The Interview - August Alsina and Angela Yee

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August Alsina

August Alsina

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August Alsina and Angela Yee sit down for an in depth interview discussing his new album The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy, documentary and much more.
Listen to the new album "The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy" -
Watch the documentary "stateofEMERGEncy: The Rise of August Alsina" -
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Ms Brt
Ms Brt Hace 2 horas
Okay, so Jada must have watched this or August's documentary repeatedly as I've just noticed that at 22:14 the interviewer says that August had described in his documentary having to disentangle himself from that relationship... lol the fateful seed of the use of the now notorious "entanglement" was planted weeks before- nice one August 😂 All jokes aside, he seems to be an amazing human being- Jada really has struck it lucky with 3 outstanding men being in love with her.
Janitorial University
Janitorial University Hace 9 horas
Karma is a SOB , careful young people out there respect
Carla.Nikeisha Hace 19 horas
You are definitely a work of God. Your soul is so genuine and real. It’s rare that people get to experience knowing someone like you. I am happy that you can use your platform to bless many. I always say if my only accomplishment in life is blessing others with my kindness and genuine character, being true to myself and living that truth, I’ve done a lot. In today’s society you don’t find a lot of people who are actually living to find their true happiness or walking in their truth as real human beings who experience and go through real things. Everyone is so caught up in masking their true identities and feelings to please the world for the sake of not being judged or to come across as though their life is without blemish. But the funny thing is the same people we hide our truth from to pretend like life is all peaches and cream, experience the types of ups and downs you do. Sometimes even worst. So why do we hide our truth from each other? Why can’t we just behave like real humans who experience real things? Who are we fooling?
Yolanda Slaughter
Yolanda Slaughter Hace 23 horas
Queen name of the song Cleopatre
Queen name of the song Cleopatre Hace un día
sexyblack Mimi
sexyblack Mimi Hace un día
Good Vibes Radio
Good Vibes Radio Hace 2 días
All I gotta say is wow... August is too wise, too awake, so in touch with himself it's amazing and scary but liberating.
Blain Locke
Blain Locke Hace 2 días
Gronk no 💊
Veronica Daeh
Veronica Daeh Hace 2 días
I will be praying for @AugustAlsina as well as Will & Jada..🙏🙏💔 I sincerely Hope they all find God & True healing ..It is a misnomer to think just because one is Financially wealthy that you are also Spiritually mentally ,emotionally wealthy.
Tanika Nakeya Lewis
Tanika Nakeya Lewis Hace 2 días
Stop being sexually active, with Individuals that are not compatible with personal Sexual Preferences.
EricaYE6 Hace 3 días
Jada risked her marriage with Will Smith for a lighter version of Nick Cannon? Wow.
Kai Wi
Kai Wi Hace 3 días
He bore his heart and soul on this album and throughout the accompanying documentary. He knew he’d be judged but he was compelled to speak his truth regardless of the conceivable backlash. That meets my definition of bravery. Much respect.
Mika Waller
Mika Waller Hace 3 días
This interview is therapeutic.❤ God Bless You August. Keep Pushin...
Meza Rod
Meza Rod Hace 3 días
Let's be honest, if he hadn't mentioned Jada no one would be searching for no august alsina
Aisha Tamba
Aisha Tamba Hace 4 días
Young, full of wisdom Aug you have a purpose in this universe and impact lives. Write a book and trust me, you will change so many lives.
armela selak
armela selak Hace 4 días
I love LOVE
Aquarius Toinon
Aquarius Toinon Hace 4 días
Did music start playing @ 21:00?? The hell.........??
carlosandmuriel Hace 5 días
Wonderful interview. I feel that if someone chooses to tell their story....our nosey asses are so here for it....but as SOON as someone chooses to monetize off of their story or their truth....all of a sudden...they're clout chasing...their attention hores etc.......
Jakayla TV
Jakayla TV Hace 6 días
I don't care he still fine ASF petty or not IDGAF 😂😂💞💯
Vett Roby
Vett Roby Hace 6 días
I can relate because I'm a major empath and I feel damn near everybody's emotions so I totally get it. August is an empath but probably on a deeper and spiritual level that its almost scary
J Peavy
J Peavy Hace 5 días
Every human is an empath, unless they are a sociopath or psychopath.
Victoria Whigham
Victoria Whigham Hace 6 días
I am weeping my eyes out for how he is expressing himself with those POWERFUL WORDS.
Victoria Whigham
Victoria Whigham Hace 6 días
This was an Amazing interview.
