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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II delivers a special broadcast to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in relation to the coronavirus outbreak.
The Queen has promised the nation that better days are ahead, during a special address on Sunday.
In a rare speech, she acknowledged the grief and financial hardships Britons are facing during the coronavirus pandemic.
Echoing the words of the Vera Lynn wartime song, she said that “we will meet again”.
An Address by Her Majesty The Queen - Coronavirus - BBC
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BBC Hace un mes
Hi everyone, working from home and hooked up with the BBC One broadcast as live to bring you this, and so the padding beforehand to make sure you didn't miss a thing. Have trimmed the video now, so the trails will come off soon. :)
Elaine Doughty
Elaine Doughty Hace 2 días
Elaine Doughty
Elaine Doughty Hace 2 días
Son love to life in oueen scook
Elaine Doughty
Elaine Doughty Hace 2 días
Oueen love
Elaine Doughty
Elaine Doughty Hace 2 días
Little girl no women oueen king Family no said that true yes happy life
Elaine Doughty
Elaine Doughty Hace 2 días
Worries but ok no oueen now because life not worry ready no oueey
tommy tonus
tommy tonus Hace 35 minutos
God save the queen
Faris Ilham YouTube
Faris Ilham YouTube Hace 3 horas
Hahaha my teacher has assigned me this video for Google Classroom, and I just disliked it😈
Feorare Hace 4 horas
les francais aiment
Mark Rodriguez
Mark Rodriguez Hace 4 horas
She is a fraud. She is the daughter of winston churchill. She is not royalty. She does NOT have the royal bloodline. She has be dethroned! All her accounts and assets have been frozen. WE are dismantling the deep state cabal world wide. WE ARE Q! You are about to meet your new king soon. Wake up you sleeping sheep.
陳美惠 Hace 4 horas
This is good
Priscilla Chiu
Priscilla Chiu Hace 5 horas
God save the Queen
Benjamin Brinks
Benjamin Brinks Hace 9 horas
Wish I was British sometimes, but I don't necessarily know how I feel about Boris....
Courtesy bog3
Courtesy bog3 Hace un día
If the queen did our daily briefings this country would be more calm than a child smoking a boat load of weed
Just a girl who loves Jesus
Just a girl who loves Jesus Hace un día
Be gone anti Christ
Sinner Hace un día
Love the queen
Breanna Albiero
Breanna Albiero Hace un día
Goodbye “Queen” lol
Taker2012 Hace un día
Powerful women ! Proud to be British !
FlenTiX Hace un día
God save the Queen.
XXXTENTACION 2 Hace un día
She do be fic tho
marsha giorgianni
marsha giorgianni Hace un día
i am a Amerian but i still love the Queen also she ia a real lady ..God Bless Her and long live the Queen hope william and Kate get to preceed her
RaymondHng Hace un día
_Precede_ means "come before". George VI preceded HM The Queen. _Succeed_ means "to follow". The Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales will succeed HM The Queen.
A W93
A W93 Hace un día
Australia loves and adores HM Queen Elizabeth II. Stay safe & stay strong. God Save The Queen
Mad Maxx
Mad Maxx Hace un día
God Bless Queen Elizabeth ll .
chae 22
chae 22 Hace 2 días
God save Her Majesty! May He keep Her away from danger, si that She may protect and nurture her people!
Zafnat Paneaj
Zafnat Paneaj Hace 2 días
God Save The Queen!!! I really admire this Lady. Greetings from Buenos Aires !!!🇦🇷👑🙏🙌❤👏👍
Sleuth Entertainment
Sleuth Entertainment Hace 2 días
Why she or her powerful family ain't catch the virus and die like normal people?
Fan of Queen Elizabeth
Fan of Queen Elizabeth Hace 16 horas
They are not normal people. They are the Royal Family. Her own son got the virus anyway
Elaine Doughty
Elaine Doughty Hace 2 días
One. More now one ok oueen
gene zach
gene zach Hace 2 días
The pendant on her dress is actually the pendant of immortality
MrTyoma PW
MrTyoma PW Hace 23 horas
Courtesy bog3
Courtesy bog3 Hace un día
gene zach totem of undying
Anne Assur
Anne Assur Hace 2 días
Thank you our queen
paulwilfridhunt Hace 3 días
God bless the queen
Jason Dreaver
Jason Dreaver Hace 3 días
Theres a new king of England with real royal blood.
