The Last Days of Richard Pryor l PART 1

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ABC News

ABC News

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Richard Pryor is raised in a brothel where his grandmother is the madam
The legendary comedian grew up in Peoria, Illinois, in the 1940s. His mother was a prostitute and his father was a pimp. "It was hell," he said.
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Keith bengermin
Keith bengermin Hace 17 horas
There is nothing genius about the upbringing of a black man in the ghetto where all survive the next. Besides this man wasn't even funny. I don't know what y'all thinking.
sean williams
sean williams Hace 3 días
The original god father of comedy!
Simon Randall
Simon Randall Hace 3 días
Im sorry but I didnt laugh once at any of these "jokes".
Amy's Visuals
Amy's Visuals Hace 22 horas
No body asked you to Bud.. If you can't relate it won't be funny
L Martinez
L Martinez Hace 2 días
"Simon Randall" I also don't have the tastes for most of his jokes. Jimmie Walker and Freddie Prinze tried to copy cat Richard Pryor at least in certain ways. It is a style of comedy that took off but had no real substance. Only shock value
Tanya Cowell
Tanya Cowell Hace 4 días
He saw and been through some S... smh may the almighty bless U sip
Edward Hartzell
Edward Hartzell Hace 4 días
Going to miss him with all of my heart i love his stuff it was great he maid me lough it put meaning into my life god bless his soul i will miss him.
Ernie Rz
Ernie Rz Hace 5 días
I believe .
Thunder Cat
Thunder Cat Hace 5 días
Darrell Terry
Darrell Terry Hace 5 días
Most comics whether school yard or stage suffer from depression and had abusive childhoods .
BIG DICK Hace 5 días
nassauleaf Hace 5 días
I’m not against interracial marriages but I’m surprised he was married to a white woman as much as he talked about black/white people
John Wayne
John Wayne Hace 5 días
So his gramma pimped out her own daughters? That's rough.
Chloe wilson
Chloe wilson Hace 6 días
What a sad childhood he had. I never knew that part of his life until now, poor man.
Daveyon Darnell Sr.
Daveyon Darnell Sr. Hace 6 días
R.I.P. Legend 💯💯💯
The last days of a burned out wasted coke addict.
chilliecheesecake Hace 5 días
And who the hell are you? Some nobody critic on the internet who's gonna be forgotten once they're dead. Keep patting yourself on the back, porkchop.
Jose Ramon
Jose Ramon Hace 6 días
I love my city but leaving Peoria was one of the best decisions of my life!
Eire 32
Eire 32 Hace 6 días
For all the stick he gave white people he goes and marrys one:) see there was always love there from him, i think he just said what the black community wanted to hear..but underneath he had love for the white person the same way the white person had tons of love for him. He was one of the top 3 comics ever i rekon..R.I.P you crazy guy...
M E Hace 6 días
The most naturally talented funny stand up comic ever.
Jimmy Sapien
Jimmy Sapien Hace 7 días
ELIAD SAVEL Hace 7 días
at minute 5:31 his life looks like Obamas life
Harden Thicke
Harden Thicke Hace 7 días
If that's true at 3:40, I'd like to know who that mayor is.
that pedaphile ice cream comment was not funny that was pain
SuperBuckwheat11 Hace 8 días
He was a fascinating Genius.
E S Hace 8 días
Rashon Khan has gotta be Snoop dogs daddy lol
E S Hace 8 días
The last days of Richard Pryor and start off with his first TV appearance lol
mark everett
mark everett Hace 8 días
His Mum Pimped him out He's ashamed of it but its not His Burden its on Her
kid freeze
kid freeze Hace 8 días
Life of pain. May god bless his soul. He Is the Greatest at Comedy!
