The most overkill NAS ever... It's finally done!

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2 years ago I built a server.... 2 years later we are finally turning it on and configuring it!
Check out UnRaid and give it a try for free! (Not a sponsor, but still cool!) -
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Michael Lanman
Michael Lanman Hace 3 días
11:27 "Just like you wouldn't take your default router out of the box and not change the admin password" .... uh.... I really should do that, at some point.
Joe Meyer
Joe Meyer Hace 11 días
tbh when i tried to set up freenas I couldnt get it to work. I just ended up using ubuntu instead because on my hardware nothing would work.
Cody Miles
Cody Miles Hace 24 días
When you were copying to and from the server, was it populating the cache first then going to the array? I'm thinking of making an UNRAID server with 2 VMs and was curious the performance on the spinning drives for game performance. I plan on using 2 1tb SSD for cache to mount the VMs to, but want to have an array for game storage as the wife and I play the same games. Just curious if there is a performance hit on that or not.
The Minimum Wage
The Minimum Wage Hace un mes
Barnacles is great but he's not as good as Wendell lmao
Joe Anon
Joe Anon Hace un mes
Joel Crocker
Joel Crocker Hace un mes
you gota make the 10 gb as up connection to get it to work in the latest update in free nas 11.3-RC1 - & I think it only works as ipp6
Brent Smithline
Brent Smithline Hace un mes
This was great. The only reason I would use FreeNAS is that it is UNIX which I have work with for decades. The reason I would use Unraid is that it is KISS, can can use a trail version first to see if you like it, and it is at a very good price.
Cary McC
Cary McC Hace un mes
Your links don't populate anything within Amazon.
D-thec- tieve
D-thec- tieve Hace un mes
Learn from linus, don't use a raid card as hba, it is a nightmare if you ever needed to do any troubleshooting
sobriofradicio Hace un mes
This Is What Happens If you Use cheap and unreliable junk consumer network cards on Enterprise OS like freenas instead of spending a few bucks more for an Intel X520/540.. The problem is not freenas Side, Is Yours That recommend a Paid consumer product instead of a free enterprise-grade software just because you are sponsored from the developer
r3ddr4gOn Hace un mes
5:38+: "It's the fact that I don't have to wait for steam." Me: Thinking of the days (2004ish) when steam was really slow in updating itself and often was just completely useless.
Hammerhead Corvette
Hammerhead Corvette Hace un mes
Still found a way to put Nvidia in the video even though it was pointless...
Chad High
Chad High Hace un mes
You'll be sorry you're not using ZFS
Adam Hogan
Adam Hogan Hace 2 meses
Wendel is cringing so hard right now.
Emry Music
Emry Music Hace 2 meses
Jerry is looking healthier in this video
Igor Tomljanovic
Igor Tomljanovic Hace 2 meses
I just want to know .. why did you do this video?? Who would learn anything from this??
Robert Coffey
Robert Coffey Hace 2 meses
The one thing I can say for someone looking to build a NAS: never rely on a single case to house a sufficient amount of storage. Go ahead and get an external SAS disk enclosure and just use an expansion card to connect to it. You'll get far better drive density, better performance, and hot-swappable drive caddies. Trust me on this, it is by far the superior solution if you really need a lot of storage.
Jason Majere
Jason Majere Hace 2 meses
Use it as a render machine also?
Mark Clendenin
Mark Clendenin Hace 2 meses
Wow nice NAS Jay! Tell Jerry to come help with mine next!
Robert Ferenchik
Robert Ferenchik Hace 2 meses
anyone else spot the JUUL charger?
Peter A. Morrison
Peter A. Morrison Hace 2 meses
Welcome to the utility of unRAID.
artlessknave Hace 2 meses
if you want freenas always check the freebsd compatibility lists and try and buy that hardware. freebsd is great when it works, but is very manual when it doesnt. I'm not sure for unraid...but raid cards + zfs is not a good idea, unless you remove the raid component of the raid card. some RAID cards add junk to the hard drives even in "passthrou jbod modes", which mangles data if you use any other card.
johnneal cabalteja
johnneal cabalteja Hace 2 meses
theslowmoguys.its gone in 4months
Kaloyan Nikolov
Kaloyan Nikolov Hace 2 meses
I can't make if the entire time he's looking at Jay is with admiration or resentment :D
Rarokillo Hace 2 meses
Probably it's late to say but I had also a drivers issue with FreeNAS, finally i went to Openmediavault, it's almost the same of freeNas but instead of FreeBSD is a Debian.
Albertus de Wet
Albertus de Wet Hace 2 meses
Would like to see a tutorial on this build, but more the setup/configuration that was done. Possible? Thanks
Drew Jackson
Drew Jackson Hace 2 meses
@13:28 yes, that is correct way modem router switch, not the other way around.. .. ;-)
Radical HippieTech
Radical HippieTech Hace 2 meses
It's not a real window it's just a light........ lol Nice NAS..... I learned long time ago when dealing with network management naming is like the most important part of it. When you have 100 or 1000 computers and drives easy to get lost..... I see future many more SSD will be installed........
