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In the Netflix hit horror film THE PLATFORM, prisoners in an elaborate vertical facility watch as inmates above are fed and the lower levels starve. Learn all about the true meaning of the film's plot and ending, along with breaking down lead character Goreng's journey and its surprising connections to Don Quixote.
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xd_rip_maleficent5k Hace 5 horas
U should f-ing watch this movir before watching this plz do. P.S. STAY SAFE😷😷👍❤👍😷😷
The Sammy Jenkins Experience
The Sammy Jenkins Experience Hace 15 horas
lolwat? A half hour video is needed to explain this extremely unsubtle film?
Suzette Tabora
Suzette Tabora Hace 18 horas
I have So many realization after watching this
Breakfastbean Hace 19 horas
Can someone explain to me what message the girl would convey instead of the dessert?
Jon Weed
Jon Weed Hace un día
Now I am hella sad, this movie needs to get big.
john perez
john perez Hace un día
I like panna cotta too
Bruno E
Bruno E Hace un día
The movie explained: This movie is pure shit.
PTR GR Hace un día
When the chef finds the hair in the panna cotta could also mean that others have tried the same but failed. Failing in this case could mean they could not reach the people that have the resources and/or the people with resources want to ignore them deliberately, because they are not able (due to never actually living between people in extreme need) or not willing to comprehend the reality of the people in the hole.
Trey Lockwood
Trey Lockwood Hace un día
#FoundFlix, wow I never heard of this movie. I actually really enjoyed your explanation of this film. I kind of wish I watched it for myself. I mean, I still could I suppose. But, this film was honestly pretty damn good. I loved the whole concept, the plot, and deeper meanings, and the visuals. What a new, and refreshing concept. Alright... I definitely have to give this movie a watch now. I really appreciate your channel man. You give us people a view into movies that we would most likely never have even heard of, and I thank you for that. I’m lookin’ forward to your next new video brotha man! 👌🏼🤙🏼
Twisted Pixel Plays
Twisted Pixel Plays Hace un día
Movie is so fucking awesome. I perceived it as gods test for everyone to get into heaven
Travis pagan
Travis pagan Hace un día
Hey folks I’m joe Biden
Sithic TV
Sithic TV Hace un día
I stopped the video and watched movie. Can we get a moment of silence for Brudda? I mean she doodoo'd my man..
Mike Miao
Mike Miao Hace un día Platform explanation
SuitonChip Hace un día
It would make sense as a Black Mirror episode.
trasheds Hace 2 días
damn this mr beast challenge is insane
vctjkhme Hace 2 días
i can't help but wonder if this isn't a Christian allegory. i recall Zac Poonen relaying a parishioner's vision of Hell as being a place where everyone was chained together at a table full of food while they were all starving because each one was chained at the wrist to the other and both were too proud and selfish to agree to raise their hands together. ironically, even the upper most level where the food was prepared was a lesser version of Hell where they were slavishly held to overly exacting standards. to prepare this kind of meal would have probably taken them around the clock preparations, no rest for the wicked.
Sketches says
Sketches says Hace 2 días
You should still credit the is nice, but their name was meant to be heard
Hotase4477 Hace 2 días
I don’t know. Seems like communism to me
Jesus sauceda
Jesus sauceda Hace 2 días
Chloe Tousignant
Chloe Tousignant Hace 2 días
You really should have tried to pronounce the writer and director's name. It's also nowhere in your video or description. It was literally a two-second google and now I can pronounce Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia.
AsianAddict Hace 2 días
Lol thanks for a summary of the movie. The last 4 minutes woulda done just fine.
