The JayStation Unraveling

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Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden

Hace un mes

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happy birthday jason!!
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SomeOrdinaryGamers Hace un mes
Jets999 Hace 23 horas
Marilyn Owens
Marilyn Owens Hace un día
This dude believes his own lies. WHAT!
Alison Laverty
Alison Laverty Hace 2 días
Yes, indeed. WHAT!!
Miss Mia Culpa
Miss Mia Culpa Hace 2 días
@Substitute Account cuz Muta has integrity like this guy who made this video thankfully- we need a few at least ffs
Little illustrations
Little illustrations Hace 4 días
"Sniff intensifies" WaT!
Ty. S.
Ty. S. Hace 6 minutos
Drew you covered this really really well, I learned a lot about jaystation from your video. A lot of horrible things obviously, but I had watched a lot of other videos covering this topic previously & I think you covered it best. 10/10
Ty. S.
Ty. S. Hace 10 minutos
Is Drew using a Skyrim song in the background during certain parts of the video or am I losing it
Blake Simpson
Blake Simpson Hace 2 horas
is that the Skyrim music Joe?
Watermelon Gaming
Watermelon Gaming Hace 2 horas
Love ur vid!
Honey Cakes
Honey Cakes Hace 4 horas
It was her dream to get 1 million subscribers *deep breathe* *WHAT!!!???*
Kandy B
Kandy B Hace 6 horas
jaystation is the biggest idiot ever
Kandy B
Kandy B Hace 7 horas
he deserves everything that isn’t good
Zetapology Hace 7 horas
I really don't like the ratio of his mouth to his face... there's too much mouth
Kaylee Thetrashcan
Kaylee Thetrashcan Hace 7 horas
The fact that drew put #slave-
Mia Kamradt
Mia Kamradt Hace 11 horas
"happy birthday by the way"
Ryanne Rita
Ryanne Rita Hace 12 horas
Drew every word you said was so much fucking truth JayStation's probably going to have a meltdown or punch a wall because you exposed how disgusting he is and how simple and broken his mind is. As a Canadian (from Toronto) I'm rlly sorry and wish he was not sharing the same nationality as me... there are actually so many men like this... as a woman I avoid all men like him AT ALL COSTS because in his mind he is always thinking of himself first and he will do whatever it takes to make himself feel better. Self-absorbed and egotistic men only bring fucked-up relationships with lots of gaslighting. That just means the guy friends I do have and my bf are the fucking nicest, least dramatic guys you'll ever meet 😂
cherry rubyy
cherry rubyy Hace 14 horas
"Ay-ryana grande"
Maria José
Maria José Hace 17 horas
Riverdale is taking over...
leslie r
leslie r Hace 18 horas
“To be trapped inside his mind is a prison sentence, I would’nt wish upon even the worst criminal” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I literally spat out my fucking water😭😭😭
Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson Hace 19 horas
Ty for using Skyrim and Death Note songs, my guy
Alexia Rendon
Alexia Rendon Hace 19 horas
Im alive…
xLttPx Hace 23 horas
Ok so you're a dating a person. They come to you one day and say hey delete all your contacts and never be around other guys. That's when you get up and leave. Not stick around for 5 years. After 18 you shouldn't have an adult telling you what to do unless it's your employer.
Zach Argall-Knapp
Zach Argall-Knapp Hace un día
Is that Death Note music at 2:23
Prizefighter Productions
Prizefighter Productions Hace 2 horas
Liese Carver
Liese Carver Hace un día
I am so confused as to why only one photo on your wall is focused???
Kurtis Cowey
Kurtis Cowey Hace un día
We got ourselves a new Logan Paul
Maxon Mitchell
Maxon Mitchell Hace un día
I hope you took some deep breaths after this.
Jude Finnie
Jude Finnie Hace un día
Imjaystation should change his name to jay jay binks
Kamila Rynkiewicz
Kamila Rynkiewicz Hace un día
When *NO-ONE* invited coronavirus to 2020: 22:39
Evbot 1337
Evbot 1337 Hace un día
Call of Mik3
Call of Mik3 Hace un día
Guys no matter what happens don’t forget... He made a 3 am video about Etika
ramona Hace un día
he should definitely stay in jail...biggest creep I've ever seen
Marilyn Owens
Marilyn Owens Hace un día
This dude is probably the most sane asylum a escapee I have ever seen. For him to come up with a scheme so wrongful and admit to everyone about it is a red flag in and out of itself. This dude has no aspect of pity or remorse . He litteraly asked his subscribers to get him to 1 million because his dead girlfriend said so. He is an absolute scumbag and should not be allowed on ESwomen.It is wrong and he has to stop. He is also a huge pervert. I LOVE MY FEMALE FANS. DOES ANYONE SEE THIS AS A RED FLAG?NO JUST ME?
Bluemilk92 Hace un día
If you're going to pull a stunt like this, *invent someone.* Go through the effort, take 3+ months to fill out a pretend facebook/twitter/instagram etc. Heck, make it a full blown ARG! Then, when the fanbase figures it out, "resurrect" this personality. Then reveal it as a new cast member. That's next level audience engagement.
UwU Powice
UwU Powice Hace 43 minutos
Sorry takes too much effort for this pea-brained self victimizing asshole.
Ben Helzner
Ben Helzner Hace 2 días
you really are a lot like john mulaney
Vincent Tnecniv