Nicholas Lovan
Nicholas Lovan Hace 4 meses
"I made a video once" -I know that feeling...
Marcel Etchart
Marcel Etchart Hace 4 meses
May I recommend you link the video to your server build. I would have paused and watched that first :P
Aviv Ronen
Aviv Ronen Hace 4 meses
Link to the sata and 10gbe controller?
Mullvaden83 Hace 4 meses
Your speed test was fast cause you copied to the cache and not the array. You always copy to the cache then unraid moves the files by it self to the array at set intervals that you tell it to. And that is slow. Like 30mb / sec.
Brynden Rivers
Brynden Rivers Hace 4 meses
Not to sound like a snob, but when you only have 2x 10G ports, I wouldn't classify that as a 10G network. Hell, Jay makes way more money than I do and I have a Netgear XS712T (10x 10GBase-T + 2x SFP+)... you could have bought a Netgear xs708T for a $200 more than that Asus toy, but I would have expected Jay to at least have something like an XS716T
Lauri L
Lauri L Hace 4 meses
"I wish I knew more about..." - just do it and learn while doing it?!
brian cochran
brian cochran Hace 5 meses
Would love to see Jay’s two cents water cooling with a bad ass server Linus and Jerry doing the software side of things would make for an amazing video go all out it would be crazy
mrjnuts1 Hace 5 meses
Do you use next cloud on Unraid? Jay if so do a tutorial to set it up I bet there so many people who want to know.
ApxuBbI Hace 5 meses
Anyone here with R6 case, and bunch of HDDs, want to know how noisy is this setup?
SgtKenzo Hace 5 meses
I know he said this but, I really did find this to be a good UNRAID tutorial :P
Richard Ren
Richard Ren Hace 5 meses
If you run chôme you will need 1TB if ram
Eduardo David Carapaica Rodriguez
Eduardo David Carapaica Rodriguez Hace 5 meses
Jay can you do a tutorial to do a cheap nas
Stephen S
Stephen S Hace 5 meses
They mention that there's a bottleneck from the NAS to the PC but fail to mention why they are only hitting 470MB writes to the NAS. Mmh, why is that do you think? Jay actually seems impressed about this. Map it as a drive and run cyrstaldiskmark perhaps. Only then will you will find out it's true potential.
LiMiTz Cash
LiMiTz Cash Hace 5 meses
I dont know why people would use SSD's for a data server/NAS. Yeah, the speeds will be very fast, but give it about a year of constant writing to the drives, and the drives will be paper weights. The hard drives your using are built for Raid and constant 24/hr usage of writing and reading data. SSDs are not built for that. Or do they now have SSDs that are built for Raid and servers? I've been out of the hardware game for a few years now, that's why I'm asking.
theatermusic87 Hace 5 meses
That looks like a define R4-R5 etc... If it is, I found running basically the same setup (smaller drive size) that I needed a couple fans in the front panel slots blowing air over the drives otherwise they would over heat. Idle temps were around 80F, and would spike to 120-130ish during extended read/writes
Daniel Melzak
Daniel Melzak Hace 5 meses
If you want to setup a network cache system that runs on Linux containers, check out
Robert Sanchez
Robert Sanchez Hace 5 meses
These videos are the best. It's like a mechanic trying to explain the physics and math behind the internal combustion engine. No different than Linus smacking his head up against his servers.
Phixation Hace 5 meses
I have no clue why you would use Unraid. Unraid is not free.
Hotcooler Hace 6 meses
Kind of similar setup would be Mergerfs+snapraid I guess, been using that for years and seems good.
Jesper Dobran
Jesper Dobran Hace 6 meses
I like that this video is now on the frontpage of Unraids website.
jhippl Hace 6 meses
what software are you going to use to setup a game drive so if two people are playing the same game the wont over write each others files
MrSaucerboy Hace 6 meses
Awesome stuff Jay. Any thoughts on use FOG project to have OS images premade for bench marking?
Parax77 Hace 6 meses
You want to use [Most Free] Allocation if you want it to spread data, your current setting of [High Water] will only move on when the 1st drive is full Also you can skip parity creation if the drives are all blank! it'll save you so many hours with 10TB drives...
Harrison Thomas
Harrison Thomas Hace 6 meses
Hi Jay. Unraid veteran of 3-4 years here. Just wanted to comment to say in response to what you said at 14:28, if you are using a cache drive, you actually aren't dealing with spinning drives for writes to the array. It will first write to the cache SSD and then when you've scheduled unraid's "mover" script, your files will be moved from the cache to the spinning (parity protected) drives. This is also why you wouldn't expect your drives to heat up on writes to the array. That would only be applicable if you didn't have a cache drive. Because you have to write to the array while maintaining parity, it significantly reduces your write speeds to the actual array, which is why a cache drive is necessary for most use cases with Unraid. Let me know if I can answer any questions :)
Johan Larsson
Johan Larsson Hace 6 meses
Great answer! Was scratching my head at that point of the video. You saved me from having to comment on it 👍
Philip Michaelsen
Philip Michaelsen Hace 6 meses
Wanna keep your files safely stored? Use FreeNAS (ZFS more specifically). Wanna use FreeNAS? Get supported hardware. There's a list of supported hardware for each release at This is not difficult.
