The Most Entitled KARENS Ever

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The Most Entitled KARENS Ever! Which Karen do you think was the worst and went too far? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack
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Avery Grande
Avery Grande Hace 9 minutos
lol i think ima karen now
Katherine Acevedo
Katherine Acevedo Hace 14 minutos
4:50 My little cousin : what are you watching Me : what do you think of this person My little cousin : ewww Me : I have taught you well
Liam Delgado
Liam Delgado Hace 23 minutos
I would have done right slap her
Devilwolf_gacha :3
Devilwolf_gacha :3 Hace 48 minutos
My best friends 6 year old sister has extreme asthma and she will wear a mask for hours and sometimes it gets hard to breath but she still wears a mask so if a 6 year old with extreme asthma can wear a mask then Karen's can wear a mask it's not that hard
Jessica Spurlin
Jessica Spurlin Hace 56 minutos
The first one was probably on crack
CC thegachawolf
CC thegachawolf Hace 56 minutos
I like how that one Karen kept saying “stop talking to me! Ur not the boss of me!” However she’s not the boss of her so she dosent have to😅
nini nini
nini nini Hace un hora
Before I wach this vidi was waching naruto
ashley salamone
ashley salamone Hace un hora
On the mask subject. I'll where one around but I physically can't breath with something over my face.i do get the safety acpect of them but I have severe asthma so having it over my face makes it almost impossible to breathe. When I do have to where one I have to hold it away from my mouth at the bottom. But the way that lady did it was wrong. She could've still taken the mask and do what I do. Not that hard lol.
Joanne Hace un hora
Kiriama Snelgar
Kiriama Snelgar Hace un hora
evre karen are all full of stupidity
Redd Nish
Redd Nish Hace un hora
My mum is a karen but she vaccinates me and wears mask >( ^w^)>
ITS_daniellalifek Hace 2 horas
All Karen's have a health condition lol
ITS_daniellalifek Hace 2 horas
I say the second Karen one :0
Su-Jane Pelser
Su-Jane Pelser Hace 2 horas
Karen's just wear a face sheald
•M O O N C H A N•
•M O O N C H A N• Hace 2 horas
Aka the H.O.A commercial with a Karen
Georgia Warrington
Georgia Warrington Hace 2 horas
She could use the hair dryer to dry the clothes
Shawnuil Faircloth
Shawnuil Faircloth Hace 2 horas
Sssniperwolf names the title the most entitled Karen’s ever vs someone named Karen be like😶my mother did this to me😭 😅😭😂
dego krys
dego krys Hace 2 horas
Kids do not care if a loude car is there.
XxToxic_HxneyxX Hace 2 horas
Karen's are BORN to embarrass themselves!
bret Heidelberg
bret Heidelberg Hace 2 horas
She said take that dog of my property
Galaxy Woffy
Galaxy Woffy Hace 2 horas
Karen's gonna take over the world
Arna Goddard
Arna Goddard Hace 2 horas
I thought i would watch some of your videos, but i notice you make fun of older people. Calling all old people not liking skateboarding, and calling them boomers. To me as an older person i find this offensive, As a very compassionate person who work's in a hospital your videos disheartened me.
Annalise Lucena
Annalise Lucena Hace 2 horas
The fist karen lied because I have bin there before
Ant Brown
Ant Brown Hace 2 horas
WHAT THE MASK LADY SHES IN MY local grocery store I wonder why I drived pass and heard shouting lol
Creepy artz
Creepy artz Hace 2 horas
Im mad that the karen dont want a mask there i Come from we dont give free mask so the karen is pretty Lucky but they just say No :/
Ant Brown
Ant Brown Hace 3 horas
Elizabeth Macey
Elizabeth Macey Hace 3 horas
The head of the CDC literally said masks do absolutely nothing but make us feel better about being out that we are not to wear one if we don't emotionally feel the need to. Ok so stores know more about health than the CDC?????1
waffles and chicken
waffles and chicken Hace 3 horas
Ok this may be offensive to some people, but boomers are very entitled. If you're a boomer and you see this, please try not to be like this :')
Karaoke Cuanalo
Karaoke Cuanalo Hace 3 horas
One time my mom was a KAREN!!!👀👀👀… my mom wanted to Oder a drink and they didn’t have it and then my mom just ZOOMED through the line 😂😂😂😂
Jazlyn Griffin
Jazlyn Griffin Hace 3 horas
Margarita Williams
Margarita Williams Hace 3 horas
Pppl cannot be allergic to Bees but you can be allergic to pollen KAREN
Kaneziio Hace 3 horas
This is why u have to brush your teeth kids
Gacha Cat bread!
Gacha Cat bread! Hace 3 horas
I ran into an Karen before
Dena Brown
Dena Brown Hace 4 horas
HOA: Violation, Violation! Neighbor: I see you met Sinthia
WolfGang 007
WolfGang 007 Hace 4 horas
If somebody coughed on me right now Ida dropped em
YaraNiezell Hace 4 horas
The first one is like a Psychopath...
