The RANDOM *BOSS* Challenge In Fortnite!

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Hace 2 meses

Its time to take on Lachlan... and this challenge...
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Quartz Hace 2 horas
Hey bro did I get my car
Sienna Bello
Sienna Bello Hace 5 horas
Epic fucking games what did muselk do to u
Football Freestylers
Football Freestylers Hace 10 horas
Whats goin on guys, whats goin on guys, WHATS GOIN ON GUYS!🤬🤬🤬
Esther Diane Schreiber
Esther Diane Schreiber Hace 12 horas
Ultimate Knight
Ultimate Knight Hace 21 un hora
Ultimate Knight
Ultimate Knight Hace 21 un hora
Tylen McLaughlin
Tylen McLaughlin Hace un día
MiniGun more like bigGun
Rachael Dixon
Rachael Dixon Hace un día
Shadow or gost
Aqua Kill
Aqua Kill Hace un día
How do you get the drum gun because it’s broken
Vukosi Khosa
Vukosi Khosa Hace un día
Since when can Midas use Sky's grappler.
MrPremium11 Hace un día
Why did muselk use the grappler when he was Midas, Evereyone know you used it so ELLIOT don't cheat watch your loadout MAN :)
Madison Merrill
Madison Merrill Hace un día
That is so cool.
Lolo Lowder
Lolo Lowder Hace un día
Muselk: I am the angel of death Me: umm that’s a devil
Oliver MERLO
Oliver MERLO Hace un día
13:09 did u just use the grappler??? I don't think thats allowed but still 10/10 content
Mourad Khedhiri
Mourad Khedhiri Hace un día
oli reches
oli reches Hace 2 días
You are the bestttttttt❤️❤️
oli reches
oli reches Hace 2 días
Your a pro I love you
Nicholas Sargent
Nicholas Sargent Hace 2 días
17:14 the music stops why
Nicholas Sargent
Nicholas Sargent Hace 2 días
when he got TNtinas bow he used the assault rifle so he technically cheated
Amna Gm
Amna Gm Hace 2 días
Is muselk saying that brutus items the WORST boss? The dual pistols are the worst, then the bow, then the meow rifle, then the bruty mini, skye, then my-@$$ oh I meant Midas.
Will Anderson
Will Anderson Hace 4 días
Roses are red Violets are blue You are scrolling through the comment section too
Andrea Lazarus
Andrea Lazarus Hace 4 días
His address did you get the
Allyson Lam
Allyson Lam Hace 5 días
Anyone notice that it says “Facecam Died LEL”???
Andrew Kevin
Andrew Kevin Hace 5 días
muselk epic games broke fortnite zone
Goldmaster 1256clarke
Goldmaster 1256clarke Hace 5 días
hey kids muselk acts like he got the dub using midas drumgun and skyes grapple Muselk right we got midas and alos why dont we include the grapler musekk half way through using midas see the the mini gun and asalt rifle right and grappler right we are changing it to mythic only oh wait already done that and failed so that nothing fresh comes out of no where well kids lets go unistall this game
John Littleton
John Littleton Hace 5 días
Melvin Aguirre
Melvin Aguirre Hace 5 días
The funny thing is when he has skys scar and he dies to a norimle scare😂
DEEPCLONE 1467 Hace 5 días
How dare he say the minigun is weak! You have no right to tarnish the name of the gun our lord and savior luke the notable used.
