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Shy, straight-A student Ellie is hired by sweet but inarticulate jock Paul, who needs help winning over a popular girl. But their new and unlikely friendship gets complicated when Ellie discovers she has feelings for the same girl. From Writer/Director Alice Wu.
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The Half of It | Official Trailer | Netflix
When smart but cash-strapped teen Ellie Chu agrees to write a love letter for a jock, she doesn't expect to become his friend - or fall for his crush.

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Sydney Pitts
Sydney Pitts Hace un día
Leah Lewis is amazing!
jm mc
jm mc Hace un día
Federico Juric
Federico Juric Hace 16 horas
wlaba272 Hace un día
I have enough chineese propaganda movies and tv series on netflix. I know they have lot's of money and they like to finance our western film industry, but they plug pure propaganda, in those movies/tv series chineese people are always wise and good, spiritual, kind, etc. You are helping to create a warm picture of the half-hostile country, please... just stop, money isn't worth it. if you want asians in media, which is good, there is to little of them, you have like 10 more countries than china to choose... you could use Japan, as always before or South Korea, or Philippines, which are not present in US media at all and they are your biggest friend-country. My god, just stop empowering china, people...
Antonio Errichiello
Antonio Errichiello Hace un día
O cess nfam
Sapphire Axel
Sapphire Axel Hace un día
Man Paul is the cutest character ever.
Cody Wash
Cody Wash Hace un día
02:39 02:28 01:24
Epal Hijau
Epal Hijau Hace un día
who you love but you dont know who
Sani Zainal Abidin
Sani Zainal Abidin Hace un día
Ooooo it’s like a story of Roxanne! Can’t wait to watch
Faria Sanem
Faria Sanem Hace un día
Can anyone give me a link for this movie without any credit card please
justanalien _
justanalien _ Hace 2 días
“she’s pretty and smart what else can i like about her”-men
kirk001 Hace 2 días
This looks amazing.
Ramos Klein
Ramos Klein Hace 2 días
gonna watch it
MsAnna black
MsAnna black Hace 2 días
This movie was wonderful! loved it!
Orange Studios
Orange Studios Hace 2 días
Chu virus.... 🤣
Aditya Gouda
Aditya Gouda Hace 2 días
I don't really like triangular love stories ..but this one really nice
Tyrone Jones
Tyrone Jones Hace 2 días
Horny Cat
Horny Cat Hace 2 días
I'm the only one who thinks it's weird that the introvert and shy one is most of time asiatic ? ._.
I am Hello
I am Hello Hace 2 días
Another teen drama where a good guy gets friend-zoned by a budding lesbian?
Kibbo03 Hace 3 días
When you lost all hope for movies about teens. When you thought that there will never be such an amazing teen movie like Breakfast club. Just stupid cliche something. And then The Half Of It showed up. It's not a typical young adult movie. It's something more. Something deep, sensitive and alive. Movie not only about love. About friendship, understanding. And I love. With all my heart. And I'm gratefull for movie like this. I hope there will be more. Not another Kiss Booth or same empty stuff. But something truly deep.
Deepika Jaiswal
Deepika Jaiswal Hace 3 días
just love this movie💙
Zx zd
Zx zd Hace 3 días
im not going to lie i used to make fun of a asian girl and always call her fungus cuz her lastname was fung
Claire Billys
Claire Billys Hace 3 días
Looks gay I'm in.
Miguel Angel Campagnoni Romero
Miguel Angel Campagnoni Romero Hace 4 días
Hermosa pelicula, me lloré todo 😅
koket 987
koket 987 Hace 4 días
I need internet for watching this ???
La Lululu
La Lululu Hace 4 días
I really want to watch this movie but I don’t have Netflix 😓
Pragya Agarwal
Pragya Agarwal Hace 4 días
Does anyone know the music that plays during the start in the animation scene and later at some points in the movie?