Kiki Odubanjo
Kiki Odubanjo Hace 7 días
The fact that he talked about real and powerful things and people only focus on the Jada part is just sad. People never truly care about you, just what they can make out of your situation
Marie Chanel
Marie Chanel Hace 7 días
Whew @20:59 - 24:25 as an empath I have never cried so much as I have now listening to a beautiful intuitive, high vibration, conscious soul. I love a man who wears his heart on his sleeve. I felt every emotion he was feeling. He has gone through so much and I'm so happy that he is so authentic and transparent because that's something that is very rare to find. When I am blessed to find a man like this I will NEVER let him go.
Ezito improved
Ezito improved Hace 7 días
only August can pull off a slush puppie Tropical punch Mango haircut inspired by Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons.
Jasmine Sparks
Jasmine Sparks Hace 7 días
August is such an intelligent, wise, creative, well-spoken man! Love you, August!
Ms A
Ms A Hace 7 días
Stupid People will NEVER understand this interview in its truest form - It was really deep and you an learn a lot . BUt if you are one of the slow ones you just wont get it.
Ar'Yanaa Linnear
Ar'Yanaa Linnear Hace 6 días
Ms A
Ms A Hace 7 días
He doesnt belong to this EVIL DEMONIC INDUSTRY. I hope he gets out soon - inest the lil money he has is something like real estate to bring in some income . THE INDUSTRY will only get him worse. He is an extremely intelligent guy and i wish him well. May God guide him taking care of his gorgeous nieces
New World Grover
New World Grover Hace 7 días
DE Media Sound
DE Media Sound Hace 7 días
Are they really playing dramatic music in the background to enhance the emotion and viewer engagement? This guy is like a tormented carrot top. Add his name to the prayer list at church.
Faye Lovee
Faye Lovee Hace 8 días
I've always been here for Auggie lol...This interview pops.... You can really see all the pain he's endured..and not jst thru the entanglement...But he's managed to pull thru... and is also very intelligent....
43:10 and up One word (chillzzz) BLESSINGS
Peppi Underwood
Peppi Underwood Hace 9 días
This brother need some prayers and a therapist to talk to no joke
Adam Greene
Adam Greene Hace 10 días
Yeah im sure god is okay with you being a Homewrecker
Trey Mathews
Trey Mathews Hace 5 días
And it’s a 2 way street. She wanted him more than he wanted her
Trey Mathews
Trey Mathews Hace 5 días
Um did u not watch this interview. He’s not a home wrecker
Katrina Hace 10 días
Awww he’s a beautiful soul 😢🙏🏽❤️
Th3lite Hace 10 días
This guy is so confused. On one hand he qouted a scripture and then he says to crucify him because he’s an honest man. But what honest man would think it’s OK to sleep with another man’s wife. even if he gave you permission to date his wife, that’s no exercise. Use wisdom, you stepped in the devils playground and came out burnt. now you talking about you hurting and it literally killed you to separate yourself from somebody who’s married to another man. that sounds crazy. How many of his family members died?
Baddie_bree Hace 8 días
She was married he won’t she disrespected her marriage
Triks36 Hace 10 días
Great interview! I've always been an August fan, but I now have mad respect for him. His testimony and positive energy are much needed in the world.
Crer007 Hace 10 días
I just want to speak on the aesthetic of the setting and decor. Omg. It is 🔥🔥🔥. That clock in the background😱💜
Tamika Daniels
Tamika Daniels Hace 11 días
Jayda Wild I didn’t watch the whole interview but I’m watching it now
Rozanna Hace 11 días
Appreciating the simplicity and presence of Ms Yee, she exudes beauty and freshness. This interview is not what I expected ... I love being surprised like this. I pray Mr Alsina tries Raw Food (natural food), it’s very healing.
Marcus De Villiers
Marcus De Villiers Hace 11 días
King 👑
S E Hace 11 días
This was a really really good interview. This should be an example of how to interview and how to be interviewed! I guess I already kind of said it but Angela Yee did an amazing job her, it shows when you have a genuine relationship with somebody just how authentic the conversation came seem to those watching from the outside. August, wow! There are literally no words. Continue to grow and trust God!
J Peavy
J Peavy Hace 9 días
Check out his interview a year ago with Thembi of the Shaderoom. That was a beautiful interview.
P B Hace 11 días
The way he talking I can see the similarity with jada and him talking some deep shit with simple questions
Erica Morris
Erica Morris Hace 11 días
Honestly needed this interview because this man is a wonderful loving soul like I can relate on so many levels I’m proud of him I pray for him and this new free spirited journey I’m loving it 🙏🏽
Sasha Galloway-Gonce
Sasha Galloway-Gonce Hace 12 días
Love the honesty.. The background music fucked up the interview though.. for me.. it took away the realness..
Brian Pollet
Brian Pollet Hace 12 días
He describes being oppressed and program by another race then states that we as black people are doing it for ourselves. This makes me think of the division that William Lynch introduced centuries ago.
Joy Coco
Joy Coco Hace 12 días
You know despite how people are praising him, he is a fake guru. He had an affair with Jada.