Winter Summer
Winter Summer Hace 2 días
the novelty of leaving an ending up to the imagination is so worn out on me to be honest. we're just left with so many unanswered questions. like what will happen to goreng after he reached the bottom? maybe there's an exit, maybe there isn't. if there aint, is it implied that he'll just starve to death there now? it's not even a typical cell like the rest, so will the administration even relocate him at the end of the month? also i didnt see any doors in any of the cells and there are 333 floors, so how are the staff even able to move all the inmates into different cells over one night in a verticle prison? also is it safe to send a child up on the speeding platform for 333 cells? and if they believed that then why has none of the inmates except miharu ever just tried staying on it in order to eventually get to the top? also the movie didn't explain the whole thing about the girl being special and why the platform didn't register that the dessert had been kept on the level. 'she's the message' didn't explain that. people speculate that she was an hallucination and that it was just the dessert that was sent up but that too sprouts more unanswered questions like how was she then seen by baharat and why goreng would hallucinate a girl instead of the boy that miharu was supposedly looking for... and if the girl was real then what will happen to her when she reaches the top (if she survives the trip, which i doubt)? i know the implication is that it's supposed to spark a change in the system but that's only one of a multitude of things that can happen and the movie gave no reason to believe that that particular outcome was guaranteed. so now we're left with maybes. this isn't leaving it to the imagination. it just feels incomplete. so yeah, i was abit frustrated with the ending because i enjoyed the ride so much but the ending left me empty. great movie though and i'd recommend it.
Bravo 1969
Bravo 1969 Hace 2 días
The Platform = Trickle down economics (Reaganomics)
Allied Ace
Allied Ace Hace 2 días
I didn't know this was a horror movie
A normal plain Catfish
A normal plain Catfish Hace 3 días
I hate when movies bring in pets and they die ._. Like fuck the people the animals didn’t choose this
Zack Muravev
Zack Muravev Hace 3 días
This comment section is quite an analogy to the movie. The lower I go, the worse it gets.
Seb B
Seb B Hace 3 días
27 minutes video to explain a movie.... Hell no bro... Not make sense at all
João Barros
João Barros Hace 3 días
He was only staying there for 6 months, not a year like you keep saying. thats why he's set to leave "next" month, after 48, 171, 33, 202, 6. He's not been there any more time than we see on screen. Thats why Trimagasi says hes due to 2 dimplomas, as he's there for a year.
A Groovin Black Sheep
A Groovin Black Sheep Hace 3 días
damn i regret seeing this video, I SHOULDVE WATCHED THE MOVIE 1ST UGH! thanks for the video otherwise! =D
D I N A H S A U R U S X Hace 3 días
Im reminded by that junji ito manga where they eat human snails to survive
corbin87445 Hace 3 días
That dog looks just like my dog so it hurt me
JDDishmon The Comic Otaku
JDDishmon The Comic Otaku Hace 4 días
Sounds like it's a communism style system where the top controls everything and controls the distribution of weath but unable to keep itself together
λ Hace 17 horas
@JDDishmon The Comic Otaku holy fuck you aren't that bright. you've ignored everything i said and now you're just spewing out TPUSA talking points. china is not communist. in fact, according to forbes, a capitalist website, it's success is because of capitalism.
JDDishmon The Comic Otaku
JDDishmon The Comic Otaku Hace 17 horas
@λ what ever dude you really should move to an communist country like china and see how you like it
λ Hace 18 horas
@JDDishmon The Comic Otaku jesus christ, you resorted to the venezuela card pretty fast. ignoring the fact that venezuela is only unstable because of cia interference, venezuela's problem isn't socialism, it's corruption. like i said TRUE communism is not corrupt. it keeps the government in check and removes class divide. social democracy is a very moderate form of socialism and it's implemented in scandinavian countries, which are some of the most successful and thriving countries in the world.
JDDishmon The Comic Otaku
JDDishmon The Comic Otaku Hace 18 horas
@λ 🙄 look at Venezuela and see the aftermath of communism in action
λ Hace 19 horas
@JDDishmon The Comic Otaku no, in true communism the government would not decide who gets what. the government would give everybody an equal share. that's true communism. in trickle down economics, which this movie represents, the top gets the most and the bottom gets the least. it's the same shit that's happening in the pandemic. some random citizen can't get tested but a celebrity couple in australia can.
FatĆhillin Hace 4 días
I'd do a month on my own in 200, that way I could lose weight😂
DaDevil Hace 4 días
First the Belko Experiment, now this, what is with these experiment movies on this Covid times?
angel garcia
angel garcia Hace 4 días
Below level 50 people don't watch Netflix, so your opinions are "highly" skewed.