Gulim Kabyl
Gulim Kabyl Hace 4 días
Want moreee pleaseeee🙏 shoot part 2
Yourpal Phonna
Yourpal Phonna Hace 4 días
I don't get it, why people keep hating, this movie is way better than pride and prejudice
Arin Jain
Arin Jain Hace 4 días
Probably the best movie one could ask for. When two of the main leads of opposite gender *don't* fall for each other and instead fall for the same person... Thats pretty unique and between all rom-coms such as Kissing booth and to all the boys movies, netflix launched this amazingly amazing movie thats worth watching..! Heads down netflix...this movie is a MASTERPIECE...!!!!!
Andrea Alfaro
Andrea Alfaro Hace 5 días
I cried at the end. It was sad to see Paul and Ellie say goodbye.
Primrose M.
Primrose M. Hace 5 días
Great movie 💜
EscargoTouChaud Hace 5 días
The best parts (wink) of the film: Ellie's sexy velvety voice, the dad standing there without speaking with the kitchen shower in his hand after having drenched Trig, the song she sings, "I bet she would have tried taco sausage", and when Paul looked shocked at Ellie from the diner window.
Tam Neighbors
Tam Neighbors Hace 5 días
benjamin torres
benjamin torres Hace 6 días
Please please please please please please continue I am not OK with this please I beg you I love it I love it I love it so much so please please please please please make another season as many seasons as a as it takes for it to live up to its full potential please I beg you it’s amazing I love it and I need more
Clarissa Alexandria
Clarissa Alexandria Hace 6 días
Damn did they just show the whole movie
eat my pancreas
eat my pancreas Hace 6 días
can someone suggest me more films like this one, i just want to let myself succumb with absolute art and ask myself if im really living the right way
febbep Hace 6 días
Its beautiful. But.... The ending............ I wasn't expecting that
Simply Sookie
Simply Sookie Hace 6 días
Yo but are we gonna ignore how aster was cheating an that so called lame boyfriend of hers? At the very least they’re both as bad as eachother. And what was up with the “wow i’ve never had a conversation with a girl that wasn’t about boys”?! If anything that just attests to how shallow SHE HERSELF is. But whatever... nobody seems to care
jasmines jasmine
jasmines jasmine Hace 12 horas
the director of the movie said that if aster were to told his 'lame' boyfriend, he would not listen because he's so 'in his own world' type of guy and aster knows that he'll never understands what she's feeling deep down inside so its no use to tell him that,,, the director also said that aster is still teen like us, she made mistakes and wanna learn something new so she can be free for once, so she started dating paul and feeling this new thing called 'love' in a romantic way,, so yeah, like us teenagers and also human, we made mistakes and try to do new things!
Simply Sookie
Simply Sookie Hace 6 días
I love how she’s asian without the whole movie acting like that’s all she is and i love how she’s gay without it being all she is
멸치쿡 mealchi cook
멸치쿡 mealchi cook Hace 6 días
음 ㆍㅇㆍ soso , ,,but good
Jesu Sode
Jesu Sode Hace 6 días
This is the most complicated love story I've ever watched
gerard Galanty
gerard Galanty Hace 6 días
Federico Juric
Federico Juric Hace 16 horas
Jennifer Rodriguez Ernandez
Jennifer Rodriguez Ernandez Hace 6 días
Donde la puedo ver la e buscado en youtube pero no me sale
Eylül Deniz Özdemir
Eylül Deniz Özdemir Hace 7 días
Well, I watched this movie with high expectations and honestly it was better than my expectations 10/10 recommend.