AlohaLivin Hace 9 días
He was a riot, but he was not as funny after the burns... the anger was not funny, it was just anger. And it was no longer as good 🙁
Mr Black Network
Mr Black Network Hace 9 días
He made it out of Peoria lucky him...still hooker houses & liquor stores👀👀👀 he right seem like no hope
Mr Black Network
Mr Black Network Hace 9 días
How do the rest of us make it out
roger johnson
roger johnson Hace 9 días
Before I was born again, I loved Pryor, however after I got to know God, I realized that Pryor was a wicked filthy foul mouth sinner. He is no hero to me. He is many comedian's hero,because the world loves it's own.
Kenneth Jr. St. Brice
Kenneth Jr. St. Brice Hace 6 días
If you could sit down and watch a man the son of a pimp and prostitute, and your thought is simple condemnation not even a thought for understanding, what kind of Christian are you?
roger johnson
roger johnson Hace 9 días
Reighn Logan
Reighn Logan Hace 9 días
Did his family live to see his success?
* FLORIDAMAN Hace 9 días
does anybody else noticed that actors and singers always call each other geniuses.WTF most of them didn't even graduate Middle School and they have the balls to call each other Geniuses because if they can lie really really good
* FLORIDAMAN Hace 9 días
attracted to his vulnerability what she meant to say was she's attracted to all of his money
* FLORIDAMAN Hace 9 días
for the first time on television you people actually watching this channel are complete f****** gullible idiots stop watching these channels it's time that they go away they know nothing but lies and try to separate and conflict the citizens of the United States they are nothing but traitors and should be arrested and convicted of treason every single news anchor that works at ABC NBC CBS CNN MSNBC Fox News every single one yes even Fox News they're owned by the same six people f*** those six people
Matson G
Matson G Hace 10 días
I thing I’ve always believed is people who make fun of others, it’s because they try to hide the truth about their personal pain. 😢
gregory hudson
gregory hudson Hace 10 días
Wholy Cheesus
Wholy Cheesus Hace 10 días
Jojo dancer
Shawn Carrano
Shawn Carrano Hace 10 días
A true Legend!! Miss Richard Prior!! R.I.P
Karl Henry
Karl Henry Hace 10 días
Richard was a troubled,burden and traumatized man! It was a miracle he survived that long. No child or human being should ever have to go through what he had been through. May God continue to bless and rest his soul. Your childhood upbringing oftentimes determines your future. Peace,love and prosperity to all..
Napunzel Hace 10 días
He was a good person. He could have become a pimp like his Dad but turned those horrible traumatizing experiences into comedy.
THE VOICE OF REASON Fruzzel Hace 10 días
RICHARD AND JAMES BROWN LIVED THE SAME CHILDHOOD. My dad's Childhood mirrored that of the kid in Harlem nights. They used him to sneak the drugs in the speak easy's.
Mark Westbrooks
Mark Westbrooks Hace 10 días
Ty Williams there's no Richard Pryor without redd foxx
Diane Smith
Diane Smith Hace 11 días
What a terrible childhood.
mantenimiento Hace 11 días
Bob Saget turned into Burt Ward?
Mondo Shredder
Mondo Shredder Hace 11 días
I grew up with George Carlin, Richard Pryor, All In The Family, Bob Newhart, and the first seasons of SNL. Gee, I wonder where all of that sarcasm came from....
Chocolate Thunder
Chocolate Thunder Hace 12 días
That best friend of his, told all the secrets. So called friends ain't loyal.
isjw skksks
isjw skksks Hace 12 días
I need a few lines of white dress omg yummy
Jay Hace 13 días
Thanks to Paul Mooney!.
Shandra9000mail Hace 10 días
Paul was the Blueprint.
Ynvme2013 Hace 13 días
Im sorry.....i respect his position as one of the pioneers of comedy who paved the way...BUT...I have NEVER EVER found him to be the least bit funny. PERIODT.
JD D Hace 13 días
The real 🐐 rest well in peace ✊🏾
JoMo's Dipped in Chocolate
JoMo's Dipped in Chocolate Hace 13 días
Sorry, but never thought of him or George Carlin as a great comedian. IMO
Jaylib247 Hace 14 días
Dam Barbra Walters looked good back then Facts Up 👍💯
Derek Jenkins
Derek Jenkins Hace 14 días
ABC is fucked up for that, someone could’ve told Jimmie Walker to lick his lips!
