The Party Boys Live at Several 21st's

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The Party Boys - Live at Several 21st's
- Side 1 -
Not Fade Away - 0:00
I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man - 3:23
Beat Goes On - 9:04
Don't Let Go - 13:50
Superfreak - 19:38
- Side 2 -
Been Down So Long - 23:39
My Baby Drove Up In a Brand New Cadillac - 29:06
Gunslinger - 31:42
Bitch - 34:07
White Light/White Heat - 38:36

party boyslivenot fade awayI'm your hoochie coochie man

know the Way
know the Way Hace 11 meses
1973 DATSUN 1200,Went like A ROCKET to Cronulla 4A SURF!Dont let Go AWESOME😎
barry Delisle
barry Delisle Hace 11 meses
There was a New Zealand patty boys to but I don't think they had recorded
Stephen Giovinazzo
Stephen Giovinazzo Hace un año
Joe,Partyy boys playing life in the fast lane at the warick hotel.Top !
Geoffrey Breasley
Geoffrey Breasley Hace un año
Best live band ever
Classics Customs and Hot Rods of Perth
Classics Customs and Hot Rods of Perth Hace 2 años
I have been looking for this album for years. Thanks.
trajanad28 Hace 2 años
Absolutely SHIT HOT!!!!... White Light is the rock song to end all rock songs!!!!
Ken Cooke
Ken Cooke Hace 3 años
what a classic album! cheers for sharing
steve fleming
steve fleming Hace 3 años
I have 2 copies on vinyl!
WaltHawtin Hace 3 años
Fucking fantastic - thank you GillenCarter
Phillip and Michele Tibbles
Phillip and Michele Tibbles Hace 4 años
As posted previously I also thought this was gone forever. Such an awesome album/tape
Andrew Fergusson
Andrew Fergusson Hace 4 años
best memory from the 80s driving from brissy to the goldy. Me , scott todd and lucky phil.
james dean 357
james dean 357 Hace 4 años
nice,,,,yr still funny lol
paul harradine
paul harradine Hace 5 años
Best version of white light I've ever heard
Brett Sherwood
Brett Sherwood Hace 5 años
WOW.thought this album was gone forever.The great aussie pub rock scene.Had the privilege of seeing them live a few time at Thomas on the sunny coast.Last time Shirt from sky hooks was up front.Come on guys , reunite and do yourselves and the good times and tunes rorock.The Charles Hotel in Perth awaits
shfullait Hace 5 años
Anyone know where I can get a copy of Greatest Hits of Other People. My dad used to have it, and I love the cover of Del Shannon's Runaway on it.
Jonathan Thompson
Jonathan Thompson Hace 11 meses
Reply with your e-mail and I'll make you a download link
Phillip and Michele Tibbles
Phillip and Michele Tibbles Hace 4 años
+shfullait I googled it and i think its on iTunes but then I am NOT tech savvy
Keith Morrison
Keith Morrison Hace 5 años
This would have to be James Reyne at his best. Saw Joe Walsh with the Party Boys live at the Charles Hotel Perth,2 nights in a row. Saw Sherly out of Skyhooks and The Party Boys live at the Floreat Hotel. Matt Taylor joined them that night. Doing AC/DC TNT with harmonica totally unbelievable.
michelle kearney
michelle kearney Hace 6 años
2nd side of this album is as good as randr u will hear harvey james and kevin borich were original guitarists wish we still had the manly vale hotel where this gig was at great nite
sjkiss67 Hace 6 años
Jo Walsh did a version of the Party Boys with Marc Hunter from Dragon on vocals. I think that was before John Swan's version happened.
sjkiss67 Hace 6 años
Harvey James from Sherbet was the guitarist (R.I.P)
Mal nat
Mal nat Hace 6 años
thanks mate love album especially after a couple of cans :-}
build Motosykletist
build Motosykletist Hace 6 años
For anyone interested the line-up was Kevin Borich, Paul Christie (Mondo Rock), Buzz (Angels drummer), James Reyne (Australian Crawl) and probably others as the line-up was very fluid. Later on I recall asking a mate who knew, who was a the bloke on the other guitar ... he replied Jo Walsh, yeah right, sure. It was.
Ken Cooke
Ken Cooke Hace 3 años
I think Joe played on the next Party Boys, after this one. He was on there with Kevin Borich. KB talked about it in an interview on here somewhere.
Andrew Reynolds
Andrew Reynolds Hace 7 años
Thank you SO MUCH for uploading this, I've been searching for a copy for years, still have my original vinyl copy in its cover
Darrin Mackenzie
Darrin Mackenzie Hace 7 años
Fantastic I remember this from when I was a kid
Steve Flemming
Steve Flemming Hace 7 años
Sensational seeing the early version of this band live & it didn't get any better than KB and Joe Walsh doing Rocky Mountain Way live in the early hours at Billboard... Still play the vinyl and the follow up Greatest Hits (of other people)...
DKashman Hace 7 años
I have been trying to track this album down for ages, I had it on vinyl, but since I have moved so many times It has gone MIA. This brings back so many memorable times living on the Northern side of Sydney & seeing many acts live down on the northern beaches pub/club scene.
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