Blake Theodore
Blake Theodore Hace 5 días
11:53 oof not anymore
Blake Theodore
Blake Theodore Hace 5 días
8:42 muselk you would not like the circles now
Logan's lifestyle
Logan's lifestyle Hace 5 días
It is not a gun tho
António Noronha
António Noronha Hace 5 días
and fucin muselk say that the worst fuchin circle
António Noronha
António Noronha Hace 5 días
theres a thing called 27 of may of 2020 heres worst circles 8:45
gunner gaming vlogs second channel
gunner gaming vlogs second channel Hace 6 días
Umbrella challenge but with a twist (if this item is still in game) the Kingsman umbrella is a umbrella we can get with our 1st umbrella
Trip Xxx
Trip Xxx Hace 6 días
Good video
Keegan McCoid
Keegan McCoid Hace 6 días
You use your pickaxe
Erika Tomlin
Erika Tomlin Hace 7 días
where going to win then he looses
fishstick_ playzz denney
fishstick_ playzz denney Hace 7 días
and at 16:36 theres a choppa in the sky
fishstick_ playzz denney
fishstick_ playzz denney Hace 7 días
mueslk: uses grapple in midas round me: wow he cheating by using grapple in midas round
Corvyn Forest
Corvyn Forest Hace 7 días
I can cryk faster 90s then my brother and he’s the fastest 90er in the world
SKY Yap Hace 8 días
when you realize thtlat meowsicle peow peow rifflenis better than the drum gun.
XCLAN XDABiTE Hace 8 días
Your a bot
XCLAN XDABiTE Hace 8 días
I hate you
Ghani Boumellah
Ghani Boumellah Hace 8 días
You are so good at doing challenges
Mo In
Mo In Hace 8 días
You killed me in 16 32
Luis garcia
Luis garcia Hace 8 días
Muselk:why are all these fights easy Bevman37:im about to end this whole career
Noooooooo Noooooooo
The Drunken Pickle
The Drunken Pickle Hace 10 días
Epic hates u cuz u keep reckoning
ItsMalMal Hace 10 días
How many times did he say, "Ha, idiot!" in that fight?
D BANZ FAM Hace 11 días
Who is ghost comment shadow like
Glenda Blosser
Glenda Blosser Hace 12 días
I makes him a og
Teresa Sanchez
Teresa Sanchez Hace 12 días
I Want to see part 2
FaZe_ GloW
FaZe_ GloW Hace 12 días
“That’s what you get you little sweat” -a quote by muselk
Elizabeth HULSTON
Elizabeth HULSTON Hace 12 días
the first match he almost won -___-
Benjamin Mills
Benjamin Mills Hace 13 días
Like drum comment scar and grapple
Gaming Pros
Gaming Pros Hace 13 días
14:52 did you mean to put lol muselk
kozkilkis Hace 13 días
Muselk i legit lost three solo rounds in SECOND PLACE EVERY TIME! -_- But.. watching you after gives me some laughs so i thank you for that. :)
Mike Michigian
Mike Michigian Hace 13 días
He used the grapeler as mids
Gaming with Mel
Gaming with Mel Hace 14 días
Anyone else notice at 3:41 it said he was the first player in the match to get an elim even though there were 7 people left. Literally epic games what?
Lauren Price
Lauren Price Hace 14 días
Did you mean lol 👍
Siddharth Hace 14 días
He has 3.5 million views and 3.5k comments👏👏
Lt. Rayzor
Lt. Rayzor Hace 14 días
The first kill he killed x
green mountain
green mountain Hace 14 días
gift me a skin.tall_doll0 is my epic username.plzzzzzzz
Maalav Patel
Maalav Patel Hace 15 días
Ngl i think that was me who stole your choppa
Cole Trebilcock
Cole Trebilcock Hace 15 días
he was picking the skins he wanted cause he was saying how it is good that he got the midas skin before he even jumped the bus edit: oh wait I forgot you could look at the profile and skin
Maria Vasquez
Maria Vasquez Hace 16 días
I like the good timing when he killed the guy in the helicopter exact music
Ioana Moldovan
Ioana Moldovan Hace 17 días
I think I know why epic games doesn’t like him I don’t know maybe because of all these glitches
RIP EWO Hace 18 días
Arthur Wedgbury
Arthur Wedgbury Hace 18 días
Could go to sleep 🛏 watching you 😂😂😂😴
Nick Holden
Nick Holden Hace 18 días
Bow is insane
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