Jason Dreaver
Jason Dreaver Hace 3 días
Liar you've been dethroned because you're illegitimate.
Fan of Queen Elizabeth
Fan of Queen Elizabeth Hace 16 horas
That's funny 😂
seen jeen
seen jeen Hace 2 días
Jason Dreaver wot
Karen Okeane
Karen Okeane Hace 3 días
This Lady has 'been there, done that' and is a shining example of how ALL world leaders should conduct themselves during this time. I am not a Royalist, but it would greatly behoove U.S. President Trump to learn from the Queen about how/when and WHAT he says to the citizens of his nation.
kraljevi Hace 3 días
Do you know that he knows a marshal Tito
Josephine Tan
Josephine Tan Hace 3 días
Long live our queen
Baljinder Singh
Baljinder Singh Hace 3 días
She is very lovely long live the queen
Brocard Evangeline
Brocard Evangeline Hace 3 días
this is literally the first time i've heard her speak
Anonymously Anonymous
Anonymously Anonymous Hace 3 días
I bet there’s no 5G near Windsor castle.
Guna Surya
Guna Surya Hace 3 días
See Ishtar Mesopotamia Kajang facebook... Eclipse brought out one dajjal from hell 500 years ago... Dajjal means god's enemy wants to be greater than god... Wants to own the entire universe... It's born for Chinese female dwaft in Penang Malaysia 500 years ago... The old dajjal has a tail... It's marked as 666 god's enemy... Wants to rule the entire world and Universe... This old dajjal is very greedy and racist... It's creating chaos and spreading corona... Or covid-19 all over the world... Wants everyone to die and go to hell using eclipse evil vibration power to block god and control the entire human mind and heart ...see Ishtar Mesopotamia Kajang facebook... Learn how to escape from eclipse trapping you in hell forever as hell slaves... Slaves for your sins... End of time for cruelty and hypocrisy... All must learn to let go your evil sins in your mind and heart... The Dajjal is still here on 1st June 2020...World is ending... Qiyamah... Noah's flood is returning to wash away the dajjal's virus called as corona or covid -19
sandeep anand kumar
sandeep anand kumar Hace 3 días
Lord save queen
Ruth LLOYD Andersen
Ruth LLOYD Andersen Hace 3 días
Doesn't look like the Queen
Fan of Queen Elizabeth
Fan of Queen Elizabeth Hace 16 horas
Robbynne Smith
Robbynne Smith Hace 3 días
Just wait till you find out the truth. All of American taxes have gone to the Queen and the vatican. No more the true king is here. Do your research. Truth be told.
D- Boy
D- Boy Hace 3 días
Evacuating children from their parents is the right thing to do ? 👎
Fan of Queen Elizabeth
Fan of Queen Elizabeth Hace 16 horas
Yes it is
RaymondHng Hace un día
It was during World War II when the Germans were bombing the United Kingdom. Millions of British city children were evacuated to safer places during this time. www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2011/mar/12/children-evacuation-london-second-world-war
zhiyuan ren
zhiyuan ren Hace 4 días
Love her voice
inquizpanda Hace 4 días
I wish you the best queen Elizabeth and my family
Leah Tryon
Leah Tryon Hace 4 días
I am an America not from England. I want you to know that i feel you are the best Queen i applaud your character and love of your country and all the sacrifices you have made to be such an Incredible QUEEN. You will always be my Queen here in AMERICA. I am enjoying the series the Crown and you and your family and country are forever in my prayers and thoughts. God bless the Queen Elizabeth
Creamapera Hace 4 días
We have a new King! Hoo rah!!
Fan of Queen Elizabeth
Fan of Queen Elizabeth Hace 16 horas
Marcus Tang
Marcus Tang Hace 4 días
God save the queen!
Ichal3082 Faizal
Ichal3082 Faizal Hace 5 días
anita vaughan
anita vaughan Hace 5 días
Heard Hallet was king
Matt Rochelle
Matt Rochelle Hace 5 días
When the Queens time comes the world will mourn. Long Live the Queen.
Ella Grace
Ella Grace Hace 5 días
Im not a royalist but jesus this made me so emotional
Sunshxne State
Sunshxne State Hace 6 días
This is the first time and ive heard her voice and it rwmi da me of proffer mcgonnigal form Harry Potter
Total Gaming Fan
Total Gaming Fan Hace 6 días
Your own dare to offend and annoy you in a decent way. Close to God, you find nothing impossible. May God show his miracle in the lives of your offenders and make them seek his blessings, love and wisdom through you.