Comedienne Ms Lipps
Comedienne Ms Lipps Hace 15 días
I rather live in a hoehouse rather than a crackhouse in Chicago
Linda Hines
Linda Hines Hace 15 días
jennifer lee Pryor what did you see on this man or do I even have to ask! lmfao! really!
Linda Hines
Linda Hines Hace 10 días
@Shandra9000mail I dont tell me handsome for sex?????? that's it I betcha lol!
Shandra9000mail Hace 10 días
Umm money...What do you think? 🙄
Tyler Zorn
Tyler Zorn Hace 15 días
God bless you Richard Pryor you are absolutely the first and the best always.....R.I.P. !!!!
John Smith
John Smith Hace 15 días
Today PC culture put an end to all that comedy it even has Eddie Murphy apologizing for his past jokes.
Linda Hines
Linda Hines Hace 15 días
I didn't know his mom was Puerto Rican!🙄🙄🤔🤔his dad was black he wasnt a bad looking guy!
Linda Hines
Linda Hines Hace 12 días
@Wisdom4Life LoveIsTheWay really so his mom is black huh I saw.a.picture of her but not close up she was.light skin I don't know
Wisdom4Life LoveIsTheWay
Wisdom4Life LoveIsTheWay Hace 12 días
Linda HinesThey said Pryor made that story up in the beginning. They followed with he was a full blooded African decent from Illinois.
Joseph Hace 15 días
You can tell behind those jokes there are pains of his childhood. You can see he is struggling about his past whenever he speaks. Sad. No child should be raised this way. Luckily he used comedy for his way out of the hood.
Felicia Kelley
Felicia Kelley Hace 16 días
Ooh wee Jimmy Walker🤮
Felicia Kelley
Felicia Kelley Hace 16 días
Look at TIM Reid!!!❤️❤️❤️
Benjamin Leon
Benjamin Leon Hace 16 días
He laughed and made joke's of his pain as a way to deal with it!!! I said a as is one way!!!
Stephanie Drake
Stephanie Drake Hace 16 días
Raised by messed up people ???? Raised in the system of white supremacy/ racism. That’s would be a more accurate statement. Those harsh environment were intentional for black peoples by white Supremacists and the government played a huge role. Never blame the victims of racism. Typical for a white man to point the system at black folks.
Shandra9000mail Hace 10 días
WTF are you talking about? 🙄 This has nothing to do with White Supremacy....Stop using that excuse all of your life. His Parents and his grandmother screwed him up. The race card won't work here.
krlm2280 Hace 16 días
Love everything he's done moving is one of my all time favorite movies
Mr Q Ceaz
Mr Q Ceaz Hace 17 días
Richard was the G.O.A.T. I see why he had a great sense of humor he had to laugh & make others laugh to try & cover up the pain he had went thru smh
Todd Sams
Todd Sams Hace 17 días
74kjohnson Hace 17 días
"They call it an epidemic now, that means white folks are doing it" lol Dave Chappelle defends studied at the feet of Pryor.
Jack D
Jack D Hace 11 días
Yeah. But its bullshit. The mob was stringing out white folks since the 20s on skag. It was an epidemic when national media started reporting it. It used to be that nobody talked about it. And you went and lived in an infirmary, asylum or you got ssi disability for a 'mental illness'.
Edgar Barranco
Edgar Barranco Hace 17 días
The reason this isn't funny anymore because it's to racist. But dont get it wrong rp could sling some pennis.
Damian Bailey fitness
Damian Bailey fitness Hace 17 días
Ok i shut it off once I see JENNIFER LEE. Anything after that dont waste ur time.
Thomas Hace 17 días
Just never trust White media companies telling a Black man story, especially legends! They cannot be trusted with the real truth!
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