The Insane Engineering of the A-10 Warthog

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy (
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
3D Animation: Eli Prenten
:Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster


Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

Music by Epidemic Sound:

Octavium - Robert Ruth
Melted Mind - Max Anson
Cruise Control - Martin Baekkevold
Travellers - Ran the Man
Bloom - Dye O
Beyond Rivers and Dust - Alec Slayne

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Renz Yumul
Renz Yumul Hace un minuto
A10: *We'll fart on you on such a height you'll think God himself did that on purpose*
SantaMuerte livE
SantaMuerte livE Hace 20 minutos
Aren't they tryn to retire these bad boys in a couple years? I think that's not a good move
THEGRAYFOXX00 Hace 41 un minuto
thats the deadliest fart ever.
piccolo917 Hace un hora
Hey, we have this cool new gun. What are we gonna do with it?
Jinggoy Binay
Jinggoy Binay Hace un hora
i was just searching "best vehicles in gta" look where it brought me.
Marton Soos-Eory
Marton Soos-Eory Hace 6 horas
F35: b b b r r t A-10: haha that's cute bbrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttt
Marton Soos-Eory
Marton Soos-Eory Hace 6 horas
Isis: look at these guns, soilders and bombs A-10: haha that's cute bbrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttt
Leo Rubio
Leo Rubio Hace 6 horas
The barrel of the gun is mounted to the left of the center line but the bullets are still fired from the center line. Mounted off center to make room for other stuff in the nose of the plane.
Kevin Morrison
Kevin Morrison Hace 6 horas
Expelling the spent shells was not about damaging the air frame. It was about maintaining weight so that the air frame did not become rear heavy.
Tony Hace 6 horas
if I recall right it also had another nick name...Go Ugly Early! There is just something special about this fighter "jet" that no other can stand up to!
Some random Guy
Some random Guy Hace 9 horas
11:59 is it just me or is the pilot giving the camera a middle finger
J Hace 10 horas
Cheap shoot dude
J Hace 10 horas
Love it Really? Sounds like leftist bs to me. But im 🇺🇸.
Vande Mataram
Vande Mataram Hace 10 horas
Mr. Trump, could you please sell a few of these to neutralize the terrorists coming from Pak, please??
Max E
Max E Hace 11 horas
Essentially, the a10 takes the Soviet approach to manufacturing and reliability and combines it with the American approach to weapons technology, and that’s why it’s so terrifying.
Felipe Montanez
Felipe Montanez Hace 13 horas
Wondering Merchant
Wondering Merchant Hace 13 horas
It's all fun and games till you heard a loud fart in the sky
Ayden Serrano
Ayden Serrano Hace 13 horas
Love how we make weapons to kill ourselves
Parth Chaturvedi
Parth Chaturvedi Hace 14 horas
So a Flying Gun with Extra Steps
ClarksonsinUSA Hace 14 horas
My Ken Worth has an APU! Nothing punches hole like depleted uranium!
My Man
My Man Hace 15 horas
disappointment Hace 16 horas
dude there's a plane on your gun
buknoy kolokoy
buknoy kolokoy Hace 16 horas
Flying Mad Pumba.
Dstrbd Hunter
Dstrbd Hunter Hace 22 horas
Ammo troop, AF been in almost 10 years. The A-10 is, hands down, my favorite aircraft to support
Crankestein Loskon
Crankestein Loskon Hace 22 horas
A public school food application has a check mark for "I am homeless..." - that is the real American Dream!
jacob warkentin
jacob warkentin Hace 22 horas
What I’m learning in the first third of the video the A-10 is the AK-47 of planes.
Dalton Mann
Dalton Mann Hace un día
and there isnt a better feeling in the world than to see that ugly hog come over! simply beautiful!
Jimbo sammy
Jimbo sammy Hace un día
A10 was designed and made before politicians got involved. That's the way to do it.
Titanium Rain
Titanium Rain Hace 12 horas
The A-10 was designed because the Air Force's best CAS aircraft was too fast to escort helicopters and the Army wanted the USAF to do it. It was politics from the start.