Jerry Baker
Jerry Baker Hace 4 días
so this movie is an excuse for socialism if people only took what they need the an absolute government could provide exactly what you need and you wont have to be responsible for providing for your self
Shy Owl
Shy Owl Hace 4 días
moral of the story communism sucks
DarkWarrior873 Hace 4 días
He actually only had 6 months
Abqori Mumtaz
Abqori Mumtaz Hace 5 días
Circle please
B T K F C Hace 5 días
This movie is a massive message about the society we live in. Which is why I love it
Kristian La Vigne
Kristian La Vigne Hace 5 días
Very accurate depiction of our "society", sadly
111 222
111 222 Hace 5 días
i think the problem with "society" is that humans are not meant to live in one, at least not like we do now. NO ANIMAL (exept ants) has evolved to live in big societies with class systems and neither did we. Both our ancestors and other animals that are closely related to us live in medium sized groups where everyone knows each other. Even if the group is big, it's still manageble. We literally evolved to take care of ourselves and our "pack" or "tribe" or whatever you wanna call it. In those groups you form bonds with the people around you and sharing is something you just want to do naturally. When we forcibly changed the way humans live we took ourselves out of our natural habitat. Take a pack of wolves for example. Contrary to popular belief wolves do not have ridgid social hierarchies in their packs. That belief stems from an experiment on wolf behaviour, where different wolf packs were forced to live together in a small space (the person running the experiment did'nt know any better, and what they said was taken at face value because no one really knew much about wolves yet). It ended with the wolves constantly fighting for dominance and created the myth of "being pack leader and putting dogs in their place" and all that shit. This is exactly what we did to ourselves. Ripping us from our natural group structure and forcing ourselves into our modern society. We tried to force an "order", a way people should live, but since those decisions were made by the ones on top, the ones on the bottom will obviously suffer. Capitalism, communisim or whatever else is not gonna help us. The problem isnt the structure of our society, its the concept itself. We can clearly see that something like that isn't gonna work with other animals, so why is everybody so insistent that it's the way humans should live?
λ Hace un día
society is a way for people with certain skills to work together for a common goal. in a world without society where everybody has to work on their own, anything above basic innovation would never occur since everybody has to focus on survival, so things like technology, vehicles, guns ( _maybe_ not a bad thing), movies, books, video games, anything you can think of probably would never come to be. you talk about how groups of tight-knit communities would grow. i hope you know that that counts as society. in any tribe there will be people on the top controlling things and workers providing resources. society evolved from that when different communities came into contact with each other. your idea that humans naturally go into groups that don't form some sort of order and jobs based on their skills is a little silly. i'm also very confused by your idea of the natural way of how humans should live. obviously class differences are horrible, but everything you're talking about is actually something the economic system of communism tries to fix... not necessarily a communist, but just saying, the whole point is to remove the classes so that people aren't in some arbitrary class above or below somebody. that seems to be everything you explain the problems with in society. my main issue here is that if society isn't a natural evolution then how the hell did it happen? there isn't some external force that pushed humans into this situation like with the wolves. we did this on our own. if something (humans) do something (build society) on their own isn't considered natural then i don't know what is. it's like you have this naive idea that anything that happens naturally is good, and society is bad, so society must not have happened naturally.
111 222
111 222 Hace 2 días
@Panda Bear UwU no ones forcing you to read it
Winter Summer
Winter Summer Hace 2 días
@Panda Bear UwU it was an interesting read
Panda Bear UwU
Panda Bear UwU Hace 5 días
Your comment was so boring to readdd
I was almost done with the movie until I got pissed off at a scene. Why TF is it that WHENEVER a black come into a scene, something is said about his race???????? Like wtf did they mean “for a black man”?? Why do script writers ALWAYS feel the need to point out race ONLY if it’s a black person!!!!????? It’s old and stupid!!! Not ONCE was the other characters races pointed out!!! This shows how people act like black humans are different or weird or some ignorant bs !!!! ZERO STARS!!!