Lavish Lily
Lavish Lily Hace 12 días
"To show people that you can transform it, that's real life alchemy, to transform that pain into whatever you want it to be"
Tara Ann
Tara Ann Hace 12 días
that poor man seems lonely. stuck with alot of yes people feeling very alone. I feel for him... Aug I'll pray for you, your talents are amazing! ❤️🤙🏼
Cheyenne Tate
Cheyenne Tate Hace 12 días
I didnt know this guy was so deep; I absolutely love it
Carol W
Carol W Hace 13 días
I have so much respect for August. Great interview. Please, Angela, stop trying to convince him to put everything in his mouth. More people should be discerning with who/what they open their bodies to. Our bodies are sacred temples; the foul is not allowed!
Michel Mullaney
Michel Mullaney Hace 13 días
This dude as a man is so nasty..all this bullshit front "of positive awareness".. He used another mans marriage in so many ways including to get attentions for this and his album.. Straight parasitic...
Sharon J
Sharon J Hace 13 días
cathyjo Matheny
cathyjo Matheny Hace 13 días
Let hom take a seat at the red table lole jada came to the me to movement and helped Jordan woods speak her truth
Maxine Brown
Maxine Brown Hace 13 días
All disease starts from the gout. Go on Dr. Sabi's diet. And stay away from people with negative energy and draw closer to Jesus, because you cannot get to God but only through Jesus.
J Peavy
J Peavy Hace 9 días
Jesus Serapis is a fictitious character created by the command of Emperor Constantine at the Nicene Council 325.
Maxine Brown
Maxine Brown Hace 13 días
This young man is hurting. Jada was a bad choice for him, she used him for her own sexual needs. Will is not about to satisfy this nymphomaniac. Her Scientology demonic energy affected this young man. I pray that God would deliver him out of that demonic influence in Jesus name.
Mrz Sanders
Mrz Sanders Hace 4 días
Maxine you have to read up on John Ramirez. He is an an evangelist
Mrz Sanders
Mrz Sanders Hace 4 días
Lord ppl don't even realize about soul ties and demonic presence. And man oh man do they look good on thr outside...but you could literally end up n the bed with a demon himself.
T Taylor
T Taylor Hace 13 días
You’re a beautiful spirit and a gentleman! Touched and motivated by your journey may the Universe continue to bless you and your family. Keep your head to the sky and live your truth.
Nidiraa Hace 13 días
This was such a beautiful interview and the topics were amazing. I love his growth and intellect. I wish the best from him and his nieces,
claire mckenzie
claire mckenzie Hace 13 días
Check on your strong ones, cause we not strong all the time
claire mckenzie
claire mckenzie Hace 13 días
This man is powerful!! He took his journey his pain and everything he went through that could break him and allowed it To make him into something so beautiful.
Neri Matrixx
Neri Matrixx Hace 13 días
Wright Andrea
Wright Andrea Hace 13 días Black people be your role model
eduxrdo Hace 13 días
Top 10 moments before disaster
MaRISsA B.* Hace 13 días
The transparency he holds! The level of truth within himself he has reached. I wish i could reach.
MaRISsA B.* Hace 13 días
I really wish i could have one deep convo with him.
Mike Rose
Mike Rose Hace 13 días
Sorry I never heard of them so this is the goofball wills wife slept with?! lol
STANLEY BARR Hace 13 días
She use her movie set it off to real him in //// will wife /// who wants that pressure///
Bunny Jai
Bunny Jai Hace 13 días
Slowly but surely am being mysteriously charmed by August watching the video.