Vincent Tnecniv Hace 2 días
Yt really should demonetize a video if it’s dislike ratio is higher than its likes
Quinlan OLeary
Quinlan OLeary Hace 2 días
at 13:20 you can see on jays live that someone said that its bull crap that alexia went to the cops about being assaulted. like are you serious?
Alison Laverty
Alison Laverty Hace 2 días
Don't we all love him making fun of Aireeana Grande
Kevin Lucey
Kevin Lucey Hace 2 días
I know what she is saying is serious... but those lips... The hell is up with those lips?
Julia Gabriele
Julia Gabriele Hace 2 días
this is really minor but like,..every time I watch this I'm blown away by how he calls a NEWS REPORT on TELEVISION a "video." Jay, bud, you're delusional
Alex Parker
Alex Parker Hace 2 días
Good to see our boi mudaha
The Don Purpleman Radio Hour
The Don Purpleman Radio Hour Hace 2 días
LittleCat Hace 2 días
The fact that jaystation thinks that he has had soooooooooooooo many hardships in life, which means people should always feel bad for him, is so stupid. There are people who have it way worse than just getting bullied, I, myself, am really depressed because of several things, I can name 1, my brother is homeless and does drugs and if he saw us he would only try to steal from us, and that's out 4 other things that were, and still are, very harsh to me...but yeah I guess getting bullied 12 years ago and getting ur house taken because you didn't pay for it means that ur life is just the worst. yes, I do know that other people have it worse than me, and I feel bad for them and I hope the best for them, but jay saying he has the worst life is not true, he may have had some hard times in his life, but that doesn't mean you can be a jerk to people for no reason, and people like MY brother are dying FOR REAL.
LittleCat Hace un día
I can't believe some people would read all of that, lol
Angry Bunny
Angry Bunny Hace un día
Hard times are part of life. And here he comes with "I was bullied YEARS ago and you have to feel sorry for me cuz I have the worst life despite people having horrible lives. I now have a legal pass to abuse my girlfriends!"
Spookybabie Hace 2 días
Honestly, shoulda stayed in jail
The Pug That Plays Gamez
The Pug That Plays Gamez Hace 2 días
Mad respect for wishing him happy birthday after ripping the hell out of him. Power play.
The game and meme team
The game and meme team Hace 2 días
I hate him because he uses people death for views .
Barry B. Benson
Barry B. Benson Hace 3 días
buzz buzz i smell bullshit
Havi Rosi-Kessel
Havi Rosi-Kessel Hace 3 días
Ya we all know jaja. The way he runs around a Star Wars is insane
R3D B4TZ Hace 3 días
I just realized it had a hashtag- #slave
Christopher Terzakos
Christopher Terzakos Hace 3 días
I take offense to that statement about 10 to 12 year olds being stupid because I'm not my mom just says I'm artistic
Ruby Black
Ruby Black Hace 3 días
What the fuck is wrong with this guy.
Rita Jones
Rita Jones Hace 3 días
14:30 wait a damn minute....
Angie Stazenski
Angie Stazenski Hace 3 días
Jay: I don’t hit girls. I hurl phones at my girlfriends. That’s not illegal.
Angry Bunny
Angry Bunny Hace un día
Wait That's not what you do to your significant other? Absolutely mad.
Noah Pitts
Noah Pitts Hace 3 días
‘Jason the station’
Collin Shea
Collin Shea Hace 3 días
no one gonna talk about L's theme from deathnote in the background at 2:10?
Sai Rishi
Sai Rishi Hace 3 días
1 like for skyrim music
machaela Hace 3 días
this is sick honestly wtf goes on inside this guys mind
Dee Hace 4 días
I am unbelievably disappointed that this is who us Canadians get to represent us.
Tim R
Tim R Hace 3 días
Dee For every Ryan Reynolds, there’s a Jaystation. The law of equivalent exchange
Jessica Hace 4 días
This video was well needed
Conner Radke
Conner Radke Hace 4 días
Is that the skyrim song in the background 1:06
Annalee Hadgis
Annalee Hadgis Hace 4 días
my favorite part is that he put #slave in the hashtags
Yomi The Great
Yomi The Great Hace 4 días
SHIIIIIIIIIIII i don't know who to believe They both could be behind it XD
Yomi The Great
Yomi The Great Hace 4 días
TheCac Hace 4 días
jaystation is the evil mastermind
Autumn Harden
Autumn Harden Hace 4 días
"You'd have to be insane to sit through all 97 minus of this........" "..So I did."
Davis Mcintire
Davis Mcintire Hace 4 días
I relate to the train meme in the background so much
Simply Tokyo
Simply Tokyo Hace 4 días
Is jaystation bald?
luuuke_exe Hace 4 días
Sissamers 31
Sissamers 31 Hace 4 días
You need more sub's
Tiger Spirt
Tiger Spirt Hace 4 días
OMG YOU GOT BULLIED IN SCHOOL! WOW so did everyone else in school at one point.
balaji santhan
balaji santhan Hace 4 días
drew u have rly nice eyelids for eyeshadow looks omg you and kurtis have great eyelids
Zosia Purtak
Zosia Purtak Hace 4 días
why does jay looks like he sitting in a fridge lol
free happy
free happy Hace 4 días
who the heck was that guy trying to steal your ad read he sucks
Moose Man
Moose Man Hace 4 días
Kyah Mackenzie
Kyah Mackenzie Hace 5 días
I’m ashamed to live in the same country as him
Sasha Raquel
Sasha Raquel Hace 5 días
I don’t even understand how you start a channel like this ... how is jaystation real
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