MyAndy1000 Hace un día
Very well done narrative and I enjoyed the material immensely. I have seen these planes in the military and during military Air Shows. Always been impressed with the A10. To the narrator, please do not use your 99 cents crap. Saying 19.99 makes the price look lower than it really is and is deceptive. Save yourself some time when you speak by saying $20. It's only a difference of the penny, easier to say and a true representation of what you're selling. PLEASE BE REAL!!😡@&!?@?
TheMadMagician87 Hace un día
"They are simply delighted when someone gets it off their hands, and fires it at high speed into a country, thousands of miles away." What a beautifully succinct summary.
Jonathan LecClier
Jonathan LecClier Hace un día
I’m so sick of the debate. Proper, accurate, and effective CAS cannot be done at jet fighter speed. You can’t always count on smart or laser guided weapons. We can make 1000 of these for the price of how many F-35’s F-35 Fucked the American Taxpayers with a 35in dick.
Titanium Rain
Titanium Rain Hace 12 horas
"Proper, accurate, and effective CAS cannot be done at jet fighter speed" - And yet, it is. The majority of CAS missions are performed by F-16s, F/A-18s, Strike Eagles, B-1s, etc. From 2006 to 2013, the A-10 only got 19% of CAS missions in Afghanistan. By 2014, it was only flying 11% of CAS missions. Seems to me that jet speed has nothing to do with performance. "You can’t always count on smart or laser guided weapons" - But we can, and we do. "We can make 1000 of these for the price of how many F-35’s" - You can't because Fairchild went out of business. Can't make new ones.
Kenneth Tisdale
Kenneth Tisdale Hace un día
Very well done!
Crazy Tiger Spy
Crazy Tiger Spy Hace un día
Don’t forget it’s amazing for killing oppressor mk2 GTA gang where u at
John B
John B Hace un día
What up Tucson!
lwx antifa
lwx antifa Hace un día
Useless play, suhkois shits over them
Chance Paladin
Chance Paladin Hace un día
Stefman Hace un día
The brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr plane
Hari Hace un día
me after watching this : mom i want an A -10 warthog mom : we have one at home one at home : b-11 strikeforce
Scotty Scotty
Scotty Scotty Hace un día
George Scheben
George Scheben Hace un día
Titanium Rain
Titanium Rain Hace 12 horas
It was estimated that the entire A-10 force would be shot down within weeks if in 1980 the Cold War started at the Fulda Gap. You think 2020 China wouldn't handle the A-10 better than 1980 Russians? Even the 1991 Iraqi Republican Guard got the USAF to ground the A-10 due to 7 shootdowns and 13 battle damage losses.
james McGee
james McGee Hace 2 días
This dude said lightning's thunderbolt
Mikey L
Mikey L Hace 2 días
The A-10 is being looked at to be 're-engineered' that means updating and making it look and behave better.
Paul Nuttall
Paul Nuttall Hace 2 días
Keep your supersonic,I’ll take sub sonic all day long,30 mm 7 barrels 22 foot long death wish,and depleted uranium shells
Titanium Rain
Titanium Rain Hace 12 horas
DU shells are not in use anymore and have been replaced by high explosive. The 30mm DU round can't punch through tanks since the late 1970s so using it against foot soldiers and light-skinned vehicles makes no sense.
Darren MacEochaidh Kehoe
Darren MacEochaidh Kehoe Hace 2 días
Ah Jaysus there’s a fellow Irish man now
Greg Siska
Greg Siska Hace 2 días
Give the A-10's to the Army. -Oops there is a law against that. Only in the USA, rolls eyes.
hybredmoon Hace 2 días
As a ground troop in Iraq and Afghanistan let me just say that this flying gun, fancy chow halls, and man-starved female officers are the greatest things the Airforce ever contributed to the Army and Marines.
Taylor DeCastro
Taylor DeCastro Hace 2 días
No one: Literally not a single person: Fairchild Republic: /big cigarette drag/ “You ever see a gun with wings?”
hareeshkumar vasu
hareeshkumar vasu Hace 2 días
Warthog the God of fart😁