「Ko-sempai」こ–先輩 Hace 14 días
"You'll/He'll probably never see this, but"... No, while that would be.. nice. Amazing. I am writing this.. more for myself. Pre-edit: "for myself" Just like anything else, lol. And plus it's way too long to facilitate being read by him ahaha. So, this is of course due to a little bit of drama. Yes I just heard about it and when Omni (the ESwomenr who I heard this from in his video) mentioned *August* and *musician* in the thing with Jada and Will Smith I was like nooo, no way. But yeah, I checked it out after as well. And it brought me to his channel again (still subbed). I listened to the latest song in full. Ugh my comment is getting too long now. I meant it to be... *sigh*. So. I have been listening to August since high school, when his testimony album was newer, and he did gold slugs and other songs with DJ Khaled and all that. His music... It was some of the best stuff I ever heard man. And I'm particular to that emotional stuff too. Like him, I'm an emotional, passionate and senstive person. I've embraced it(: And the stuff with his brother man. It made me cry to hear that song. I have brothers, and the thought of losing em.. Like we fight and we have our differences, but at the end of the day we love each other and we hold it down and stick together. I understand my brothers more than anyone. More than our parents, I dare to boast. Unfortunately I am rather complex and complicated... so it's not exactly mutual. I've also embraced that about myself and I kinda feel like I have to go it alone. Like August, I had to grow up on my own. Anyway. Unfortunately, I haven't been keeping up too much with him but I listen to his music that's on my phone still, occasionally. It was some time early this year at the start of the pandemic. I remember because I did some things I shouldn't have to myself, and also sang my heart out to some of his songs. I listened to TTCL in full. As a result, my voice was gone. I could not talk. For months. But my friend, bless his heart still wanted to hang out in the beginning. He sas more than willing. So around this time, I really wanted to know things. I searched generic stuff like august alsina album, what happened to him, and learned about his vision, his passing out, which I now know was what lead to a coma... And I felt I could relate to him there too, because for reasons, my vision is deteriorating and it causes me to despair quite often. I'm getting through it and I am able to fight my clinical depression a lot better. but it's always there. That's another thing. His music, his emotional songs. Both before and after graduating, they really got me through a lot. And I love him for that. My love for him has grown even more than I thought it could after finishing this interview. I was just gonna listen to his music at first. I went straight to uploads and started from "entanglement" cuz it sounded hot. His music video after was just great (I don't think I've ever watched a personal music video of his if he had any, around TTCL era). I was gonna skip the interview for now, cuz, an hour, sheesh, I'm just here for music rn man. I saved it to watch later and then after that, it continued playing (watched on my switch on tv). And then here I am now after it's ended, and I felt impressed to come back to it on my phone and write. I cried, I felt love, I looked at myself, reflected, thought about myself, other people, August, as I watched. Intrigued as another thing, especially because his hair was always short and it was so weird or just different to see his hair longer. And frankly, it's beautiful. But it's 2020 and a lot of people who used to just have short hair, grew it out. Pandemic aside. I had short hair for the longest time, but as a child, it was always long. Idk I think I was 8 when it was cut shorter and my aunt wanted to style it with gel like I was her little doll. Anyway. I grew it out early winter of 2019 and seriously, I'm never going back again. Whenever it's cut a little too short, I hate it. Long hair is just the wave man! Especially as an Asian. I also get oppressed by people, even my half white family. As he says, they wanna just box you in and try to force their definition of you that they have in their minds onto you when you change. But I've talked about that and my family being jerks at our little gathering the other night in particular, and so I simply don't need to rant or vent about it or explain here further than that. I love August with his long hair, and with his style. I think I watched the full interview because I have a real soft spot for August. And I've missed him, to be honest. I don't always have the time to keep up with my favorite people online... But I always wished him well, genuinely. And I am so so glad he is alive right now. It gives me strength to listen to him. I think I became a more diehard fan of him than I was. I can't wait to buy all his music since TTCL and thoroughly enjoy it just like this interview! I've been going through some difficult times, and lots of reflecting and thinking. I realized I neglected myself. I hadn't talked to myself enough, or given myself time like real meaningful time. Too busy helping others.. Sacrificing and the like. August thank you so much for just being you. And getting through all your struggles, trials and ordeals, I know it wasn't easy. Even after finishing, I still feel like crying. But I feel such immense love and emotion right now. And feeling. I couldn't think of anything else but to share it with my brother and best friend by tellin them I love them^^ And I know people can't change overnight. Not most people anyway, and when they do, it's kind of.. alarming I guess? or it surprises people. But really, after a lot of things even before watching this. I'm gonna try even harder to do even better. And give it my all. Strive for better all the time, and only leave room for love in my being. Because, I know I said I related to August on a lot of things... And it's not for the sake of that. It's because I do, and it resonates when he says these things. My energy was so gone inside. I LITERALLY could not work out, run outside, cook, or eat or relax in the bath or sleep, or whatever, enough to get it back. I was too busy self-sacrificing, and like I even told people. It felt like my soul DIED. I was so exhausted and something happened that added that one tiny piece to make it crash and break. I realize now... I didn't have enough love. Not just for others. for myself. And I wasn't living a perfect lifestyle either. I was angry about a lot of things, at a lot of people. Even recently. But I wanna change that. I wanna start from zero. I'm going through a metamorphosis and it's scary because you don't know who's gonna be there with you through it or who will stick by you after. Especially after my first changes 1 to 2 years ago. Form of trauma ptsd I guess. Bu alas, I am dragging on now and need to take care of a lot of things, so I guess this is it. If anyone made it this far in my long-winded comment by an Asian "weaboo" who happens to love something that isn't Asian, on this month old video. Thanks. And God bless you. God Bless August. He's been blessed already, I know it. But you can never be blessed too much. God bless all of you and all August fans, as well as Angela. You're all beautiful, and we can always change if we want to!!! Stan August Alsina.
Tarot Butterfly
Tarot Butterfly Hace 14 días
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