Ahmad F. K.
Ahmad F. K. Hace 6 días
God save our Queen!
fredyfroggamer go
fredyfroggamer go Hace 6 días
she makes me feel sick
fredyfroggamer go
fredyfroggamer go Hace 6 días
she is and all the royal family are fake, they are germans, why would the uk have royals that are german!!!!!!! she is apparently in prison now and all is to be revealed soon,
Fan of Queen Elizabeth
Fan of Queen Elizabeth Hace 16 horas
First of all, they are not German. They are British. They certainly have some German ancestors but the English people themselves originated partly in what is now Germany. The Queen, neither born nor raised in Germany, not speaking German, not having German citizenship, etc., is not German in any meaningful sense. Also, in prison? Please. She can't even be charged. The authority of the British legal system comes directly from the crown, she cannot be prosecuted because it would be basically her prosecuting herself. If she had genuinely been involved in any case, the media would have talked about it.
Fan of Queen Elizabeth
Fan of Queen Elizabeth Hace 16 horas
What did I just read 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂
cjoutright Hace 6 días
Dunno what I thought she sounded like but this wasn’t it I thought I heard her before though.. guess not
Risayogi Sitorus
Risayogi Sitorus Hace 6 días
Not only the UK and the Commonwealth, but the whole world listens.
S Q17
S Q17 Hace 6 días
The comments here are absurd. You people are in for one rude awakening one day soon!
Fan of Queen Elizabeth
Fan of Queen Elizabeth Hace 16 horas
YOUR comment is absurd. Go back to school and get an education.
Vanessa Westbrook
Vanessa Westbrook Hace 6 días
I kinda want the queen to narrarate an audio book
Fawnzy Hace 7 días
Such a lazy leader. 😂
Fan of Queen Elizabeth
Fan of Queen Elizabeth Hace 16 horas
How is she lazy??
Joshua Neesham
Joshua Neesham Hace 6 días
shes 96 years old
wonderful Hace 6 días
True but the message helps I guess
Fretless99 Hace 7 días
I am a 56 year old Canadian citizen. I am a proud citizen of the British Commonwealth, and am honoured that this amazing woman is, indeed, our Queen! Her Royal Majesty will always have my support...
Hopeful Hace 7 días
Dont be concerned.Let them eat cake
Golder Vedder
Golder Vedder Hace 8 días
I don't know but I love this women
francisco raul Guarrochena
francisco raul Guarrochena Hace 8 días
Queen Elizabeth I hope You can fell and read my feel like You explaing I'm from Argentina ay the provincia of Corrientes city,My e mail is guarrochena5@gmail.com I hope and pray that You can read and fell My letters,I'm sorry but I speak spanish as a languages mother ,but I allways tray to learn English,thanks You hollyness to take a little bit time for me.I hope to the translation people don't think that My letter is cheep or unusefool yo You
Kristin_Cool Hace 8 días
She sounds quite young
robert b. howse
robert b. howse Hace 8 días
The soothing cadence and rhythm of her speech remains the template for dignity, respect and Majesty in our time. All those years ago as a child, promising 'I will be good' as Sovereign, Elizabeth could not have known how Great a Queen she would become. God Save Her!😐
Ed Hace 8 días
Oh and how appropriate is Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove themed melody at the end?
Spontaneous-Vulgar-Lingual-Combinations Hace 9 días
I'm not a fan of the royal family at all but I respect her message.
مجتبى حسين
مجتبى حسين Hace 9 días
the british considering themselves educated but they still ruled by a royal family inhering their throne generation after an other that the right meaning for dictatorship if they are educated indeed they would free them selves from slavery and make their own president instead
Fan of Queen Elizabeth
Fan of Queen Elizabeth Hace 9 días
What a stupid and ignorant comment. Learn some history 🤦🏻‍♀️
gypsy soul
gypsy soul Hace 9 días
3:00. Why is no one hearing what she’s saying.
gypsy soul
gypsy soul Hace 9 días
I don’t see any comments about her speaking on children being taken from the home.
Fan of Queen Elizabeth
Fan of Queen Elizabeth Hace 9 días
What's wrong with that? London was being bombarded of course they were evacuated 🤷🏻‍♀️
JTKUNKKU Hace 9 días
Roberto D'Ambra
Roberto D'Ambra Hace 9 días
God save and bless our Queen!
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