AmbblyPuff Hace 6 días
I loved this movie, it was different & compelling & was on a whole new psychological level.
TheDropdeadZed Hace 6 días
My main issue is that riding the platform back up would surely fucking kill you. Too much G-force from moving that fast.
Brandon Hace 6 días
I genuinely loved this movie. But I never have anyone to watch it with because my friends are boring and my fiance hated it
Jesse Pixel
Jesse Pixel Hace 6 días
its weird because the original name of the movie is el hoyo, trenslated to english is the pit, not the platform, so they screwed up by naming the english title
LaRon Taylor
LaRon Taylor Hace 6 días
The shit that's going on..... RIGHT NOW, fits this movie
Trick Shots
Trick Shots Hace 6 días
Your voice is annoying, the explanation of the movie is good
todd clear
todd clear Hace 6 días
Couldnt one also assume, that since they ask everyone's favorite food, that every one's favorite food would be on the table? There for it's not really about rationing food but more only taking the favorite food the person declared in the interview. Because the interviewer makes it a point that he has to choose somthing. That could explain the part where he recieved the snail intact. Just a thought, but i dont think that makes sense because there definitely wasn't 666 dishes worth of food. But.... one could assume since there are high odds 2 or more people share the same favorite food so they would just make larger portions of the dishes so techinally everyone's favorite food would be on the table. You think you could survive on a couple bites of food, just to get enough calories for 1 day. You wouldnt need to eat much and you have unlimited water. Oh just something that annoyed me is you never see the perspective of floor one. Wpuldnt they be able to see through the floor above in the kitchen? Wouldnt the people in the kitchen know what's going on? Loophole?
todd clear
todd clear Hace 2 días
@Winter Summer ahh touche, I remeber that scene now but I thought it was from the kitchen. Thanks:)
Winter Summer
Winter Summer Hace 2 días
the floor above one was floor 0 which is where they sent the food down. it was basically just an empty cell that looked like the rest but specifically used to send the food down. so floor one inmates wouldn't have seen the kitchen or the cooks unless the cooks went in the cell when the platform wasn't there for whatever reason.
Panda Bear UwU
Panda Bear UwU Hace 5 días
I think that theory is truw
Legacy x
Legacy x Hace 6 días
Imagine eating and a body just falls on you plate
Pants-off Dance-off
Pants-off Dance-off Hace 6 días
I wonder if this movie paid equally to all those involved in its production (including Netflix).
imnot surewhat
imnot surewhat Hace 7 días
this movie was so gross though, it made me so mad when the guy peed on the food, dropped broken glass into the food, walked on the food, made me mad when they guy got pooped on. just disgusting.
Winter Summer
Winter Summer Hace 2 días
lol i think all those moments were meant to get those reactions out of you. it was showing those people as savages.
Breanna Sacchetti
Breanna Sacchetti Hace 7 días
Looks like this film was copied from the film Next Floor (2008).
Dix Black
Dix Black Hace 7 días
no one can die if they know what sharing is. Before entering the platform, they've been asked what are they favorite food, the MC chooses the mussle, i think and it is present in the table. All of them have their share, enough for each but the higher people chooses to be selfish
Jesse W
Jesse W Hace 7 días
Didn't he actually agree to 6 months, not a year?
Rosie Glow
Rosie Glow Hace 7 días
This entire movie is a metaphor to show the flaws in top down approaches. Obviously it's not an ideal approach to dealing with poverty. At all.
Vanesa Ortega
Vanesa Ortega Hace 7 días
This film was honestly a timeless work of art that I unfortunately feel will be continuously applicable to our society. I only wish I could have seen the reaction of everyone on level zero when the girl reached the top.
vinek12 Hace 7 días
Communism the movie
AV3R3ST Hace 7 días
i mean, if u were starving for even a couple days, youd gobble that food down for a couple days to get ur fat back
Big Jerm
Big Jerm Hace 7 días
Y’all I’m mad confused
Jose Figueroa
Jose Figueroa Hace 8 días
I love orignal plot untouched by greedy egotistical studio executives
Lappmogel Hace 8 días
The whole idea that the food would last if everyone shared was just bullshit anyway. They didn't feed lvl 7-50, gave out snack sized portions and passed a bunch of empty levels and they where still all out long, long before they hit the bottom. So people where going to starve to death either way. So if there is a message in this movie it is that you better get yours while the getting is good because if you don't you won't have enough resources when you're in trouble and nobody can afford you help yo even if they can.