Patricia Addison
Patricia Addison Hace 7 días
Onuzulike Chukwuemeka
Onuzulike Chukwuemeka Hace 7 días
williams brook
williams brook Hace 7 días
Ksion San
Ksion San Hace 7 días
Federico Juric
Federico Juric Hace 16 horas
Strumbellas, i'll wait
Ayanda Mthembu
Ayanda Mthembu Hace 7 días
Her voice 😍
Gamer Kid
Gamer Kid Hace 7 días
Make dragon Prince season 4
talat jahan
talat jahan Hace 7 días
I would really like if Netflix didn't give the entire plot of the story in the trailer ... Now I don't know if I wanna see this 😭😫
dojincooheart _
dojincooheart _ Hace 7 días
Almira Judal
Almira Judal Hace 7 días
At first Paul had a crush on Aster and need some help with Ellie..but Ellie seems to like Aster ..But later..Paul must have fallen for ELLIE ? , and I noticed that Paul seem distracted when he can't see Ellie at the audience , The next day his feelings with Aster grown to something different , ( well , according to his gazed upon seeing Ellie holding up a bunch of yakukt, haha) Did you see that. Paul is trying to kiss Ellie but rejected..and there came Aster witnessed that moment.. WELL..I JUST WISH ..I MEAN WHOEVER BETWEEN PAUL AND ASTER ...ELLIE MIGHT END UP WITH..IT'S OKAY AS LONG AS NOT WITH TRIG! hahaha. WE NEED SOME POLL .. ASTER ELLIE OR ELLIE PAUL for the SEQUEL ..
heartedly Hace 7 días
i was interested to watch until it turned that this is hella gay lmao
沈橙 Hace 7 días
A soulmate who wasn’t meant to be
Steven Patten
Steven Patten Hace 8 días
Does anyone know the song that is played on paul's radio in the truck on the second date *maybe a spoil alert*
Mäřįã-army -Exo-L
Mäřįã-army -Exo-L Hace 8 días
Can anyone please tell me how can I get a Netflix account? 😢plz🙏🏻
Jimmy Aronine
Jimmy Aronine Hace 8 días
Is that the girl from fred 3 camp iwannapepe
REI DO CAPA Hace 8 días
Naruto dublado
დ Kitty vicki დ
დ Kitty vicki დ Hace 8 días
I love this movie
Federico Juric
Federico Juric Hace 16 horas
Me tooo
upintheclouds Hace 8 días
he reminds me of dylan o brian for some reason
Ayoub Mussa
Ayoub Mussa Hace 9 días
The trailer has telling me the whole story, why would I watch the movie? 😒
rooni41 ن
rooni41 ن Hace 9 días
اقول عطونا حساب بس
•xXCloudGamerXx •
•xXCloudGamerXx • Hace 9 días
Just watched the movie it was awesome 👏 congratulations Netflix u successfully did it ;)
MGale Hace 9 días
This movie was beautiful and the characters were so sweet and relatable. Alice Wu is a fantastic filmmaker. I saw “Saving Face” when I was a kid. It has similar characters, themes, and comedy and I was so happy to see that she made another film. I hope she makes more in the not so distant future.
Pnguyen214 5
Pnguyen214 5 Hace 9 días
I cringed through half of it. So awkward
Brad Diaz
Brad Diaz Hace 9 días
I want taco sausage
Juls Hace 9 días
Wait I need to watch this I’m a big lesbian.
love and flowers
love and flowers Hace 10 días
this movie its so boring
Medolo Bebetoc
Medolo Bebetoc Hace 10 días
Chad being cucked by a chinese girl.
` Hace 10 días
I feel like this is a movie that's based on that play where the guy likes the girl up in the balcony and isn't articulate so he gets a writer to say to him words from the bushes. But the writer's ugly and has a big nose or something. It's an old black and white. Am I close? Anyone know what that was?
Virus Of Cyrus
Virus Of Cyrus Hace 10 días
OMFG! This movie Obviously has an extremely SIMPLE premise, & surprise, surprise 99% of the people & comments here still DONT even get it?? HOW?? Half the comments are saying the main male character is an "Athletic Jock" when the whole thing about this movie is he is NOT a jock at all & is a shy, uncomfortable, DORK who is so far the "Opposite" of a sporty, cool, jock that he needs the Dorkiest girl in school to write messages to the typical "popular girl" because he ISNT a jock or a cool kid! I mean seriously, HOW could they have made this ANY SIMPLER?? This movie was Not made for you idiots, it was made for simple people but you are all more simple than simple & dont even get it! For fuks sake! :(
Procrastination At it's finest
Procrastination At it's finest Hace 10 días
🍍🦉🐛 Who wants to start a petition for there to be a caterpillar with glasses emoji?
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