiles at camera
Chuggs Alvarez
Chuggs Alvarez Hace 6 días
I'm only in season 4 but it gives me great satisfaction to know that he gets knocked off his high horse in the future. Can fkn wait!
anom Hace 6 días
I didn't realize how good a character he really was
Shady 123
Shady 123 Hace 6 días
They missed the whole WULF storyline
Bunky Martian
Bunky Martian Hace 6 días
Ryan Started The Fire!!!!
Cesar Bazan S.
Cesar Bazan S. Hace 6 días
"Its the temp!" jajajaja
Trevor Beal
Trevor Beal Hace 6 días
Pam’s face at 4:40😂😂
Ryan Stafford
Ryan Stafford Hace 7 días
6ix9ine: 10:01 Me: 10:04
Alina Semnani
Alina Semnani Hace 7 días
easily the worst character
Erbil forever
Erbil forever Hace 7 días
I never liked him because of this. He tries to look like someone with strong personality but he is not -_-
Phokingrice Hace 4 días
Thats the point
Naughtius Maximus
Naughtius Maximus Hace 7 días
I love the office but Ryan sucks
lindsey doyle
lindsey doyle Hace 7 días
"It's not garbage, it's my clothes
Big 🅖
Big 🅖 Hace 7 días
At least that way you have it, (lemme know if you get the ref)
Alex Niu
Alex Niu Hace 7 días
He kinda looks like this one guy who started a fire
Olivia Durand
Olivia Durand Hace 7 días
He looked so bad blonde
Eco Geek
Eco Geek Hace 7 días
John Krasinski in real life.
Kai Creech
Kai Creech Hace 7 días
That's what youtube used to look like?
João P. Santos
João P. Santos Hace 7 días
So is he the main Antagonist of this series??
sas3dx Hace 7 días
Thank you ESwomen, this thumbnail just spoiled me.
Arnee Martin
Arnee Martin Hace 7 días
where is oam at the end
Meggan Lanahan
Meggan Lanahan Hace 7 días
As a Southwestern Ohio native, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we don’t want Ryan Howard.
svfutbol20 Hace 8 días
He literally wrote his character to be this dumpster fire haha
박진희 Hace 8 días
am i the only one who is still confused about the fact that ryan suddenly got promoted to such a high position when he literally had 0 experience, even if its a tv show
Elizabeth Perry
Elizabeth Perry Hace 14 horas
It’s kind of a parody on that little bubble from 12-15 when companies were hiring 20 somethings with literally any major to “run their social media” and then expected they’d totally revamp their image for the digital age with very little job description or mentorship
TeamSukiyo Hace 3 días
Ann H And after Jim movied to Stamford, he said he got Jim’s old job = salesman experience
Ann H
Ann H Hace 3 días
He had an MBA(Master of Business Administration). For business that's a great degree to have, especially for management. Also he was a temp for quite some time by then so I wouldn't say he had 0 experience.
TeamSukiyo Hace 5 días
Jim and Karen were up for the same promotion though
Movie Scenes
Movie Scenes Hace 8 días
4:49 lmaoo
S0ldier0fG0d96 Hace 8 días
0:21 It means wonderchild in German and I learned that from Tenenbaum in the game known as bioshock.
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