The Puppy Olympics Challenge!!

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Team Edge

Team Edge

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Hey guys! In this video, we got a bunch of puppies to race each other through various mazes! Which puppy would you choose?? Let us know down below!
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On this channel, you'll see a bunch of family friendly, kid friendly fun challenges, board games, toys, bottle flipping, giant sports, gross food tasting, messy challenges, nerf challenges, and more!
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Ultimate Gaming Gaming
Ultimate Gaming Gaming Hace 32 minutos
Bobby had treats
DJ PurplePaws
DJ PurplePaws Hace un hora
Nobody: Bobby: “you smell like urine”
Daisy U-D
Daisy U-D Hace 4 horas
My name is Oscar I’m using my mums iPad
Henry Adams
Henry Adams Hace 5 horas
You should do one with horses
Chase Petersen
Chase Petersen Hace 8 horas
At 3:39 look at Luna in the back
Kenny Bailey
Kenny Bailey Hace 12 horas
I had a dog named Daisy
Nadya Elizabeth
Nadya Elizabeth Hace 13 horas
No one: Literally no one: Not even God himself: Bobby: this dog literally did everything he could to get another dogs poop. Bobby: I can relate!
That_Anime_Nerd Hace 16 horas
the question is though, did any of them actually take a puppy home with them, or did they go back to wherever they were or whoever owns them?
Christina Vaughan
Christina Vaughan Hace 19 horas
Can l have the wiener dog
Joanne Doyle
Joanne Doyle Hace 20 horas
There so cute 😚
Nikolas Kitty cat
Nikolas Kitty cat Hace un día
My dogs name is daisy
Ernest Gaming
Ernest Gaming Hace un día
No bobby is cheater he lift optimus prime into the end
Isaac Cook
Isaac Cook Hace un día
Best vid ever
beach lover / i’m tan
beach lover / i’m tan Hace un día
epoi enal
epoi enal Hace 2 días
What is wrong with you people spoiling whats gonna happen why dont you put a spoiler warning if youre comment has spoilers aaaaaaahahhahdkdvsmdgxksmcsjsksdbxg
epoi enal
epoi enal Hace 2 días
They keep interrupting with every challenge except for bryan. He is good dad but the pthers make me want bash my head against a wall and get amnesia.
Daryl john Paler
Daryl john Paler Hace 2 días
What happened to the other dogs
Joshua Lambert
Joshua Lambert Hace 2 días
Bobby didn’t even give him the treat at the end of the race
Mo Alasidi
Mo Alasidi Hace 2 días
4:35 can we talk about what Joey just said "were all going to put are dogs down
Tgn Ikonik
Tgn Ikonik Hace 3 días
I’m crying bout tha puppies
Rachel. Barnes
Rachel. Barnes Hace 3 días
Can we just appreciate Luna and Lucia playing in the background? 😍
Melvin Franco
Melvin Franco Hace 3 días
Look at the dogs at the back of Joey in 6:15
Emerson Claudia
Emerson Claudia Hace 3 días
6:15 😂 the dogss
Dime and Grace Gaming
Dime and Grace Gaming Hace 3 días
Joeys dog s the cutest LOL
Antonios Georgiev
Antonios Georgiev Hace 3 días
Oooo Brayan 😢😢😢😢
legend_slayer 321
legend_slayer 321 Hace 3 días
is this just a excuse just to play with puppies
Estalita Manuel
Estalita Manuel Hace 4 días
Bobby Is cheating 5:40
Primo Avi
Primo Avi Hace 4 días
The cutest fucking things on earth
Chase Lyon
Chase Lyon Hace 4 días
did anybody relize that jfred had two when he said 1
dandancheung Hace 4 días
Did u keep it?
dandancheung Hace 4 días
U should actually named hi, speedy
Sebastian Ryś
Sebastian Ryś Hace 4 días
Boby is hacker
matthew wijaya
matthew wijaya Hace 4 días