Brody Day
Brody Day Hace 4 horas
Bruh karen in the car talking about her health is not good if she wears a mask literally it’s not good for anyone’s health to wear a mask we all have that problem Karen
Troy Pether
Troy Pether Hace 4 horas
The old Karen looks like granny from granny chapter 2
That Girl Gaming
That Girl Gaming Hace 4 horas
So, u back in ur old room? Cool!
Cassandra Plouffe
Cassandra Plouffe Hace 4 horas
What should male Karen’s be called Respond down below I think they should be called chads
Cassandra Plouffe
Cassandra Plouffe Hace 4 horas
Yashira Rosa
Yashira Rosa Hace 4 horas
Bruh 😐😐😐
Claire Corryy
Claire Corryy Hace 4 horas
Also the first Karen is Funnel dads neirbough and she legit is a granny now 👉😳👈
nina cawthorne
nina cawthorne Hace 4 horas
if you buy cloth masks they’re better for breathing
Cozie !
Cozie ! Hace 5 horas
Am I the only one who didn't know that sssniperwolf knew who kakashi was
Ash Hace 5 horas
Is it just me or that all these Karens have some issues I want to solve with my hands and their necks?!...😡😂😂
Arwa M
Arwa M Hace 5 horas
My heart literally stopped when the Karen got hit by a car lmao 🤣
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Hace 5 horas
I hate how it started from one girl and now everyone hates people named or are Karens, how do you think they feel?
Kayley Canas
Kayley Canas Hace 6 horas
They have the Karen virus 😷
Andrea Nicole
Andrea Nicole Hace 6 horas
“It harms my health condition to wear a mask!” .... But the Corona virus doesn’t?? 🤨😒
Jacqueline Robinson
Jacqueline Robinson Hace 6 horas
These Karens are so sad
Shouberthe Expert
Shouberthe Expert Hace 6 horas
The awful add for webtoon came up uuuhhhh
Jdisis Msksks
Jdisis Msksks Hace 6 horas
The first Karen I would of called her a old hag
Melissa Mendoza
Melissa Mendoza Hace 6 horas
Karen’s says your not the boss of me so Karen your not the boss of me so I could talk to u 😗🙃 oh and this ain’t your country so if u want me to go back to me country just remember that native Americans are here first boo 😒 😁😙😌😉
sparkles diamond77
sparkles diamond77 Hace 7 horas
Wow they are insane didnt know there is soo many Karen's out there
Evieblacknight Hace 7 horas
Daniella Slobodzian
Daniella Slobodzian Hace 7 horas
0:57 good for those girls when they stood up for themselves
Talina Frost
Talina Frost Hace 7 horas
I really like your videos. And I have watched a few of them where you are making fun of people for not wanting to wear masks. No, nothing is hard about wearing one. However, it is unconstitutional. No government or body of authority can force anyone to wear any kind of covering on their face due to The Civil Rights Act of 1964. This literally is illegal. And if you have a condition, or a disability that prevents you from wearing one, it is also illegal to ask the person about their disability according to The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008. This is why places like Walmart and Home Depot have backstepped their mandated mask requirements in the store. Their lawyers knew that they couldn't enforce it and this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.
Gon Freecs
Gon Freecs Hace 7 horas
4:27 imagine somebody with corona walked up to her and couched in her face
Daidi Toledo
Daidi Toledo Hace 7 horas
The first Karen lives next to my fav youtuber
Gacha Potato
Gacha Potato Hace 7 horas
It is hard to believe that Karen's have a life cause they spend all their time "correcting" people for their "mistakes" 👇 1like=1 prayer for every person who has to deal with a Karen when they did nothing wrong
Gamer Girl Keeley
Gamer Girl Keeley Hace 7 horas
these Karen's are so fussy lol
Alexander Oberpriller
Alexander Oberpriller Hace 8 horas
jimins definitely 6 feet height
jimins definitely 6 feet height Hace 8 horas
If me, who can never breathe properly, can wear a mask, even though it hurts my ears, you can too.
That One Emo kid ♥︎
That One Emo kid ♥︎ Hace 8 horas
My mom has asthma or however you spell that- but she STILL WEARS A MASK. If she can, THESE KARENS CAN TOOO GEEEEEZZZ
Maryam Badii
Maryam Badii Hace 9 horas
Butter cup
Butter cup Hace 9 horas
I dont like wearing a mask. Personally I actually hate being inside all the time bc sTuPiD cOrOnA. P.s. HOA is stupid.
Endangered Jeorge
Endangered Jeorge Hace 9 horas
I felt that calf in my soul 😵
Charlotte Games
Charlotte Games Hace 9 horas
Some people don't wear masks for breathing problems, their not always being karens
William Nelson Luscombe
William Nelson Luscombe Hace 9 horas
Well the. Don’t go outside :/
Ms. Me
Ms. Me Hace 11 horas
Now THAT is one diligent "Karen" watching for them "gum spitters"...👀👀🍬🤣 the world is a MUCH SAFER place now......🥴🙄🤣
Lesedi Legote
Lesedi Legote Hace 11 horas
The lady who coughed on the guy I would have dropped the camera and super slammed her because she is one of the most disgusting
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