Yee Thirty
Yee Thirty Hace 6 meses
Holy shit barni lookin good these days.. amazing what a few years does.
daan9999 Hace 6 meses
Wheres the 40 gbps infinniband card?? Not overkill then.. and use freenas next time much better than unraid
Jason Eala
Jason Eala Hace 6 meses
Unraid... this is when everyone watching this goes to space invader1’s channel for the real nitty gritty if going this route..
Theodore Moxie
Theodore Moxie Hace 6 meses
Asking the pc gamers......get 5700 xt or get the 2080 ti kingpin? Its gonna be in a pc-011 air case 14 fans...
TheTrekGuy97 Hace 6 meses
easier and cheaper just to buy a business/enterprise NAS and actually have some support. Unless you have specific needs might as well.... well there is the fun factor as well. :-)
TheSunExpress Hace 6 meses
PSA: If your goal is 10GB fiber network for your storage shenanigans *AND* FreeBSD, then there is just one word -- Mellanox This NIC purveyor is hilariously affordable & out of the 10+ Mellanox cards I own and have routinely put under heavy load for 10 years now, none have ever even slightly complained. I know I know I know.... 10GB fiber network at home is hella overkill, but so is nearly every mildly built-up gaming rig. A bones with FreeBSD is the support for Mellanox (& many many many other brands of course) is included for the base OS kernel. Full disclosure: I've got 20 years of FreeBSD under my belt.
Trackside Model Railroading
Trackside Model Railroading Hace 6 meses
In my unRAID server I use LSI HBAs for all 24 drives in the pool and an Acera ARC-1882IX-12 for another 15 drives in multiple RAID5 arrays. I get bursts of 2400MBs per second with files that are 4GBs and less. Files and transfers larger than 4GB it will reduce to about 850MB per second sustained after about 3-4 minutes of transfer to the RAID5 cache drive (10.8TB's with all spinning drives), I have transferred 10TB's from my vCenter server with the 40Gb fiber channel and it basically did this all in one swoop and all at over 800MBs sustained. I am using controllers that are not common with unRAID but I have all redundancy even on the cache drive. I am using 5 3TB SAS drives on the cache array and the Areca has 4GBs of RAM on it allowing it to hit those speeds. If the card was in the new PCI Gen 3 slots it would hit 5GBps all day long. Increasing my drives in the array would also speed it up but I use the other RAID5s for VMs as I am looing to leave VMWare ESX and I am finding that I might be able to cut the cord using unRAID and the Areca controller as the backbone. I do like unRAID and am moving some servers to that OS for long term storage but the server that we use for everyday edits is still from a Windows DataCenter server that runs Acera ARC-1882IX-24's. You just can't beat hardware RAID when it comes to speed, striping the data just increases the throughput to where I will most likely never work off a solo drive speed unless they create an insane drive in the future. I like the RAID cards so much that each workstation has an Areca controller installed on them.
Knifefest Degroot
Knifefest Degroot Hace 6 meses
Chrome is the memory hog now, not Firefox.
Kshitij Rajkumar
Kshitij Rajkumar Hace 6 meses
starting using unraid. Buying it. could you tell me how I could contact you personally! into open Loop water cooling thx 2 u. Lots to discuss man. thx
906Gaming Hace 6 meses
Jay: God it takes 30 minutes to download almost 80GB! Me: well guys if you wanna play this game I don't have it installed so it's gunna take about three days.
drksilenc Hace 6 meses
Why not use pre caching on either ram or ssd.
Alan Hace 6 meses
dislike AIO for a NAS or a server.... more failure point in a machine where reliability and power consumption is top priority. I also think a more power efficient GPU should be used instead.
Hook Hand Tech
Hook Hand Tech Hace 6 meses
Jerry: "I made a video once!" I think back to when he reheated leftover burger and fries in a hotel with tissue box cover and blow dryer while drunk. Epic vid, go find it!
Daniel Nöchel
Daniel Nöchel Hace 6 meses
So here's one question for the experts: how would it work powering a graphics card over a molex and/or sata-PCIe adapter... would it damage the psu? or can i install it like that trouble-free?
Peronnik Beijer
Peronnik Beijer Hace 6 meses
why not use Proxmox?
Alex Eddy
Alex Eddy Hace 6 meses
Did he say he doesn't know how to setup raids? Like wtf? You run a tech channel yet don't know stuff like raid? And you wonder why some people don't take some of your testing videos serious.
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown Hace 6 meses
why not 4k?
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