Brennen Ellis
Brennen Ellis Hace 8 días
This is a communist piss take on capitalism. Which doesnt demonstrate the ability to own things of value. It doesnt show an intervening central power or how the poorest Americans are still rich by comparison to most countries. Think of the poorest person you know, they still can own plenty of things which you couldn't in a socialist society. This is the poorest example of propaganda I've ever seen. They had to remove every basic human right, bill, law, protection and decentralize agencies just to make it this bad. Plus no one contributes. In a socialist everybody works.....what happens when you can't anymore. Let me tell you communism doesnt come with a 401k retirement plan. Socialism treats everyone as equal....we are not. The fundamental problem is when you have people who work harder than others who receive the same health benefits and pay as everyone else. In America the more dangerous the job the more coverage a health plan usually receives....not in socialism were you get a equal share, but some people need 'MORE' than others, but equal means equal. Shouldn't a person with a dangerous job get more health care than a person with a cozy one. Imagine if a 250 man and a petite 90 woman had to split a sandwich who gets more? According to this they should half it, because that's 'fair'. But the man who is bigger won't actually be getting a proportionate share. Socialism isn't a government it's an idea that is based on emotions and not any strong form of ideas.
Brennen Ellis
Brennen Ellis Hace 8 días
This movie has a pretty poor grasp of economics. The 'rich' and the 'poor' are getting paid in food from the same provider, in essence there is no real hierarchy. The rich are only rich, because the poor support them monetarily. This movie is using a socialist system to prove why our own economics don't work. If anything this is a socialist society were a single government sends out money and expects people to just share accordingly. This is a piss poor example of trickle down economics. The poor can make and save money, invest etc, and own things of equal and greater value which is not reflected at all by this example. I can safely say this is one of the poorest examples I've seen. It only proves why socialistic ideology doesnt work and that we should invest in safety nets for the poorer class instead of hoping for altruism to win the day.
Farrah Fox
Farrah Fox Hace 8 días
Blah blah blah boring and squeeky guy 😲
ThomasConservative Hace 8 días
This societal analogy is BS..The chef's job is to cook for the people on all the levels, they have to eat ! In this movie they need the food, in that way it isn't as much societal as it is just showing jerks who don't want to share food. If this movie was an analogy of the real world... it would have two platforms: 1 going up that takes money from each prisoner and one going down with food where each prisoner could eat depending on how much money they put on the first platform. Some people are born rich but most people have to work for it, at some point in their life they trade stability and pleasure for pain, risk and profit. A full stomach is what happens when you get off your butt, eat small lunches and work harder than everybody around you. It isn't luck, either you or your family, someone paid the price.
Dood Hace 8 días
16:40 the devil and the angel on your shoulders when you're making a moral decision?
Hunter Hace 9 días
They definitely just killed the girl. Also if I ever get anything extra with what I order food wise, I’m throwing it back in the kitchen and leaving. No one is gonna freeze me.
Carlie Cole
Carlie Cole Hace 9 días
"you may bring ONE item with you inside" "I choose... An entirely stocked for well over the next YEAR, and completely staffed Cheesecake Factory restaraunt!" (Yes, that means EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE "HOLIDAY SPECIAL" CHEESECAKES, DAMMMMMIT! I DEMAND MY CARROT CAKE CHEESECAKE!) HA, I wiiiiin, SUCK IT, PLATFORM!!!!! (This goes along with my way too well thought out "if you could have ONE WISH...." "Just ONE, HUH?! FINE! I wish for EVERYTHING FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE TO BE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT ACCORDING TO MEEEE, ME MEEEEE!!!")
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