I want puppy😭😭😭
nathan guzman
nathan guzman Hace 4 días
Instead of octomus prime it should be doggomusprime
Audrey Walsh
Audrey Walsh Hace 4 días
look at Bryan and j Fred at 0:40 they do the same thing
anmarie stiller
anmarie stiller Hace 4 días
I love this video and puppies. This is one of my favorite videos.
Dr. Bright
Dr. Bright Hace 4 días
Booby chesty
Dominic Mercado
Dominic Mercado Hace 4 días
Did anyone realize Bobby cheated on the maze
My name is Iris
My name is Iris Hace 4 días
The girls are just spinning around in the background while the race is going down
Shiloh Benitez
Shiloh Benitez Hace 4 días
I feel so bad for Brian .sorry if I spelled his name wrong
XxBread GeniexX
XxBread GeniexX Hace 5 días
Did someone notice Joey socks?
Void Walker
Void Walker Hace 5 días
Did u guys bring those dogs back home or put them back in the pound
Marshal Potato
Marshal Potato Hace 5 días
Bryan in the most scarce voice “YoUr sAfE heRe”
francis robinson
francis robinson Hace 5 días
soooooooooo cute
Sophia Deitch
Sophia Deitch Hace 5 días
Duane Mauheni
Duane Mauheni Hace 5 días
Daniel George
Daniel George Hace 5 días
4:00 Me At Every Rick Band
kelly ruiz
kelly ruiz Hace 5 días
08 Raghad Radi
08 Raghad Radi Hace 7 días
Bobbie cheated in the maze replay and se
Kelly D
Kelly D Hace 7 días
Bobby cheated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HERO_DREAMER Hace 7 días
“Least masculine”?
Its Camila10
Its Camila10 Hace 7 días
I hate bobby , he cheated, he moved optimus prime to the finish line what a cheater , bobby never would have won if he didn't cheat.
Jaysen Meyer
Jaysen Meyer Hace 7 días
Bobby cheated in the maze
Kaylee Johnson
Kaylee Johnson Hace 8 días
Joey has puppy socks
zyryl erwin vega
zyryl erwin vega Hace 8 días
bobby cheat at the maze
Xianbaby bear
Xianbaby bear Hace 8 días
5:43 Bobby Cheated!!!
Melissa Hoppman
Melissa Hoppman Hace 8 días
how ubowt the puppy
Jamie Coats
Jamie Coats Hace 8 días
What happens to the puppys after the video
Killian Byrne
Killian Byrne Hace 9 días
Human Olympics to dog Olympic to puppy Olympics to baby Olympics
RisThePro _
RisThePro _ Hace 9 días
Cutest team edge video ever
ZExplosions50 Hace 9 días
Warms my hart
Mackenzie Price
Mackenzie Price Hace 9 días
I was about to be so happy when Joey said he wanted a wiener dog bc I would’ve chosen a weinie dog
Cameron Bradford
Cameron Bradford Hace 9 días
1:23 the equivalent of sticking your hand in the fish tank
Calvin Tran
Calvin Tran Hace 9 días
It got the touch! It got the poweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!
Obrein Wilson
Obrein Wilson Hace 9 días
Any one wants more of these vide like this comment
Furret man
Furret man Hace 10 días
Me; watching this video My dog; ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
Magical Chicken
Magical Chicken Hace 10 días
No one: Literally no one: Bryan: Even if I lose I feel like a winner Loses: this is the worst day of my life
lorena Hace 8 días
He lost multiple challenges, In fact he lost all challenges
Magical Chicken
Magical Chicken Hace 10 días
The Yorkie looks just like my dog
Bryce Foreman
Bryce Foreman Hace 10 días
3:03- 3:15 I literally shed tears in laughter Seabiscuit is a bullet -That is if he stays in the same direction but nice job in the next round😂😂😂😂
Cristal Reyes
Cristal Reyes Hace 10 días
on the maze optimist prime doesent win because the Man garbbed her/him so chats a cheat
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