N H Hace 2 días
"Well....we don't have to steal an A10 Hog now; I just watched youtube"..Putin
christopher croghan
christopher croghan Hace 2 días
1150 30 mm rounds? The GAU-8's rate of fire is 3900 rpm! Soooooo, it can only fire for @ 20 seconds?
SpongeCroft Hace 2 días
Depleted Uranium munitions are a warcrime. Real sad to see it brushed off like this.
Jeffrey Binder
Jeffrey Binder Hace 2 días
One of the most important planes ever developed and yet there are people who think it should be retired or at least they did in 2015.
Titanium Rain
Titanium Rain Hace 12 horas
Should have been retired in 1991.
dumdumbinks274 Hace un día
Because there's a valid argument to retire them. The A-10 doesn't do any role that cannot be filled by another in-service aircraft. Basically the A-10 is a luxury, not a necessity.
snowy the snowman
snowy the snowman Hace 2 días
A 10 Warthog is cool .
2:09 If it can fly home missing half a wing, I think its' survivability IS best in class.
Tekisasubakani Hace 2 horas
Hell, it has survivability to match or exceed some of the Grumman "Iron Works" birds of WWII.
Bell Cranel Fire Bolt
Bell Cranel Fire Bolt Hace 2 días
A-10? Warthog.? Ahh.. Yes.. The *brrrrt* plane
Nick Korkodylas
Nick Korkodylas Hace 2 días
_"What if we made a HUGE gun and added a plane on it?!"_
doctordank Hace 2 días
And now the Army, who refuses to help pay for the Hog, whose maintenance and upkeep and pilots are provided by the USAF, demands that we increase our funding for what has effectively become an Army aircraft operated by the USAF. Step your game up, Army!
Aku Hace 2 días
I love those geek references %) Nice video.
Chris Hiatt
Chris Hiatt Hace 2 días
This plane is the mechanical representation of a dragon. Low flying, armored, roars and spits death from its mouth.
Gronks Dad
Gronks Dad Hace 2 días
David Wiebe
David Wiebe Hace 2 días
Piece of garbage, all it's been used for is shooting up civilians in southwest asia. Mig 29 would take 10 of those flying pieces of crap out at once.
Unabashed Individualist
Unabashed Individualist Hace 2 días
*Soviet tanks gathering in formation* *A-10:* haha mini gun go BRRRRRRRT
Hayden Koetsveld
Hayden Koetsveld Hace 2 días
The firing barrel is set to the centreline of the A10, not the gun itself. Fires from the barrel when it is most to the left when viewed from the front. Gun is offset to the right when viewed from the front. -Regards An armchair expert.
Koizumi Izumi
Koizumi Izumi Hace 3 días
Oh, i am so sad you didnt show some more of the immense damage some of the A-10's returned to bases with during the korean and the gulf war and iraq
Chris Boek
Chris Boek Hace 3 días
The f 35 can only win against the a10 is by getting a favorable testing by getting the a10 derated was reported by air force when testing was done head to head the ammo was halfed in the a10 etc and when a aircraft costs 100mill it's not gnna be sent into harm's way at a moment's notice without being debated on before
dumdumbinks274 Hace un día
Only happened in a single exercise after the USAF got desperate to prove a point that A-10 fanatics and politicians such as John McCain ignored for years. The F-35 has demonstrated it's ability to outperform the A-10 at the role of CAS in multiple exercises, which is something that you should expect considering the F-16 already outperforms the A-10 in the role of CAS.
Jonas Coleman
Jonas Coleman Hace 3 días
Bob Stadelmayer
Bob Stadelmayer Hace 3 días
Take a gun. Put it on mega doses of steroids. Build a plane around that gun: A-10. 🙂
Thunderstruck Hace 3 días
At least we are not speaking German.
Bruce U
Bruce U Hace 2 días
Brüder und Schwestern erhebt euch gegen die Sünde der Demokratie, es wird Zeit dass Deutschland wieder von fähigen Politikern geherscht wird die die Macht haben etwas zu verändern.
TubaKnight Hace 3 días
They tryna be BRRRRRRRTT
Gangrepuceau Hace 3 días
Too bad USA dont make it anymore
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